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  1. <span style='color:red'>Updated to v1.61</span> A plane will perform real and accurate free fall or SADARM bombs run against indicated object or coordinates. Use any plane you want with any bomb class available in ArmA, external addons or the scripted SADARM and execute deadly bomb runs against any unit, vehicle, building, object or coordinates. Read the <span style='color:blue'>Mando Bombs ArmA online help</span> for more info about demo missions and scripts usage. Included also the Mando Air Support Console, from where you may order bomb runs over map positions or call for close air support where the planes will select targets within 500m from the indicated support center. You may also call for attack choppers support, airborne assaults and if Mando Missile ArmA is initialized in your mission, call for cruise missile attacks. Sakakah bombing problems gone. Changes in v1.61: - No more unlimited missiles for armed reconnaissance missions. - Armed reconnaissance missiles maneouverability increased. - More friendly camera control, now you dont need to fight the plane movements while aiming with the camera. - Camera speed increased and also adjusted based on zoom level. Overal speed increased and fine control even with maximum zoom. - Camera for non reco missions is now steerable, but you cannot zoon in it. - Mando Missile visual launcher using SADARM bombs included (mando_bombs_airsadarm.Intro demo mission). Changes in v1.60: - Now you can use static objects and static weapons for vehicle supply missions in both, console and non console air support. - New code global vars that are executed when reinforcements and airborne assault groups are created. - New global to set LAND or JUMP modes, last seleted mode is kept next time you open the console. - Civilian1 was causing problems, not substituted by Civilian11 for any civilian mission. - Online help updated. - Last support position is keep as current support position next time you open the console. Changes in v1.59: - Now you can switch between cameras of all missions in-flight (cruise missiles have priority). - Now you can select LAND or JUMP mode for reinforcements and airborne assaults. - Now you can set different vehicle types for LAND and JUMP reinforcements or airborne assault missions. - Setup/Info dialog is now working, you have 5 configurable listboxes and a configurable info text. - Demo mission mando_bombs_armedrec.Sara updated ( ).- Carpet bombing option added. - Now you may control comms state with a new global var, if value = 1, no comms so console will not work. - Added a new read-only global array with all the vehicles of the leaders in current missions. - Now you can control the side of the console with a new global var. - Now you can switch the control mode of missiles fired by reco planes to manual (TV) mode with a new global. - Lateral widescreen bars gone when in camera mode and console hidden. - If you change the course of a reco plane, it will consider also the current altitude set in the slider. - More details, examples and explanations added to the help file. And now you can use also SADARM dropped from planes, ground deployed or fired by artillery or tank units. <span style='color:blue'>Get Mando Bombs and Air Support console v1.61</span> <span style='color:red'>(Please, do not mirror this version yet)</span> No addons required unless you want to use Mando Missile ArmA options available (you may use the addon or the script suite)
  2. Fire and configure missiles, create missile launchers for AI or players using any existing vehicle, plane, ship, chopper or thing, add automatic or manual chaff and flares dispensers to your vehicles, replace all vanilla ArmA missiles by mando ones, etc. Read included mma_readmefirst.pdf for install and usage instructions, find here the online version. Mando Missile ArmA 2.4Beta10.2 Please, do not mirror/redistribute (SixUpdater allowed). Six Updater @MMA direct download | Mod Info Six Updater @MMA_XE direct download (MMA required) | Mod Info Changes in v2.4b10.2 >>> Highly improved performance for MMA HUD and TV, these of you having locking on problems in overloaded missions should notice it >>> MMA TV, MCC, LRR and support console screens selfadjust for any interface size, no more small displays Added systems for some missing ACE2 units (thanks to Shuravi-rnd) Added rearming configurations for ACE2 Su34s Added systems and rearming configs for Duala air units (except UFO) Added systems and rearming configs for PRACS air units Added systems for CWR demo air and land units Nuclear effects performance improved, no more visual problems when detonation happens in large cities RKLS STormShadow has GPS targeting again Fixed RAH66 Hellfire setup Added CWR units MMA setups (thanks to Shuravi-rnd) Added CCIP for Mi24P Russian bombs as well as x2 Igla rearming config. Fixed mando_airsupport_code_ca was being called for airborne assault instead of mando_airsupport_code_pa Changes in v2.4b10.0 MMA ILS added automatically to all the airfields and Utes US Keh Sanh TAB in Navigation mode cycles through MMA ILS destinations Added 3D on-HUD projected ILS landing paths for most modern planes (see docs) Nav mode now displays also current waypoint in most modern planes MMA Fire Key in Nav mode opens the waypoint edit dialog (see docs) Added a mechanism to add more extra MMA ILS destinations at mission level (see docs) Added systems for RKSL Merlin MMA XE Autolaunch addon updated (it was not initializing some ACE2 systems) MMA No Score addon added, if present MMA score menu action will be hidden Signatures changed to v2 for all the addons Improved MCC TV performance Towing tractor is now a rearming source by default (add them to carriers) ACE_B61BombLauncher removed from rearming options Changes in v2.4b9.9 Mission designers may set minimum firing ranges for SCUDs. AH64 monocle's terraing following lines visible only when flying at low alts AH64 TV has less visual "noise". New radar control system for Tunguska's commanders. Setups for Meatball's F18 pilot and gunner as well as MMA rearming options. ACE2 compatibility issues gone and many missing ACE2 systems added (thanks to Crusader and Shuravi-rnd) NumK 5 now stops any movement for TV systems. TV, MCC, LRR and Support console systems adapted for 3 monitors setups Added some optimizations for Echo/Mando nuclear detonation generated fallouts for MP mando_no_score global added, if set to any value MMA score menu action will not be present. Added guidance mode 6 for portable systems: Optical manual guidance, 3 was for wired manual guidance. Fixed MP issues caused by latest official OA patch, where BIS fired missile might not be detected and so not erased, resulting in a MMA guided missiles + an unguided one. Some extra systems added, GLT Grippen, Su24 and others, as well as their MMA rearming options. Patriot systems PAC1 and PAC2 added to be used with real Patriot launchers (models) or simulated. Most still existing "mando_missiles\" fixed paths changed to use the global for mma path to ease up integration with other third party mods. This global can now be set before mma initialization. Improvements added to automatic SAMS. Addon makers can now setup firing animations that will be used by the script when firing missiles. Minor improvements for the SAM site system, stealth planes cannot be locked on, ECM emitting planes are harder to lock on and to keep the lock. Changes in v2.4b9.7 Javelin NFOV - WFOV status detection improved Javelin dynamic white corners added on locked on targets Javelin ACE_Javelin_Direct supported Performance boost for TV systems MMA Scoring added Patriots PAC-1 y PAC-2 added (to be used with BOS launchers) TV max zoom level from 15x to up to 78x SAM site Control Center (Long Range Radar) Added New mission mma_test_samcontrol_addon.Takistan NLAW, Dragoon and TOW HUD symbology hidden if not in optics Mi24 TVs will not display detected enemies with squares Mi24 manual missile guidance now allows users to have a pretty limited AA capability vs slow moving targets Evil Echo added scalable nuclear effects and damage, depending on warhead power Evil Echo added 3 different fallout areas of different intensities generated by on-ground nuclear explosions (Silicon-31, Iodine-131 and Strontium-90 isotopes) Nuclear detonations performing better in MP games Automatic missile launchers are now better discriminating the targets Added units (most thanks again to Jay): New MAF units (NH90s, Gazelles and Mirage F1s) ACE_Mi24_V_FAB250_RU, ACE_Mi24_V_FAB250_CDF and ACE_Mi24_D_INS systems added p85 and TPS choppers (Mi2, Mi24 and Mi8) CSLA airforce added (L39, Su25, Mig29, Mi8 and Mi24) AFMC units (AH6, MH6, AH1T and A10) New LoBo Iraq Mod units (Mig29) New Myke's units (AV8B2_JDAM, A10_US_EP1_JDAM, Su39_JDAM and Su34_JDAM) Gnat's Tu22 New HEXA units (Rafale, Puma) Changes in v2.4b9.6 Compatibility fix for all the fired missiles and ACE2 R-SHIFT + MMA HUD Change mode key (L-CTRL by default) to switch to previous HUD mode Fix for BOS SeaSparrow launcher, sometimes it tried to intercept its own fired missiles RKSL MMA rearming configurations for all the EF2000 weapon combinations Gnat's "next bomber" systems and MMA rearming options (more nuclear weapons for OPFOR) If NVG were on when activating a TV system, they will be ON again when closing the TV dialog Vehicles with engines turned off are now "lockable" as long as they have consumed some fuel Gnat's B52 gunner now has CCIP HUD mode for the free fall bombs (usable also from gunner's optics) Australians At War (AAW mod) systems for choppers (thanks to Jay) ACE's ACE_AH6_GAU19_FLIR flares + navigation HUD Myke's MOAB bomb ground and GPS guidance for C130s Systems for Lingor's Mig21s Some notes about MMA_XEH_AutoLaunch.pbo made by Kju: If you have this and Extended Event Handlers it will try to self-initialize MMA in the following way: - If the mission being played has not initialized MMA after few seconds and it is the server, it initializes MMA. - If the mission being played has not initialized MMA after few seconds and it is a client, it initializes MMA only if the server has initialized it. - If the server initialized it but you dont have MMA, you will see a notification every 10 seconds indicating that MMA is missing on your client. When MMA is self initialized it checks for presence of FFAA and ACE to setup automatically their respective configurations. Important note: MMA_XEH_AutoLaunch.pbo has been moved to @mma_xeh folder, dont forget to remove the MMA_XEH_AutoLaunch.pbo that might be present in your current @mma folder. If you want to use the autolauch, execute ArmA2 with mod=@mma;@mma_xeh modifiers. Defunkt made a modification of the default BIS Javelin reticle that you can DOWNLOAD HERE The mando_javelin.pbo enables a better (wider) reticle for the Javelin and replaces the default crosshair with more authentic targeting 'stadia', these changes can only be made with an addon where the core MMA suite can be addon or script-only hence it is packaged separately. It is especially recommended if your display resolution should result in part of the default reticle showing. He also made a modification of the Apache default MMA bi-monocle that you can DOWNLOAD HERE: The mando_apache.pbo replaces the default 'bi-focal' monocle implementation (two separate images representing both the mono and stereo image) with the more usual combined stereo (only) view. Credits: Defunkt, aside from pretty good ideas, he provided sounds, the outstanding images of the RWRs for east and west planes and fine-tuned all the PAAs present in the pack, he also modified Raptor6 MFD to include "NTSC" effect as well as some nice pp effects for older type cameras. Customized MMA HUDs including HMD and AH64 monocle, as well as Javelin, Metis, Stinger, Strela and Igla portable missiles. Raptor6, do you like the fantastic background of the TV systems? it is from him. Deanosbeano and scars who provided some mando turret models usable for the Phalanx gun. Cyborg11 for the ACE2 setups Kju for MMA_XEH_AutoLaunch.pbo Evil Echo and Gigan for nuclear warheads Special thanks: All these guys among others have been providing ideas and good testing along the life of this project: Alex72, Andrew, Crusader, Cyborg11, GossamerS, Jackass, Jay, Jinx, Kremator, Manzilla, Massimo, Rubberkite, Scars, Stiltman, Shuravi-rnd, Vengeance, ViperMaul and Xeno426. See it in action: 2j3iA4bnwn0 JXLWEBvLtE0 gQ_gJTAj_cA 89N33CAFuMc 7PeAfbXrudo Z1y70sZFxlY MPBJGF7ZUjM tRhd8Bqnd7g OrbkOK0O1l4
  3. Remember to check the init strings of the units, some elements are not activated just by gamelogics alone.
  4. Now available both, traditional script suite and addon version - Simulate most existing missile/torpedo in real-life using any object class present in ArmA able to move. - Full MP support. - Add chaff or flares missile defense systems to any AI unit, AI units defending with chaff or flares automatically. - Add a player controlled Missile Control Center to any playable vehicle. - Add automatic missile systems to any AI vehicle, AI units enganging with their missiles by their own. - Add chaff or flares to player vehicles. - Ammo trucks able to reload missiles and flares/chaff. - Missiles intercepting missiles. - Missiles hitting targets now reward with score to the players in the crew of firing units. - ArmA missile replacement. Now you may replace easily any missile fired in ArmA by a MMA one. - Remote targeting added. Players or AI may attack targets locked by other units (for example, using laser designators). - Customizable MCC colours. - Up to 8 different missile systems per vehicle (what about modeling a big battleship?). - Visual and MCC (dialog based) locking, tracking and firing systems for players. - AI units now are able to reload missiles by their own if close enough to an ammo truck. - Missile systems may be added to units by type or by name. You may add missile systems to every units of the indicated class with a single script executed in your init.sqs or init.sqf. - Keys and key descriptions used to drop flares/chaff, lock on targets and fire missiles cuztomizables from mandomissile_init.sqf. - Fully customizable warheads, smoke trails and launch FX scripts. - More than 30 configurable parameters for missiles (seeker range, endurange, agility, seeker scan arcs, flight profile, etc). - You may now configure missile reload times after firing for MCCs. - Anti-radar systems. Mando Missile ArmA v2.3 (please, do not mirror this resource yet) Mando Missile online help Mando Missile demostration videos Attached to the first post of this post you will find mma_air_combat.Sara.zip. While it is a fully playable mission SP or MP, it is inteded as an example of Mando Missile integration with addons. Inside you will find mma_bis_su34_init.sqf, mma_bis_su34b_init.sqf and mma_bis_av8b2_init.sqf. Three example scripts which are executed from the init field of the planes in the mission, but these script might also be executed from the "Init" EH (or Extended EH) of an addon derived from Su34, Su34B or AV8B2. If Mando Missile is not present in the mission, the planes will behave like normal ones, but if MMA 2.3 or above is present, the planes will reconfigure themselves to use MMA systems. The script activates/deactivates AI/human systems depending on who is into each position of a plane, human or AI. Soon you will have a comprehensive guide explaining step by step how to integrate Mando Missile within any addon. In the example mission you may fly as OPFOR, BLUFOR or keep grounded as civilian observer. Update Jan 6 2009 NEW MMA 2.35 teaser, Falcon 4 style Attached to the first post of the above link you will find MMA235_teaser.Intro.zip, which is a teaser of MMA 2.35B new HUD system. Do not mirror, do not include it into any addon and use it only for testing purposes as MMA 2.35 is already quite close to be public. All mando missile functionalities not used in the teaser demo have been removed to save space. The new mando_missilevehicle3.sqf HUD handler present in the demo will be heavily modified before 2.35 final verions to allow the customization of several hardcoded parameters in a similar way as current 2.35 TV systems.
  5. Please, try with this test version to ensure dual HUDs, duplication of actions or HUD jumping for some planes is gone. Carmine39, what do you mean to use MMA from the editor? To include the MMA gamelogics on the map?
  6. sweguy96, do you have these dual HUD issues with the test version posted above? I will double check the Jas39 setup, I think it was already using HMD. Do you have the class name of the HKP4? Ordy, MMA doesnt rearm guns/rockets, for these you need standard rearming ways (ammo trucks, etc).
  7. xy20032004, It depends on the chopper's sensors (for example, AH64D has them, Mi24D doesnt). To adjust that parameter, go to mando_missiles\tv\tv_types, open the .sqs script of the system you want to re-adjust and change mando_tv_sensor_rects = true by mando_tv_sensor_rects = false
  8. 1 - Yes, if you increase your diving angle after firing, the missile has a bit of retaded ignition, so when it speeds up it can "catch" you. 2 - CCIP is for bombs, anyway, as stated some posts ago, a bug was found and fixed in this test version (you should be able to avoid these missiles with it). But, if you are fired with SARH missiles then your only choice is to use ECM or/and to try to outmaneouver the missile. If fired with laser guided missile, you can only outmaneouver the missile (Vkirh and similars). 3 - There are two versions supported, TV guided (you cannot guide it manually) and laser guided (you can from TV).
  9. No, that's not normal at all. Do you mean that the missile misses or that the missile doesnt destroy the target while hitting it? Are you firing against targets quite close to your chopper?
  10. Evil_Brownie , the Exocet is integrated, but not for the F16 (that combo doesnt exist in RL as far as I know). As far as I remember you have the MMA exocet working for RACS Super Etendard as well as some Mirages. The flares/chaff work against radar guided missiles, might be you are experiencing a bug detected and fixed in the test version you have linked few post ago. MMA SARH missiles are only affected by ECM, but they are not quite accurate and their detonations will usually happen not quite close to the target as to cause critical damage. BIS CM dont have any effect on MMA missiles.
  11. Prophet, at the moment I have no plans for Take On. I guess that as long as they keep the same vehicle/weapon class names the current systems will keep working the same.
  12. Syphonix, the RAH-66 MMA setup was triggering its setup as well as the AH1 one, this is fixed in the new MMA test version which also includes a new setup for this chopper.
  13. MMA Addon Test version including: - Flares fix (they might not be effective against missiles comming from quite below or above). - R. CTRL + ARROWS: Allows fine adjustment of the HUD's cross for systems working in GROUND mode. - New NLAW interface - Ch29 endurance increased - Xeno's TGW RAH-66 Commanche MMA systems added
  14. Syphonix, both are fully compatible. In fact, many MMA rearming options and setups have been aready included for GLT missiles.
  15. You can keep using the addon, but instead of initializing MMA with the GL, do it from init.sqf. Copy mando_missileinit.sqf into your mission's folder and execute it from init.sqf (and remove the init GL from the map, you can leave there the init full GL). Now open that mando_missileinit.sqf, move to line 439 and comment the line: _pos = _pos + [0]; And try, anyway you can add there some hints in that block of code and run the mission from the editor (it should have the same result as when run from a client).
  16. It seems that island has wrongly configured the "ilsPosition" property. Are you using script suite for the mission?
  17. That seems to be part of the code that automatically fills up the array of potential ILS destinations to be used by MMA NAV system. In which island are you playing? Does it have at least one main runway?
  18. Two betas ago there was a bug that causes createdVehicle missiles to be harmless, this was fixed for the latest betas (at least the previous one). I hope the bug is not back again.
  19. MMA INIT just initializes mando missiles's engine, add the other GLs if you want to add automatically MMA systems for the planes, vehicles and choppers.
  20. mandoble

    Blake's Carrier Ops

    MemphisBelle, there is nothing in MMA turning left screen white and right one grey, not a single dialog or hud similar to that. In my test it ran flawless and with quite smooth movements. Anyway Blakeace might try to change the way it is controlled, instead of checking for Gear state, add a displayEventHandler like in the example above just to toggle this function ON/OFF pressing "G" once, so that the pilot dont need to keep pressing any key all the time. When turned ON it might go OFF automatically if speed is exceeded or if the vehicle elevates above ground, etc. I would add that if the vehicle is a plane, it should not be able to turn at all if the speed is close to 0, basically you need to keep advancing at least a bit all the time in order to be able to turn.
  21. mandoble

    Blake's Carrier Ops

    Kremator, MMA uses "G" but MMA doesnt catch it in exclusivity, any other mod or script can read the keyboard without MMA interference (except for TAB key). You can try including this in the init.sqf of any mission with MMA active, and you will see that all the keystrokes are catched. _eh = (findDisplay 46) displayAddEventHandler ["KeyDown", "hint format['%1',_this]"]; BTW, did test this module with MMA and works perfectly. 1 - The module initializes the function with GETIN EH, so, if you start the mission already in the plane it will not work. You will need to get out and get in again. 2 - G state is expected to be 1 all the time (pressed continuonsly), so you need to keep pressing it while maneouvering on ground with the other keys or joy.
  22. Theopolus, units spawned from console takes the side of the console user, unless you want to redefine that with these globals. For these units to be able to engage, you need to initialize MMA in the mission.
  23. ah, sorry, the grad is an small rocket not interceptable unless you transform it into a mando missile (default shells cannot be damaged), and even if you do, it is probably too fast and small to be intercepted in time by another missile. A mando gun would be able to catch it, but again, if transformed into a mando missile, else it will not be destroyed. To transform into a mando missile, catch the shell with your fired EH, remove it and place a detectable (interceptable) mando one in its place. // _mis = the fired round (before removing it) catched with Fired EH // _launcher = the vehicle firing the round catched with Fired EH if (!local _mis) exitWith {}; _speedini = (speed _mis)/3.6; _pos = _launcher worldToModel (getPos _mis); _dir = getDir _mis; _vangle = asin (vectorDir _mis select 2) - asin(vectorDir _launcher select 2); _target = "Logic" createVehicleLocal (TARGET POSITION HERE); _missparams = [ _launcher, // _launcher typeOf _mis, // missilebody _pos, // launchpos _dir, // dir _vangle, // vangle _speedini, // speedini 800, // speedmax 250, // acceleration _target, // target 0, // boomrange 1000, // activerange 1, // modeinit 400, // cruisealt mando_missile_path+"warheads\mando_missilehead1_nohe.sqf", "", // smokescript "", // soundrsc 29, // sounddur 10, // endurance false, // terrainavoidance 1, // updatefreq 0, // delayinit 0, // controltime true, // detectable false, // debug "", // launchscript 25, // hagility 65, // vagility 1, // accuracy false, // intercept 20, // scanarch 90, // scanarcv 0, // Offset above target 0 // Countermeasures extent ]; deleteVehicle _mis; _missparams execVM mando_missile_path+"mando_missile.sqf";
  24. mandoble


    MandoAir tutorial mission v1.1 The file contains a mission ready to play and a folder with the mission and the scripts for the editor. --------------- For OFP 1.96 Nogova map (use original as some buildings IDs are used) NO ADDONS NEEDED. This mission and its intro demostrate: mandosentry2.sqs: New anti-armour device deployed by air units (explosive and chemical). mandoairstrike.sqs: Accurate air strikes setting an array of targets. mandoairstrikeauto.sqs: Close Air Support, only the CAS position is needed, the planes select targets by their own. mandoheliroute.sqs: No range limit for helicopter moves, landing just where you want, no need of helipads anymore. mandoscramble.sqs: Planes taking off without runaways. mandoland.sqs (BETA): Planes landing without runaways. NOTE: From the editor, activate the markers and check the blue ones, they are good tips. EDIT: Fixed a problem with the cameras in the mission. Link for the mission updated. ---------------- EDIT (MandoAir2 included)---------------- MandoAir2, Close Air Support in detail The file contains a mission ready to play and a folder with the mission and the scripts for the editor. MandoAir2 air support scripts second tutorial mission (Close Air Support in detail) By Mandoble For OFP 1.96 NO ADDONS NEEDED. This mission demostrates: mandocasinit.sqs <- Initializes CAS arrays for each side (*) mandocasmapset.sqs <- Enable CAS requests by clicking on map with Shift or Alt keys pressed. (**) mandocasmapcall.sqs <- Processes a click on map for CAS requests mandocasmapset.sqs <- CAS request (**) mandocivcas.sqs <- Controls civilian side CAS planes while not assigned to any CAS mission mandoeastcas.sqs <- Controls east side CAS planes while not assigned to any CAS mission mandorescas.sqs <- Controls resistance side CAS planes while not assigned to any CAS mission mandowestcas.sqs <- Controls west side CAS planes while not assigned to any CAS mission mandoairstrikeauto.sqs <- Takes control of a plane once it is assigned to a CAS mission mandocasend.sqs <- Executed by mandoairstrikeauto.sqs when CAS mission ends, marks the plane as available for more CAS missions. bigbombs.sqs <- Spawns free fall bombs, used by mandoairstrikeauto.sqs to perform freefall bombs attacks. (*): You only need to execute this and then any (or both) of the (**) NOTE: From the editor, activate the markers and check the blue ones, they are good tips. Check mission's init.sqs, it has all you need to setup to be able to request CAS missons.
  25. mandoble


    Grab it from here: Mando Air for OFP