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  1. [HMM] Stance Indicator

    Apologies for the delay in updating - the past few weeks have been hectic (RL) weeks for me :) The next version is almost ready to release, but I'm going to hold off until the stance command change from the dev branch makes it to the main branch... just in case there are any other similar changes that could break it. At the moment, the problems some of you are experiencing are due to the dev branch command returning different results. At the moment, the next version includes: Updated (v2) server/client keys. UI now fades out when in a "normal" stance (i.e. the 'middle' stances). UI now indicates when you're unable to move due to an injury (by use of canStand only, currently). I've yet to do the config options for sizing/positioning, but will hopefullly have them done for the release :)
  2. [HMM] Stance Indicator

    Excellent idea. In the version currently undergoing testing, the stance turns red (instead of white) when (canStand player) is false - that seems to be the best solution at the moment :)
  3. [HMM] Stance Indicator

    This refers to the stance-based leaning. Using Ctrl+A or Ctrl+D when in Crouch or Standing puts you into a "step lean", which is indicated :) The traditional Arma leaning (using Q/E by default) isn't indicated in the UI, because even from first person, it's fairly easy to identify your position, due to the view rotation that comes with it (the step-leans keep your view level). Saw this mentioned earlier in the thread, it's the next thing I'll add as soon as I get some time :) I'll look for a way to make this configurable along with the UI size - never really delved into supporting configuration options in mods. Nice catch, will fix :) The primary reason was that you can easily see your stance in third-person view, but it's almost impossible to know what stance you're in from a first-person perspective (unless you're actively tracking, or looking down at your soldier model, which is completely impractical whilst fighting).
  4. [HMM] Stance Indicator

    I'll take a look into either making a smaller version as well, or a config to allow people to choose a size :)
  5. [HMM] Stance Indicator

    I've posted a new version (v1.1) - see the first post for an updated download link :) Changes: Now highlights main stance separately. Stance-based lean states are supported/indicated.
  6. [HMM] Stance Indicator

    Yeah, I've been trying to work out a sensible way to differentiate between the three 'major' stances - the problem with shapes at the corner of your view is that they have to be fairly significantly sized (simply reorientating the blocks doesn't aid that, from my testing). I'll try a few options and see if I can come up with something sensible - maybe highlighting the respective character on the left hand side, that is associated with the current stance :)
  7. Well, I saw a lot of people were looking for a stance indicator for first-person view, so I thought I'd throw something together. It should work fine, I've had a number of guys from my squad test it, but the usual disclaimers apply - your mileage may vary :) It's possible it'll screw up in some situations, given it relies almost entirely upon animation names (and I suppose it's possible that BIS may not be 100% consistent in their naming). It should be all signed and good to go - the .bikey is included. I've also not tested anything other than 1920x1080 on the normal UI size... but I've utilised safeZones properly, so it should be fine (if it's not, I'll fix it :p). Features: Shows your stance in first-person mode. Highlights stances that hinder your movement in yellow (in this case, low prone and high prone). Displays stance-based lean status, too! It's a stance indicator... what more do you want? Video: (v1.0 demonstrated) 6HYnBL8OQhI Download: [HMM] Stance Indicator v1.1 (5kb - .zip) (and here it is as a direct link, if CoralCDN is being slow) Requires @CBA_A3. See this thread for info on that :) Changelog: v1.1 Now highlights main stance separately. Stance-based lean states are supported/indicated. v1.0 Initial release. Installation: Extract the @HMM_StanceIndicator folder from this archive into your Arma 3 folder. Load Arma 3, go to Options > Expansions. Click on @HMM_StanceIndicator in the list and click Enable (make sure to also do @CBA_A3, too). Thanks: To the HMM Squad folks for testing :) ShackTac Fireteam HUD for inspiration for the show/hide UI logic. License: Usage of the HMM Stance Indicator is predicated upon your agreement to the following: All files included are the property of the original author. HMM Stance Indicator may not be modified, included in other mods (in whole or in part), or used for any commercial/military purposes without prior permission from the author. Redistribution is permitted only if the original archive is unmodified and it is distributed free of charge. This mod may not be ported to any other game, including any variation of the Arma series, without prior permission from the author.
  8. LA Noire

    Wouldn't know :p I value my keyboard too highly :D I'll take your word for it... just this once :eek:
  9. LA Noire

    You'll be needing this:
  10. LA Noire

    Friends?! What are those? :p In all seriousness... that's not a bad idea. Now I just need to find one of these 'friends' you speak of :icon_mrgreen:
  11. LA Noire

    No, they didn't. The GTA4 port wasn't brilliant, I'll give you that, but it was fine with an X360 controller (at least, that's how I played it on my PC). I'd just rather have LA Noire on PC than fork out £160 for an X360, plus the game price... just for the one game. :rolleyes:
  12. LA Noire

    This is the one title tempting me to find the money to pick up an X360 - but I wonder if Rockstar will play the usual game of porting it to PC a year down the line? Decisions, decisions :D
  13. This should work. Create a GameLogic, and put this in its init: chair = "FoldChair_with_Cargo" createVehicle (getPosATL this); chair setPosATL (getPosATL this); char setDir (getDir this) Then, move the GameLogic where you want the chair to appear, and rotate the GameLogic to change the chair's orientation. When you move up to the chair (often the back gets better results than the front), you'll get an option to 'get in chair as cargo' :)
  14. Using createVehicle you can spawn a "FoldChair_with_Cargo" that can do just that.
  15. If you delete existing groups, they are no longer counted towards the limit. The limit is more '144 active groups per side'. Your method of deleting will work, but it's usually advisable to give a 10-15s delay before deleting the group (to ensure it's completely empty).