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  1. I've been searching high and low trying to figure out how to add some text to the "info board" you find in the editor, but without getting any wiser. Basically, i just want to add a few server rules and pointers to the infoboard, although I'm not sure if that's even possible. Landy
  2. Hey guys, me again. :) I've been adding a few more vehicles to the map i first edited. However, a few of the guys i play with have asked me if i could add an ability to make a Chinook or a merlin lift reqular tanks. I've been searching high and low without really finding the answer, so i though id turn to you brilliant modders again. From what i understand, Domination already has a built in lift script though it's not able to lift tanks, unless they are wrecked.
  3. I think i got it working now. I edited the "co30 domination.takistan" map, adding a couple of helos, 4 playable pilots and two a-10's. I saved the map as "multiplayer mission". I just wanted to add a little "edited by" message on the domination name, just to easily identify the map. My friend hosts a server and we wanted to be able to have a wider selection of vehicles to play around with. Since we're only 5 people playing, domination can be a bit challenging if you're doing the main missions without any added firepower. I also used the respawn script by Tophe and it seems to be working perfect. :) Now the question is: In order for my friend to host the map on his server, do i have to edit the map file or can he use it just by copying the pbo? Anyways, thanks for the swift reply, the Arma 2 community is one of the best I've had the pleasure to be a part of.
  4. I'm wondering if there are any kind souls out there who could help me out. I've been looking into adding a couple or A-10's to domination in editor. I got it working, I save the edited mission in editor, then use the tool to create a pbo file. However, for some reason, when i try to test the map in mp, i cant find the edited map. All i really want is a couple of planes at start. It might be easy for someone to figure it out, but it seems like rocket science to me. :p Not sure what i am doing wrong.
  5. Landstriker

    ArmA 2 tip's & trick's for heli pilots.

    Happy to say that my video has reached more then 650 views so far, which isn't to bad. Keep the tips and tricks coming.
  6. Landstriker

    Low FPS

    Upgrading to win 7 soon, who knows, might be some improvement's in the game by then. It's no real biggy. I've just decided to put the game on the shelf, for now. Getting too old and impatient to be tweaking my machine just to get one out of my 20 odd games working. ArmA 2 is playable on my rig, but compared to other games in the same "class", its no way near of being playable, least not on a 2500$ rig.
  7. It's only with ArmA 2 i get issues, no other game, like crysis, farcry 2. I won't bother, untill a few patches from now, if it's been better optimized.
  8. Landstriker

    Low FPS

    Tried tweaking the game in and out, but no real improvements. Got windows vista x64, 6gb of ram and dual 260GTX's. I'm not complaining, I'm just sad that i gotta be the one tweaking my system, when in fact it's not the system its anything wrong with. :( I'll give ArmA 2 a go later on, when (and if) there has been some major improvements in the game optimization. I should add, that I'm not very technical with compturers, but so far, It's only been problems with ArmA 2, not any other game. Edit: I got the Steam version of the game, if that should have anything to say?
  9. Landstriker

    Low FPS

    Blah, i got a high end rig, bought it a couple of weeks ago. Gonna take a break from ArmA 2 untill (and hopefully) there will be some improvement in the game optimization. I'm not very good with tweaking and frankly, ArmA 2 is the only game I've spent endless hours trying to read about how to. Great game, but it makes me feel like I've just wasted 2500$ on a rig that runs every game out there maxed out, whilst struggling with 25-50 Fps on medium settings. :(
  10. I guess my dual 260 GTX's will never be able to run the game maxed out, when they even struggle at medium settings :(
  11. Landstriker

    Do You find ArmA Infinite Land Spooky?

    It's so spooky, I've never dared walking into the area..
  12. Landstriker

    Why dont you use the ingame voice chat ?

    I've always felt my ghillie suit has been a bit dull. Whats the secret to making it pink :D
  13. Landstriker

    A Toast...

    Lol, finlandia is great. I see nothing wrong with this thread other then it might be a bit off topic. I'm sure if the mods move it to the appropriate forums, it won't be a problem ;)
  14. Landstriker

    How come they didn't add SeaKnight?

    Probably because ArmA 2 is a army "sim" not a vehicle one.
  15. Landstriker

    Patch 1.03 Satisfaction Survey

    I voted for the 4th option. I do love the game though, no matter how buggy and badly optimized it seems at times.