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  1. New Creator DLC is really bad, especially compared to PF which was just fantastic. Other than the new map being cool, everything else is meh, very poor release imo, especially after I loved PF so much. Actually, PF for me was up there with the best of BI's expansions/DLC's such as Arrowhead and Tanoa, thats how good of a job that modding team did. BI needs some more quality control for these creator DLC, because the difference in quality between these last two has been night and day.
  2. kozzy420

    Arma 3 - Creator DLC Discussion

    Prairie Fire was 10/10 for me for a post release DLC, was up there with Arrowhead and Tanoa as my favorites over the years, the team that worked on PF did an amazing job and for me was BI quality level. This new one though is terrible, the difference in quality between this and PF is unreal, its like night and day. BI you gotta do a better job vetting these Creator DLC's, because the last one was near perfection, 10/10 for me but this new one is 2/10. The only thing I like about this DLC is the map is kind of cool but literally everything else is very bad. Just my thoughts as a long time BI fan since Operation Flashpoint.
  3. kozzy420

    Prarie Fire discussion

    Played for like 5 hours straight tonight. Did some coop campaign with a few friends, then did some of the new multiplayer mode and some king of the hill with another friend. Loving the new expansion, well done to everyone who worked on it. This is up there with Arrowhead and Tanoa for me, the coop missions are very well done, new terrain is awesome, new guns are very well done, can't wait to see what missions people come up with on this new map !
  4. kozzy420

    Prarie Fire discussion

    Love the expansion so far!
  5. Looks fun! Is it at all like Altis Life rpg? Having a blast on that myself, only wish when server reset or I went to eat that I wouldn't start a new character (also wish I could jump back into my vehicle and where I was after a server reset or when I log back in again). Keep up the great work this looks amazing! PS: I doubt you need any voice work for this but if you ever do in future work let me know and I will help!
  6. kozzy420

    Stratis-RP: Ultimate

    Sounds wicked dude! Doubt youll need it but if you need any voice work or original instrumentals let me know
  7. nice work bud, looking forward to trying this
  8. kozzy420

    Operation Fallen Star Coop 2-8p

    Wow, fantastic mission bud! If you ever do anymore mission like this one let me know and ill do some voice work for ya. Once again great job on this mission was a blast!
  9. kozzy420

    Coop 10 The Omega File

    Good mission man! If you do anymore and you want some help with voice work let me know!
  10. kozzy420

    [SP] Woods Sweep

    Nice looking mission! Let me know if you need some voice work done! I have a deep voice and a very good mic.
  11. kozzy420

    [Co-Op] The Longest Day

    Thanks bud! Let me know if you need any voice work sometime!
  12. kozzy420

    Artificial ATC

    Sorry, double post
  13. kozzy420

    Artificial ATC

    Thanks for the message bud! looking forward to doing some voice work to help out with this!