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  1. hi, ace is my favourite mod of all time for arma 2 & 3. is there a chance we can get a working apache ah64 for arma 3 with all the features of the apache from ace arma 2? i think there are features of the apache arma 2 which are not transfered to arma 3. hellfires with set traget in map mode. greetings johnny
  2. johnnygitarr

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    hi, love this mod, thnx for developing it. ... it is not without reason on top mods on all time. is there any chance for a progress with it? last update is long time ago. steam says: 28. may 2017! hope we can get a newer one: maybe with more zeus features, not only a zombie spawner (all the features we have in 3den editor). i would like to have dumber zombies, i mean if they lost sight on me, they only walk to the last known loaction of me and then afer a while roaming arround. ... and react more to hearing a thing. ... like the walkers in walking dead. greetings johnny
  3. johnnygitarr

    S.C.A.R -- Enemy Areas-of-Operation

    Hi von Quest, thnx for your mods. Is there a chance to bringt all yout mods to the Steam Workshop? Greetings Johnny
  4. Hi, in the setup-menu i can only use the "low" setting for HDR and dunno what its need for the "standard" setting. Is "standard" hardware relatet? i use a nvidia 1070 with a acer xb270hu monitor (8bit). In the Arma.cfg file i have the follow setting: HDRPrecision=16; maybe there is somehting wrong in my system. i notice some dithering in the clouds sometimes (in specific time settings e.g. in eve times) can someone help me out? thnx in advance
  5. Hi, as i know Arma 3 uses only Cpu Physix from Nvidia. Until now, Physix Cpu AND Gpu is completely Open Source. Source (German): http://www.pcgameshardware.de/PhysX-Software-229957/News/Nvidia-GPU-Open-Source-Quellcode-1270556/ Does this have any impact to Arma 3 in the Future? Hope we can get an update on this for Arma 3, with maybe some performance increase, because Arma 4 (if it will come) is not around the corner. Maybe some Developer can answer this. Greetings Toby
  6. possible solution for speedcontrol: what if we had a kind of a cruise control for the speed. with "shift + w" you can set the max.cruise speed up you wanna drive with (maybe in 5 or 10 km/h steps, to the max. speed the vehicle can reach) with "shift + s" the opposite way. then with "w" you accelerate only to this max speed and not further. "s" is for slow down, as normal. "shift + 2x w" you deactivate the cruise control and the vehicle reacts as we know now. ... so we can drive easily in formations with the same speed (only difference is the different acceleration time/engine power the vehicles have)
  7. hi, 1.) is it planned to integrate the new driving physics to all vehicles (not only the tracked vehicles)? 2.) i have an suggestion for a speedcontrol solution: the jets engines in arma 3 are controlled via percentage (0-100 % power). if we port this solution to the vehicles, then we can choose every driving speed we want. 0% = no power, means 0 km/h 100% = maximum driving speed of chosen vehicle, for example 80 km/h of a tank (every vehicle have different max. speeds and different acceleration depends on enginepower) we can set the desired driving speed, and the vehicle starts to accelerate to this speed (as fast as possible (depends on uphill, downhill, driven surface, vehicle weight and so on). so we can choose for example 5 km/h and drive slowly next to walking soldiers, or also helpfull for formations: all drivers can drive comfortable next to each other with the same speed. button w on the keyboard for speed up button s on the keyboard for speed down button x on the keyboard for break (all enginepower is set to 0, the vehicle decellerate) cheers johnny
  8. johnnygitarr

    Tanks DLC Feedback

    hi, lets look what other engines can do. https://developer.unigine.com/en/devlog/20160919-unigine-2.3.1 (close to the bottom of the page) the driving physics looks great, hope bi, can offer somethings similar. imagine arma with the unigne engine ... this is for the visual part my choice for an engine for arma.
  9. hi ace-team, thx for your effort in doing such a great work with ace 3. in comparsion to ace 2, i personally miss the features of the ace 2 apache ah64 most. laser codes, hellfire ace version L and K version with high or direct attack, m230 ace version. hope you guys bring all apache features into ace 3. greetings and looking forward to the ace future.
  10. johnnygitarr

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    hi, love your mod, many thnx for all the hours you spend in this project. i've got some ideas for an upcoming version: - attack everything mode: so that we dont have to choose which facition the zombies are friendly with. in the attack everything mode zombie should attack all living, including animals. - please prevent the zombies for kneeling or lay on the ground, except we shoot them their legs off. - if their legs are gone the zombies should only move in crawling mode - can you please check the resurrection. i think it doesnt work with apex beta. question (explanation of the ai): can you please explain how the zombie ai work, if they see me (close to mid range) and i go around a corner (no line of sight), after they went to that corner and im not there, will they loose the interest of me and try to find another victim? i think the ai should work similar like this, because most zombie in movies act this way (stupid, simple). sorry bad english (i'm not a native speaker or writer) looking forward to the future of this mod.
  11. johnnygitarr

    Eden Feature Requests

    hi, in eden editor where ist the info button from the 2d gone? (the info button show how the modules work and how to right set the module) please can we get some standard presets for the eden editor. for example: - a correct set of respawns with all needed and linked modules - some different multiplayer playstyle variations greetings
  12. johnnygitarr

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    hi, in eden editor where ist the info button gone? (the info button show how the modules work and how is a right setup) please can we get some standard presets for the eden editor. for example: - a correct set of respawns with all needed and linked modules - some different multiplayer playstyle variations greetings
  13. johnnygitarr

    Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    hi, i love the new visual update. can you please explain whats the technology behind: "dynamic lights"? is it new or got an update? for immersion it would be superb if we can get dynamic shadows. besides "dynamic lights". .. and yes: midrange textures looks terrible (hope for a fix in arma 4).
  14. johnnygitarr

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    hi x3kj, thnx for your answer ... no i think it has nothing to do with the smoke effects. the fps loss starts right after im in the scope without shooting. i tryed another vanilla scope (the one with the nightsight) same loss here. a mod (dunno which mod) dependent scope was not effected the fps was more or less the same. maybe it has to do with mods. i try to investigate further this evening when i have more time ...