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Found 7 results

  1. ApexHunter2481

    Arma 3 High command

    Hello! I hope this is on the right part I was wondering if someone could answer this for me, is there a way that I can move units from my direct squad into a high command unit, while in game? I’m looking at creating a mission where, you can recruit guerrilla units as you go into your direct squad, but I want to make it so that once you have a good few of them, you can have the option to create a new squad out of them under high command? I know normally you need to set high command up in the editor but I couldn’t find anything about swapping units from your squad into their own squad under your high command WHILE in game many thanks James
  2. -Snafu-

    SP The Green Zone

    I was inspired to create this mission after reading some accounts written by British troops who fought in Helmand Province in the late 2000s/early 2010s. Set in March 2007, command a troop of Royal Marines with an attached Fire Support Group as 3 Commando Bridage takes the fight to Taliban territory. You will lead the troop in a mission to clear a section of the Green Zone to the designated Limit of Exploitation. A battery from 29 Commando Regiment Royal Artillery will support you. Can you develop a sound plan and make effective use of supporting assets to get your troops home alive? Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hwFt4VrPZG57cZQCJ1FEKRKEbsjhOOcJ/view?usp=sharing Features: - Blackblood's UK desert troops - PUKF weapons and Landrovers - CoC's artillery and mines - Reno's Afghaneveron - Kenoxite's squad control - Platoon command - Basic intro with custom music giving some historical background ReadMe: Screenshots:
  3. All-In-One AI Command Menu A "WW AI Menu" Patch By Leopard20 & WindWalking This thread is no longer updated! For the latest release, check here Hello everyone. As you know, the WW AI Menu was one of the first and best AI mods released in the early days of ARMA 3 release. It addressed a lot of issues and shortcomings with the vanilla ARMA commanding system, and packed a lot of handy features including: - Infantry commands such as healing, garrisoning & clearing building, rearming, .... - Vehicle commands such as engine on and off, horn and eject with parachute. - Waypoint system with the ability to assign multiple waypoints to your squad members. - Weapon accessories (silencers, flashlights, ...) - Unsticking units. and .... Read more about the mod: https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/153621-ww-aimenu-complimentary-commands/ Unfortunately, when Windwalking left the community some of the features ended up broken, and due to the community rule forbidding people from taking over and/or changing an author's work without their permission, nobody has stepped up to bring this mod back to life. Until now. I decided to bring this mod back to life in a way that respects the community rule and the author's work. Namely, "patching" the original mod by adding features and fixing broken ones. As a result, you will need the original mod installed for my mod to work. You can activate the menu by pressing Y .If you use the "Y" key for Zeus or anything else you can either change the keybinding for those features (I personally use "Ctrl+Y" for Zeus) or change the keybinding for the menu by navigating to: "OPTIONS > CONTROLS > CONFIGURE ADDONS > (dropdown menu) All-In-One Command Menu". I've also included a userconfig file where you can add support for your mods (if they are not supported already). Currently you can add support for: Resupply vehicles, AT soldiers (used in the rearming script) and the Handgun suppressors. Note that you might need to enable "file patching" for the config file to work (either add the -filepatching commandline or enable it in the launcher parameters). This mod is compatible with other commanding mods (such as C2). Although I don't recommend using both for issuing the same command at the same time (e.g when you use C2 to order your units to mount a vehicle, don't use the same command in this mod, as it may cause conflicts and unforeseen consequences) I also recommend this mod as it makes issuing regular and frequent commands a lot easier: (you may need to change the default keys used by the mod, keys 1, 2, 3 , 4, as these keys are used for switching weapons) Advanced Command System (ACS) All features were tested using the vanilla ARMA vehicles/weapons (including all DLCs up to the time of release), and work as intended. However some features (the most important of which being weapon accessories) may not work in other mods (such as RHS or CUP). Edit: As of version 0.50 Beta most features should work with other mods without issues. If they don't please post your feedback in this thread. Here's a quick overview of what is changed: Unchanged: Fixed/Modified/Removed: Added: Screenshots: Notes: Special thanks to: - @Windwalking for his awesome mod. - @Muzzleflash for helping me with showing objects on the map and also teaching me a lot about scripting. He's one of the best guys on this forum. - @mad_cheese for allowing me to use the "Bounding Box" function used in his legendary mod, C2. - and everyone else who kindly answered all my questions on the forum. Disclaimer: I can't guarantee this mod is completely harmless. Please back up your ARMA 3 directory located in the "Documents" folder (C:\Users\YOUR_PC_NAME\Documents\) prior to using this mod (especially the file *.vars.Arma3Profile and the "saved" folder because they are the only files that may be affected). Multiplayer support is in alpha state and not fully tested yet. Dear Moderators, The current release still uses the scripts from the original version. Also, to avoid some conflicts, I had to rename the global variables. If you think this mod is still not in compliance with forum rules please let me know to come up with a solution (you can PM me or post it here). By installing this patch, the original mod will be disabled (If you want me to leave it enabled please leave a feedback and I'll re-enable it). Download Link (Current Version: v1.2.1): GitHub (always up-to-date) DropBox Armaholic (updates with a slight delay) How to Install: Future Plans: Changelog: Requirements: CBA: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=18767 WW AI Menu by Windwalking: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=22380 Since v1.0.0, WW AI Menu mod is not required anymore. It's because some users reported they had trouble setting up WW AI Menu (mostly because of FilePatching used in WW AI Menu, which complicated things), so I decided not to make it necessary to have this mod. A couple of such reports:
  4. When I received news that the tank control on the commander's position had been changed in the test, I hoped that this would be just a test. But today I received an update of 1.78 and I saw that the new control on the commander's position looks disgusting. Excuse me for this word, but I can not find other words. This is not in the style of Arma. main troubles of the new control-system: 1. There is no feeling that the tank is controlled by another person. The player feels the opposite, namely as if he is a tank driver! It just spoils the sensation of the sim-game. 2.There is no difference in the control of the tank from the commander/driver positions. The only difference is the presence of voice orders. Otherwise, it is the same. Thus commander == driver. Then for what driver is need? Only for the fact that it's necessary to gameplay, not more. 3. The game automatically forces the player to stop the every rotation/movement of the tank, (when player release the A/D/W/S buttons). It looks arcade. In the old control-system, to stop the tank was needed a special order (s-button), which need in spent time as in reality. 4. The sound of voice commands does not match some orders and irritates the player. infinite "stop", "stop", "stop"... 5. Even after this update, the tank controls is not accurate. Many scolded AI-Drivers, because they could not be exact, but the new system is not better! If the player tries to stop the tank, it will continue move about another 10 meters before stopping. Or if you drive forward, hold down the W button and then release it, then some more distance the tank will go further. It's not like inertia or something adequate. In this sense, the old control-system was more accurate, since the AI driver stopped the tank's movement/ rotation exactly at the current position. Among other things, this does not correspond in any way with the voice commands of player character. Why does the character of the player after each order must say "Stop"? After each turn right/ left player character says - "Stop". Now the player automatically says "Stop" and does not choose when to stop the tank! Every few seconds the player hears - "Stop", "Stop", "Stop", "Stop"! It looks irritable to the player's ears. Among other things, a normal, adequate Stop command does not sound exactly when it's needed! For example, when player as commander accelerate tank forward (hold the W key) and press "S"-button, player hear not "Stop , player hear "Backward". Note! Yes, player says "Backward", but if In this case, the tank does not go back, it just stops! Why "Backward"!??? In order to actually go back, you need again to press the "S" button and again hear "Backward! OMG I do not want to hear this! @Bis you broke the old and unique Arma tank-control (which was not in any game!) and replaced by this arcade control. Please complete your test! I want to believe that this was just a test! May be some users will say, that the new tank control looks more convenient. Blah, Blah...Yes, yes, yes! perhaps it is more convenient, but this is less realistic for a sim game and this does not sound adequate (voice commands of player character). Arma never looked for more convenient ways, Arma always oriented on realism. New tank-control It looks arcade, I think this is more suitable for other games, such as Battlefierd or COD. @BIS please return the previous control of the tank to the position of the commander or give the player some choice in the game settings! Player would not want to spoil impression of the Arma game.
  5. Hello devs! Unfortunately, after the release of DLC Tanks, the change of positions (driver/gunner/commander) in Arma was not affected at all. It was always a needle in my ass, but after the release of the interiors, this problem even aggravated. Why? After the release of Tanks DLC, I see how in half of second a player can find himself in any chair (driver/gunner/commander), without considering the inner walls of the vehicle and other units! Unfortunately, this looks not good. Please note, in most tanks or APC driver position has a separate location. This is a completely separate cabin, which is closed on all sides by bulkheads. Those. being inside such a vehicle, a person physically can not change his position - "from gunner to driver" or "from commander to driver" or "from driver to commander" or "from driver to gunner". This is physically impossible! Why do we see this in Arma? When a player changes all positions passing through the walls, then it looks absurd. I propose to take this moment into account and make a change of positions from the position of the driver (or to driver position) accessible only from the outside of the vehicle. In this case, the place where the player wants to sit should be free. So it should be in real life. For example. If you are in the gunner position, then in order to sit in the driver's chair you need to first get out, go to the driver's hatch and only after that sit on the driver's seat. Or vice versa. In this case devs, you can use the action menu (choice of place) or personal icons (when a player approaches a certain place of the vehicle) It seems to me that every interior, before changing positions should take into account the current position of the player. Most vehicles physically even do not allow (!not leaving vehicle) changing the position "from gunner to commander"and vice versa. For example, see Varsuk T-100 or Rhino. It is impossible physically to change position from the gunner to commander's position and vice versa. The main weapon prevents this! In this case, also it would also be good to change positions from only the outside vehicle. Such a feature could add a bit of realism (time spending for changing positions). In general, I want to say - in most cases, for change positions (driver/gunner/commander) the player must leave the vehicle and the position where he wants to sit should be free. Devs please try give the player a bit of realism on the backgrounds of vehicles interiors.
  6. Hi guys, I know this bug already got reported, but it didn't get fixed. So, if I press right click on the map as commander in warfare (high command enabled), then the menu (city menu, move, patrol, etc.) doesn't pop up. To reproduce this bug, you have to start a new CTI/Warfare game, save it and resume it. Voila, right click doesn't work anymore. There is a workaround where you vote for an AI commander and then get commander again, but that workaround is pretty annoying, because the AI does a lot of things I don't want it to. Does somebody know another workaround? And please Bohemia Interactive, fix this bug. The bug is reported here also: https://dev.withsix.com/issues/17295 https://steamcommunity.com/app/33930/discussions/2/458605613409297272/
  7. The high command tools for arma 3 are basically nonexistent - barring cheater-mode Zeus - and those for Arma 2 were a total mess, leaving this position neglected and any sort of public game a total insert-die-repeat clusterfuck (admittedly with a competent commander this would still be the case good tools or not but still). But with Arma 3 we have vastly improved aircraft and recon assets, the primary direct-impact assets of the commander. This would also fit nicely into some of the other statements Commander tools would be a small player interface project that could be derived from Zeus, the exact direction wouldn't be final at the time of the roadmap since they wouldn't know what the end result would play and look like, and it would be valuable for obvious reasons and innovative since previous BI games haven't had decent commander or base-building tools I might just be crazy (Okay I already am but that is beside the point), but maybe improved battlefield commander tools is what Orange may be all about