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  1. mickeymen

    Arma 3 10th Anniversary Celebration

    Historic day, familiar music at the beginning of the broadcast dedicated to the anniversary, enhances feelings. I congratulate everyone on the anniversary! Thanks to the @BIS for Arma3 and the opportunity for creativity for users of this game! Huge thanks to the community for the wonderful mods! Today 9.661, 4 hours on my PC in Steam, and even after 10 years, I'm not going to stop. Good luck Arma, go on!
  2. No need to think, just open the mod and see it as example If one non-professional did this, then what can 2-3 professionals do, if they wish..
  3. This sounds sad. Who informed you about this? In addition, I already wrote above that this problem can be solved without AI Man, to be honest, unfortunately, I don't even want to hear about it( Everything that I see after 1.3 years Reforger life, to put it mildly, does not cause my delight. It looks very weak and so buggy. Thus, I understand, that it will take at least another decade to create Arma4, and then polish it. I live here and now and at the moment, what will happen in 10 years is less important for me and I would like today to see a normal Arma (without teleportation of physical objects, through other physical object) Today, and not tomorrow, not in dreams. Sure, that 99% of users want the same today, and not in 10 years. All that I think - If @BIS continues to announce and sell DLC, if @BIS continues to service the game, if @BIS promises to service it, then such shameful mistakes should not be in the game! We all deserve it, thanks to the dedication to this game for 10 years! I'm 100% sure if the studio wanted to, this problem could be solved, but they simply don't have this desire. They are too passionate about their sales, on endless sales. All I hope for when I open this thread, is to bring the community together and have a collective impact. Then we have a chance...
  4. The video I'm showing has nothing to do with CUP. This is a Sefrou-Ramal, on this screenshot I use Hellanmaa, map that uses ONLY vanilla assets. So you want to blame the maps makers for this problem and say that BIS is not involved!? What about vanilla maps? The same will happen there too. You probably forgot, that in any vanilla map the AI will also go through walls, if the AI doesn't fall through the floor of the first floor, so that's because in vanilla maps, there are almost no buildings with a high ground floor. No, now I can clearly see that you are blaming the map makers for this problem😁 I sure, you making it difficult... I believe, that the problem of AI can be solved without AI, Yes exactly! You do don't believe me - look at the mod - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2904714255&searchtext=anti+wall+glitches This is not an AI mod, but still solves this problem. Just a one mod maker had such an intention to fix it and I would like @Bohemia Interactive, too, to have the desire to correct such embarrassing mistakes in their game also. I would stop at this mod and forget about this problem, but the mod adds some issues, in other aspects, that I, as a player, would like to avoid. In addition, the mod does not work with the floor. This only works for walls. It seems to me - It is enough to create collisions, that AI will not be able to physically ignore. Right now in the game the AI ignores any collision - it will go through other AI, and it will go through vehicles, buildings and containers. Going through it all, he won't be physically stopped. This is because AI has no collisions with the outside world. All that is needed is to enable physical collision for the AI, at least inside buildings, and no more AI programming) Well, so that the AI, just like the player, was not able to physically get inside some objects. It's more a matter of customizing game objects, than new AI programming. And what should we do? Play an even more buggy Reforger which doesn't even have 5% content from Arma3? Or wait next 10 years for Arma4 to come out and get it bugged? Unfortunately, the prospects are not at all bright 😞 Already today we have Arma3, and already today there is a ton of content for that! I'd rather have such embarrassing bugs solved in Arma3, here and now, instead after of a decade of new hopes, for new games...
  5. We all live with this problem for 10 years! AI falls through the floor of the first floor and can lay prone and shoot you from under the floor! AI goes through walls and can materialize behind you! I, as a player, am terribly tired of enduring this, every time when, I come across it, it just breaks the feeling of the game( https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bQtJ-fmWlMlYR07tEIPfAw2bV0Dbgls2/view?usp=sharing https://youtu.be/k-VaDBE1_WM Every week/two weeks, I look at the Development Branch Changelog thread and I see only mountains of unnecessary garbage in the lists of updates, while such MEGA-shameful bugs go unnoticed! I see that @BIS maintains this game, but continues to ignore this issue. Other than that, Bohemia keeps selling and announcing endless DLCs (hello Spearhead 1944!), but no one is trying to fix such embarrassing bugs! Hence the question - Why, for 10 years of the life of the game, it is impossible to solve a similar problems? Maybe need alien technology? I don't know what to think. A decade of neglect is breaking my heart... I see mods popping up trying to solve this problem. One mod that smooths this out is - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2904714255&searchtext=anti+wall+glitches The question again arises, - why do some users try to solve the problem, but the official developers do not try? I would like the community to support this ticket and get it noticed by the developers. If it is not possible to implement, then I would like to know why it is not solvable. A simple request, to everyone, to show at least some attention to this topic...
  6. mickeymen

    Arma 3 Creator DLC: Western Sahara

    Hi to All! Today, after a long break, I again played Scenario - "EXTRACTION""and got indescribable pleasure! Atmospheric music, the expanse of the desert, and the specific planning of each mission. And this works very well, even with a lot of mods! I want to once again say to all the creators of this DLC, thank you so much! For me, this is one of the best DLC for A3! Still, a lot could be improved. In my opinion, the following additions would greatly improve this DLC, lifting it to incredible heights! 1) Very lacking in gameplay settings. Similar settings already exist in many mods such as Antistasi. It would be highly desirable for the player to adjust the following parameters: > level of AI of opponents and allies. > number of AI opponents, his probabilities. > probability and number of random patrols, on the way to the primary objectives and missions. > the cost of allies recruting, their level of AI. etc 1) I noticed that unfortunately, if you play single player (no co-op) then the game is a bit unbalanced. Towards the very end of the campaign, where the missions are most difficult, the player cannot raise enough money to recruit AI allies. In addition, the level of hired AI is extremely low, they almost do not bring any benefit to the player, because As a rule, they will all be shot, before they can kill even one enemy! As a result, the player at the end of the campaign is forced to go on the most dangerous missions alone. I played several times and every time, in the final this srory, the player didn't have enough money to hire at least one stupid AI. While the recruitment cost is very expensive and the number of AI opponents in any given mission will always greatly outnumber the player's squad. There will always be a small disbalance here. Hiring one ally is expensive $500, while they all die almost in the first encounter with the enemy. For this reason, player would really like to customize the level of the hired AI, or have several variations for recruitment costs, where a High AI level is more expensive, than a lower AI level. 2) the player's base requires a more protected look. Heavy sand fortifications, static guns, and even soldiers on gun emplacements are needed. Several times, very close to the base, I met enemy patrols. An undefended base near with enemy looks unrealistic, and besides, non-attacking opponents make it more strange. It was great to see protected base, which will be exposed to random enemy attacks, with a sense of player security inside the base. 3) I would like to have at least some kind of randomness of tasks, but this is not. For example, I tried the "Hack LapTop" mission 3 times, because my character and the whole team were killed, but each time this LapTop was in the same location, on same table, in same tent on every subsequent playthroughs this made the game less interesting. If during the replay, the location of the key laptop changed each time, then such a game could be played with great interest! 4) From the very first minute of the game, the player has access to the entire arsenal of Arma3, all weapons including all mods! This devalues some more advanced weapons. I would like to see some restrictions and a list of unlockable weapons, with the progress of the player. Again, this is already in Antistasi, which makes advanced weapons less accessible. I hope you consider some of my thoughts as it would undeniably improve this DLC. ALL WS team, Thanks for your great work!
  7. mickeymen

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Good day @RHS team! May 10, 2023 marks 2 years, since the RHS has not been updated. This is an alarming date. I, and I'm sure, many A3 users would like to know - will one day be able to get at least one RHS update? Or will there never be any more updates? Maybe the whole mod team switched to the Reforger engine? It would be interesting to understand how many people remain in the team, what are your plans? Thanks for your hard work, because this mod will forever remain the best decoration of Arma3...
  8. mickeymen

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    I am so happy to read this news! Thanks LAMBS!
  9. mickeymen

    Western Sahara CDLC Unofficial Discussion

    Good day! I have long wanted to write about this, but due to doubts put it off... Since the first release of Western Sahara, I have enjoyed the empty locations of Sefrou-Ramal every time and this was given me particularly smooth gameplay, even at many infantry squads battle. For me, it has always been an empty map with high performance! But it seems to me that the latest updates (maybe Alchemist theme) broke something, because every time, when I play on this map, I feel much worse game performance than on Altis, Malden, Livonia and other basic maps! How do I feel, the game performance on Sefrou-Ramal has become noticeably worse than on release. And this is taking into account the fact that Sefrou-Ramal is a much more empty map, that does not have forests and thick grass areas as in vanilla maps! It seems counter-intuitive, but now on maps with forests and thick grass, I have noticeably smoother gameplay than on Sefrou-Ramal, even if I will have significantly more units fighting! In addition, I began to notice a visual glitch only in Sefrou-Ramal, in which a grass rarely seen by the player of this map sometimes very fast disappears/appears. This happens multiple times, forming a semblance of flicker. Other maps don't have it. About my test. location: settlement near the airport with name - "Al Mahdes". number of units participating in the test: 3 vs 3 squads (with 8-10 units in every ) and 2 vs 2 vehicle It seems to me that this card needs optimization and it should be one of the best performing map, because it is mostly empty... PS: If anyone else has also noticed the worst performance/glitches of Sefrou-Ramal, then please write about it. I'd like to figure out what's wrong
  10. Dude, I'm not going to look cool. The main thing is that you look cool) Second, did you tell me that I had other mods enabled!? Maybe can you imagine playing Arma 3 without mods/dlc/additional corrective content? I, like 99% of community users, have those enabled, because Arma3 in 2023 without this all is not playable content. PS: In addition, I want to say that when I wrote about the GM error in which tanks turn over, I turned off all mods. But I still got these errors! It just wasn't related specifically to ZSU-23.
  11. Good day for all! As far as I understand, this update has only been uploaded to the Dev Branch/ Can anyone tell, when the 1.5 update will be in the stable branch? Many thanks You gave me useful information! I namelly had this mod! I also assume that it will have a bad effect on RHS vehicles, because sometimes they had weird physics also! As soon as I removed it, I stopped seeing small bouncing of RHS vehicles. Thus, I do not advise anyone to use Bullet Casings.
  12. mickeymen

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    dude, I didn't understand what money you asked me about. But I realized that you are a joker, even by your one phrase: Keep up the good work, we love your jokes😁 PS: I called all LAMBS subscribers as backers, whether you have sponsors or not. I admit it may not be correct...
  13. mickeymen

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    There will be no funeral! I was talking to @nkenny on Discord yesterday, he said that they are preparing a new release! I asked him about the main work on LAMBS and the LAMBS-RPG for Global Mobilization and Prarie Fire. Here is what he replied: so all beckers, don't give up hope...
  14. mickeymen

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    You say that like LAMBS AI didn't do it. I think LAMBS AI did this + many other improved things. I hope he will come back, don’t bury it so early...