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  1. mickeymen

    JSRS SOUNDMOD 6.19.0130

    Hello LJ! I enjoy your mod. but still I want to ask you to pay more attention to the pistols. It seems to me that today (v. 6.19.0130) all pistols (except Zubr 45 Revolver) sound too weak and to too dry. It seems to me that there is a shortage of low frequencies, that most rifles already have (your last updates of rifles) The bass of carbines sound great, but now pistols also need low sounds. For example, Makarov pistol is not at all like the original shot, I know this because I shot a real Makarov pistol several times. In real It should sound much more powerful. In general, my thought - if the hand guns will sound more louder and powerful (without supressors), it will be much better and more realistic. IMHO PS: Tanks and vehicles sound like masterpieces! Even Each sound of an entrance (the door or the hatch opens / closes) is a masterpiece. Thank you for being with us.
  2. mickeymen

    JSRS SOUNDMOD 6.19.0130

    The new sound system (interiors -fire from vehicles) sounds great! I noticed that even the sound of entering the vehicle (hatch) when subordinates enter the tank, after the update 6.19.0127 sounds much better. Thank you for the same part. Playing with tanks is a pleasure for me. @LordJarhead thank you so much, again! PS: I can not imagine Arma games without your mod in the all times, I hope you will never leave this community
  3. mickeymen

    JSRS SOUNDMOD 6.19.0130

    Good day LJ and thanks for your work. Please take your time to the shots inside quarters Today I have version 6.19.0114 and indoor shooting sounds worse (IMHO), than older versions of your mod. It's quiet and unnatural now while in older versions of JSRS it sounded great
  4. mickeymen

    JSRS SOUNDMOD 6.19.0130

    version 6.19.0109.2 The sound for an jet pilot is a masterpiece. Resetting and increasing the speed inside Neoprone sounds awesome! LJ Thank you so much, that you exist in this world )
  5. Hi Devs, Happy holidays and good achievements in 2019! The life cycle of Arma3 is in its later stages, but it seems to me that improving the game will be relevant for a long time. I have a small request (I hope some users will support me) - Please add the status "Damaged" near with the status "Injured" in the player's command menu. This status is missed, and this fact looks at least strange. When player inside vehicle and this vehicle damaged, as seems to me, you can force work this the same way as with the medic, if within a player squad exist engineer or repair specialist. Such a feature could make a singleplayer gameplay in vehicles more interesting and natural within a Arma games, since it already exists with medics support. More accurately: When player press the key 5, the player sees only: 1.Call support 2.Fuel low 3.Ammo low 4.Injured 5.Where are you? 6.I am under fire 7.One less 8..isdown Thus a player can not call a repair specialist from his own squad and can not report about self damages. In the action menu, there is "call Support" status, but it is a useless item, because support-waypoints with repair is not works. If there is an additional and working item "Damaged" then it will naturally, 1.Call support 2.Fuel low 3.Ammo low 4.Injured 5.Damaged 6.Where are you? 7.I am under fire 8.One less 9..isdown because this must work for the AI and for the player, just as it does for medicine support. As seems to me, the player must be able to call a repair support. With Damaged status: а) the subordinates (repair specialist/engineer) of player should start repair immidiately b) the AI-Commander of any squad, should order the subordinate repair specialist/engineer (if they exist in the this squad), to repair the damaged vehicle
  6. If I follow your advice (DISABLE from BASIC or ADVANCED medical model), then I still can not call the medic for treat-commands (via button 6). That is how it should be ? PS: This was the main reason, why I did not use ACE medicine.
  7. Yes it will give me these effects and at the same time partically will kill my AI in a single player (no command to medic, endless medicine packs etc) for this reason, I do not use medicine and some other modules from ACE3. I would like something similar ACE simulation to be implemented in TPW
  8. Good day TPW. I have a small issue regarding TPW BLEEDOUT. Today (TPW MODS v20181117) when a player character begins to lose blood, there are no visual indicators of his condition. He may lose 10% of blood or 60% or even more, but there will be no any simulation to understand the condition of the player’s character. For this reason, often sudden death from blood loss can be an surprise for the player. If this possible, please try adding some visual effects that will make the player aware that his character’s condition is deteriorating and that he may die. for example, those effects can be — blurred vision with red halo or ever-increasing blur might with darkening vision - can be good indicators for progressive blood loss. If this can be realized, then the player will understand the state of his character (light blood loss, medium blood loss or heavy blood loss) Thank you
  9. Can anyone tell how to properly configure the Vcom settings inside the userconfig folder? The user has a file - userconfig / VCOM_AI / AISettingsV3.hpp For example, I want to disable AI-mine laying and inside the file AISettingsV3.hpp file, I change VCM_MINECHANCE = 75; to this VCM_MINECHANCE = 0; but I have no effect -I see the AI continue to lay explosives. Any other attempts to disable any features failed, I still do not see any changes within the game. I tried two options for using AISettingsV3.hpp: If I paste the contents of the userconfig folder into the Arma3 root folder (in default userconfig folder) , then the Vcom works, but when I change something inside AISettingsV3.hpp, I don’t see any changes inside the game. If I leave the userconfig folder inside the mod folder (as it is after downloading the mod), then Vcom does not work at all, despite the fact that mod icon is shown after starting the game in the list of mods. Thus, I can not configure
  10. Make sure you activated Vcom correctly and that it really works. When I using Vcom, I see quite the opposite - AI often uses bursts of shooting, instead of single shots, as AI does in a vanilla game. This is especially noticeable at close distances.
  11. Hey, can anyone explain to me, why the in Vcom AI 3 mod the AI kills itself and its allies when using explosives? I constantly see - AI will placing the explosives under their feet and setting the timer for a minimum activation period! This normal for this mod? Why does he activate explosives, when he himself is in the blast radius? Why does he activate explosives, when there is no enemy nearby !? Lol Also I see constantly - if a player character will have explosives in his inventory, then the player character will automatically lay a this explosive, even if the player does not want this! This can happen at the most inappropriate moments, for example, when enemy shoot at you, but instead of shots back, your character will start laying a mine under your feet! As seems to me, AI and player character does not even use elementary logic in laying explosives. He will simply drop a mine at the current point, regardless of location. It looks very stupid. Excuse me for criticism, I do not want to seem rude, but I want to say that - this Vcom AI 3 makes the AI infantryman more dangerous, but unfortunately working with AI explosives looks very bad. It's like a ballast that prevents this mod from looking good. @ genesis92x please fix those issues If you cannot, then prohibit the use of explosives at all - it will save your mod from silly moments
  12. Hi Vcom AI-mod! Some of my observations * The player’s character will automatically lay mines, even if I don’t select this in the commands menu. * The player’s character will automatically assign a formation to subordinates, even if I didn’t select this in the action menu. It seems that the player character of the player automatically repeats the actions for the AI error messages are also often observed. Here is one of them:
  13. Just a little additional information. For several days I continued my tests with TPW. Yet I have seen several times that a dead body flies up from the prone, but the height of the bouncing is much less than it does in vanilla and it happens much less often than in vanilla. My observations - TPW have approximatelly 1-1.5 meters in bouncing height, while in vanilla bouncing can have a height of 3-4 meters and sometimes even higher. Thus, TPW your mod has an undoubted positive effect on this problem, if this possible, please try to improve this moment until any bouncing will be completely neutralised. Think about what may have an effect on the problem. PS: Please note! I don't use - FALL in my tests and I don’t know which else module can be responsible for influencing this problem, but this influence definitely exists!
  14. Hi TPW! Today I played Arma with last version TPW and I was pleasantly surprised. I have not seen a single flight of a dead body from prone. It seems to me that you fixed something and now there is no such problem in general. I would not want to make a mistake, I hope with the help of TPW we will no longer see the cardboard soldiers flying into space! Have you increased body weight when it is prone? or what have you done in the latest version? Thank you so much, you saved my eyes from five years of bleeding!
  15. mickeymen

    Weapon Resting & Deployment Feedback

    Hallelujah. Thanks you!