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  1. @Strike_NOR I feel your sarcasm ) But Good luck too I think, In your conclusions. you can be right, but only partially. However, I aso do not pretend to the ultimate truth of all truths. If I could choose a compromise, then I could agree with you that in place of - Driver/Gunner/Commander - this may be inappropriate. Maybe... But on the position of passengers, the self-treatment is simply necessary and the absence of such a feature in Arma looks at least not logical. It's not only a crew issue. The player or AI must be able to heal himself in a safe place, if soldier gets into the ally's passenger compartment or if finds in the map any opened transport. The dressing in such conditions could be safer and more effective
  2. If you do not support my idea, it's your choice ... Thank you for your essay, you explained everything in detail, but you can not be right in everything. First of all, how did you get that only I think so? I'm sure there will be people who will not only spoil my offer and prevent developers from making a useful update, but there are also people who will support me (there are already at least two who liked my post) So you are wrong when you say that only I want this Where did you come up with this? What prevents to prohibit self-treatment in some vehicles and to resolve in others? My theme is called Tanks DLC - This means that in this ticket I mean only Armor. Or you find it hard to understand? There is no need to mention - boats, pilots of jets and helis. This all can be excluded (Even if you need a brilliant script from the 22 century!) Also for self treatment not need all the positions inside the transport. Self-medication can only be available in a sitting position (even may be not at every) It does not matter. All armor positions (in all tanks, apc, any armor) they are all in the sitting position. Exceptionally everything! Or maybe they don't all sit? Lol! Remember how many positions has the infantryman when he stands (he can run or walk, to be tilted in different directions and have different heights on the erected stance!), but it requires only one standing animation for the treatment. I mean the player does Not need brilliant animations for each scene. Only one animation. If you don't understand what I'm talking about, look at the only standing animation infantryman who heals himself @Strike_NOR and @x3kj probably your knowledges of Arma modding is great, but it's possible that now it's just an atavism. Now I'm not talking about your knowledge of modding, I'm talking about the capabilities of the developers of ArmA3. For this task. the @BIS can always use any new trick or even upgrade platform. Your task is not to prevent people with new and useful suggestions, but to support them. I appreciate your experience ... But we're talking about different things. Sometimes the life of a soldier can FORCE to act you not according to plan and not your priorities or military regulations. I have only one question - If in ArmA3 the treatment of an infantryman at any point of the map, then there is no reason to prohibit it inside the vehicle! Physically, there are no such reasons I do not want to discuss or compare with other games the realism of the treatment itself in Arma, 3 because the treatment itself in Arma looks very abstract. With the addition of this to vehicles there will always be a chance to customize it in a specific way. Besides, I already mentioned the medication system of ACE3. There the player can die from loss of blood. This medicine can also be used inside vehicles! Vehicles do not have 100 FAK, it has no more than 5-10 FAK. I already said above that the coefficient of such treatment can be balanced in a certain way. Either way, after a while modders balance this if the BIS creates the prerequisites. Apparently it's hard for you to understand this... It's ridiculous to make such statements if you are not a Arma game developer. A person can always find tricks or compromise. It is necessary only desire. You could not tell me anything. Only developers can explain ... Again you are talking about realism inside vehicles, while the treatment itself in arma is not realistic initially. This is absurd.
  3. @x3kj - you did not understand that I said, maybe it's my fault ... You said this - or somebody else ? And what prevents to increase it? The mod maker can be able increase this. But even if in a vanilla game - it's only 10 seconds, then still it can be an example of a tactical choice for the commander of a vehicle No, a Ludicrous statement is that it is impossible. This is impossible only for those who in 2018 do not want to implement it! You do not understand what I said. I talked about a moded and potential new self-treatment system (for example like ACE medicine but already inside vehicles) that will have a new balance and possibly new wound effects for a first-person player.
  4. Yet I do not agree with your conclusion. I'm talking about not only gameplay, but about the two sides of both - the gameplay and the realism at the same time. But I do not want to argue about realism or not realism, ecause it is very subjective feeling My conclusion is very simple - if the Arma platform will support treatment inside vehicles, then it will be better for everyone users: 1: The survival of AI of opponents/allies that are in transport will increased. Even if the player does not have medics in his squad, he can give the command "Get IN" and then use the treatment inside. In addition, AI will replenish its reserve with first aid packages. 2. During the combat, the Commander of Vehicles will have a tactical choice - At the injure, order to his subordinates (gunner, driver) to heal themselves and make his vehicle incompetent for a while, or to continue the battle with the wounded and less efficient crew. 3. During the combat, there will be an opportunity to treat yourself with a lesser degree of danger than in open spaces of battle. I would on the contrary make the coefficient of treatment inside the vehicle more effective than treatment in an open area of battle, because in a safe space a person will be more attentive to his treatment actions. 4. Against the background of the presence of interiors, visualization of wound processing (healing animation) will make the crew's presence more authentic. In the presence of vehicle interiors, the crew must be alive and at least visually perform some actions. If the crew will be like stationary statues, then we will not like it 5. Mod-makers will be able to improve their medical systems and will be able to balance this well. I can continue this list, but what is said above is already a good gift for all users of Arma.
  5. No difficulties! Need Only one animation for all sitting positions. Only one sitting animation... Do you want to retreat while your vehicle is full of medicines? Even Without using one of these first aid fights? It does not look real. I think In life, the crew at the first opportunity would try to use first aid means! For this reason, in the real life, there is always a first aid kit inside all military (and not only) vehicles. You think that the wounded inside vehicles will wait patiently until they have enough space? If they wait they can bleed! A normal reaction of a living person is to try to survive in any spaces. I do not see any problems with this. We generally have a very abstract treatment in Arma, if it works anywhere on the map for an infantryman, then why can not it work inside vehicles? This is unfair, to say the least. In the extreme case, the effectiveness of such treatment can have a smaller coefficient! Not 0.75 and 0.55, for example. It's just a matter of balance... This is unlikely to be realized within the framework of Arma AI. It seems to me, that the BIS have no way and there is no desire to create prerequisites for independent AI retreat. In the end, the player's mission/map may not have points of retreat! It is much easier to create the possibility of self-treatment inside vehicles. This is quite real and not difficult task Lol! You suggest Leaving the shelter during the battle !? Oh, I would like to see how you leave the armored vehicle in real combat! Most likely, I wouldn't be able to see this moment. I'm sure no one fighter in real combat would have left the vehicle in order to bandage himself out of hiding. it looks absurd. The only reason to leave the vehicle is the critical level of damage. In other cases, during the battle the crew must not leave their vehicle.
  6. AI Driving - Feedback topic

    Exactly Also. If you are the commander of vehicle (and this vehicle has currently waypoint) and order the AI-driver in the action menu - Move to Next Waypoint, this will not work. This is proved by the fact that AI does not see any waypoints Hmmm. I have doubts. At least I noticed this only after TacOps.
  7. AI Driving - Feedback topic

    for me it does not work in any cases. With one waypoint or several at a time. I even tried switching to the next waypoint using Trigger, but this will not work. My experience shows that after TacOps DLC, the AI-driver does not understand the movement waypoints in general
  8. Hey. Some thoughts that have poked me... With the reception interiors of armored vehicles , it seems to me, that time comes for a useful update, which can greatly improve the gameplay of Arma3. Today, (v1.80) inside the vehicles AI or the player does not have the ability to treat themselves, despite the fact that majority vehicles abound with medications. This fact looks, at least strange, if not more. It seems to me that adding the ability to heal itself inside vehicles would be a perfect addition for Tanks DLC, since interiors can now allow the addition of self-healing animation inside vehicles. I think this feature is simply necessary for all passengers. On the positions of Driver / Gunner / Commander this may be a matter for discussion. Here's how I see the details. if vehicle has medicaments, then: 1. The player must be able to heal himself inside any vehicle (in action menu must be this option). 2. The injured AI inside the vehicle must report its wound status. After this, the commander will have the opportunity to order the self-treatment. 3. AI-commanders should also order their subordinates to treat themselves (as it works with infantry) 4. With the reception of armor interiors, self-medication inside the vehicle must have the treat-animation in the sitting position. 5. Durring self-treatment (animation) the Driver/Gunner/Commander not should be able to perform its functions. 6. If the wounded AI is inside the vehicle and is not in combat mode (aware/safe modes), then after some time, this injured AI must treat itself independently. 7. Durring combat the injured AI inside the vehicle (danger mode), must report the injury-status and treat himself only if the commander orders him to "heal himself" 8. If the AI leaves the vehicle and it does not have a first aid package, then it should always take a nominal first aid package (one) with them. @BIS, please think about these details. This can significantly improve the upcoming Tank DLC and the entire Arma platform as a whole
  9. AI Driving - Feedback topic

    just open the editor, put the AI tank and give it a move waypoint! It will not move! I use slammer tank ps I am not alone in this matter, as I have already seen on the Internet (youtube) messages about this
  10. AI Driving - Feedback topic

    Hey After TacOpsDLC update, the AI drivers are not able to use movement by means of waypoints in the editor. If player uses move -waypoint, then the AI-drivers is not moving in general! I hope the @BIS, you is knows about this problem. Please fix this, as soon possible, because many mission with vehicles are broken PS: At such times, player can understand that it is better to have a stupid but traveling AI-driver, than an AI-driver who is not able to move at all. Lol!
  11. I can assume that you are right, because before the disappearance of the weapon I see his barely noticeable bouncing
  12. I can confirm this problem. I'm see same. Weapons disappear at me. Before I upgraded to TacOps, I've never encountered such a problem. BIS please treat this
  13. JSRS SOUNDMOD 6.17.1222

    As creator this mod, you are right. No problems, the discussion is buried
  14. JSRS SOUNDMOD 6.17.1222

    Why do I need it? Did you read what I said before? I already have the best MX sound (six previous versions, before it was spoiled) , I sure - it's the best fire sound in the history of JSRS. There is no need to create a new sound
  15. JSRS SOUNDMOD 6.17.1222

    It's just thinking out loud ... The new version (6.17.1222) of MX sounds no better than the previous version (6.17.1218.1), If I compare this with the sound from 6.17.1211, then it's still sounds bad and unnatural. But maybe my ears lie to me ... Maybe... LJ! Good luck in the new year and good/ right sounds in your mod