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  1. mickeymen

    Ragdoll Physics Plus+ v1.0

    This truble makes me very upset. If it weren't for this problem, then your mod would look as a revolutionary masterpiece! I also encounter this problem only on the Altis map, but still it does not always arise. How can a specific map affect ragdol? You have to find out. Until that time, the my problem of endless convulsions happens only in my Altis large-scale missions, where many units are involved. However, if I just put on the Alltis -2 or 3 opposing squads of 8 soldiers at stake, then I do not encounter such a problem. Please try to find reason of this problem. I think you need more time to understand the cause of endless convulsions. Then what value will the endless effect give? As far as I understand you, the mod (RFX_BETA_2021) uses an infinite ragdoll time My personal opinion - Bullet impact looks great, I just enjoy it!!! But the lack of impact of explosions looks bad. Didn't you answer why near explosions don't affect your ragdoll? Seems to me, now It's better to pay more attention to explosions impact than bullet imact.
  2. @tpw Now there are some consequences of injury. it seemed to me that you listened to what I asked you above. Thank you very much! My opinion - Once wounded, soldier cannot be the same, even after treatment - such conception would look more realistic within the TPW gameplay. However, what about the speed of movement? Can't you make a unit, once wounded, always less fast/accurate, even after treatment? Also some thoughts out loud: I have always regretted that in Arma3 the reload animation speed will always be the same, regardless of the soldier's injurie presence. Here, I find it a big nonsense for military simulator. I know, that the speed of reloading initially in A3 was depended on the level of AI. So, It can probably be configured!!! Could you also slow down the reload rate for all injured soldiers as well? That would be great...
  3. Have you found so little in TPW? There are many other good things in there. For example, I like the heart rate of a game, this is not in any other mod! I also like the fact that the wounded AI will always be slower and less effective in combat. I will not list everything, there are other cool stuff too... Why don't you leave yourself another choice? Only tpw and vanilla? There are many other mods giving bullet hit reactions or simply removing the ugly hit-reactions of the vanilla game. Big Thanks you for this opportunity! Really thanks, because If I didn't have this opportunity, then I would not use TPW at all. I don't like it either, believe me, but what I see in FALL looks much worse. Sorry but I said honestly. At least six bleeding reasons, I have already described above, against one reason from the vanilla game There are many other mods giving bullet hit reactions or simply removing the ugly reactions of the vanilla game. I turned off for myself these ugly hit-reactions from a vanilla game for a long time, using a mods "Ragdoll-Effects-Overhaul" or Ragdoll Physics Plus+ for me it works smoothly. Thank so much to their autor I completely agree with you, I also not like it @tpw, I'm not going to tell you what to remove and what to add in your personal work. It is not that. I only regret your efforts, your struggle with the old game engine. You yourself above complained about the current state of the animation system in Arma3, Is not it? I, in turn, only answered your complaints. I only suggested (!but did not order) you to get rid of a difficult burden and focus your energies on doable things. There is nothing wrong with my intention. Moreover, this is a rational intention
  4. mickeymen

    Ragdoll Physics Plus+ v1.0

    My dreams for 7.5 years come true, Thank you kind person! I hope this will not cause performance problems Later. @venom.226 I had some tests, there seems to be no noticeable performance issue, good! It looks like you made a small revolution in A3 ragdoll physics, I see how dead bodies react to bullets and the poses of the dead bodies look natural, I would say perfect! Corpses can now fall from the second floor when the house is destroyed! Vehicles dropping corpses! It looks very good! The only problem I noticed is that the corpses do not react to near explosion. Any explosion nearby will not make them react. Can you make corpses react to explosives the same way? Without reaction to explosions, it looks a unnatural after two hours of testing I have not seen such problems! In general, I have not seen jumping corpses, even under different conditions. @venom.226 I have more test results. I discovered a new problem. Sometimes, for reasons unclear to me, a dead body does not stop its convulsions. This happens for all dead bodies at once in my mission, It looks strange! At this point, I see how the performance of the game drops very much (9FPS!) Video Example: Thus, the convulsions of the dead will never end. If my rpt-file helps you then I can show it to you. This may be a problem with my mission, but you have to check why the convulsion continues. There are a lot of units in my mission, maybe the number of units affects the problem? Still, with less numbers of units (approx battle with < 6 squads of 8 soldiers ) I can`t see any problems. I think you need some trick to keep performance. Do you have a way to disable ragdol for dead bodies if it is far from the player? Or if the number of corpses exceeds a certain threshold?
  5. It seems to me that most of the problems associated with animations are related only to FALL MODUE, I'm sorry... Unfortunately today, just like 5 years ago, the FALL MODUE works badly, player constant animation glitches. Some of them: * After falling, at first, the unit lies on its stomach, but after a split second it will already lie on its back * I have already forgotten how such jumping corpses from a prone position (thanks to the "Ragdoll-Effects-Overhaul" mod, yes it really works! ), but with the FALL module, corpses start jumping into heaven again * First, the unit lies with one azimuth, but after a split second it will lie with the opposite azimuth (180 degrees rotation which you talked about). * A new and ugly pose of corpses appears, which looks very unnatural (static pose without ragdoll). The legs of the corpse hangs in the air, above ground level. (old ACE3 issue) * Sometimes, after falling a soldier, as I understand it, falls into the "unconscious" condition, then its unconscious body starts slowly spinning in the above mentioned by me pose * When a first-person player is falled by a bullet, his point of view switched from head to his back (from rifle on his back view), after that, the player begins to take his rifle from the back into his hands again and then player vision returns to the normal I observed all these glitches 5 years ago, in old versions of tpw, in the latest version I meet this again :( As soon as I disable the FALL MODUE, I stop seeing all these glitches. @tpw I really appreciate your struggle with all these issues. Thank you very much, but sometimes it seems to me that it can be easier to shed excess weight and focus on other things that can still be fixed/ improved technically. It seems to me, that if these are not solvable problems technically in the future, then the FALL MODUE makes no sense in general. It hurts player to look at all these animation glitches It only takes up your time and energy, and at the same time does not make the A3 better.
  6. @tpwI see a ton of AI tweaks, as if TPW is an AI mod. Probably this will conflict with other AI mods, I am using LAMBS AI-mod and will be wary of conflicts, or in vain? Still, thank you for the long awaited release. Thanks for fixing this finally! I would like to know what you think about this? This is good idea or not good for tpw mod?
  7. @tpw it's great that you do medicine. Thank you! Please add a screen or something else if the player is bleeding. Any effect convenient for you (chromatic aberration, image darkening, blurring, etc.). Today, in TPW, the player does not understand that he has little blood if he bleeds out (TPW BLEEDOUT) Without this understanding, the player can suddenly die, for no apparent reason this is bad. The player needs some kind of indicator, some kind of understanding of how bad his condition is. I think phased screen dimming is the best option One more request. Your BLEEDOUT module settings: // BLEEDOUT tpw_bleedout_active = 1; // 0 = inactive tpw_bleedout_inc = 5; // unit damage will be increased by this % every 10 sec tpw_bleedout_ithresh = 0.85; // damage beyond which a unit will writhe around incapacitated (1 = dead) tpw_bleedout_heartbeat = 1; // Player heartbeat visible as slight screen shake (0 = no heartbeat shake) tpw_bleedout_selfheal = 1; // AI units will automatically try to stop their own bleeding if equipped with First Aid Kits (0 = no self heal) tpw_bleedout_affect = 1; // All injured units will have their speed and skill lowered according to the degree of injury (0 = units' speed/skill unaffected by injury) tpw_bleedout_geneva = 1; // Incapacitated units are set as non-combatants so that other AI will not fire on them (0 = incapacitated units can be fired upon by AI). //>< I really like your setting - tpw_bleedout_affect = 1 We know that a soldier cannot be the same after being wounded. That is, in real life, on the battlefield, he cannot restore his values to their original level. But in TPW, after the treatment, the AI and the player will fully recover, this is unrealistic. Please make a setting for the player to choose whether the healing will restore speed / skill to the initial value or not. Something like that: tpw_bleedout_fullrestore = 1; if 1, then the player and AI will fully restore their speed/skill. if 0, then the player and AI will have reduced their speed/skill even after treatment. This will mean that the treatment will only stop the bleeding, but will not make injured soldier the same how before. A setup like this will delight TPW player and add some realism, this means once wounded units will be less effective than uninjured ones.
  8. Aliluyah! I hope this is the same error that I have been informing you about for 2 years!
  9. mickeymen

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    The subordinate AI-Tank drivers in most cases, he will lag behind his commander, he simply will not go to designated waypoint, will not hold any formation. Hello to all! I constantly notice how AI tanks do not stay in formation and constantly lag behind their commander (another tank). It can only be a part of the subordinates. For example, out of 3 subordinates (Tank Platoon), only one or two units can lag behind. At the same time, as one unit will continue to follow the commander. Lagging behind can be several kilometers behind. When I look for them on the map, I see that they just stopped. Or move at the speed of a turtle Does anyone else observe this behavior of tanks? Thus, I cannot use the "Tank Platoon" or "Tank Section", because subordinates, will always and always lag behind their commanders - the tanks will simply stop or drive very slowly, while the commander of the lagging tank will move in accordance waypoint with normal speed. As a result, my tank missions are broken. All tanks of the same group do not move to the desired point, or not go into battle. Sometimes I observe this behavior as a tank commander, but when I am subordinate to another AI tank. If I fall behind, I order my AI tank driver to "return to the formation". (Command 1/1) after that my tank goes very very slowly (infantry speed) or does not go at all. This problem happens randomly and I don't understand why. Sometimes the AI driver will return to formation at normal speed, and sometimes he will ignore "return to formation order" or drive very slowly. In fact, it turns out that this is a problem for tank AI-drivers. The driver does not pick up the required speed or simply does not move to get back into formation. I don't know if there is any reason to create a feedback ticket, because unfortunately the topic of AI has been abandoned for several years ... What to do?
  10. mickeymen

    Arma 3 still a popular title

    Hello everyone! Arma 3 still a popular - this is true 2020 ends, I want to congratulate the whole Arma community, a Happy New Year. All the best to everyone who reads this post! Good health, harmony and happiness in the future 2021! And most importantly, I want to say that Arma3 in 2021 will continue to be the best war game, the best shooter. In the 2020 I still can't compare any other shooter with Arma3, This fact is surprising to me, since the game is over seven years old. I can't imagine Arma3 without mods. Thousands of mods keep the user interested in this game over the years! Many thanks to the entire Arma3 community, which creates countless modifications to the game, which sometimes even exceed the quality of the original game. It is thanks to you that the game looks so cool, after 7 years of its life. Many thanks to the developers for this beautiful game and for supporting the mods, this is a wise decision. Thank you all and Happy New Year, I love you Arma 3!
  11. Hi @TPW! I informed you about a error inside BLEEDOUT MODULE over a year ago, after that I reminded again, but error still that is not fixed. I would like to understand, have you forgotten about this trouble or you cannot solve it? My BLEEDOUT MODULE settings here: // BLEEDOUT tpw_bleedout_active = 1; // 0 = inactive tpw_bleedout_inc = 3; // unit damage will be increased by this % every 10 sec tpw_bleedout_ithresh = 0.85; // damage beyond which a unit will writhe around incapacitated (1 = dead) tpw_bleedout_heartbeat = 1; // Player heartbeat visible as slight screen shake (0 = no heartbeat shake) tpw_bleedout_selfheal = 1; // AI units will automatically try to stop their own bleeding if equipped with First Aid Kits (0 = no self heal) tpw_bleedout_affect = 1; // All injured units will have their speed and skill lowered according to the degree of injury (0 = units' speed/skill unaffected by injury) tpw_bleedout_geneva = 0; // Incapacitated units are set as non-combatants so that other AI will not fire on them (0 = incapacitated units can be fired upon by AI). //>< This error can break any mission, if the required unit needed for the mission will get this issue! Maybe you didn't understand the essence of the your problem - here's a detailed description of this problem: if the player uses: tpw_bleedout_active = 1; and for example: tpw_bleedout_ithresh = 0.7; or: tpw_bleedout_ithresh = 0.8; or: tpw_bleedout_ithresh = 0.85 ; those (any value < 1) then the AI-unit that receives incapacitated status will get endless animation! He will writhe on the ground, endlessly. At the same time he will respond to inquiries like a normal healthy soldier. A player who does not see such a "wounded subordinate" will not be able to understand what happened to him. The player can order him - "Return to formation", "Attack", "Get in the vehicle", etc and will always receive "OK" in response. But the player will never get for this AI to execute the order. In fact, it turns out that the game deceives the player. A wounded man like that will never finish a wounded animation. It will be endless! You understand? He cannot be helped by medic ir FaK! At the same time, he will never die of blood loss! It looks pointless and even absurd. Please fix it finally. Expected solution to the problem: Wounded has to get out of this damn animation or finally die! 1) If no help comes, then he will have to die of blood loss, according to your settings - tpw_bleedout_inc 2) If help comes, then he must recover - Any allied treating soldier should be able to help such a wounded soldier.
  12. mickeymen

    (SMA) Specialist Military Arms

    I see in the previous messages that the mod is dead. Very sad. This is a very high quality mod, but many of the weapons of this mod have one problem - the character's left hand does not hold the weapon natural. This prevents the player from enjoying the weapon to the fullest. May be still can anyone fix this? It would be nice to get a small patch to solve this...
  13. mickeymen

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    @nkenny good day! I am glad you are back. I will ask you to answer my question that I asked before There is additional information for you. I am seeing some issues with your mod: 1) Sometimes the AI- infantry is in motion animation, physically staying in one place - Video Here before using your mod, I have never seen this 2) I do not know how this is connected, but I can observe with your mod, the AI more often passes through walls, ignoring many physical obstacles. I know that the vanilla game also has this, but now more often. 3) AI infantry very often performs Roll maneuvers on the ground, but they do not move to the right or left! They just spin in one place, as if in the air It looks very unnatural and the main thing is not meaningful, since the AI remains in the line of enemy fire. 4) Very often, the AI stops following its current waypoint (ignores it) enters the nearest building and remains there almost forever (!even when there is no threat around!) I didn't have the strength to wait for the AI to leave the building, so I interrupted the game. This feature can break many missions, If the mission required AI movement. If it possible, please try resolve this issue with a customization in addon settings or other method. 5) Waypoint REGISTER ARTILLERY for mortars cease their support after 1-2 volleys not more. 1-2 volleys (3-4 shots each) is approximately 6-8 shells. Shooters still have shells, but they just stand idle on the map. I've watched this for a long time. Always the same behavior as if the waypoint time is running out. Let the AI attack all the time with artillery and when the shells run out, let it leave the mortar and join the nearest squads. 6) I really appreciate your new waypoints! It's great, but your new waypoints don't lend themselves to basic waypoint tweaks. It cannot be "Skipped" and will ignore behavior settings, combat mode, etc. Please try (as far as possible) to adapt your new waypoint settings to the standard setting, so that they can be skipped or adjusted according to the waypoint menu. 7) You have a setting "AI uses a flashlights", please try to create a setting AI uses a IR laser also. I hope my info was helpful and at least some of this can be fixed/improved
  14. mickeymen

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    As I can see @nkenny has disappeared for a while. I hope he comes back... Can anyone explane me how the mission creator can switch any LAMBS waypoint to any other or next waypoint? I've tried using a trigger with a SkipWaypoint I don't have any result:( Unfortunately, LAMBs waypoints will not be switched, like vanilla waypoints. Also I tried use a LAMBS TaskReset module, but again not works. For example, if a ai-squad has garrisoned a house (Task Garrison waypoint), then they cannot stay there forever! There must be a way to switch this unit to the next waypoint, according to the wishes of the mission maker. Unfortunately, without the ability to switch waypoints, there is no point in new waypoints.