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  1. It turns out that AI is programmed to fire primary weapons, secondary weapons, they are also programmed to fire from the Launcher but they are not programmed to fire 120 mm at helicopter - and do you think this is normal? Or maybe do you think that the programmers who created Arma3 are UNABLE to program their AIs for shooting from 120 mm? As I understand, you suggest that I (or anyone else) solve this with the help of scripting. Unfortunately, I do not own scripting. I propose that the game developers decide this, not in order to satisfy my needs. I propose to do this in order to remove imbalance from our favorite game - I think you should support me and not argue with me
  2. I updated the main description. I see two solutions for fire at 120 mm cannon vs Air-targets: 1. To Save a super accuracy of player subordinate AT-gunner (because there is a modern fire control system) and make the other AI (all ai-tanks) capable of firing helicopters also. 2. To reduce the accuracy of player subordinate AT-gunner against helicopters, the other AI (all ai-tanks) does not attack helicopters at all (as it is now), since this is not an effective method of attack. Either of the two decisions will at least smooth the balance of the game and look logical. IMHO
  3. Ok, then now let's remove the fire-miss while shooting from the game at all) At war, the soldiers never miss Let the player kill the every helicopters from first shot, while the AI-gunner of other tanks cannot fire at helicopter at all! I hope you will be happy At this moment this is so, just probably not all people have seen my post, maybe for many it is not a big problem and he does not want to support me. There may be many reasons. But for me this is a big problem, because when I'm in a tank, I easily kill the helicopter, and when I'm in the helicopter, I also easily kill the tank! This is not normal - it turns out that the player dominates the AI in all situations. You are all proving to me that I am wrong and modern fire-control systems are capable of such accuracy. Yes Ok, but none of you cannot explain me - why in the Arma3 the AI of other tanks does not know that their tanks have such modern fire-control systems and why they does not know that their tanks are capable of firing at enemy helicopters and killing them from the first shot!? I say "does not know" because he does not use it. Well, explain to me
  4. Your arguments seem reasonable even to me! Yes! But wait! Give at least a one helicopter (from four units) survive! At least let the shooter make at least a one mistake! What do we see in my video? Shot - hit, targets falls, Shot, Killed, Shot - Killed, Shot Killed!!! It's absurd, don't you see? In addition, I many times saw my AI-gunner in a tank shoot down a helicopter at a more far distances and that does not go in the direction of the gunner, that moves to the side at full speed! Please do not force me to make a new videos, I am tired. AI wil not use 120 mm canon vs helicopters and this is the second problem in my opinion. If I assume that I am wrong and the tanks can effectively kill helicopters, then why AI commanders of tanks in Arma3 don't know about it? In this case, they must attack helicopters effectively, but this does not happen.
  5. Generally no desire to argue with you, dude) But why do you speak for everyone? I'm sure that I'm not the only one who thinks so. I just hope that the developers have some common sense. elementary reasons to think about what I'm talking about: а) if tanks could have destroyed air-targets with such efficiency as we see in my video, then any army would in general not need Anti-Air Vehicles, but any army have a special Anti-Air Vehicles. It makes them meaningless, deprives them of their specialization b) what is in Arma3 today in terms of game balance is cheating - a human player (tank-commander) can effectively destroy helicopters with tanks, while an AI players (!all tanks) will NEVER use his 120 mm cannon against air targets. Everyone can check it! If we assume that in 2035 the tanks had set themselves apart to shoot down helicopters with sniper efficiency, then let all the tanks (human player and ai) do it! In this case, there will be no claims. It will look strange, but at least there will be no cheating с) Blurring classes - Anti-Air / Anti-Tank - does not make the game better, because each vehicle class or each weapon class will lose its purpose. We do not want AA-Missiles to destroy tanks, or AT-Missiles to capture an Air-targets!? I am sure the answer will be positive. I think each specific weapon must have its own specialization. 120 mm canon this special weapon also. Its purpose is ground targets. all that is needed is to only correct the accuracy (significantly reduce) or make it dependent on the current target speed.
  6. Oh my God! If so, then why do troops need anti-air vehicles? PS: Even if the 120 mm cannon is effective against Helicopters, why other tanks (AI) not using their 120 mm canons vs helicopters? They will never use it.. What I showed in the my video seems to be a ravings of a madman, this should not be in real life. Perhaps a 120 mm cannon can destroy a helicopter, yes! but it should not be so efficient. Otherwise the troops would not need anti-air vehicles.
  7. Dear Developers! I send this request here, because I don’t want to wait for years until it is noticed on the feedback, There are always more chances to be noticed. The player inside the tank (commander) has the ability to kill helicopters from the first shot (120mm cannon), while other tanks (AI) will not ever shoot a helicopter at all (120 mm cannon) Please remove this nonsense from the game - Or set it up so that the AI can also use this ability. As seems to me - All you need to do is to adjust the accuracy (to lower) of the AI-gunner in the tank, against air targets The tank (120 mm cannon) can not destroy air targets with such efficiency - it looks absurd... If I am mistaken and such accuracy is possible in real life, then give the AI the same ability. This will correct the deformation of abilities - Human/AI Repro steps: 1. place in the map your tank (player commander) 2. place in thr map enemy helicopters (must move in your direction) 3. run game and order to your gunner attack them
  8. Aliluya, I was able to prove it! Thank you very much, please correct this because it is very annoying to the player
  9. Hey dear! Answer me please. I found a 100% method of reproducing this bug! I am can reproduce it 10 times out of 10 attempts in a row! You do not need to run anywhere! No special stances needed! All you need is to simply - 1) switch your Titan Launcher to Top fire mode (F-button, must be ONLY TOP fire mode ) 2) shot at target 3) go to prone (Z-key) You will see that the player character will rise automatically and again take your Titan launcher in your hands. Please remove this bug from the game! BIS I ask you to cure the game for more than a year. I do not know that I am more tired - to beg you to cure the game or to see how they kill me in the game for reason of this bug here my rpt - https://drive.google.com/open?id=10YVis_UziFYsPF-HfONVQQS8relkJP_H
  10. Still error( http://images.vfl.ru/ii/1554580379/cf3b30b2/26086072.jpg PS: seems to me, I found the location of the problem. This is a FALL module. When I turn it off tpw_fall_active = 0; then there is no error message
  11. what exact can be done? The commander can not give orders to his subordinate? There is a good feature in the vanilla game - Medic heals a wounded man more effectively than a wounded man can heal himself. And only the commander decides when the subordinate medic should leave the fight and can apply his skills. Also, the player could report a wound and then the medic could come to him during the battle. This interaction gives a sense of team play, and makes medics unique, even if you play singleplayer, but you don't have it Still, try not to remove this feature from your mod, of course if possible/ Thank you
  12. 0Y0 hello! I was very impressed with your mod, it seems that I waited so long in Arma3, thanks! However, I was embarrassed by the fact that you removed a special order (to heal) for the doctors. Thus, the commander cannot choose a member of the squad and give the order to the medic I would like to ask you - Is it possible in the furure to do so that a medic takes an order? It seems to me that you have in vain removed this vanilla feature of the game, since it gave the medics in any team (man or AI) a special meaning.
  13. I tried to set the default control of the infantryman and I tried to disable all mods - there is no effect. Rpt file - I will provide later Did you manage to reproduce the problem?
  14. It's fantastic, but I noticed a one feature! This seems to have absolutely no relationship, but the facts speak for themselves. In order to reproduce this bug Fire Mode from Titan Launcher must be TOP I tried to reproduce this problem ten times in Direct mode but I never succeeded. As soon as I switch my launcher from Direct mode to Top, I reproduced it the first time! Direct mode is used by default! Probably for this reason, many cannot reproduce this problem Note! Direct / Top modes were added to Tanks DLC As I said, the problem initially appeared in the release of Tanks DLC Devs! I made a fresh video in the vanilla game- In this video I use Top fire-mode and after shot the diagonal sprint (W+D+Shift) and press only one button Z (Go Prone) After that, the character will lie down and automatically rise and take up his Launcher again in his hands. I hope this information helps you.
  15. I can reproduce it's more common - if I use a sprint in the not full length, but in the Crouch position and if I use a diagonal sprint! Thus, the algorithm is: 1. Shoot from Titan Launcher (Top Fire Mode) 2. Use diagonal sprint (W+D+Shift) 3. Press Z (lie down) during this sprint Please try, maybe you can reproduce the problem?