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  1. mickeymen

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    As I can see @nkenny has disappeared for a while. I hope he comes back... Can anyone explane me how the mission creator can switch any LAMBS waypoint to any other or next waypoint? I've tried using a trigger with a SkipWaypoint I don't have any result:( Unfortunately, LAMBs waypoints will not be switched, like vanilla waypoints. Also I tried use a LAMBS TaskReset module, but again not works. For example, if a ai-squad has garrisoned a house (Task Garrison waypoint), then they cannot stay there forever! There must be a way to switch this unit to the next waypoint, according to the wishes of the mission maker. Unfortunately, without the ability to switch waypoints, there is no point in new waypoints.
  2. Hey moderator, here you are completely wrong! Always and always the best template for Arma3 mods - is realism! Can you argue with that? Any mod seeks to recreate realistically certain things in the game Arma3, there is no doubt about it. Check out the most popular mods for Arma3. All of them are trying to somehow transfer real life into virtual reality! From here, If I say in first person shooting "sound seems bad and quiet, it is flat and not tasty" it means that the sound of the shooting is not realistic, not natural. I have fired small arms more than once, for this reason I know what I'm talking about. Our whole life consists of comparisons and we always choose the best! Is that the reason why you and I choose Arma over Battlefield, COD... Also, comparing one with the other, each user chooses the mods that he considers the best and ignores the mods that he considers unnecessary ...
  3. Dude, you're pissed off! I shouldn't have written about this ... I thought you'd get it right ... Excuse me, I'm still your fan... I just wanted to draw your attention, give friendly advice. But apparently you don't need friendly advice. What nonsense you wrote. How do you know what I do in life? I didn't say NIArms is better than JSRS! I said that NIArms has the best sound when shooting in first person! - This is a huge difference - between what you said and what I wrote above. JSRS includes a ton of other sounds besides First Person Shooting and I didn't try to discuss them! You vjst likely just don't understand what I'm talking about Dude, your comment is the most adequate. Well I admit, that I was wrong! LJ himself must make decisions when to change something in his mod... I just wanted to express my thoughts honestly, but apparently it did not work ... Ok! Excuse me. guys and @LordJarhead... However, I do not understand such a painful sensitivity to other people's criticism. Anyone exhibiting his creation in front of other people should be ready for criticism and should take it normally. But instead I see a pack of dogs wanting to bite me. This is also not good... PS: Today I compared NiArms and JSRS already in the game.The first time I compared in VR Arsenal only. My additional conclusions are here. JSRS sounds better in all cases, but exept one! JSRS shooting (allied and enemy shots) outside the player, distant sounds, sound great! It's out of competition/ But in first person view shooting, JSRS, loses to NIArms, since almost all NiArms shots sound more powerful and interesting. JSRS FPS sound seems bad, quiet, not natural... In other words - When one of your user shoot a NiArms weapon and then take a vanilla weapon with JSRS sound, he no longer want to play Arma 3, because it is flat and not tasty!
  4. Yesterday I accidentally installed the NIArms (All Weapons in One) weapon mod and when I compared the sound of primary hand weapon of NIArms and JSRS firing I was extremely surprised. It cannot be used together as any other weapon that does not belong to NIArms will sound worse and quieter. I've been a JSRS fan for a long time and have always been convinced that JSRS is loud mod compared to vanilla, but compared to NIArms, but when compared it turned out it sounds like kindergarten! I ask all users to compare these two mods and feel what I'm talking about. After NIArms mod, the shooting from the first person in JSRS -- sounds quiet, dim and muddy, there is no loud shooting at all! Oh my god yes I said it! It seems to me that only sonic crack sounds loud and most of all interests the author of JSRS. Sound cracks sound even louder than the all first person shots themselves! The JSRS sound of the fire with suppressors is the same muddy, plastic, not natural - it does not correspond to the sound of the suppressor at all. For comparison, everybody can listen to the sounds of suppressors in NIArms, it sounds natural by sound and its volume level. The JSRS sounds of pistols sound as if they were taken from a children's cartoon. It's a real shame...I don't know what happened to the author of this mod. Unfortunately JSRS doesn't make me happy anymore, rather annoying. I would really like @LordJarhead to study the sound of NIArms and make his sound similar to this. Dude, I am grateful to you for all this years of your work and I don't want to hate you, but I think now you need a major overhaul, just listen to some friendly advice. Please study the all sounds from NIArms mod (how it works, what level of difficulty, the every sound itself ) and try to do something like this minimum. And at the maximal, I believe that you can do better because you are a fan of what you do. PS: I also saw the JSRS for NIArms mod. When I opened it, sure I've heard that it messed up NiArms( More adequate - for a given period of time need to make a sound mod from I NiArms for JSRS, but not vice versa.
  5. Hey, 2020 is anyone here? Сan anyone explain how "FOLLOW" works? Everything I try in the editor doesn't work. What is this waypoint for?
  6. mickeymen

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    Yes I understand, and I will say that you are even most likely right, but are you satisfied with the sentry AI in Arma 3 at the open map space? I want to narrow the question down to the capabilities of a sentry. Not more Imagine a simple situation: In an open field, the enemy garrison and there one observation tower. This observation tower has an observer soldier looking to the southeast and you approach to this base as an enemy, also from the southeast. At what distance will the AI lookout spot you? In an empty field? He is an observer and must peer into the horizon! I'm 100% sure this will happen at close distances, which are typical of ordinary soldiers, but not observers. In short, I will summarize - unfortunately in Arma 3 there is no way to create an observer on the observation tower that will be vigilant, as the observer should. In general, he will not use optics and will not be farsighted. Maybe there is a way with heavy scripting, but not sure, I've always dreamed of simple features such as waypoints. Moreover, the game already has a SENTRY waypoint, but this will not work as an observer. I really like that LAMBS makes additional waypoints, for this reason I asked @nkenny to create a waypoint - Observer. I hope this is still possible PS: I saw that the 3Den Editor Enhanced mod has a Spot Distance setting for each unit, this suggests that most likely LAMBS can also affect this value. The problem is that missions created in 3Den Editor Enhanced, will not work completely correctly, if the user does not have this mod. At least I've heard this from other users
  7. mickeymen

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    Похоже, вы не поняли, что я сказал, мне очень жаль. Речь идет о совершенно разных вещах. Покажи мне, где я сказал, что ИИ тупой и легкий? Прочтите еще раз - я сказал, что ИИ слепой и глухой в режиме осведомленности - это разные вещи. Если вы хотите оспорить то, что я сказал, тогда 1. Поместите вражеского красного солдата AI (100% сложность AI) на расстоянии около 200 м лицом к вам (отряд blufor) на аэродроме на полностью открытой местности. 2. создать триггер с такой активацией: 3. Запустите игру и начните ходить в радиусе 5-10 м. вы увидите, о чем я говорю. ИИ будет смотреть на вас 8-15 и более секунд, прежде чем сработает триггер, но это всего лишь 200 метров! если это здоровый солдат, то он должен визуально обнаруживать врага на расстоянии более 500 метров, особенно если у него есть путевая точка наблюдателя, например, SENTRY. А может Часовой на позиции должен быть слепым и глухим? Я также говорил о шуме двигателя автомобиля. Когда тяжелая машина едет, ИИ должен обнаруживать ее на больших расстояниях. Должна быть какая-то возня с движением, если ИИ стоял раньше как охранник / часовой, или должно быть сработано условие срабатывания. Это только для караула / караула Это то, о чем просил @nkenny Что касается жалоб игроков на нечеловеческий ИИ, то это другие причины - чрезмерная точность стрельбы и обнаружение врага через препятствия. Я знаю это давно, но это уже другая тема. Это уже боевой режим, но я говорил о режиме Aware, когда ИИ-наблюдатель, а не боец.
  8. mickeymen

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    Hey @nkenny I created tests and put the enemy AI (infantryman facing the player) opposite myself in the open spaces of the map. At a distances > 200 meters, the AI already sees very poorly visually. It takes many time to detect me, even if the AI looks at me! (unit level was 50%, In the game settings - I use Total AI level 85%, also tried 100% but did not see an explicit result) Also I tried to give to this AI the SENTRY waypoint in the hope that this might somehow increase the range of his visual detection, but there was no improvement. SENTRY is the same useless vanilla waypoint, like most other waypoints in the game, because there are no special AI-features. I think, what the low vision and low alertness - This is a big weakness of Arma3 AI, since there is no way to create a sentinel on the observation tower (or any other place), that would closely observe long distances in its field of vision. AI also will not hear the sound of an approaching vehicle, while the player hears it perfectly. Please try to create an additional waypoint - OBSERVE. The main goal is that with this waypoint AI could detect the enemy at large distances, if this AI currently observe. At this point, the behavior should be minimally aggressive, while this AI should be able to see and hear far. Perfect for guard positions, now this is very lacking.
  9. Hello LJ! i hope in the next update you will fix it: Also, a bit of my babble: I know that you are a fan of shooting sounds, but even so I ask you to pay attention to other sounds of the game. The sounds of a weapon change are either absent or sound very quiet. This is hardly noticeable, please correct it - add the missing sounds and as a whole make the sounds of changing weapons louder. Else, the sound of the player’s character rotating in both directions (roll), sounds very quiet and not corresponding to such a movement at all. All the sounds I have listed, in real life are the result of actions near the ears of the player’s character (especially roll in both sides on the ground). That should sound louder, so it will be more realistic! Thank you for your dedication to your A3 modding: D
  10. mickeymen

    Ragdoll Effects Overhaul.

    @venom.226 Yet you did not update after version 0.4.1? I have not seen other versions. I have a version 0.4.1. It seemed to me that after game updating 1.98 (NPhysX libraries), all the same, dead bodies sometimes bounce a little, jumping at times annoying. I hope your business is not dead and you are planning on updating your mod. Seems to me, it worked better, until the update 1.98, or am I wrong? After updating the NPhysX libraries, there was no updating of this mod, really mod did not need updating?
  11. mickeymen

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    Hey @nkenny! You have the opportunity to teach the AI to pick up a launcher (RPG, Titan etc) from the ground (corpses), if the enemy has vehicles and if there are no more soldiers with a launcher in current AI squad ? Create a big priority for this - Is it possible ? Very often a soldier with a launcher can be killed, but his comrades will never pick up a launcher from the ground - It looks stupid and makes remaining ai-opponents helpless against vehicles. I have long dreamed of such a AI-feature, but no one has yet done so. Such a feature would make the gameplay vs AI or with AI much more interesting.
  12. mickeymen

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    Oh no... Now I looked and discovered a lot of new things for myself, thanks for this info! I liked it: Lol! you are realizing my dreams! Thank you!
  13. good day LJ! I noticed a little sound problem. Problem at Version: CE.20.0423B - You have no sound, when player character changing weapons if binoculars are involved. examples: a) when changing from a carbine to binoculars - there is no sound b) when changing from binoculars to a carbine, there is no sound c) when changing from a pistol to binoculars - there is no sound d) when changing from pistol to binoculars - there is no sound e) when changing from launcher to binoculars - there is no sound f) when changing from binoculars to launcher - there is no sound the sound of changing weapons is present ONLY: 1) when changing weapons from a pistol to a carbine 2) when changing weapons from a carbine to a pistol Please add a sound for the items - a, b, c, d, e, f.
  14. mickeymen

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    Hey @nkenny do you have somewhere a detailed text description for each LAMBS specific waypoint, LAMBS module? I looked for information somewhere and saw only your videos on YouTube. Unfortunately, I do not understand English speech well and would prefer to find text descriptions. It seemed to me that you had a description on the first page of your mod, but now I do not see any descriptions there/ If you do not have them, in future please create a detailed description for all LAMBS users. If you still have them, please provide links.
  15. I believe, that for jets it is not advisable to make maps that are not islands. Like Livonia, other maps (not islands) are not suitable for aircraft gameplay, since on the land, the unnatural borders of such maps are very clearly visible from above. For an aviation pilot, this looks unnatural and ugly. But if map is an island, then at the end of such map, the pilot sees the endless sea - it looks natural. I want to believe, that in the Arma4, any map for jets should preferably be a huge islands, superior to Altis several times or even a chain of such islands. Yet we can get tired of only islands. Still if the map is not an island, then the end-borders of such map should be blurred, not clear - end-borders smoothly turning into a void, not as clear as we see in all non-island maps. In this case, the terrain beyond the borders of the map, should have a smooth transition to emptiness in texture and objects, which unfortunately we can’t say about Livonia and other maps