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  1. TPW, please do not forget about the second problem that I told you about in the month of October. Sometimes BLEEDOUT MODULE does not work for AI soldiers! This is due to the new injure animations that you added. Look at the time on top of the screen, I increased the game speed thus - about 10 minutes AI-soldier does not die He will only writhe in pain while lying down - I didn’t shoot a video > 10 minutes. I could never wait for him to die from blood loss. It seems like it's endless
  2. Thanks. Helpful information: The error was added when you added new animations of the wounded (a soldier on the ground writhes in pain), this is due to new animations. As I understand it, the unit cannot leave the new wound animation wound, even when it was processed by a combat life saver or other soldier
  3. Good day @LordJarhead I have discovered a problem - JSRs-soundmod- version -CE.19.1119. The MX-rifle indoors sounds like a shot with a sound supressor. I checked this, the problem applies only to the basic MX model (not sniper MX, not short MX, not a machine gun MX) Reproduction steps: 1. Place in the map Ammo Bearer or Combat Lafe Saver (which are equipped with a basic version of MX) near any building. 2. shoot outside and inside the building
  4. Good Day TPW! October 26, I informed you about the problem, but so far you have not corrected the error. Sometimes the treatment does not work in your mod! Can't you find a mistake? Or did you forget about this? New video here
  5. mickeymen

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    If the AI knows where I am, this does not mean that its shooting must be accurate through smoke. Yes, he can shoot at enemy, but his shooting must not be accurate! Yet I am talking a little about other things. My expectation is that the AI will behave properly if there is a smokescreen between me and the enemy AI — the AI must shoots randomly, with very low accuracy, or the AI stops shooting at all. Two choices can be random. Of course I mean the distance to the target > 30/50 meters And it makes no difference whether I make noise or not. This behavior would be adequate, but when the AI shoots me through smoke (from a distance of 30/50 meters or more) and kills me from the firs/third shot, I think this is not realistic
  6. mickeymen

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    In what year was the survey conducted? Maybe the 2020 game is different from that old game In fact, since about 2019, I began to observe how smoke grenades no longer save me. Enemy AI continues to shoot accurately through the smokescreens
  7. mickeymen

    Ragdoll Effects Overhaul.

    Thank you kind man, finally you delivered me from cardboard corpses flying to the sky! Question - You can not make ragdoll not disconnected from already dead bodies within a limited radius aroun player? Is it technically possible? I dream to see how vehicles and explosions throw away dead bodies and how the dead body reacts to a bullet- hits (throwing back from the shot) ps: I noticed that after killing a soldier a few more seconds the dead body will have a ragdoll physic, but after this time it turns off. So somewhere there is a setting that allows to extend the ragdoll physic or somehow set it up for a dead bodies
  8. mickeymen

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Increasingly, I am disappointed with Artificial Intelligences in the game. Very often it does not take into account the current waypoints or their settings (completion radius, placement radius). AI does not hear shots when it should hear or does not see the enemy when it should see and vice versa. There are a lot of omissions. I remember very well as before (3-4 years ago) AI did not see their enemies through the smoke screens, now more and more often I notice that smoke grenades are useless! Today, at the end of the game’s life, I throw 3-4 smoke grenades between the enemy AI and me, but the AI will always see me. Omg! he does not stop shooting in thick smoke, he shoots accurately, as if smoke does not exist! Same thing in the jungle of Tanoa or in other forests. AI will always see their enemies through the foliage of trees, while the player cannot see them. It’s unfortunate that AI-related issues have been ignored for so long, as a result, at the end of the game’s life, the player has a ton of DLC, and an unfinished/partially broken AI. The older the game, the worse the AI, all this is very sad...
  9. mickeymen

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Hi! I'm trying to create a post for mod makers and their future mods. Unfortunately I do not have the knowledge to create my addon. As seems to me, after the release of DLC Contact, the ArmA3 community received shotguns in high quality implementation. I was pleasantly surprised at how it was done (it has about 20 sub-munition units and good efficiency in battle) In general, specific weapons with two types of ammunition, but only two weapons - under-barrel shotgun and a hunting rifle. How little! I was hoping, that after the release of DLC Contact, some mod-makers will be able to technically repeat the execution of new sub-munition shotguns-systems for new weapons, but this still does not happen. It seems strange to me. For this reason, I try to ask mod-makers - why this is not happening? Is this a very difficult task or are their DLC Contact files associated with shotguns still encrypted? No one had any ideas to create a high-quality and big shotguns mod for Arma3? I know, that there are Arma3 shotgun mods, but all of them are not of good quality. Until now, there is no high-grade and large mod with other shotguns and various ammunition for them! I always dreamed of having under-barrel shotguns in Arma3 with various types of ammunition (explosive, incendiary, armor-piercing, combined cartridges). The various types of supressors for them. Seems to me, that many users would like to see classic shotguns like Benelli and automatic shotguns like AA-12, which could be applied perfectly to the gendarmerie of Tanoa or Altis Police. Yes! but today, after 6 years of life arma3, there is only one weapon with an under-barrel shotgun and one hunting rifle - it looks rather strange/ I would like to see under-barrel shotguns on the following carbines: Type - 115 MX 6.5 mm assaul rifle Katiba 6.5 mm assault rifle Mk20 6.5 mm assault rifle TRG assault rifle AK-15 7.62 mm maybe other from existing in the game or generally new weapons! If there are mod makers capable of creating new shotguns based on shotguns from DLС Contact, then please do this! In turn, I can only help with the creation/improvement of 3D models, otherwise my knowledge of Arma3 modding is very weak. That was my idea
  10. Hi TPW! Unfortunately, I continue find new issuesin the BLEEDOUT module. If my subordinate falls after a critical loss of blood, then he will not only never die, he will also not report a wound status. The problem is that if fallen soldier is unconscious, then he should not speak and have motion/injured animations. But as we see - he continues to give answers to commander requests, have injured animation movements, but not will report about injuries! In this case the player-commander (in the heat of battle) may not see the subordinate lying on the ground and will continue to give him orders, not realizing that the subordinate cannot fulfill them. The subordinate will answer - "Ok, I'm doing" but it will be a hoax of game. Expected behavior. You need to decide. If ai-subordinate fell to the ground (heavy injured) , then he should either: a) be silent and without an animation of injured movement (because he is unconscious) b) Or if he should have injured animation (which you recently added), then he must constantly report his status - "wounded, medic, etc"! If you you also will add screams, it will be great! In both cases, the player-commander will understand the situation with the wounded subordinate soldier, even if it is not in sight ! If subordinate is silent, then he is killed or unconscious If subordinate does not respond to the commander’s requests and reports a wound/screams, then he is seriously injured. - It will be realistic and logical. You only need to choose a simpler solution. PS: It seems to me a simple unconscious state would be a simpler solution. But you added wound animations and it brought a lot of problems
  11. Hi @LordJarhead! Again your mod (jsrs-soundmod-version-CE.19.1114) don’t have sound for the healing animation! This already is the fourth version of your mod, without sound healing! Why is this not? I was hoping you noticed this problem independently, but it looks like user need to report it. Please fix this, it really bothers
  12. TPW I also noticed that BLEEDOUT does not work with other/old wounded animations. I see the soldiers falling on the ground, but they never die of blood loss! my settings of FLEEDOUT: // BLEEDOUT tpw_bleedout_active = 1; // 0 = inactive tpw_bleedout_inc = 4; // unit damage will be increased by this % every 10 sec tpw_bleedout_ithresh = 0.85; // damage beyond which a unit will writhe around incapacitated (1 = dead) tpw_bleedout_heartbeat = 1; // Player heartbeat visible as slight screen shake (0 = no heartbeat shake) tpw_bleedout_selfheal = 1; // AI units will automatically try to stop their own bleeding if equipped with First Aid Kits (0 = no self heal) tpw_bleedout_affect = 1; // All injured units will have their speed and skill lowered according to the degree of injury (0 = units' speed/skill unaffected by injury) tpw_bleedout_geneva = 0; // Incapacitated units are set as non-combatants so that other AI will not fire on them (0 = incapacitated units can be fired upon by AI). Please return the death of a soldier from blood loss
  13. Hi TPW, after version 20190928, I found at least two problems. You added a new animation for the wounded lying on the ground, but in this case: 1. If you approach the wounded and apply treatment, he will not be cured. He just keeps lying on the ground and continue writhes in pain 2. If he once fell to the ground and there is no medical assistance, then he will never die, since BLEEDOUT will not act on him. It looks like this animation will be endless.
  14. Hmmm.... I don’t even know for the better your innovation or not! Yet, when AI vision was taken into account, it would look more natural. I fear, as if in the new version, every AI-infantryman would run away from a grenade earlier than this grenade would explode! Even if a grenade fell from his back! - this can be not good, because the player’s grenade still must be effective Maybe you should give a random delay within 0-2 seconds before the AI will run away or lie on the ground? Or maybe the ai-vision can be used as a trigger in the same way, but only under certain conditions? Please think about it
  15. Thank you very much! However, could you explain the principles of Grenade Duck to all users of your mod? Most importantly, I would like to know the vision of the AI will be taken into account or not? Maybe will the code only work relative to the radius around the AI without vision? Do you use any random characteristics?