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  1. In real life in war, instant death can be at any moment. So your offer looks unrealistic in my eyes. it all looks like witchcraft:) @tpw seems to me mod have a problem with the FALL module If player turn it on, then very often after the units fall to the ground, some part of them will turn from their backs onto their stomach into this position: They lose ability to rise again or shoot, It doesn't look like the unconscious, because they move their heads, they continue use radio communications. Such unit can be treated, but even after treatment they will never get back on their feet. Very similar to the unconscious ones from ACE3 who keep moving and talking. If I disable FALL module, then it doesn't happen Later Still, I was wrong! Now I met a problem with FALL disabled, so probably this is the problem of your BLEEDOUT medicine. I saw a wounded soldier lying on the ground. Then I came up and helped. But the treatment icon didn't disappear. Then I helped again, but again the treatment icon did not disappear! Only after the third time, the treatment icon disappeared and after that the soldier rolled over from his back to his stomach and froze in this position forever: @tpw unfortunately, your medicine creates such units
  2. Would love to hear from you how exactly? And what kind of "people" are you talking about? There are two types of player in Arma 3, the player (human player) and the AI-players. As far as I know, for many years there is no option in the ACE3 settings to disable the unconscious state for the human player, it can be done ONLY for AI players.
  3. I don't use the "Reduced Damage" or mods you listed. I'm only talking about vanilla heavy armor. And yes, this problem will remain with any settings. At least I haven't seen any other result. And it won't confuse you? I think in current Arma3 damage system - No armor should withstand 30 bullets, for example 7.62 AP I do not want to argue. Yes, perhaps the system can be tweaked to smooth out the problem of impenetrable armor. ok! But is this the only problem with ACE3 medicine? You talk like this is the only problem, but I told you above there are many other problems that cannot be influenced by settings: This is just what I could remember after I stopped using ACE3 medicine: > unconscious soldiers will talk and move. > in the medicine menu there is no an option to turn off unconsciousness for all soldiers. Can be off only for AI (player is ignored) > soldiers blood will look like red paint. > all heavy vests with Ace's medicine will no longer be penetrated by a bullet from a hand weapon. > after the explosions of tanks and armored personnel carriers, their crews will calmly get out of their burning vehicles alive, like terminators. > added fractures, but with broken legs you can sprint, jog, or at least stand on your broken ones! player can keep holding a weapon with a broken arm and reload it. > player singleplayer statistic will never be correct. At the end of the mission, you will not see correctly how many you killed and how many lost in your squad. > the weapon that killed you will no longer be shown in the upper left corner of the screen. > AI soldiers will be able to heal themselves or others without spending their own medical supplies or without regardless of the presence. > anti-personnel weapons with a HE (Hight Explosive) radius of destruction from tank shells / grenade launchers will no longer hit soldiers in their radius properly. > lack of the "Heal" command in the menu of the player and for subordinate medics. > ai commanders not will command to combat life saver heal their injured subordinates. As you can see, there are other problems as well. But still in general, I want to say that I can't imagine Arma3 without ACE3 mod! I just disable their medicine and some other features. About 70% of their content is very good stuff! But I must to recap - ACE3 medicine is not for a single player, its PvP project Thanks for this video, but I think that 13 minutes is too long a distance to demonstrate simple and understandable things. I'll take a look at it sometime later...
  4. Does the hit create problems for the combatant. Of course yes! But will every hit make it guaranteed not fire back every time, at every hits? - of course not! In real life there is no any guarantee that a non-fatal hit (especially into armored vest) to the opponent's body will cause him not to fire back. But what we see in PIR is a guaranteed lack of return fire at every hit and at every time! All I appreciate about Arma3 games or mods - is the absence of any guarantees! More random and less predictable, then Arma becomes better in my eyes! We would have seen the same thing in a real war, completely random. I would do a random reaction on any hit - this is exactly what I ask for @tpw to do. Ideally, I would like the AI that gets hit to shoot less accurately, or do random hit animations, instead of constantly playing predictable animation. like i said PIR anims last much longer 1 sek. Some anims takes 2-3 sec and even more For this reson, PIR animations make AI opponents less dangerous to the player, making Arma3 is more predictable and making it impossible to fire back with every hit! I would like to smooth this issues as much as possible. about what mods you are speak? Talking about hit reactions, I was only trying to discuss the hit reaction animations of one mod - PIR you won't be able to avoid bulletproof vests. I tried it many times. It looks like bug at any ACE3 setting With any ACE3 setting, the bulletproof vest will remain! And it doesn't matter if the opponent falls into the unconscious or not. The vest must not be bulletproof at any setting. A simple example of 10 machine gunners must pierce the bulletproof vest at once, without introducing the target into the unconscious, but that won't happen. but at ACE3 medicine machine gunners can only kill such a fighter by hitting other parts of the body. And the vest will remain impenetrable
  5. As far as I know the same can be done in vanilla game Many times I didn't try to use ACE3 medicine, I was forced to give it up each time. It's just that a ton of bugs prevented me from using it. Dude, they just have bullet proof vests! You can't play with these vests. I don't think this will solve all problems. I already wrote to you that their settings are not ideal. You can turn off unconsciousness for the AI, but you can't turn it off for the players. OMG! Is it normal settings? This is an opportunity for gaming disbalance, that no one from ACE3 dont cares about. Also, it annoys that the AI does not spend its medicaments and simply does not take into account the current inventory. The AI never heals allies or accepts commands! Add bulletproof vests here, unfortunately ACE3 medicine for me is not usable content. Because this all cannot be fixed in the settings. Yes, I agree with you that hit reactions from PIR look pretty good. This may even be the best A3 hit reaction animation, but it has a downside( Note that the animations for hit reactions from PIR are not short. It always takes 2-3 seconds, some anims, like - bend/unbend of the torso or or jumping on one leg, if bullet hitting the other leg, take even longer! What I'm trying to say is that PIR hit-reactions will make enemy AI-opponents less dangerous for the player, because when hitting the AI (but not kill them), instead of returning fire, these AI will play their hit animations! AI will play several seconds, but not shoot in you! Much more dangerous is the enemy that shoots back at you. That's where the problem is... Next problem - these animations do not have randomness - on/off. This will occur at every hit, if it switched on in the settings. This can only be enabled or disabled. Hence my question - do you not have the ability to do a random hit activation? Wouldn't it be nice if the player could adjust the probability for these animations - for the limbs/torso/head? For example 60% chance would mean that at 60% chance they would play animations on hit. It would be possible to minimize the problem of AI not returning fire by setting a lower probability. Or else it would not be bad to make the probability with the degree of damage. For example, if the leg is > 80% damaged, then the character plays the hit animation for the leg. @tpw Could you add something similar for TPW?
  6. Why do you think so? Today my Arma3 experience on Steam is 8.863 hours and I have been trying to use Ace3 medicine since 2013 and every time it seems to me that it was done by a mentally ill person. I see blood that reminds me of a children's cartoon in color! The person who created these textures has never seen what human blood looks like. I see unconscious people which radio talking and even moved or I see ugly animations (simular a turrets gunners death) before falling into the unconscious/ In ACE3 there's a bunch of settings to turn on the unconscious for the AI, but there is no option to turn off the unconscious state for the player. It looks like an imbalance, because by turning off the unconscious for AI, you will still fall into this state. It is their medical system (not their cook off system) prevents tanks from instant exploding at heavy damages, the tank crew will always and always run outside and be always safe before the tank explodes. This system kills the medical AI-support (no command for medic, injured AI not will spent his current FAK after self treating), deprives the medic of his unic class. Etc. etc - there are a lot of nuances I think ACE3 Medicine only is a PvP project that kills the singleplayer gameplay. For these and many other reasons, I use ACE3 but without a medical system and would not advise this to anyone who plays singleplayer. As for hit reactions and sounds, they can be given by other popular mods that exceed the quality in these details of the Ace3 mod Thanks for info
  7. Could you explain in more detail exactly which namely PIR medical functions should be disabled? The PIR mod has a ton of settings and it's not entirely clear which ones will conflict with TPW and which won't.
  8. mickeymen

    Arma 3 Creator DLC: Western Sahara

    Good day! Thanks for the update, I just wanted to report an imbalance of new weapon, that seems to me. It seems to me that the AA-40 12G shotgun has an imbalance in its capabilities. For this reason It looks like an super-strong and super universal weapon . I noticed that the Slug ammunition type can kills with one hit, even into limb and it type ammo pierces all body armor the first time. When player using a sniper scope, such a shotgun turns into a sniper rifle, because his bullet (Slug) does not have a close fall, at long distances. It flies almost like a sniper rifle bullet! Also, when I using HE Ammo, such ammo can kills with one hit several opponents, within a radius of several meters!!! It seems that he kills even in a radius of more than 3 meters! For these reasons, such a weapon looks like a universal, superior, against the background of other types of weapons, it looks like an Imbalanced wapon. I would prefer HE ammo types not to kill at non-direct hits, but only cripple enemies. Yes, maybe he should kill without armored soldiers, but as seems to me only at a very close hit (<1 m, not more), in other cases, it should only hurt(random degrees), but not kill. Also, the Slugs ammo type should have fewer armor damage impact, smaller balistic range. Thanks for your continued work. I hope to see a new, much larger map in future updates.
  9. My friend, this topic is no less detailed. I created this before update 2.10 for only one reason - so that the BIS takes into account the current time of day and the current weather, because in my deep conviction these nuances should have a decisive influence on the result of the thermal imager. In fact, I have only one claim to the new thermal image - Everything I have listed above has no effect on the thermal result. Many users are not happy with overly luminous parts of the landscape, but they do not specify why exactly they should not be in specific scene. I sure, the luminous parts of the landscape can be, but only when they are heated by the sun and only at certain times of the day. I ask all who is interested to leave a comment or discuss in this thread exactly the influence of current weather/current day time/current year time on the result of a thermal image.
  10. Ideally yes! But I think, initially before thermal repair, they did not plan to bind to the current temperature and time of year. I always dreamed about it, because this is how a thermal imager should work. Seems to me, at this late stage of Arma3 life in this they do not care about the correct operation of the thermal imager, they only care about a new thermal picture, not more. obvious thermal downgrade? In fact, there is no obvious thermal downgrade in your picture. There temperature downgrade in curent landscape, but on the thermal imager the grass and trees are still burning. Let's take a closer look. What do we see here? The grass still glows, the tree trunks also burn. the foliage on the trees is also light, but still thanks for not burning! This is the wrong result for Dec6 2am! Really, by Dec6 2am the grass and trees should be cool by now from even if not great, but the influence of the Sun. Since there is no sunshine for a long time and the night in December is cold. So the whole landscape must be dark, while the human body should be brighter than all this landscape. That would be the correct result for Dec6 2am. I don't think they even tried to link to the current temperature/time of day/time of year. All this repair of the thermal imager does not make any sense. I think so - It would be better if they directed their forces to other issues that are still present in the game, and the thermal imager would be left the same Sad story
  11. mickeymen

    Update 23/08/2022 Thermal

    We can't judge it from one single picture! We don't know what time of year this photo was taken. What weather, what time of day! I'm sure it must depend on the current location and time of year, time of day and the current weather! For example If the grass and trees are heated in under the sun, in the July after noon, then they will just glow, because it was heated in the sun and therefore radiates heat. And at the same time, in the late evening, it should lose its warmth and fade towards the night. Everything is simple and logical here I agree that the new thermal system is crappy, but I think the main problem is that it has nothing to do with the current weather and time of day.
  12. Yesterday I received update 2.10 and unfortunately I saw a complete disappointment in the changes in thermal vision. You can open reviews of SPOTREP #00105 in Steam and see a lot of dissatisfied with the new thermal system. Many reviewers would prefer the old system over the new one. I think thermal update is a complete failure/ Some of my personal notes here: 1. The main problem is the complete lack of binding to the current day time/current weather. This is complete mismatch. The game doesn't care if the sun is bright at noon or it's night and it's raining. Are the stones and buildings hot from the sun, or have they cooled down in the dead of night. No matter! For example, on a rough night we can see shining roads! They will burn as if heated by the sun at noon and will burn in deep night. Wow! No difference!? The player will see more or less shining objects regardless of any day time dependencies. The simplest test - Set in the editor the time multiplier in the as X12 put yourself on the map and go into spectator mode in your game. Switch to thermal vision and you will see, how over time, the thermal vision will not have a cooling in the evening/night and will not again warm up to the maximum at afternoon. Instead, you will see burning stones and roads at night! You will see randomly changing color grass! It just looks like uncontrollable chaos without reference to time of day without reference current temperature! All this does not look natural in places, even silly. 2. The thermal horizon will have clear ugly lines. New thermal view has problems with fog/haze and smoke FX. On the horizon where the haze will always be strange lines: The distant parts of the landscape will be divided into lines! What this in general? What lines? Also pay attention to the smoke from the engines/wheels/tracks of vehicles. It looks the same as haze horizon above, like it's without anti-aliasing, no blending, no gradient, too noisy: So the new thermal has problems with fog/haze/smoke. 3. The same landscape with the sea horizon can look completely different with NVG and with thermal vision. This is what the image looks like in NVG: The same angle on the same position but in Titan Launcher thermal will look like two completely different places: Why is this semi-island burning like a torch? Is he warm under the sun? In this screenshot a deep night, it should not glow, by night, this semi-island had already cooled down, for this reason he should not radiate heat, at least it should not be as maximum bright. 3. In the new thermal, the grass color is significantly lighter than the its ground color, but actual, within a gameplay this is one same surface Due to the fact that grass is a limited render distance from the player, we see light grass near us and in the distance we see a black strip of ground: In fact, dividing the same surface (grass) into two different colour lines, but in reality this imposible because it's the same surface whether the player sees the grass or not. Thus, land without grass should not differ from grass in terms of heat release. So way the player should not get two strupes with wild contrast for one surface. I hope that the developers will see this post and make thermal vision in Arma3 adequate. I would just take the image configs from the @A3 Thermal Improvement mod and bind them to the current time of day. The picture in this mod looks awesome, but they do not have turn on the engine, do not have cooling/heating vehicles and there is no other cooling/heating objects. I also noticed that their corpses cool down in 10 seconds, which looks stupid. Their mod needs some improvements. I sure, such formula - Image configs from @A3 Thermal Improvement + daytime binding + heating/cooling objects = Arma3 would get excellent thermal vision.
  13. mickeymen

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    AI still can get stuck in rock even now (v2.08). I run into this problem all the time if I carelessly place AI units on the map. If one of the units will placed over the rock, then it will be spawned on the ground surface, under rock and stays there forever. Yet it seems to me very strange to me that BIS does not turn off the collision mesh for big stone, in which the AI can get stuck forever, but disable the collision mesh for houses and fences, which ai has a big chance to be passed. It would be great if someone from the modding community could turn on the collision mesh, blocking them from passing through wall/fence and create a some code, where the stuck AI could switched to special mode/path and could be abble move to the rescue markers, inside any building (for example near door portals).
  14. mickeymen

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Are you saying that the reason the AI goes through walls is because the quality of the houses is not enough? I often see this on Stratis and Altis, are the houses on these base maps really of poor quality? Doesn't look like the truth, because these are the oldest and exemplary quality maps from Arma3 developers. Throughout the life of Arma3, I have been worried about the problem of AI being able to pass through fences and walls of buildings. I still can't imagine why this shame is still present in Arma3? I don't think it's a problem of the lack of super ai-intelligence. The question arising before me - why is the Collision Mesh model unable to block their physical passage through, as it does with players? Yes, I've already heard that BIS gets rid of cases, where the AI would get stuck inside the building, but I would rather this option than the option where the enemy AI goes through the walls and shoots me in the back. In addition, AI still has a chance to get stuck in buildings, passing through walls and whistling in a swimmer's pose, which looks even more stupid, if AI just stayed indoors. Questions: * is it really so difficult to prescribe predefined paths for AI inside any buildings, so that they do not deviate from their paths and could not pass through the walls? * how can user explain the passage through the fences? There is no chance for the AI to get stuck forever, but the AI will still not have impact from fence Collision Mesh models. Сonclusion: I have not seen a single mod that can solve the problem of AI passing through physical barriers. Moreover, I use LAMBS Danger mod. It's a great mod, but I think it exacerbates the problem of AI going through walls. It happens more often. All this upsets me and I'm already losing faith, that someday in Arma3 AI will stop passing through walls. @pierremgi I would like to know what you think about it?
  15. Good day BIS! Over the past two months, I have seen a lot of changes for Thermal Vision Arma3 in the Development Branch Changelog. This definitely makes me happy, but I would like to write to you so that you also try to eliminate the main Thermal omission of Arma3 that has been all this time! The fact is that Arma3 has never taken into account the current weather and time of day for Thermal Vision before, and this does not look good. In Arma3 (all versions including 2.08), at any time of the day/any weather, the thermal vision looked the same. Unfortunately it was looked like a terrible flaw, like cheating/imbalance, because all targets looked like torches from huge distance on a dark background and only the ACE3 mod some smoothed out this problem. My Main message: In addition to temperature differences, the thermal imager must be affected by wind, rain or sun, which can heat up or cool buildings or the landscape, and this must affects the accuracy of the result. For example, In sunny weather, on midday, when houses or landscapes are warmed by the sun, they must emit heat.This means that in such situation, the determination of targets should be difficult, because everything should radiate warmth - as target itself and its background also. In this case, the target should simply blend into its background. But if at this day time, with such weather we look at vanilla Thermal Arma3, then we will see flaming targets, as if everything else will not radiate heat! It doesn't look real... Conversely, at night, when the entire landscape cools down, targets should be more clearly visible. Please, due to the latest changes for Thermal Vision, try to also create at least the some influence of weather/time of day in the same way. It seems to me at the current stage of Arm`s life, this is not a super difficult task. Also, your recent Thermal Vision overhaul can help you do just that. Thank you for Support our favorite game!