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  1. As far as I know your remarks Strike_NOR at this forum, you are attracted to realistic arguments in Arma. In accordance with the new interiors that we received from BIS such a decision, it would not look realistic. I think, now if we have a separate cab for the driver, then if we take realism into account, for entering on the this position first the player must get out from gunner or commander positions. You like no one else need to understand this. Namely - soldier must risking his life during dangerous situation and it's must spent time for changing positions, only then it will look realistic. My suggestion does not require any new animations. Entering from outside (at any place - driver, gunner, commander) can have only single basic animation.
  2. This does not seem to me fair, since the gunner (operator of flying missile) should not see the target and continue the self attack. The target is already inside the smoke and for this reason must be invisible
  3. @martin_lee you are talking only about the switch on between of the commander/gunner. What about the switching to a driver position and vice versa? The driver cabin in a most vehicles is located in a separate (not connected with the commander/gunner cabin) compartment Since I see a detailed and beautiful interior, I am extremely annoyed by this fact at which the game ignores itself
  4. Hmm. Still I did not notice what you were saying. Several times I conducted a special experiments. I put in the editor against himself BTR-Kamysh and after alert of incoming missile I let out smoke and I try move and move from current posion, however I still got a missile hit. However my experience is not great, I will try again
  5. Hey users, maybe anyone can tell me? A player inside "Rhino MGS" has warnings about an incoming missiles. The sensors of Rhino show this, but the "C-button" (countermeasures) do not seem to work. It only releases smoke, that does not protect Rhino from the approaching missile. Maybe there is some kind of secret countermeasures? Otherwise, I do not quite understand why an incoming missile is being shown, if Rhino no has any countermeasures against incoming missile
  6. Today there are no plans...but maybe tomorrow. Still, you promised that you will still support the game for a while. I would not want to wait a some year, before for the announcement of Arma 4, and then again wait 4 years for the next DLC where the interiors will arrived and only after that get an adequate change positions mechanics. It seems to me that the visualy current vehicle interiors look too great, to not polish the interaction mechanics with them now. In this current life cycle of the Arma, the change of positions from the outside, would be quite a feasible task for you as developers. This does not require any new mechanic, this system already exists in the some above-mentioned vehicles. Probably the problem is not the creation of this feature, but the fact that not every Arma 3 user wants to see the Arma as a hard-core super realistic sim. I admit it. However I always did not like the fact that the game difficulty levels in Arma does not share the gameplay in a significantly different way and can not satisfy players with different needs simultaneously. If in the near future the game settings will share the position change system in accordance with the needs of different players, then it would be great.
  7. Hi, why I report this only now? Before, I hoped that after the official release of Tank DLC (April 11, 2018), some simulation will be present in this update, at least in a minimalist form. But when I got the official release I saw that the simulation inside the tank == 0
  8. Hi Devs! Just some impressions of gameplay in the Heavy Armor Interiors. For me, unfortunately, playing inside the tank interiors, I got a big disappointment. On the one hand, the player sees beautifully modeled interiors. Yes, from the visual point of view, it looks great, but on the other hand, when you play inside, there is not even the slightest simulation which is necessary, according to the current interior. The my first problem - the player teleports through the bulkheads of the vehicle. I hope that there are people for whom this is also a problem. Soldier can change his position (driver/gunner/commander) in half a one second and go through any walls not taking into account the current interior. This point already leaves a not good impression for player. Next, I continued to play and noticed that the internal simulation inside the any tank or APC is just zero! After all this, I do not understand what the interior was for? It only looks nice but does not carry any functionality. Devs and users, please look at these screenshots. This is a interior of criticaly damaged tank: You can see that this tank is damaged by 90-98%. "HULL", "ENGINE", "GUN", "LEFT TRACK", "RIGHT TRACK", "TURRET" - they all have critical damages , but inside tank, there is not even the slightest visual sign of any damage! a) where is the smoke inside the cabin? b) where are the sparks? c) why do all the devices work as if the tank is not damaged? d) when you play in the cockpit there are no alarms! (alert sound, flashing light bulbs etc) e) when players tank get heavy hits, player not observe any slightest shaking/sway f) when players tank get heavy hits, player not observe any slightest sound of this heavy hit g) at any damages the glass of observe windows do not have cracks Devs, I hope after release TnaksDLC, you'll add at least a some simulation to beautiful interiors of all armored vehicles. If a tank of player get hit 120 mm or Missile Hit, then the player must feel it - there must be a sway and sound of hitting! If the tank is critically damaged, then the player cabin should have smoke, sparks, the screens must have picture interference or even lost vision, there must also be alarms
  9. If you had such an interior as the BIS showed us, then in life you did it that way. All I want is for - Arma to be as close to reality as possible, however, every year I see that it goes away from reality ever further. @x3kj You have created a not small message but I still do not understand you are against my proposal or not. I do not know what this - "Warpspeed"?
  10. Lol! We need to complain, right now, because - only the day before yesterday we received interiors for armored vehicles, that do not physically allow us to change positions inside. A player with an adequate psyche should have blood from his eyes, when he sees soldiers walking through the inner walls of their vehicle. Excellent. Now we need to expand this list All that is needed is for the players to support me and then the developers will pay attention to this
  11. It seems to me that if we change positions only from outside vehicle, then this will not change the Arma3 mechanics radically. Before change positions this will just add an additional item (exit from the vehicle) and after this subordinate AI will also occupy the specified position. The "get out" feature can be even is automatic @oukej Unfortunately I did not understand you clearly. My english is not perfect) Do you think this idea is impossible or meaningless? The fact is that I suggested it is already working now in the Arma3 You mentioned Offroad. Here is an example. If the player is on the position of the driver of Offroad Armed, then he can not change position from driver to gunner until it comes out. In order to do this, he must go out and approach the rear Offroad. This is exactly what I propose to do for tanks and APC. And it already works without problems! This feature can save the player from passing through the inner walls of vehicle and will make the gameplay more realistic What do you think about this?
  12. Hello devs! Unfortunately, after the release of DLC Tanks, the change of positions (driver/gunner/commander) in Arma was not affected at all. It was always a needle in my ass, but after the release of the interiors, this problem even aggravated. Why? After the release of Tanks DLC, I see how in half of second a player can find himself in any chair (driver/gunner/commander), without considering the inner walls of the vehicle and other units! Unfortunately, this looks not good. Please note, in most tanks or APC driver position has a separate location. This is a completely separate cabin, which is closed on all sides by bulkheads. Those. being inside such a vehicle, a person physically can not change his position - "from gunner to driver" or "from commander to driver" or "from driver to commander" or "from driver to gunner". This is physically impossible! Why do we see this in Arma? When a player changes all positions passing through the walls, then it looks absurd. I propose to take this moment into account and make a change of positions from the position of the driver (or to driver position) accessible only from the outside of the vehicle. In this case, the place where the player wants to sit should be free. So it should be in real life. For example. If you are in the gunner position, then in order to sit in the driver's chair you need to first get out, go to the driver's hatch and only after that sit on the driver's seat. Or vice versa. In this case devs, you can use the action menu (choice of place) or personal icons (when a player approaches a certain place of the vehicle) It seems to me that every interior, before changing positions should take into account the current position of the player. Most vehicles physically even do not allow (!not leaving vehicle) changing the position "from gunner to commander"and vice versa. For example, see Varsuk T-100 or Rhino. It is impossible physically to change position from the gunner to commander's position and vice versa. The main weapon prevents this! In this case, also it would also be good to change positions from only the outside vehicle. Such a feature could add a bit of realism (time spending for changing positions). In general, I want to say - in most cases, for change positions (driver/gunner/commander) the player must leave the vehicle and the position where he wants to sit should be free. Devs please try give the player a bit of realism on the backgrounds of vehicles interiors.
  13. Tanks - Damage improvements

    @Strike_NOR, it seems to me that your efforts in the field of experiments with damage to vehicles are very valuable. Thank you for that! I hope that your experiments will influence the final appearance of DLC Tanks and even after it. PS: But still I remain disagreed with you about the lack of treatment inside vehicles
  14. Tanks - Damage improvements

    Thank you for clarifying. I agree with you
  15. Tanks - Damage improvements

    What is your joy based on? As seems to me, even with a tangential hit, the vehicle still should receive a small amount of damages. For example, if you hit the tower, this could affect its functionality. (slightly slow rotation or decrease hit points) Zero damage should only be if the vehicle receives 0 hits. (of course I mean heavy projectiles)