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  1. Hi Vcom AI-mod! Some of my observations * The player’s character will automatically lay mines, even if I don’t select this in the commands menu. * The player’s character will automatically assign a formation to subordinates, even if I didn’t select this in the action menu. It seems that the player character of the player automatically repeats the actions for the AI error messages are also often observed. Here is one of them:
  2. Just a little additional information. For several days I continued my tests with TPW. Yet I have seen several times that a dead body flies up from the prone, but the height of the bouncing is much less than it does in vanilla and it happens much less often than in vanilla. My observations - TPW have approximatelly 1-1.5 meters in bouncing height, while in vanilla bouncing can have a height of 3-4 meters and sometimes even higher. Thus, TPW your mod has an undoubted positive effect on this problem, if this possible, please try to improve this moment until any bouncing will be completely neutralised. Think about what may have an effect on the problem. PS: Please note! I don't use - FALL in my tests and I don’t know which else module can be responsible for influencing this problem, but this influence definitely exists!
  3. Hi TPW! Today I played Arma with last version TPW and I was pleasantly surprised. I have not seen a single flight of a dead body from prone. It seems to me that you fixed something and now there is no such problem in general. I would not want to make a mistake, I hope with the help of TPW we will no longer see the cardboard soldiers flying into space! Have you increased body weight when it is prone? or what have you done in the latest version? Thank you so much, you saved my eyes from five years of bleeding!
  4. Weapon Resting & Deployment Feedback

    Hallelujah. Thanks you!
  5. Weapon Resting & Deployment Feedback

    In general, why are they willing to consider not an ideal system? I think any updates in Arma should be perfect! If something is not perfect, initially they just need to throw it out and move on to really perfect things. I vote against the new bipods deployment system. The old system works stably and without problems. I do not want to have new problems in game, because there are so many other problems
  6. Weapon Resting & Deployment Feedback

    It is very likely that BIS wants to add additional problems to the game. New bipod-system? As seems to me, today in a stable version, the bipods work well and stably and do not need to change anything! Devs Please do not add new problems to the game! If I could vote, I would vote against the any new system for bipods. Increasing the firing angle when using bipods does not look realistic. I'm sure if devs touch it, then this add new problems, which you will fix for a long time.. Why do you need it? Isn't it better to fix a real bad things? @BIS better get really useful points for Arma3: 1) After five year game, finally configure a adequate hit-reactions and remove current idiotic animations when a bullet hits soldiers! 2) After five year game, finally customize your ragdol! If a soldier is killed while prone, In 50% cases the corpses fly into space! 3) In the event of a collision with other vehicles/fences/small obstacle, forbid to turn over the bottom for all tracked vehicles! 4) Adjust the correct body position for primary weapons collisions and finally remove this ugliness out of the Arma3! 5) After five year game make the inventory not work stably and well. In 50% of cases, it is impossible to raise a launcher or weapon from the ground, since this simply does not exist in the inventory menu! Good to all
  7. Hello and thanks for the reply. Yes, I also assume that the problem happens precisely because of the bad configuration of the ragdoll. Even if the influence of TPW is accidental, it seems to me that you can solve this problem, If you wish. You can finally disable ragdoll for units that are in prone. Let ragdoll work only for standing and crouched units! You can not do it? I don’t know, maybe you don’t care about this problem as much as I do, but if you solve this, then TPW will definitely be even better. Of course I used it. Even a few versions, unfortunately it does not solve the problem. I continued to see flying corpses (I mean death in the prone position)
  8. Hi TPW! Perhaps you did not see my question of August 22. My eyes bleed, when I see dead paper-bodies fly into the air from prone. Such a spectacle spoils the Arma3 gaming experience. All this has been going on for 5 years, it proves that Bohemia Interactive is not able to fix it or no want do it. I know that you are working on the hit reactions. Please Tell me, how can you totally neutralize these ugly flights of dead bodies? Is it possible in TPW or not? When I use TPW, I still see these glitches, but this happens much less frequently than in the vanilla game. So, as seems to me all the same, you are able to influence it. Please let us know your thoughts on
  9. JSRS SOUNDMOD 6.18.0820

    Maybe, maybe. Probably the whole thing in the sound devices that we use. Everyone has their own effect. I have nothing against the sound cracks, I have already returned them, but I do not hear the sound of a body bullet-hit. This sound is not noticeable
  10. JSRS SOUNDMOD 6.18.0820

    LJ, I use the jsrs-soundmod-version-6.18.0821 and I temporarily disabled the jsrs soniccracks archive, because it's very loud for my ears. I think this can even be traumatic for the player's hearing. Make it a little quieter, especially if the player is fired from heavy machine guns mounted on vehicles. But also I do not hear the sound when the bullet hits the body. It's just missing. This is very noticeable when the player's character is killed. No sound hit, the player's character just screams. I want to ask you. JSRS soniccrack and bullet hits (body) in any way interrelated?
  11. Hi devs! All with the fifth anniversary of Arma3! I wanted to talk about the free look ability of player inside the vehicles, after Tanks DLC it looks contradictory. In the - GAME OPTIONS/GENERAL/VEHICLE FREELOOK there is a setup (enabled/disabled) however, now after appearence of armor Interriors this setting does not will affect heavy armor vehicles. The activated FREELOOK will have influence only on planes, helicopters, cars, MRAPS - all vehicles in Arma3, but except only tanks and APC. This fact makes the setting of FREELOOK not stable for any vehicle in game. So player get different rules for free rotating the head inside vehicles. When FREELOOK activated, then in planes, helicopters, civilian cars, light armored vehicles the player can rotate his head only by means Mouse, while inside the tanks and APC the player must use "Alt + Mouse" - this makes the player control not identical to all vehicles in Arma3, because after update 1.82 in the Tank and APC, the "Mouse rotation" is only the turret/optics rotation. All this moments makes some confusion for player relatively game settings. As seems to me, inside tanks and APC it would be better to invert this control. The freelook must be - only via mouse, while the turret/optic rotation must be via Alt + Mouse. If this will be done, then the "VEHICLE FREELOOK" could have the same effect on any vehicle in the Arma3, It would be logical. Among other things, simple rotation of the head for a human looks more simple and natural action than the rotation of the turret or the optics of the tank inside. For this reason, this action should be easier to manage for the player control - only the mouse is the rotation of the head, while the Mouse + Alt (or any other button) - this is the more adequate rotation of weapons or optics inside the any vehicle. Devs if you still are not going to invert it, then please, in the game settings give to the player any way to inverting this control or customized as desired. It still does not exist. Any way to turret or optics rotation via "Alt (or any button) + Mouse" would be very desirable, while the FREELOOK would work just like in all other vehicles by means only mouse rotation. This is a main advantage of this feature - it would make the FREELOOK game setting the same for any vehicle in Arma3 Thanks...
  12. JSRS SOUNDMOD 6.18.0820

    Hi LJ! I continue to enjoy your mod, and again thank you! I want to note the tanks sounds, the tank gameplay sounds awesome! But there are some notes from my side/ After the upgrade of DLC Tanks, the time reloading machine guns inside tanks was increased (gunner position/ commander position). Now the recharge time is much longer (this takes about 15-20 seconds), but the sound for recharging remains very short. Unfortunately, this contrast does not look good. Can you make sure that throughout the recharge, a short recharge sound would be repeated several times in a row? Or replace the sound with a longer one (if it does not cause problems) As seems to me, any suitable for duration, sound effect for recharging, could improve the simulation inside tanks I also want to note the sound of shooting from Minigun of Qilin LSV (!maybe all miniguns also) Unfortunately, this does not sound good, the sound is rather strange, like the screeching of metal, but not at shooting. Maybe there is an error? Or the sound needs to be replaced? Please pay attention to these detail. I remember in old versions of JSRM the minigun shooting sounded much better
  13. AI Discussion (dev branch)

    I do not know how to do it. Where to create this post? In addition, I wanted to see interested users in such a petition, but it seems that they are not present in the nature. I'll have to face it ...
  14. AI Discussion (dev branch)

    So what? You want to say that the standard updates never broke the game? Of course they broke. DLC brought a greater chance for breakdowns, while standard updates also had every chances broke the game... Perhaps in the developers' studio, there was a lot of staff turnover. Some people started the previous version of the game, while the next version was finished completely different people. For this reason, the docking of the two versions of the game always does not go smoothly I see that while no one has any desire to create a petition that I proposed: No any answer about. Instead of wanting to create a petition, just chatter. Let's create a petition! Or Most likely this date is September 3, 2018, the final death for arma3 AI?
  15. Привет дружище. У меня есть только небольшой взгляд со стороны, по поводу твоих видосов с багами. Когда предоставляешь видео с примерами ошибок, пожалуйста будь более информативен. Я уже давно периодически просматриваю твои видосы с ошибками Армы и очень часто я не могу понять их. В чем именно ошибка? Какие у тебя выводы о текущей проблеме или какие наблюдения? В твоих видео, которые ты показываешь  нет ни названия (у тебя всегда только ряд цифр) и не бывает детального описания проблемы, под видео о которой ты сообщаешь.


    Я боюсь что разработчики скорее всего не имеют желанию углубляться в каждый видос с ошибками и включать мозги чтобы понять его. Значит такие видео могут быть бесполезны, они просто останутся незамеченными. В последнем cвоем посте ты дал краткое название проблем, но его почти не видно, между плотного вертикального ряда видео, к тому же твое описание проблемы есть лишь на форуме, где то между строк. Дай пробелы между видео, назови и опиши детально проблемы.


    В общем, если выложил видео, то давай громкий заголовок и детальное описание проблемы и главное назови видео именем проблемы на самом ютубе.

    Мне кажется видео должно быть информативным и на ютубе, так больше шансов, что оно будет замечено разработчиками и сообществом в целом. 


    Это лишь мое мнение, потому-что иногда мне твои видео кажутся не понятными.