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  1. mickeymen

    United States Air Force Mod (2019)

    Can anyone from users or USAF team tell me where the player can find nuclear weapons? I rummaged through all the options for loading pylons on all USAF planes! I read the description of each bomb, but I did not see the word "Nuclear" anywhere Thus I never found a nuclear weapon. It seemed to me that I had seen this before, I can't understand where it disappeared or am I just blind and I can't see it
  2. mickeymen

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    Before, I discussed the required settings for AI if using LAMBS. It looks like I can't wait for a response from the LAMBS team, but I want to share my observations with every LAMBS user. It can be useful... As far as I know, the GAME / DIFFICULTY/ AI LEVEL setting will affect the detection capabilities of the AI. At least I have already been convinced of this more than once, varying these values. I think I found the optimal settings, at which the visual detection of the AI enemy looks not as super-human ability and at the same time I feel that the AI is a enought hardcore opponents! Before the AI detection update, in 2.5.2 I always had more values, always within 0.8-1.0, but as it turned out, these values look inadequate with LAMBS version 2.5.2 , because LAMBS increased ai-visual detection in this version. Then I slowly began to lower these values, from 1.0 to lower values. I started using the AI level value as 0.6 As a result, I have to always slo-o-owly crawl without lifting my ass if the AI is looking in my direction and at the same time, you have a chance to hide from the visual detection of AI-opponents (if be very careful) at different distances. When I say "Different distance" I mean it is within 100-75-50, maybe even less meters. Seems to me, the value 0.6 of AI level, will still allow the player to create stealth missions and at the same time get non-blind and dangerous AI opponents. Durring stealth mission the feeling of danger makes me very happy. Many thanks to the LAMBS team! This way my game looks good with the settings (+ - small differences): AI LEVEL: 0.6 AI PRECISION: 0.35 Everyone can try these values and get strong and not blind opponents.
  3. mickeymen

    JSHK Contamination Area Mod

    @jshock Hi! this mod dead or we still have chance? Mod hasn't been updated since last year I’m so sorry, because its structure is the best mod for CBRN simulation, yet the user has no still smooth gameplay. I decided to run it today but it keeps reporting errors in scripting: or this: Environmental Effects Module not working at all. @Jshock, please do not bury your work, continue at least some improvements! Can confirm these issues ... so sad it doesn't work fine
  4. mickeymen

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    I noticed one important detail! When I used LAMBS_Danger.fsm v2.5.2 RC (previous version before 2.5.2), I saw the AI automatically turn on its laser designators. The AI turned them on and off at its own discretion and it looked great! Has anyone other than me seen this yet? But now when I use LAMBS_Danger.fsm v2.5.2 I can't see it anymore. It makes me very sad... My question to the creators of LAMBS - did you include this feature only in RC version? Or is the reason I am talking about is in other mods that I use? I would like you to revert this feature if you turned it off. In general, I would like to understand where the reason is, is it LAMBS or another my updated mod PS: Ideally, I would dream of seeing the AI use laser pointers on its own and so that it affects the battle! After all, if soldiers carry these devices with them they must use them, at least sometimes. For example, if the AI uses its laser pointers and the range to the self target is < X meters (can be within 50 m or any other value), then the AI's fire precision, can have greater multiplier, but at the same time, such a fighter would be more noticeable to AI-opponents. Detecting a fighter with activated laser pointers, already exists in Arma3 mods, for example it worked well in LOGIC FSM mod. It would be great to see this expanded feature in LAMBS Danger also.
  5. mickeymen

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    Right! This happens too often. In addition, the AI will not always move with this kind of animation. A roll-animation without moving to the side looks unnatural
  6. mickeymen

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    I don't know what you mean when you say "tone down the AI rolling around like toddlers high on candy" You probably mean a super-fast roll when the AI is on the ground. I managed to avoid this by using the TPW mod, which slows down the crazy vanilla roll animation and makes it more adequate. As a result, the reactions of AI units look more pleasing to the player's eye. Try it! I would also like to learn at least some options for disabling the AI animations that occur when the AI is under fire. In this case, the player sees problems, that the vanilla game does not have. For example: 1) the ai-unit can teleport - disappear and appear withnin 3-4-6 meters to the right or left of its initial position. 2) the ai-unit can slip in place, move its legs, but at the same time do not move anywhere 3) ai-unit will try to avoid shots (side or diagonal movement) with superhuman speed 4) ai-unit lying on the ground will rotate (roll) but not move in the direction of rotation On the one hand, this all complicates the ability to hit such an AI, but on the other hand, it is unpleasant for the player's eye, especially when the player is a sniper and fires a group of AI from a long distance. I've tried disabling auto-maneuvers in the LAMBS settings but it doesn't affect that. As I understood the maneuvers are movement, bypass for suppression, etc It would be nice to see in LAMBS the enable/disable the AI's dodge reactions when they under fire.
  7. No, I have not realized the problem now, after 8 years. I've always seen that the lights in Arma work strangely, but before, I was just like you, it didn't really bother me because the vanilla flashlights (which mounted on the weapon) in Arma3 are very dim and have a short range. But as soon as I started using this mod https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2218330498 which has great long-range flashlights, I felt the problem more acutely. This mod has lovely flashlights, try this mod! Once you understand how these flashlights work, you will want to get your hands on the solution to the light problem in Arma3 more decisively. I started using this mod recently. These lights open up new night gameplay for Arma3, but unfortunately the in-game light physics absence partically breaks that down. I created a ticket on the feedback forum, please support it, if you do not like how the light of flashlights and headlights in arma3 works. PS: now I saw that the ticket is closed, with the status "Won't Fix", I'm sorry... Good luck everyone and thanks for the discussion!
  8. Thank you more for your efforts (screenshot and description), but I don't see any significant difference between what happened and how it becomes with a cone. I think , visually it's the same. I am sad from such a thought, the end of the life of our favorite game... but someone nevertheless made a modification of the light which is mentioned in Spotrep. I hope it can still happen... Maybe via mods? that's what I meant. They can make light as long physical object - light cone with Poligonal Mesh for the sensitivity of obstacles, which allow to turn it off/on on objects where it hit (as it works for lasers) or some other tricks/ After all, creating shadows from light is not an alien technology. Even the old batlefield3 doesn't have flashlights shining through walls and stone fences.
  9. mickeymen

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    Big thanks for the great release! As long as LAMBS exists, Arma 3 will never die... PS: In the future, If you will need to run some in-game AI tests, that you don't have time for, I'm always ready to do them for the LAMBS team.
  10. Then maybe you can tell us what the light cones have to do. What is their meaning if visually the light has not changed in any way? Thank you for this information, but I still hope that the situation is not hopeless and that, I hope if desired, some changes could be made to the Arma3 engine in order to somehow mitigate this problem. If you take as an example, then the lasers mounted on rifles are perfectly blocked by obstacles in their path. Thus, lasers have no problem with this, and it would probably be possible to create blocking of light using their example.
  11. yet our themes seem a little different. You are talking about the glowing lamps and lanterns themselves, about their flicker and textures. But I'm try talking about the obstruction of light by physical objects
  12. Good day! I am writing in this thread, because I see that some work is underway with the light in the game (Game update - 2.06) and I want the BIS developers to see this. Today I received update 2.06. and read about some updates on the light (Added: Volumetric light cones (similar as on vehicles) to flashlights) I'm not sure if I understood this update correctly, because visually, I could not see any differences in any flashlights. I had a question that I think is important for the Arma3 community. Today any light in the arma3 will shine through walls and houses, betraying its owner! This does not take into account large physical objects at all and it makes me very upset. Moreover, the problem will be for both flashlights and vehicles. Example 1: Example 2: Also, if light hits the wall from inside the building, it light hit will be visible on the outside of the building! Example3: All this creates a hellish confusion for the player, regarding the light sources! This makes it impossible to create adequate flashlight mission in an urban environment. Unfortunatelly the light physic in arma3 looks looks silly and not realistic. I would like to know - the solution to this question is impossible? In Arma3, impossible create shadow LODS that can take into account (will blocks) a light of flashlight or vehicles headlights. B.I.S. please give your attention to this issue or inform the community about the impossibility to do anything...
  13. mickeymen

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    Hey dude, I long time playing Arma 3 on the settings I specified above (decimal fractions - 0.0), and now you urge me to lower the values to hundredths (0.00). I admit that the BI is incorrectly calibrated, but I that if it is really incorrectly calibrated, there cannot be such a huge difference! It shouldn't have hundredths (0.00) in any way, otherwise, you will play against AI-suckers, instead of difficult AI-players. I don’t know if you like it, but I don’t like it. I've been playing only with decimal values (0.0) for over seven years, this way i got adequate and hardcore AI-players and I don't see any problem with decimals
  14. mickeymen

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    Are you talking about monstrously low settings, are you sure you are talking about game difficulty settings, in settings / game / difficulty / simulation / AI level? If we look at the vanilla presets, we will see the following values: Expert AI LEVEL: 0.8 AI PRECISION: 0.7 Normal AI LEVEL: 0.7 AI PRECISION: 0.5 So your values are microscopically small ... I can't even imagine such values for myself, I've been playing Arma3 since 2013, I've always used these values: AI LEVEL: within 0.8 - 1.0, but no less values AI PRECISION: within 0.35-0.45, but no less values Thus, all these years, I have used these values and enjoyed the game. I like hardcore AI opponents, only sometimes it was annoying the excessive AI accuracy, for this reason I used 0.35-0.45 for accuracy, I find it comfortable to play with such values. As for the AI Level, I have always tried to maximize this value precisely so that the AI can visualy detect me at great distances at the daytime, so that it is not blind, and I want to say that 1.0 is quite playable for the player, I have not noticed any non-human vigilance in AI players especially with previous versions of LAMBS. Only after trying LAMBS_Danger.fsm v2.5.2 RC I noticed that the AI sees too unrealistically in the dark night. Maybe I need to try to lower AI SKILL down, which I have never done before, I will definitely try. For this reason, I would like to know what values are used on their computers by the creators of LAMBS. LAMBS team please tell your numbers for AI LEVEL & AI PRECISION in your settings ?
  15. mickeymen

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    @diwako Can you please tell me what settings in the difficulty of the game for AI do you recommend if LAMBS danger is used? I am interested in AI SKILL and AI PRECISION Maybe there is no need to remove lambs_range.pbo, just need to reduce AI SKILL to an acceptable value?