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  1. JSRS SOUNDMOD 6.18.0719

    Maybe you're right, but still there is my uncertainty. I'm not sure if the footsteps are too low, but I'm sure of a too quiet movement when the character prone! At such times, the person's head is only 10-20 cm from the source of sound (grass or ground) As seems to me the player should hear the sound of crawling much louder
  2. Arma 3 flinching mechanics

    After 5 years and the same splinter in ass of player... Today, even after such a long time, the my eyes bleed when I see hit-animations and ragdoll physics in Arma3 and I'm sure I'm not alone. In Bohemia Interactive Studio for five years, and there is not even one talent animator able to fix this sh..t. And most interesting - there is not a single mod able to fix it also! After this time, I'm shocked :/ But I remember one moment! Before to the the Arma3 Nexus update, the ACE3 mod was able correct this ugliness! I remember perfectly well the moment, when I caught myself thinking that the now the Arma3 hit reactions looked perfect! I have not seen any crazy jerking and flying into heaven. All deaths looked serious, but after the game Nexus update, it was broken and it seems that forever...
  3. JSRS SOUNDMOD 6.18.0719

    Hey, just some adjustments, relative to the details that I noticed. I listened more carefully and yet noticed that the sound of folding bipods is present, but it has at least two problems a) very quiet sound, the player has every chance not to hear it at all! b) the sound will only work once at first attempt - Note, if player will try to assemble/disassemble his bipod several times in a row , then there will be no sound. Please correct this. LJ I like your last build. That sounds very good. Many sounds have become better than in the previous versions of JSRS. For example, all MX, Katibas , Mk 20 and all reloading sounded much better. Except for the errors (absence of autocannons sound of air vehicles) that I mentioned above, I would like to draw your attention to some more details. This is nothing more than my opinion, but as seems to me, the all pistols in JSRS do not sound good, I think it's very quiet and too dry. Not enough volume and meat (basses) I think the pistols in JSRS should sound more powerfull ! Also the new sounds of the hand rocket/missile launch (AT-Titan @ RPG-42) sound worse than your previous sounds. Now they lost its power and does not sound near the player's ear , now as if further away from ear. If you find there roughness, try to polish these details) As it seems to me, you will be interesting see this videos in which the sound for the game is recorded and even possible that, it will be useful for your work. There are English subtitles:
  4. JSRS SOUNDMOD 6.18.0719

    Hello LJ. As far as I remember in the vanilla game there is a sound, when the player puts the primary weapon on bipod. As seems to me this special sound was in old JSRS versions also, but now (v. 6.18.0629B) i notticed, the player does not have any deployment sounds. Please add this. Also It would not be bad to have a special deploying sound to place primary weapons even without bipods (when the weapon no has bipods and player can put it simply on the ground or any elevation) These two details could significantly improve the perception of the player. Thank you
  5. JSRS SOUNDMOD 6.18.0719

    good release, but the autocannon of most aircraft does not have a sound. To-199 Neophron, A-164 Wipeout, Black Wasp (both version), A-143 Buzzard, Y-32 Xi'an VTOL - they all have no autocannon sound
  6. JSRS SOUNDMOD 6.18.0719

    Hi LJ! Thank you my friend for the update - 6.18.0629 If you remember my discontent about the sounds of MX, then I already put up with it, but this time the MX sounds very good, it's even better than the previous sound (6.17.1211-version) that I liked! Particularly delightful are the new sounds of all weapons reloading, and RPG-rocket hits on targets (explosions waves) it sounds very great! Thank you for being with us for so many years, I can not think of Arma3 without your mod, it's just not playable for me. Cheers!
  7. At last! This is a brilliant improvement of the game!
  8. Hey, your poetry is brilliant, but I do not want to compete with you in verbal masturbation, I do not have such talents/ My idea was that Arma 3 - is a unique game, but which can not be polished by devs even after 5 years, while endless DLC were only commercial projects. I bought every DLC from BIS in the hope, that at last small issues will be corrected, but instead, I saw how each post-DLC added a new errors. Now I see, that 25-30% of game is not functional (or it does not work well), while those parts is stated as a functional part of the game and now, after 5 year of Arma 3 life, I can not call this fact as a good support. This causes me great regret, because I love Arma.
  9. What do you see as support? In the infinite DLC that they want to sell?
  10. As far as I know your remarks Strike_NOR at this forum, you are attracted to realistic arguments in Arma. In accordance with the new interiors that we received from BIS such a decision, it would not look realistic. I think, now if we have a separate cab for the driver, then if we take realism into account, for entering on the this position first the player must get out from gunner or commander positions. You like no one else need to understand this. Namely - soldier must risking his life during dangerous situation and it's must spent time for changing positions, only then it will look realistic. My suggestion does not require any new animations. Entering from outside (at any place - driver, gunner, commander) can have only single basic animation.
  11. This does not seem to me fair, since the gunner (operator of flying missile) should not see the target and continue the self attack. The target is already inside the smoke and for this reason must be invisible
  12. @martin_lee you are talking only about the switch on between of the commander/gunner. What about the switching to a driver position and vice versa? The driver cabin in a most vehicles is located in a separate (not connected with the commander/gunner cabin) compartment Since I see a detailed and beautiful interior, I am extremely annoyed by this fact at which the game ignores itself
  13. Hmm. Still I did not notice what you were saying. Several times I conducted a special experiments. I put in the editor against himself BTR-Kamysh and after alert of incoming missile I let out smoke and I try move and move from current posion, however I still got a missile hit. However my experience is not great, I will try again
  14. Hey users, maybe anyone can tell me? A player inside "Rhino MGS" has warnings about an incoming missiles. The sensors of Rhino show this, but the "C-button" (countermeasures) do not seem to work. It only releases smoke, that does not protect Rhino from the approaching missile. Maybe there is some kind of secret countermeasures? Otherwise, I do not quite understand why an incoming missile is being shown, if Rhino no has any countermeasures against incoming missile
  15. Today there are no plans...but maybe tomorrow. Still, you promised that you will still support the game for a while. I would not want to wait a some year, before for the announcement of Arma 4, and then again wait 4 years for the next DLC where the interiors will arrived and only after that get an adequate change positions mechanics. It seems to me that the visualy current vehicle interiors look too great, to not polish the interaction mechanics with them now. In this current life cycle of the Arma, the change of positions from the outside, would be quite a feasible task for you as developers. This does not require any new mechanic, this system already exists in the some above-mentioned vehicles. Probably the problem is not the creation of this feature, but the fact that not every Arma 3 user wants to see the Arma as a hard-core super realistic sim. I admit it. However I always did not like the fact that the game difficulty levels in Arma does not share the gameplay in a significantly different way and can not satisfy players with different needs simultaneously. If in the near future the game settings will share the position change system in accordance with the needs of different players, then it would be great.