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  1. Hi devs! All with the fifth anniversary of Arma3! I wanted to talk about the free look ability of player inside the vehicles, after Tanks DLC it looks contradictory. In the - GAME OPTIONS/GENERAL/VEHICLE FREELOOK there is a setup (enabled/disabled) however, now after appearence of armor Interriors this setting does not will affect heavy armor vehicles. The activated FREELOOK will have influence only on planes, helicopters, cars, MRAPS - all vehicles in Arma3, but except only tanks and APC. This fact makes the setting of FREELOOK not stable for any vehicle in game. So player get different rules for free rotating the head inside vehicles. When FREELOOK activated, then in planes, helicopters, civilian cars, light armored vehicles the player can rotate his head only by means Mouse, while inside the tanks and APC the player must use "Alt + Mouse" - this makes the player control not identical to all vehicles in Arma3, because after update 1.82 in the Tank and APC, the "Mouse rotation" is only the turret/optics rotation. All this moments makes some confusion for player relatively game settings. As seems to me, inside tanks and APC it would be better to invert this control. The freelook must be - only via mouse, while the turret/optic rotation must be via Alt + Mouse. If this will be done, then the "VEHICLE FREELOOK" could have the same effect on any vehicle in the Arma3, It would be logical. Among other things, simple rotation of the head for a human looks more simple and natural action than the rotation of the turret or the optics of the tank inside. For this reason, this action should be easier to manage for the player control - only the mouse is the rotation of the head, while the Mouse + Alt (or any other button) - this is the more adequate rotation of weapons or optics inside the any vehicle. Devs if you still are not going to invert it, then please, in the game settings give to the player any way to inverting this control or customized as desired. It still does not exist. Any way to turret or optics rotation via "Alt (or any button) + Mouse" would be very desirable, while the FREELOOK would work just like in all other vehicles by means only mouse rotation. This is a main advantage of this feature - it would make the FREELOOK game setting the same for any vehicle in Arma3 Thanks...
  2. JSRS SOUNDMOD 6.18.0820

    Hi LJ! I continue to enjoy your mod, and again thank you! I want to note the tanks sounds, the tank gameplay sounds awesome! But there are some notes from my side/ After the upgrade of DLC Tanks, the time reloading machine guns inside tanks was increased (gunner position/ commander position). Now the recharge time is much longer (this takes about 15-20 seconds), but the sound for recharging remains very short. Unfortunately, this contrast does not look good. Can you make sure that throughout the recharge, a short recharge sound would be repeated several times in a row? Or replace the sound with a longer one (if it does not cause problems) As seems to me, any suitable for duration, sound effect for recharging, could improve the simulation inside tanks I also want to note the sound of shooting from Minigun of Qilin LSV (!maybe all miniguns also) Unfortunately, this does not sound good, the sound is rather strange, like the screeching of metal, but not at shooting. Maybe there is an error? Or the sound needs to be replaced? Please pay attention to these detail. I remember in old versions of JSRM the minigun shooting sounded much better
  3. AI Discussion (dev branch)

    I do not know how to do it. Where to create this post? In addition, I wanted to see interested users in such a petition, but it seems that they are not present in the nature. I'll have to face it ...
  4. AI Discussion (dev branch)

    So what? You want to say that the standard updates never broke the game? Of course they broke. DLC brought a greater chance for breakdowns, while standard updates also had every chances broke the game... Perhaps in the developers' studio, there was a lot of staff turnover. Some people started the previous version of the game, while the next version was finished completely different people. For this reason, the docking of the two versions of the game always does not go smoothly I see that while no one has any desire to create a petition that I proposed: No any answer about. Instead of wanting to create a petition, just chatter. Let's create a petition! Or Most likely this date is September 3, 2018, the final death for arma3 AI?
  5. Привет дружище. У меня есть только небольшой взгляд со стороны, по поводу твоих видосов с багами. Когда предоставляешь видео с примерами ошибок, пожалуйста будь более информативен. Я уже давно периодически просматриваю твои видосы с ошибками Армы и очень часто я не могу понять их. В чем именно ошибка? Какие у тебя выводы о текущей проблеме или какие наблюдения? В твоих видео, которые ты показываешь  нет ни названия (у тебя всегда только ряд цифр) и не бывает детального описания проблемы, под видео о которой ты сообщаешь.


    Я боюсь что разработчики скорее всего не имеют желанию углубляться в каждый видос с ошибками и включать мозги чтобы понять его. Значит такие видео могут быть бесполезны, они просто останутся незамеченными. В последнем cвоем посте ты дал краткое название проблем, но его почти не видно, между плотного вертикального ряда видео, к тому же твое описание проблемы есть лишь на форуме, где то между строк. Дай пробелы между видео, назови и опиши детально проблемы.


    В общем, если выложил видео, то давай громкий заголовок и детальное описание проблемы и главное назови видео именем проблемы на самом ютубе.

    Мне кажется видео должно быть информативным и на ютубе, так больше шансов, что оно будет замечено разработчиками и сообществом в целом. 


    Это лишь мое мнение, потому-что иногда мне твои видео кажутся не понятными.

  6. AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Hello. From my point of view, most updates are useless (most of all it is dlc), because it destroys the stability the previous versions game and often add non-functional things. About breakdowns, I already gave some examples above.There are tons of other examples, they all hang for years on the feedback tracker and no one tries to fix them. The most affected is artificial intelligence, this directly relates to this topic, so I'm talking about this. Now, I do not want to deep into the discussion about the usefulness/uselessness of updates, this is not related to this topic. As part of our conversation about Encore (as no more than just about the last update) , I can give the following example: It took a lot of work to create "USS Liberty", but it is impossible to apply it in a single mission, because the AI is not able to move around it It is impossible to create any mission on this ship! I can not understand for this use? It can be used only as a visual decoration, not more, because It can not move, it is not destructible and even AI can not move around it! The AI will not understand the waypoints on his board - It will always pass through walls, or fall overboard. It's a real shame.... The same applies to Freedom Carrier. This is completely useless material, because the AI-pilots is not able to take off / land on it. The deck crew is not able to understand where the boundaries of this ship and any waypoint on his board - they will constantly fall into the sea ~ All these ships are only a beautiful pictures, but they are not functional. I think a useful update will be if developers stop adding any non-functional garbage to the game, and instead start to raise the functionality of the game. Now ( v1.84) One third of the Arma3 is simply not working things, while this is the declared material in the game, most of all it concerns AI. Here's my answer.
  7. AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Dear users! All who are concerned about the fact of the destruction of AI in the game! I think we need to come up with some kind of mechanism, an impact on the developers. Otherwise, the developers will not react in any way, to the desire to make AI more adequate. Every day the chances are increasingly melting! The remaining developers spend their efforts to create useless things (such as encore), which, moreover, are likely to add additional AI-errors. I do not even dream of having a new capabilities added to the AI. I only dream of having everything that is stated in ArmA3 worked fine! I mean every command for player subordinates in the command menu and every waypoint type and its settings, which is stated the game editor. All this details must work 100%! Unfortunately, it seems to me, now 40% of those details in Arma3 is not functional or semi-functional. All this is a sad experience, which makes me angry because I remember the moments when it all worked fine! I propose to collect a petition Let's think together, How it's best can be done? A petition with a large number of signatures may have a chance
  8. AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Yes Yes Yes! BIS please find and please hire again the AI programmers! if not in the studio, then this may be AI Mod-makers from this Forum!
  9. AI Discussion (dev branch)

    You are absolutely right this is sad. From those that I found, these AI-bugs were added after the two last updates After 1.80 the "Next Waypoint" command for AI-driver not work stable After 1.82 the AI-subordinates do not enter the cargo hold of vehicle After 1.82 the radio-status "Ready" for AI-subordinate drivers disappeared After 1.82, the ai-gunner is unable execute the Fire-command of his commander I found 4 destruction for AI in two last updates! And this is not all bugs, there are other bugs not related to AI! F*uuuuuck I'm hit!!! BIS no longer has AI-programmers, but continues to make useless updates, for this reason that I said that - I dream about the times, when all this endless and useless updates will end Yes it's true, but big part of AI capabilities already not functional, within the declared gameplay of the game in which it should work! Note that before this worked. In Arma3 the AI does not understand the some waypoints and settings inside this waypoint, Now AI not understand the commands in the command menu. I do not want to see any non-functional garbage in the game - I think this is the desire of normal user who loves his game I'm glad that you still understand my message
  10. AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Hey hello. You did not understand anything that I said, maybe it's my fault. I said that any update since the release of Arma3 (this is 2013), broke something from the previous version of this game. For example version 1.12, broke partially version 1.1 and so on. Sometimes it was microscopic breakage but still. Anyone who was attentive to the game could have noticed this @Ivanoff.N as a matter of fact wrote about the same, the story continues
  11. AI Discussion (dev branch)

    I do not remember not one update (2013-2018), so it does not break anything from the previous game. How tired I am of these updates! All last updates always kills precisely the artificial intelligence or something associated with it (for example, control of the AI through the command menu). All tickets on feedback just hang in the void and no one fixes it. Instead of fixing, the developers are preparing the next update, which will add new bugs. I dream about the times, when all this endless and useless updates will end! It seems to me (at least so it looks from the side) that the BIS has long disbanded its AI - programmers, for this reason, we see only breakdowns of AI, instead of progress. We need to accept with a partial collapse of the AI in the Arma, unfortunately in this life it will never be polished.
  12. JSRS SOUNDMOD 6.18.0820

    Hm, does the sound of building destruction not work just like it does for vehicles explosions? I remember that before, I saw that in JSRS the sounds of explosions for different distances had personal files. For example, for explosions of vehicles at different distances, personal sound files that corresponded to the special ranges: Close_Distance Medium_Distance Far_Distance If Arma not uses of multiple audio files for destruction at different distances for buildings, then I can understand why it has the same file at any distances :/ Now I understand you and this is a good update!
  13. JSRS SOUNDMOD 6.18.0820

    I did not understand what you meant when you said it - "I noticed I barely hear this noise cutoff anymore", but now I checked it and to be honest, I do not see any special differences :/ I did 2 tests: 1) test with Charge Assambly: I installed two explosive devices inside two houses and drove in the car at a distance of 100-150 m. When I detonated the explosive devices, the sound of the building crash was just the same as we hear at more shorter distances, but only more quiet. This is a sound of sharped distruction + glass ringing sound. It seems to me that when a building collapses, the building destruction sound at distances more 150 meters must have a different sound source, in this cases please try using special distant sounds (less sharped and significantly longer due to echoes) I want to say that muffled near-destruction sounds are not suitable for this purpose. 2) Test with artillery fire: I put myself and my ai-subordinate(mortar gunner) on top of the hill and ordered my ai-subordinate to shoot at home in nears city from a distance of approximately 300-400 meters. When one building was destroyed I did not hear any sound from the collapse of the building in general! Only the sound of an artillery hit was heard and then silence. It seems to me that the sound from the crash of the building must be heard at great distances and should be longer than the sound of one artillery hit. Probably this sound should be noticeable for the audibility of the player, minimum within a radius 600-800 meters, at JSRS it is always lost at the big distances, for this reasons, so already I have long asked you to create this features. It was just my humble opinion, on the whole your mod will always be the best for me
  14. JSRS SOUNDMOD 6.18.0820

    Perhaps this is due to the surface (Virtual Reality) on which the character of the player is located. If possible check all surfaces, maybe somewhere else this will not work
  15. JSRS SOUNDMOD 6.18.0820

    Thank you I would like to add that your mod sounds better and better. The new version is a holiday for all users. It really makes ArmA much better New sounds of movement along the asphalt are magnificent, Shot and Hit from the RPG is just a delight, Personal sounds for different weapons with supressors add variety, Sharper explosions are better, It is possible to enumerate further and urther... Thank you so much for this progress!