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  1. Hmmm.... I don’t even know for the better your innovation or not! Yet, when AI vision was taken into account, it would look more natural. I fear, as if in the new version, every AI-infantryman would run away from a grenade earlier than this grenade would explode! Even if a grenade fell from his back! - this can be not good, because the player’s grenade still must be effective Maybe you should give a random delay within 0-2 seconds before the AI will run away or lie on the ground? Or maybe the ai-vision can be used as a trigger in the same way, but only under certain conditions? Please think about it
  2. Thank you very much! However, could you explain the principles of Grenade Duck to all users of your mod? Most importantly, I would like to know the vision of the AI will be taken into account or not? Maybe will the code only work relative to the radius around the AI without vision? Do you use any random characteristics?
  3. It will be better than the game will raise you to kill, at moment when you namely want save your virtual life! Yes, I sometimes use a switch of fire or a change of arms before I go to prone, but I can’t always manage to do this (I can forget or not have time). At that moments , I want to break the keyboard and monitor
  4. Hei Bohemia! Half a year has passed since I published this post! At first I needed to prove a crazy bug, because you did not believe me, but I still proved that it exists! Now that I have proved it and half a year has passed - we want to know: When this crazy bug will be fixed ? @BIS! Half a year has passed, it was easier for you to create a whole DLC Contact, instead of fixing this shameful mistake that kills the player! The player is tired of dying from the return fire of the tank - the game seems to mock the player. It spoils the quality of your game! Each time a shot from the Titan-launcher (top fire mode) and in the 50% of cases, you is a dead soldier, because the game will lift you to your feet and return fire will kill you! Why should a player die from this shameful error and experience negative emotions? Developers are you going to correct it or not? If you can’t fix it, just remove the switching fire modes from the game! Let the Titan have only the top fire mode by default Please finally do something!
  5. Thanks you @TPW. I also want to tell you for a long time and constantly postpone this question. Please also consider DUCK (AI-grenade avoiding) because AI extremely rarely uses maximum movement speed to escape from a grenade explosion! As a result, avoidance efficiency is very small. I made a video for you with three AI attempts to avoid a grenade explosion: * the first grenade throw - from 6 soldiers no one survives (pay attention only three run away, the rest go away in slow steps) * the second grenade throw - from 6 soldiers only one survive (pay attention only three run away, the rest go away in slow steps) * the third grenade throw - from 5 soldiers only one survive (pay attention only only two run away, the rest go away in slow steps) As you can see they are not all in a hurry to escape! However, please explain how it works? Should an AI see a grenade or AI only should be inside the radius of a fallen grenade? AI will be use self vision or not? Maybe they don’t run away because they don’t see the grenade? But then why are they trying to leave, at a slow pace? I think this is not logical... The good implementation in my view would be this - In order for AI to escape, two conditions are needed: 1) AI should see the fallen grenade visually. I don’t know whether it’s possible to implement in the game or not, but if the AI sees enemies, then why it can’t see the grenade? To do this, AI needs to be turned in grenade direction and this should work at a distance from 0 meters and so on to any max-distance you set. For example, 10 meters may be max-distance. Also at desire, you can give a random customizable chance of probability for escape, for example - 0.8, 0.85 etc. 2) AI must hear the fallen grenade (! if even not see). It is only at short distances - when the grenade fell within < 2-3 meters. if any of these items takes place be, then the AI must run away at full speed! Please make sure that all soldiers (if not injured ) always run away grenade at maximum speed - I think if a any person notices a grenade he will always run at full speed - this will add realism and increase survival. What do you think about it? I don’t know how this is possible or not, just say what you could implement and what you could not Thank you
  6. @LordJarhead I updated your mod, and now I can not play DLC Contact. When loading a mission, I see a message: You cannot play this task because it depends on the downloaded content that has been deleted: jsrs_soundmod_snd_environment, jsrs_soundmod_snd_land_vehicles, jsrs_soundmod_snd_land_movement, jsrs_soundmod_snd_land_warfare, jsrs_soundmod_snd_land_weapons, I tried Dependency Fixes mod, but not result! How do I play Contact?
  7. Hi @0Y0! I try to be as clear as possible No not always - A bullet can don't touch the bone, bullet can hit a vest - not body or just slightly hook you! In this case, after medic impact, soldier can even continue the battle in real conditions I do not urge you to do super realism, I urge you not to kill the medic as a class and let him take orders (as it is in vanilla) This is the most important thing that you lack in my opinion Dude, the word automatically is the worst thing in this explanation. The player should be able to call a medic, since Arma 3 is so arranged - it has the action menu and - "Status / Injured" On your mod, this system is broken. If you don’t want or cannot restore it then just delete it from the action menu! Why in the your mod is not functional things? It makes no sense - it's just like garbage I have seen dozens of times as a standard unit (not a medic!) Drags me on the ground and helps me! Yes, I was no longer on my feet, but I do not understand what you mean? You want to say that a medic treats only players standing on their feet? This is very good, but let them obey the orders of the player or the AI-commander in the same way, and let the medic with MedKit always treat more efficiently - This will make your mod a masterpiece! Let them react to the order in the same way at any distance! huge difference - this allows me to APPRECIATE the Medics in my squad more than other soldiers, since no medic cannot use the MedKit. This adds a sense of more realistic gameplay. Within a squad I will always appreciate and protect the medic Your differences are very small. The main problems: 1) is you as a squad leader, you cannot order a self subordinate medic to treat you 2) is you as a squad leader, you cannot order a self subordinate medic to treat soldier of your choice 3) as a subordinate wounded person, you cannot report about wound via command menu and get support from a AI-commander instead of these points, the player has to observe the behavior of a stupid AI. There may be a situation - when a player-commander needs to treat a particular soldier from his squad, but player cannot do this, instead that, the ai medic will go to treat another soldier! Not good( I got you. Thanks! But This behavior is more suitable for ordinary soldiers, while the medic should receive orders! (IMHO) The player must have a choice how to dispose of his subordinate medic! I not use not one AI mod PS: I watched your animation of injuries - crawling when a soldier holds his hands on his head! animations succeed very well - It's looks super cool! You did everything very smoothly, since in other mods there are no such smooth animations, but I beg you - Return Medics and Orders! Please Give a masterpiece to all Arma3 users! Without orders, your mod does not look harmonious. When a player gives orders or receives support (if he reported a wound), he feels a team game, but without all this, the charm of Arma disappears
  8. Not needed - while the game abounds with it - In each squad, in each faction there is a medics! Then just remove it from all factions - such a decision would be more logical. But as long as the medic present is in the any squad, his presence looks senseless in your mod. any soldier treats automatically, not medic. Please note this! The worst thing in your mod, because the player lacks understanding when he can get support! It is very tiring to lie on the ground for 5 and more minutes and see only a red veil! In addition, the fact of "killing yourself" looks only as a way to save the player from boredom. In general, "killing yourself" does not look realistic. How can a wounded man kill himself? In what way, if there is no shot? I understood it perfectly. A large first-aid kit will completely restore health, while a small first-aid kit is not completely. This is the same principle that exists in a vanilla game, but the problem of your mod is that any soldier can use a large first-aid kit, while in a vanilla game ONLY MEDIC can use it. Sometimes there is no battle around me, I watched it inside the buildings, there are no opponents, but no one hurries to me! So when and how much to wait for it? It is very tiring for a player to wait an unknown amount of time for help, when you fall and cannot stand up! Player can wait 3-5-7 minutes and finally not get help - you have to kill yourself! Worst of all, the status of the player (Status / Injured) does not work in your mod. Player can press 10 times - Status/Injured, the player’s character will scream - "injured", "Need doctor"! but no one rush to support you, while in a vanilla game there is a big chance to get support from ai-commander your squad or from subordinate medic of your squad. Dude! thanks for the mod (amazing effects), but unfortunately it’s not playable, I’ll have once again to remove it and wait until a miracle happens one day! I want you to understand that you can’t ignore a medic (as a class) within a game and you can’t remove the medical order system - all this creates more problems than adding improvements.
  9. Hey @TPW, I found the following problem in your mod. Seems to me, I got this after updating Contact. When I shoot from a vehicle’s machine gun (only optics mode without Night vision/Thermal) I noticeably lose game performance (LOW FPS) and also sometimes (at certain angles of fire), bullets hit into an invisible barrier! While using night vision/Thermal then performance is good Example here: I checked several times - If I turn off TPW mod, then there is no problem I suspect this is due to the suppression effects that the invisible box creates for the player. Please fix this! Also I would like to know - if you found this problem in TPW or not?
  10. Hey @0Y0 your mod is awesome! When I first used it I had a version 1.15. Now version 1.26 I am very pleased to look at your progress! Your effects of injuries are superior to any other Arma medical system mod, It is very cool! But as it seems to me the main problem in your mod, is the fact that you destroyed the combat life saver as a class within a Arma gameplay. In your mod, there is no way to use subordinate medics in the squad (command menu - button 6) I do not know why you destroyed the medic and his command, could you explain this? When there is no medic as a special unit or there’s simply no way to ask for help from an ordinary soldier by means command menu, then there are a lot of problems! I try to describe them clearly: a) player there is no way to order medic in his squad to treat another soldier (commanding of subordinate is broken) Management of ai-subordinates is a unique feature of Arma, which is not found in other shooters. It's very sad to lose it! b) the AI-squad leaders will not use medics in the same way. The same reason arose in AI squads! c) the [combat life saver + big medical medkit] will not heal more effectively than an [ordinary soldier + small first aid package], as it is in the vanilla game. d) if the medics do not treat other soldiers by means commander orders, then the medical-aid kit can be used by any soldier. This should not be, since the big medical kit should only be used by a combat life saver not ordinary soldier. Or in your mod does treatment with a medical kit have no greater effect (than treatment with a small first aid package)? e) when a player is seriously injured (cannot move, lies on the ground and bleeds) he cannot call a medic or anyone for his help! You can press 10 times - Status/Injured but no one rush to your aid, while in a vanilla game there is a big chance to get support! I tried to wait for ally help in your mod, but I never could wait for the moment when I get it. so if you are heavy injured it’s easiest to kill yourself. Seems to me Too many problems... Every time I watch your mod, I rejoice, but in the end, every time I have to abandon this :( The main idea of my post - If you could make the all medics or other subordinates able to take orders (from players and ai) and if medics will more effectivelly treat alliy soldiers (as it is in the vanilla game) then your mod would be a masterpiece! Please try to restore these points that I described above. PS: Thanks for your work anyway
  11. mickeymen

    Goko Ballistic Impact add-on

    Hey @goko-- ! Where are you ? where are the updates? Can the user hope (after version 1.15.2) there will be an updated version for helmets, particles, maybe other? I love your mod, I recently discovered that Viper Helmets cannot be damaged after bullet hit them. Can you fix it? Also, I would like to see damaged vests, not only helmets and night vision devices. Is it possible? What do you think about it?
  12. @LordJarhead Sorry, Sorry, Sorry! I apologize for misinformation! As it turned out, my equalizer settings had a preset - "powerfull", when I rolled it back to "default" I felt a completely different sound, it does not sound dry! Oddly enough, the "default" sound settings gave me a more powerful effect! I'll recognize my favorite mod again, Yes! So for every JSRS user! - it’s very important what settings your sound-card has! You may forget that once, a few months ago you changed your sound settings and now the sound will be distorted! @WAR326 check it on your computer, most likely the solution is there Are these settings: subbuffer, сenter, side pair, rear pair, low-frequency control connection. On or off? You need to check how it will be better for your personal perception. I advise everyone to experiment with these checkboxes and find the best sound for yourself - PS: I can make an important conclusion - sometimes JSRS is not what it might seem!
  13. Seems to me, at the fire from first person view all JSRS sounds are too dry :( I think the author of the mod was carried away by this in recent versions. For the first time, I see some vanilla sounds sound better! I loved this mod so much, but now I'm disappointed in this (I speak about only primary hand weapons)... @LordJarhead! Thank you so much for the many years of your work, but it seems to me that you is too keen on sharpen/dry sounds. My easiest test to check it: 1. Place two opposing squads on the map and the observer player (civilian) 2. Use spectator option When the spectator camera is close to the firing soldier, I personally hear a very dry, plastic sound. The same thing happens when shooting in the first person - the player is only half a meter away from the source of the shooting, as seems to me - This sound is too dry, plastic sound - there are not enough low frequency sounds, no meat! But as soon as I move the spectator camera approximately by 10-20-30 meters from this firing soldier, the this fire sound changes to much better, it becomes more powerful, fire with low frequencies! I really like the sound of the distance, why not tell about first-person shooting. My conclusion is that you do not need to make the sound dry, when the observer of the shot is so close to sound source. Please, try to make the sound more similar (!by frequencies) to the observer who is at a distance approximately 10-20, i think it will be much better. IMHO
  14. Hey TPW! Seems to me your mod (BLEEDOUT MODULE, as I suspect) is causing problems for the player when he is pilot of jet. When an anti-air missile hit a player’s plane and the player’s plane loses control ability, player catapults and flies out of the plane alive, but as soon as player selects in the action menu - "Open parachute" he immediately dies! There is no reason for death, because the player is ejected from plane alive! I noticed that, in the TPW the units do not die inside the vehicles, with the loss of blood (if I'm wrong, then correct me) For this reason, I suspect that the player is losing a large amount of blood at the anti-air missile hit, but until the player opened the parachute, he still in status "inside the vehicle" and he does not die. As soon as player opened the parachute, his status changes to "outside the vehicle" and he immediately dies. I think this is a TPW problem, because without in a vanilla game, I never met such a problem. Has anyone seen such a problem in the same way?
  15. About "Contact DLC" shotguns I tested shotguns - Kozlice-12G from "DLC Contact" and this is a pretty powerful weapon that can withstand automatic weapons in ArmA3 even at distances within 60-80 meters! I really liked the implementation of the every shot at which about 20 small bullets take off and after that I want to say: 2019 - how in Arma3 there is not enough choice of shotguns! I want to see in Arma3 other shotguns - automatic shotguns, classic Binelli shotgun, under-barrel shotguns for MX, Katiba, Mk-20 and other vanilla weapons. I want to see various ammo for shotguns - buckshot, bullets, combined cartridges, explosive, armor-piercing and so on. It’s unfortunate that in Arma 3 there are only 2 shotguns (Kozlice + Under Barel shotgun on the Promet Rifle) that exist ONLY in DLC Contact! I even tried to find A3 mods that contain shotguns, but everything I found had a poor implementation compared to Contact shotguns