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  1. Really? It can't be! Lol! 1. prone Issue - https://feedback.bistudio.com/T82196 --- created by me Apr 18 2015 2. prone Issue - was created by another user, 3-4 years ago. I saw this ticket and I suuport this how I can (since duplicate creation is not welcome) 3. prone Issue- https://feedback.bistudio.com/T120511 --- created by me Oct 6 2016 As we see for 3-4 years, these reports are hanging in the void and it is not interesting to anyone My experience is that feedback is almost useless. There can only be only hot topics, which related to the release DLC. Everything else disappears, like a black hole/ It is for this reason that I posted it here!
  2. Hey @tpw here was a lot of chatter about self-suppression or self impact. I found a video that I made when the suppression itself worked in VeteranMod! I found it by chance, it turns out I saved it before. When I asked you about it, I wanted you to do it like this: As you can see that this is possible and the suppression works on self and enemy HITs but not only the enemy PASS BY. If in the future you do this in TPW-mod then it will be very good! If you do not want to do this, I will treat it with understanding... Users help me understand why I can not on the this forum mention the user, so that he saw it? I use "@" in front of the username, example: but I’m unable to create his name, so that he is notified that I mention his name (as blue icon)
  3. Good day Bohemia Interactive! I post it here because feedback is a black hole, please pay a little attention to these issues. Today I run Arma3 and got nauseous. OMG this is my favorite game? Player sees this shit, and I do not understand why this cannot be fixed so many years. This is a real shame for any game, but nobody from developers tries to fix it. Today, I could not play this game, when I see such things, my eyes bleed. 1. Paper and flying corpses when soldier killed in prone: Approximately Every third or fourth corpse which will move and was killed in the prone, will fly unnaturally into the air, while fifth or sixth corpses fly into space! This spoils the impression of such a serious game as Arma3. Please cure finally this shame, If you do not fix it then explain why? 2. Cobra Stance of AI-soldiers when prone: When AI in prone, He is able to take a unnatural position, when he aims at a high target or air-vehicles. The player should not see this, because it breaks his psyche! All you need is to change the available vertical angle for shooting while any rifleman located in a prone position. 3. When player go prone before the stone or other obstracle, he also gets Cobra stance: This issue appeared approximately 3 years ago, but nobody fixes it, as if it does not exist. This not only looks unnatural but also breaks the gameplay. A player may suddenly lose the ability to shoot! Dear developers, please feel sorry for your users and finally fix IT, not because of me, but for the whole Arma community! Dear users! if you don't want to have all this shit in Arma3, then please support this post! I hope that all this will be corrected not in 2021-2022 in Arma4, but soon and in the Arma3
  4. This is a matter of terminology. Call it "not suppression" but otherwise! If you say that your own bullet does not have kinetic energy, then I will not even talk to you. Let's call this impact not suppression. And this IMPACT should be, in a game in which there is already some impact of enemy bullets. Any bullet must have kinetic energy. I’m 100 percent sure if you shot from a carbine and hit an obstacle that is put in front of you at a distance of 30-60 cm, then you would feel what i'm talking about yes Good discussion! In disputes, truth is born Maybe different types of stress, but I think you still can not rule out the # 3 option You're so vain. Just think logically. You must understand that # 2 is ALWAYS worse than # 1 for any person, which under fire! In the # 1 of the viewer the sound of sound of sound cracks, and the # 2 still additionally as bullets slam into stones, many ricochet. It's like an axiom. What do you disagree with? That a player’s weapon is also powerful as an enemy’s weapon? Or that the player’s bullets also have kinetic energy? One hit in front of you for a while will not let you see anything ahead of your carbine, but in the Arma3 we continue to see beautifully Stupid things happen in war. Any war is Stupid thing. During the battle can be anything Yes, maybe It will not supress as enemy bullets, but it will also not let you see what is happening ahead of you! Or do you dispute this fact? Maybe you'll be fine to see what's behind your hit? LOL! For this purpose, need to blur! Call it impact not suppression, this is Impact of self weapon. Today Blur is the only possible simulation of this moment Your teammates will have nothing to do with this issue, since none of them will not shoot and hit in front of your carbine. I'm talking about close bullet-hits in front of the rifleman. I think if there is a suppression in the game (or in the mod), then it should take into account all 3 points. IT IS NECESSARY! Each weapon its own or others should have an impact on the player, but I agree that it can be different. Of course everyone can disagree, that's his right, but I think - If the mod maker cannot divide visual effects between own hit /enemy hit or cannot split the supression between pass by/near hit, then let each bullet impact be the same and be as a blur. It will be better than nothing
  5. I think sound is of secondary importance when suppressing. For a better understanding of my thoughts, I made the following pictures See what do you think would give a greater impact to the suppression of the soldier? First supression: Second supression: I am sure that the second option would have a significantly greater effect of suppression, or more stress if you please. This is exactly what I'm talking about. The kinetic energy of the bullet will be more tangible when bulet hit near the player. If so, then the player must also be able to impact himself. In this case, then the player should also be able to feel the energy of his own bullet or, if you like, I’ll call it - supress yourself:
  6. It is a pity that you can not divide the suppression on the hit / passing bullet. Seems to me that in real life a near bullet-hitting will have a greater supression impact, than bullet passing by the person (especially at a distance of 5 meters) However, I have no sense or desire to challenge my opinion. The only thing I wish - is that you reduce the distance of your suppression. I think that 5 meters is too great a distance for a bullet to impact a player. If this is possible then give the player this setting. Let him be able to determine the distance at which he will be suppressed. Sorry buddy, I do not understand completely what you are saying. Probably language barrier. Most likely the problem of our dispute - is that for you the suppression is when the bullets pass by the player, but in my view the true suppression - is when the bullets hit next to the soldier. In fact, we are talking about different things. As I have already said above, it is the hit that can give a person a complete sense of the bullet kinetic energy, but not a bullet flying past a person. If so, then my conclusion is simple - any bullet must suppress the player. Own or someone else's. I refuse to understand the mods in which the bullets of enemies have an impact on the player and their own bullets have no influence. Everything is very simple. --- PS: If I once find an old version of VeteranMod, I will definitely make the video and show how it worked. I do not know what happened to them and why it does not work in last version of this mod. Maybe they will fix it, in future versions. This worked for all the every bullet (own / enemy) and when player gets hits near objects (!not only pass by). It was the best suppression I've ever seen in Arma3.
  7. Because you can get Hit in front of you by chance! What namelly can not you understand? The player can even just go up to the wall and shoot at it, in order to check the impact of hitting next to him! In the combat situation there may be many moments contributing to this, but here's the easiest: You shot at the enemy in the position of Crouch, being behind a stone, because you do not want the bullets of the enemy to hit you. At shooting you press a button - prone, to lie on the ground, to hide from return fire. When you go down to Prone you can hit from your weapon into your shelter (stone which is in front of you. 30-60cm) What are you talking about? You want to say that SUPRESSION is based ONLY on hearing? What do I have to hear the shot or not? In general, I do not like the word "stress" - you came up with it. Above we with autor were talking about suppression not about stress. Supression is not based ONLY on the sound of a shot. Supression is based on bullet kinetic energy and only after this on the hit-sound impact. If you get a bullet near you, dozen of hit-surface pieces can get in your eyes or at least overshadow your eyesight. And no matter will you hear anything or not at this moment. Also no matter who will shoot - you are from your carbine or your opponent. It will not matter whether the rifle is in front or behind. Always and always the bullet hit-energy will create its impact for the person who will be near I can agree that a bullet directed at a player (enemy bullets) should have a greater impact than the bullet whose kinetic energy is directed from the player (self bullets). But both bullets must have an impact on the player if it hit near.
  8. Hey. Probably you did not understand me clearly. Any bullet should give stress, but I mean a close hits (I do not know what distance TPW uses). Imagine that in real life a bullet hit in the ground (asphalt), in front of you within a 60-30 centimeters! And no matter who will shoot, you or the opponent. Are you saying that this will not affect you? If you say that it will not cause you stress, I will not believe you. I think stress (in our case - blur) should be at any bullet (own or enemy), but it should be minimal. With each subsequent bullet stress must increase and this is normal. You can not ignore one bullet that any hit near the player. I would prefer that each bullet would give a blur for the player + visual effects (splash, particles, etc.) but the blur effect should be only on close hitting a bullet or flying overhead. Probably within 1 meter, not more. The correct distance can only be configured by the author of the mod. @PTW please tell at what distance your bullets have an effect on the player (blur)?
  9. mickeymen

    Reloading-Actions for Static weapons?

    And here we got Arma3: Contact
  10. Yes! As already said, I do not use TPW HUD. As far as I know TPW HUD shows to player additional information on the screen, while I prefer minimalism and realism. In real life there is no information on the screen Thank you!
  11. TPW MODS 20190529 - I have error message Seems to me supression not work
  12. Thank you for the detailed report. Now we understand better how it works. These are just some thoughts you can dispute if you wish. Please try to do not "3 times in 10 seconds" but once in any convenient to you interval - It will be more accurate! Lets, each bullet will be palpable for player! If the bullets will be more than one, then let the blur effect increase its impact! In this case -2 and more bullets will give more blur than one bullet. If possible, set a threshold for the maximal number of bullets the system should track. For example this may be the number 5. Means that more than 5 bullets during your time interval should not be counted Any bullets hits - Namelly! Seems to me it will be cool I understand you perfectly, but I have seen that self-suppression is possible in Arma3! As I said, VeteranMod was able to do that, they probably used a different way to realise this goal. I am very sorry that I did not keep the previous versions of this mod, otherwise I could consider this as an example. This is not working in new versions... If you can not do it in TPW then do not worry. The main thing that you know that this is possible! Maybe in time you can figure out how to do it. I suspect that your way of supression bluring at players fire is different from the way VeteranMod used. Please believe me, I've seen it for several years! It worked fine, but I lost this old version of VeteranMod, replacing it with a new version in which it was already broken. Thank you! The main thing is let the player feel every enemy or allied bullet (even if own bullets feel not work) some Supression questions: 1. Will you still have ONLY two degrees of supression? Light degree when a player gets < 3 bullets and heavy when a player gets > 3 bullets? Do you have the opportunity to create a suppression system that I described above: What do you think about it? It is a bad idea ? 2. You talk about other FX effects. What are these effects I have never seen them, please describe 3. tpw_duck_player = 1; // audiovisual cues when player is suppressed. ( 0 - 1, where 0 = don't show , 1 - strong blurring) Player can set value which will be < 1? For example tpw_duck_player = 0.44 or not?
  13. You probably did not understand me. What ricochets are we talking about if the player shoots himself? I'm talking about bullet hits in front of player, but not about ricochets. It seems to me that the trigger for blurring should be - any bullet hit (enemy bullets or player himself bullets), but not a ricochets after first hit. Ricochet is already subsequent hits, but not the first impact of a bullet. You cannot make every bullet, which hit near the player create a blur (enemy bullets or player himself bullets), while several bullets in a row increase the degree of blur? I just asked you. If it is difficult, do not bother
  14. Thank you, yet you did not make influence the player’s own bullets. You can not do it?