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  1. If at this point the player would see a darkening of view or tunelling view, it would be even better. IMHO Yes, I know about it. But your loss of mobility has no degrees. As far I remember, it just makes player move to the same speed of movement. I suspect that you cannot add technically different speeds for all the player’s animations, it was for this reason that I suggested visual effects that would smoothly worsen the player’s condition. In general, I do not use TPW HUD and all other vanilla indicators (stamina bar, stance indicator, weapons info, crosshair etc) I prefer the greatest possible realistic simulation, what is possible in Arma3. In this case, it seems to me that the visual effects could be the best simulation of pain, or player condition Fully agree with you! Any splash of blood is nonsense, but I didn’t mean a splash of blood. As seems to me a pulsating red halo (not a blood splatter), tunnelled vision, blurring with a pulsation - this all can be good simulation. IMHO The flexibility of your mod settings could solve any problem. This is a huge plus of this mod! Each user could adapt it for himself. Does it really work !? I read somewhere (I don't remember where) that the EBS module is obsolete. I thought it was not functioning and I turned it off! I will try, definitely. EBS must be used only without DUCK module? Or can I activate them both? Thank you so much for the excellent feedback, I really appreciate it. Thanks for your work
  2. Dear Devs! Please fix it finally a bug which was added after the release of Tanks DLC. The player wants to enjoy the gameplay, instead of annoyance, but when he come across this again and again, player want to break up monitor. This bug appeared after Tanks DLC and it is extremely annoying to the player! I checked the mods do not affect the problem! I have repeatedly reported this on feedback, but this is just infinitely ignored. when this happens i see the following: 1) Player shot from Launcher and after this, player want to hide from the enemy fire (since after shooting from Launcher, the whole map sees you and wants to kill) 2) Immediately after this shot, player want to save your life - uses sprint and durring sprint he press the button, which is responsible for - "lie down on the ground". 3) After that, the player’s game character falls to the ground, but then automatically rises to its full height again (sometimes automatically switching to launcher again) After this - the last thing a player has time to see - it as hundreds of bullets fly into his face! I also noticed a strange rule. The problem occurs only with Titan-Launcher in the hands. In order to reproduce this bug Fire Mode from Titan Launcher must be ONLY TOP. I tried to reproduce this problem ten times in Direct mode but I never succeeded. As soon as I switch my launcher from Direct mode to Top mode, I reproduced it the first time! Direct mode is used by default, probably for this reason, many users cannot reproduce this problem at the run game. Note! Direct / Top modes were added to Tanks DLC As I said, the problem initially appeared in the release of Tanks DLC
  3. Thank you for your offer, but I did not understand how and where I can make the top attack by default?
  4. Thank you very much, very pleased that you responded so promptly! I love this mod. PS: @TPW Your mod is very valuable for the Arma3 community, but still I think that TPW needs visual simulation, for the gameplay from the first person: a) The your BLEEDOUT system works well, but the player has no visual effects, who would talk about his current condition. For example, when a player loses blood (no have first aid package), he does not understand what state he is in - Is he very unhealthy (lost a lot of blood) or he have only a small loss of blood? Need to urgently search for a first aid package, or can you continue the fight? In this state, sudden death can be an unpleasant surprise for the player. In this case, the visual effects (narrowing of the visible (tunnel vision), blurring, darkening or pulsating red halo etc) could be effective indicators of the current state of the player. b) Also, the DUCK system has its influence on AI (suppression), but this system not have influence on the suppressed player, It looks unfair! If the bullets passes next to him or when bullets hit near, the player will get a blur of view it will be cool - In this case, the DUCK will be have an impact on the player too Mods with supression effects: Suppress by Jokoho482 and LAxemann VeteranMod this is best supress system, which I saw, but the truth was still a bit broken in the latest version Mods with injure visual effects: VeteranMod Project injury Reaction (PiR) Please try to think about it, maybe you can integrate something like this visual effects into TPW? This is just a tip. We all want TPW to get better and better!
  5. Good Day Devs! despite the sunset of the Arma3 life span, I still hope that the game can be improved in the following patches. I would like to talk about countermeasures that are useless vs AT-Missiles. I often ask these questions: 1.What for in the Arma3 there are vehicles countermeasures ? Is this only protection from not Guided rockets (like RPG-7, like RPG-42 etc), while against Guided AT-missiles it should be useless ? 2. What for in the Arma3 have a signal of an approaching AT-missile (inside land vehicles) ? In order for the player to understand that he will die in several seconds? If countermeasures don't work against it, then the signal doesn't make sense Still I have no answers... When an opponent launches a guided AT-missile into a player's vehicle (APC, Tank), the player hears a shrill warning (beep), but why he hears it is unclear - the player will always be destroyed together with vehicle. AT-Missile approaching - At this point, the player can only make the following actions:. a) The player can release one smoke (from two available) b) The player can release smoke (from two available) and change his position (move). c) A player may release two smoke (!more his vehicle not have). d) The player can release two smoke (!more his vehicle not have) and change his position (move) And this is all that is possible in Arma3 and all 4 options will lead to the inevitable death of the player and his vehicle! Dear devs! if you read this, please explain - what is the point in the signal indicating the approaching AT-missile, If a player’s vehicle is not able to resist this threat? PS: I propose finally to set up counter measures in an adequate way. If in Arma3 there is no active vehicles protection, then the vehicle must be able to withstand enemy AT-missiles, and the number of smoke screens must be > 2. Today, armored vehicle survival is very low.
  6. Of course there is, but without mods this game is not playable for me. When you use mods constantly, you can forget about it. Probably now is this case) Maybe I need to contact the creators of ACE3 and yet the vanilla countermeasure system is far from ideal (but that's already another story)
  7. This is not required. I checked, in a completely vanilla game, the smoke can helps even if I do not move, but countermeasures is extremely unstable. Sometimes I still get hit, inside the total smoke and even durring movement, but as if it has less damages for my tank... But when I play with mods everything is completely different. Countermeasure efficiency is zero! Maybe some kind of mod affects it. Most likely this is ACE3, which has its own AT-Missiles system. I'm at a loss...
  8. Of course, thanks for making a video example for me! I appreciate it. However, in your example, you are using Static AT, as I recall this weapon does not capture the target. This weapon controls the flight of the missile and directs it to the target. But I have a problem with another AT weapon - which captures the target. System shot / forget. This is all Titan-Launchers in the hands of soldiers and which mounted on the vehicles, else AT-Weapons on the Air Vehicles (Scalpel etc) Try to make an example where AT-Missile Specialist (Titan Launcher) shot you and you survived with smoke! Or show me how the smoke saves from the Air / Ground Jets AT missile. PS: Yet perhaps one of the mods that I use creates a problem. I have to check it However, before I already checked it
  9. Ahahaha! For me, It does not work! You mean I'm special? Is always. No point, all that I wouldn’t do from the four available items: I Can do 100 tests - It will ONLY ONE RESULT - you will be killed! The Missile will see my vehicle even in double smoke! Even when I change position! Sorry guy, but this is nonsense! You talk about how this should work ideally, but it is not in gameplay (at least with me) I suspect that ACE3 affects this. I use this mod only partially. Does anyone have results with ACE3?
  10. Good day TPW. Please do a back-to-belly animation after the soldier was treated after heavy injuring a much slower. Example: This is BLEEDOUT module. tpw_bleedout_ithresh = 0.85; // damage beyond which a unit will writhe around incapacitated (1 = dead) The unit received a blood loss threshold> 0.85 and it falls to the ground. After such an event it is impossible to quickly turn over. It does not look natural - After being injured a person cannot be so fast ;)
  11. Dear Developers! I send this request here, because I don’t want to wait for years until it is noticed on the feedback, There are always more chances to be noticed. The player inside the tank (commander) has the ability to kill helicopters from the first shot (120mm cannon), while other tanks (AI) will not ever shoot a helicopter at all (120 mm cannon) Please correct this ability of Player AI-gunner: Or set it up so that the AI can also use this ability. It turns out that when a player is in a tank and his opponent is a ai-helicopter, then the player has the advantage before AI (player can destroy the helicopter from the first shot). Or when a player in a helicopter and attacks a ai-tank, he again has the advantage! (since the AI in the tank will not shoot him with sniper accuracy) As seems to me - All you need to do is to adjust the accuracy (much lower) of the AI-gunner in the tank, against air targets, then it will explain why the AI does not attack the helicopters with the help of 120 mm - this is not effective. If I am mistaken and such accuracy is possible in real life, then give the AI the same ability. This will correct the deformation of abilities - Human/AI Repro steps: 1. place in the map your tank (player commander) 2. place in thr map enemy helicopters (must move in your direction) 3. run game and order to your gunner attack them
  12. I understand that this is the end of Arma 3 life state, but please find programmers to solve this problem, since this is a shameful bug for a such serious game. This error gives the feeling that the game is mocking the player and causing him to die and die - this gaming execution every time gives extrimely negative emotions for player
  13. Guys, can anyone tell me how in Veteran Mod can I order a subordinate medic to heal a wounded soldier in my squad? Or how to order a wounded subordinate to "heal yourself" I constantly see soldiers shouting "I'm Wounded," "Medic", "I'm hurt", but there is no way to resolve the situation. The AI will not heal itself and there is no "Treat" command in the special actions menu. It looks weird.
  14. Good day, It's already been three mondays! also we got another patch, but the error is still not fixed! Did you fail to fix this or maybe other reasons? Dedicated player would like to know when to expect corrections
  15. why it is simply impossible to reduce accuracy against ONLY AIR TARGETS? targets are divided into different families (Air/Land) In Arma3 there is no priority for various targets? I can't believe it. I can propose the calculating the current target speed + altitude +distance will require resources, but this not need - you could give a total percentage of accuracy for example If AI-tank have Accuracy vs Land Target == 0.8 then Air Targets must have Accuracy == 0.33 This is a rough example, lower accuracy against class - "Air Target" It would look like at least some solution
  16. No, I am a butt hurt since there is an imbalance in the game. It doesn't seem like you understand what I'm talking about. I'm not flying anywhere, this AI-helicopter is flying at me) A human player will always have an advantage in front of AI. The player will easily kill a AI-helicopter (when player in a tank) and player will easily kill a AI- tank with AT-Missile (when player in a helicopter) AI-tank, in his turn cannot kill helicopter of player My question - If an AI tank can't kill my helicopter, then what the hell my tank can be a sniper against an AI helicopters? Here is disbalance I hope you understood me correctly
  17. When I received news that the tank control on the commander's position had been changed in the test, I hoped that this would be just a test. But today I received an update of 1.78 and I saw that the new control on the commander's position looks disgusting. Excuse me for this word, but I can not find other words. This is not in the style of Arma. main troubles of the new control-system: 1. There is no feeling that the tank is controlled by another person. The player feels the opposite, namely as if he is a tank driver! It just spoils the sensation of the sim-game. 2.There is no difference in the control of the tank from the commander/driver positions. The only difference is the presence of voice orders. Otherwise, it is the same. Thus commander == driver. Then for what driver is need? Only for the fact that it's necessary to gameplay, not more. 3. The game automatically forces the player to stop the every rotation/movement of the tank, (when player release the A/D/W/S buttons). It looks arcade. In the old control-system, to stop the tank was needed a special order (s-button), which need in spent time as in reality. 4. The sound of voice commands does not match some orders and irritates the player. infinite "stop", "stop", "stop"... 5. Even after this update, the tank controls is not accurate. Many scolded AI-Drivers, because they could not be exact, but the new system is not better! If the player tries to stop the tank, it will continue move about another 10 meters before stopping. Or if you drive forward, hold down the W button and then release it, then some more distance the tank will go further. It's not like inertia or something adequate. In this sense, the old control-system was more accurate, since the AI driver stopped the tank's movement/ rotation exactly at the current position. Among other things, this does not correspond in any way with the voice commands of player character. Why does the character of the player after each order must say "Stop"? After each turn right/ left player character says - "Stop". Now the player automatically says "Stop" and does not choose when to stop the tank! Every few seconds the player hears - "Stop", "Stop", "Stop", "Stop"! It looks irritable to the player's ears. Among other things, a normal, adequate Stop command does not sound exactly when it's needed! For example, when player as commander accelerate tank forward (hold the W key) and press "S"-button, player hear not "Stop , player hear "Backward". Note! Yes, player says "Backward", but if In this case, the tank does not go back, it just stops! Why "Backward"!??? In order to actually go back, you need again to press the "S" button and again hear "Backward! OMG I do not want to hear this! @Bis you broke the old and unique Arma tank-control (which was not in any game!) and replaced by this arcade control. Please complete your test! I want to believe that this was just a test! May be some users will say, that the new tank control looks more convenient. Blah, Blah...Yes, yes, yes! perhaps it is more convenient, but this is less realistic for a sim game and this does not sound adequate (voice commands of player character). Arma never looked for more convenient ways, Arma always oriented on realism. New tank-control It looks arcade, I think this is more suitable for other games, such as Battlefierd or COD. @BIS please return the previous control of the tank to the position of the commander or give the player some choice in the game settings! Player would not want to spoil impression of the Arma game.
  18. Perhaps that is why we see flying tanks, which stumble about bushes/small obstacles? Lol! Or jumping corpses, which fly up to 5-10 meters? Or do you think that 6 years is not enough to fix it?
  19. "reasons, not opinions" - this is exactly what i have been doing for the last two weeks. The trouble is that you do not see! If you offer me to make a new post, in a new place, then I do not know where it can be done with greater efficiency than on the developers branch. It makes no sense to do it in a new place ... In particular, feedback does not work! Sometimes it seems to me that there is no point in doing it even here, since the game has already died. because it is no longer interested for developers. Direct proof of this is that Arma3 is a tonns of errors and not functional things, which however are declared as functional, but developers don't care anymore
  20. It turns out that AI is programmed to fire primary weapons, secondary weapons, they are also programmed to fire from the Launcher but they are not programmed to fire 120 mm at helicopter - and do you think this is normal? Or maybe do you think that the programmers who created Arma3 are UNABLE to program their AIs for shooting from 120 mm? As I understand, you suggest that I (or anyone else) solve this with the help of scripting. Unfortunately, I do not own scripting. I propose that the game developers decide this, not in order to satisfy my needs. I propose to do this in order to remove imbalance from our favorite game - I think you should support me and not argue with me
  21. I updated the main description. I see two solutions for fire at 120 mm cannon vs Air-targets: 1. To Save a super accuracy of player subordinate AT-gunner (because there is a modern fire control system) and make the other AI (all ai-tanks) capable of firing helicopters also. 2. To reduce the accuracy of player subordinate AT-gunner against helicopters, the other AI (all ai-tanks) does not attack helicopters at all (as it is now), since this is not an effective method of attack. Either of the two decisions will at least smooth the balance of the game and look logical. IMHO
  22. Ok, then now let's remove the fire-miss while shooting from the game at all) At war, the soldiers never miss Let the player kill the every helicopters from first shot, while the AI-gunner of other tanks cannot fire at helicopter at all! I hope you will be happy At this moment this is so, just probably not all people have seen my post, maybe for many it is not a big problem and he does not want to support me. There may be many reasons. But for me this is a big problem, because when I'm in a tank, I easily kill the helicopter, and when I'm in the helicopter, I also easily kill the tank! This is not normal - it turns out that the player dominates the AI in all situations. You are all proving to me that I am wrong and modern fire-control systems are capable of such accuracy. Yes Ok, but none of you cannot explain me - why in the Arma3 the AI of other tanks does not know that their tanks have such modern fire-control systems and why they does not know that their tanks are capable of firing at enemy helicopters and killing them from the first shot!? I say "does not know" because he does not use it. Well, explain to me
  23. Your arguments seem reasonable even to me! Yes! But wait! Give at least a one helicopter (from four units) survive! At least let the shooter make at least a one mistake! What do we see in my video? Shot - hit, targets falls, Shot, Killed, Shot - Killed, Shot Killed!!! It's absurd, don't you see? In addition, I many times saw my AI-gunner in a tank shoot down a helicopter at a more far distances and that does not go in the direction of the gunner, that moves to the side at full speed! Please do not force me to make a new videos, I am tired. AI wil not use 120 mm canon vs helicopters and this is the second problem in my opinion. If I assume that I am wrong and the tanks can effectively kill helicopters, then why AI commanders of tanks in Arma3 don't know about it? In this case, they must attack helicopters effectively, but this does not happen.
  24. Generally no desire to argue with you, dude) But why do you speak for everyone? I'm sure that I'm not the only one who thinks so. I just hope that the developers have some common sense. elementary reasons to think about what I'm talking about: а) if tanks could have destroyed air-targets with such efficiency as we see in my video, then any army would in general not need Anti-Air Vehicles, but any army have a special Anti-Air Vehicles. It makes them meaningless, deprives them of their specialization b) what is in Arma3 today in terms of game balance is cheating - a human player (tank-commander) can effectively destroy helicopters with tanks, while an AI players (!all tanks) will NEVER use his 120 mm cannon against air targets. Everyone can check it! If we assume that in 2035 the tanks had set themselves apart to shoot down helicopters with sniper efficiency, then let all the tanks (human player and ai) do it! In this case, there will be no claims. It will look strange, but at least there will be no cheating с) Blurring classes - Anti-Air / Anti-Tank - does not make the game better, because each vehicle class or each weapon class will lose its purpose. We do not want AA-Missiles to destroy tanks, or AT-Missiles to capture an Air-targets!? I am sure the answer will be positive. I think each specific weapon must have its own specialization. 120 mm canon this special weapon also. Its purpose is ground targets. all that is needed is to only correct the accuracy (significantly reduce) or make it dependent on the current target speed.