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  1. Sadly it's not possible. There's no way to change the vanilla AI path. I might make a lite version of Super AI, if possible.
  2. Leopard20

    Advanced Developer Tools

    Thanks. There's no need. The PDF will do for now. I might make a series of SQF Tutorial videos next year if I can find the time, and if I do I'll be using this mod and will introduce its features.
  3. It's mostly for player's squad. But it's possible to activate it for more squads (friendly or enemy) as well. But you probably won't be able to activate it for more than 2-3 squads at once before performance degrades, due to more CPU usage than vanilla AI. I'm still not done with the C++ port, so not sure about the exact performance.
  4. I just took a look at the game files. Seems like you're right. Vanilla Commanding Menus cannot recognize Numpad keys at all. You can open a ticket on: https://feedback.bistudio.com/project/view/1/
  5. I don't think you understood what I mean. I mean you should UNBIND Open Menu actions (empty; no binding whatsoever). ONLY Select Menu should be bound to Numpad.
  6. As I told you: and yet I see that you're still doing it in the video.
  7. Try without my mod, see if the issue happens in vanilla.
  8. You do know how to use the AI right? In case you don't know, you should select some units first before issuing any orders. Also you should bind the Select Menu actions to Numpad keys, not Open Menu ones. If none of the above solve your issue, take screenshots of your keybinds and upload them somewhere so we can take a look.
  9. Small update: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1893300731 # Added * New action for launching flares. Note: it's similar to the "assemble" action. i.e, you point the cursor to where you want the AI to be, and your direction will determine the launch direction. Alternatively you can use the map (open the map before selecting which round to fire, i.e when you see the * sign in the menu item, again similar to the "assemble" action) * New option for disabling the High Command menu. # Fixed * Error when refreshing group * Occasional error when opening the waypoint UI when unit had no valid rank, or was dead. Note: I'll probably not update this mod anymore (except for critical bug fixes) until the release of the Super AI mod. This is because vanilla AI is a really annoying to work with compared to my Super AI. Once that mod is released, I'll rewrite this mod using my own custom UI (instead of vanilla command menus) to be more user friendly and responsive.
  10. Leopard20

    Advanced Developer Tools

    Huge Update: Advanced Developer Tools V2.0: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2369477168 Changelog: # Debug Console: Now the most advanced SQF IDE #----Added----: * IntelliSys: A powerful real-time static code analysis tool (linter), which is particularly helpful to beginners for learning the SQF syntax more quickly. It is currently not 100% complete (especially preprocessor commands), but it can catch several common mistakes, including both parsing and syntax errors. * Completed Preprocessor: The mod's built-in preprocessor should now support all preprocessor commands correctly. However, SQFVM still remains the default preprocessor. If you want to change the preprocessor, you can do so in settings (the mod falls back to built-in preprocessor if SQFVM extension fails, e.g. due to AV) * Partial word suggestions from everywhere: e.g. you can type "sdmg" for "setDamage", "hmapa" for "createHashmapFromArray", "vec2d" for "BIS_fnc_rotateVector2D", etc. which drastically increases your typing speed. * Fake tabbing support: Replaces tab characters with 4 spaces for better readability in code. Also adds "tab jumping" so that you can navigate more easily * Tabs can now be moved * Tabs can now be renamed * Bracket matching: Matched/unmatched brackets are now highlighted. The colors can be changed in settings. * Option for bracket auto-completion * Exec History: Added Search function + copyable text. * Option to disable executing code via Enter (Enter becomes "next-line") * Option to load functions from the mission namespace (useful for e.g. ACE, which doesn't use CfgFunctions) #----Improved---- * Significantly faster tokenization speed (2~3x faster) thanks to regex * Search and Replace now uses the vanilla regex instead of extension * Improved code commenting features. Ctrl+Q and Ctrl+/ now always use single line comments //. Ctrl+Shift+Q and Ctrl+Shift+/ now always use multi-line comments /* */ #----Fixed---- * Several bugs in Search and Replace * Crash when using createDialog/createDisplay * Invalid compiler error when the SQFVM preprocessor failed (due to being blocked by AV) # Config Viewer: A professional Config Viewer #----Added----: * Overhauled Config Search: Config search window was remade and overhauled with many new options + bug fixes. * Hierarchy viewer/generator: Helps config makers create inherited classes more quickly with just one click, as well as seeing which classes are inherited, in a neat tree view. * Regex support has been added to config search (both Quick Search and Full Search) * Data viewer window is now resizeable (e.g. you can scale pictures) * Added coordinate axes to Model Viewer * Added moving cam to Model Viewer * New keybinds for searching: Enter-> forward quick search; shift + Enter -> backward quick search; F3 -> forward full search; Shift + F3 -> backward full search #----Improved---- * Added more classes (e.g. cfgGlasses, cfgNonAIVehicles) to quick search * Full Search is now slightly faster #----Fixed---- * Broken tree view and config data, due to inherited classes having the same hash as their parents 😞 * Several bugs in full search. * Quick search not able to move forward in some cases * Camera bug in model viewer
  11. Leopard20

    Advanced Developer Tools

    Maybe that too, but I was referring to creating a display during a mission. It only crashed when you used the exec button, and according to wiki, creating a display in UI context causes a crash. So I just move it to my scheduler instead and it executes in the next frame. The update will be up once update v2.06 of the game is released... (been waiting forever for that to happen😞)
  12. Leopard20

    Finding the water depth

    So I'm just putting this here for "future generations": To get the water depth at a position, simply do: _get_water_depth = { params ["_pos"]; private _testPos = +_pos; _testPos set [2, getTerrainHeightASL _testPos]; ASLtoAGL _testPos select 2 //water depth }; _waterDepth = [_myPos] call _get_water_depth; Supports waves + pond objects. Note that in the case of pond objects, the object must've been loaded in memory (e.g. it must've been within the player's object view distance).
  13. Well I want to say neither (?!) The core features of the mod have been almost done for a long time. It's the performance issues that have slowed things down. In a test, I could barely use my whole squad (9 AI) without my FPS starting to dip. That's just way below my design goal. I wanted the mod to have no dependency on other mods, preferably even entirely script based so you could just drag and drop it into the mission. The script-only idea was completely scrapped due to some issues with the anim collision geometries which I had to solve by recreating almost the entire Arma animations (and even adding new ones for other problems). The performance problems however, could not be solved in any reasonable way (even though I rewrote many things many times from the scratch over and over just to eke out a little more performance), because SQF is simply not fast enough for that. So I just completely gave up on scripting. I'm currently porting the scripts to C++, using Intercept, and sometimes still rewriting things because of new abilities that C++ gives me. There still will be some SQF involved so it won't be as fast as native code, but at least the code is now compiled, so at least I won't be wasting any performance for loops, control structures, vector operations, geometric calculations, etc. Also there's a lot more room for manual memory and CPU management, caching, and even some multithreading, so it'll be much better. Just to give you some rough numbers, some features are now 5-10x faster, which is insane! (and impossible to achieve with scripts) The only downside, of course, is that the mod will be available in a dll format (there will be PBO stuff too, but only for the anim stuff I mentioned), and will probably require Intercept and CBA (because Intercept requires CBA) The core features still need some work, but that part is out of my hands, due to lack of some SQF commands (which I hope that the devs will add at some point, so I'm just using place holders for now)
  14. Leopard20

    Saros Tweak For Higher FPS On Maps

    @sarogahtyp _dummy = [_type, _var, _objects, _start_time] spawn { Why are you spawning so many scripts? You can just use one spawn.