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  1. Leopard20

    Arabic characters on FontToTga

    AFAIK Arma doesn't support ligatures (which is needed for "connecting" the characters)
  2. Leopard20

    Advanced Developer Tools

    yes. use the Built in (SQF) preprocessor instead (check settings)
  3. Leopard20

    Advanced Developer Tools

    Forgot the default. Thanks As for macros, they're still kinda broken anyway, because right now it checks macros within scopes which is wrong (first you have to preprocess the file then do linting). I have to rewrite it completely but I don't have time rn.
  4. I wouldn't say it "fixes it" but it's better. There's also an auto-medic feature but I don't recommend it. Just tell the AI to heal you manually.
  5. Version 1.5.0 # Added: * Ability to edit all friendly sides in Zeus * Ability to edit enemies in Zeus (you must check the option "Allow editing non-friendly units") # Improved: * Zeus interface can now open slightly faster in bigger maps * Future proof method for detecting medical items (except for ACE and other mods with non-vanilla medical features) # Fixed: * Medical items from GM and SOG were not detected. * Minor fixes to misc medical features https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1893300731 https://github.com/Leopard20/All-In-One-Command-Menu/releases/latest Please note that the Zeus and Medical features might behave differently. Leave a feedback if you notice anything unusual!
  6. Leopard20

    Advanced Developer Tools

    I pushed an update with a workaround. But I checked and I don't have any circular references so I have no idea what it's talking about I'll send a crashdump to the devs for investigation.
  7. Leopard20

    Advanced Developer Tools

    I'm pretty sure I don't have a circular ref anywhere in any of my hashmaps. It's most likely a game bug. I think something similar was reported a while ago in Arma Discord? Anyway, will investigate. Thanks for the report.
  8. Hi. I'm currently taking a break from gaming. I'll get back to it in a month or two. As for the progress, this is what I am (was) doing: There were some limitations that I couldn't overcome, such as caching object animations which didn't work on wind turbines (and any object with time dependent animations), but they were relatively minor (the turbine, for example, would only cause problems for air vehicles) The new async path finding algorithm is also partly done. But that's just about it. So the development of the new "AI engine" is still far from complete. Unfortunately most of the features I needed were ignored by the devs, and from the looks of it they may never add it. So the project will never look as good/complete as I wanted.
  9. Leopard20

    Advanced Developer Tools

    V3.0 update: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2369477168 # Added: * Debugger: Say goodbye to `systemChat`, `hint`, etc. Debug your code using breakpoints like a pro! The debugger has a feature-rich variable viewer to help you monitor your variables. There are 2 ways to set breakpoints: Directly via console, and indirectly using external text editors. 1. Direct: Place breakpoint by clicking next to a line number. To disabled the breakpoint, press Ctrl+ Left Click. To set the breakpoint condition, press Ctrl + Right Click. 2. Indirect: Add '#include "\dbug\debug.h"' at the top of your file. Then place breakpoints using the BREAK macro. In this mode breakpoints are not customizable (disable/condition not available) Breakpoint limitations: 1. You can only place breakpoints before the code is executed. However, you can edit breakpoints (remove/disable/set condition) after the code is executed (if breakpoints were added via console) 2. Breakpoints cannot pause the game in unscheduled environment (because that equals total game freeze). However scheduled scripts can be paused if you want to (available in mod options) * Variable Viewer: Used to view variables in debug mode. It can display different types, e.g. objects/positions are shown in the world, and controls are highlighted using Red boxes. It is possible to add custom watches per variable type using the + button. To remove a watch, select it, then right click on the watch window. * On-the-fly function edit: If you add your functions using CfgFunctions and enable allowFunctionsRecompile = 1, you can edit your functions directly through the console and set breakpoints. This feature can be disabled through mod options. To use this feature, open your function though the Function Viewer. # Improved: * The built-in preprocessor now fully supports all vanilla preprocessor features, and SQFVM PP is now deprecated. Be sure to switch to the Built-in (SQF) preprocessor in Mod Settings. * IntelliSys can now handle macros properly. # Known issues: * IntelliSys caching was broken and it's force-disabled. This makes intellisys slower than before. This issue will be addressed in the next update. Video of breakpoint feature: https://twitter.com/Leopard2O/status/1559221867701047299
  10. Leopard20

    Advanced Developer Tools

    Yeah left over code due to copy paste. Will remove. Thanks for reporting the problem.
  11. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Scheduler It's not. If it was I would announce it. No need to ask every time. They're not really engine limitations. The engine is capable of the features I want. They're just "locked" (not accessible via scripting commands) Two of the most important ones for me are: 1. No command for manually controlling AI aiming. This limits my AI movement a lot. I have a workaround for it but I'd rather use the native engine aiming, because that would be faster and better looking. 2. No command for controlling vehicles (acceleration and steering). There's only setDriveOnPath which is not sufficient. They don't prevent me from completing the mod, but I might remove some stuff if those features are not added.
  12. I don't know what could be the problem because I simply grab the list of all groups using the allGroups command. Maybe when probability is 0 it still creates the group but it's empty? Anyway, I'll look into.
  13. Ah so it was a classic Steam update issue. BTW you can just right click on the mod and select repair. Anyway, glad it's sorted out.
  14. I made another update. Please test it again. If this doesn't fix it I'm gonna need the full mission to be able to debug the problem because I can't reproduce it at all.