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  1. In my experience, EnableAI/DisableAI commands are bugged. I'm not sure how this bug triggers, but it causes the feature to never toggle anymore. I recommend that you always check before enabling/disabling an AI feature, and only change it if it doesn't match your desired state: if (AI checkAIFeature "Path") then {AI enableAIFeature ["Path", false]}; I haven't noticed the bug after using this method. I'm not sure what was actually wrong with your code, but if you don't manage to find a fix, I suggest you use the "PathCalculated" event handler to disable the AI's path when a new path is generated.
  2. I once wrote some code for opening doors. Not sure if this is what you want but anyway you can take a look at this thread (scroll to the middle): https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/1811652773/1642052612851708545/ You have to manually walk (or teleport) to every building and "select" the doors you want. The script automatically creates triggers that can open the door (if the door' animation name matches its selection name) You can easily modify it to close doors too. (by changing the trigger deactivation code) If it works, you have my permission to use it.
  3. Hi. This mod doesn't add any enhancements to the AI. It's simply used for giving commands to the AI. If you mean the Super AI, it's not out yet.
  4. @drdetroit A few notes: 1. Do you run the mod in multiplayer? Note that it's not fully MP compatible. 2. The mod doesn't issue orders by itself (except for the auto-medic feature) 3. The issue with changing team colors did happen, but it's supposed to be fixed. I'll check. The new vanilla menus (1, 2, 3, etc. keys), yes (except for key 6, Actions). The custom features in the AIO menu, no. Possibly. I'll add compatibility with LAMBS in a future update.
  5. That looked...familiar! See the part where the AI detects the cover? That's EXACTLY how I do it! Using several intersecting lines. Of course mine has another parameter, penetration detection, which tells them to go where the cover is the least penetrable. It does have an advantage over mine though. It seems that it can fully see the object's LOD to make its job easier. I have to detect that myself using a trial and error method. 😞 Is it just me or was path finding actually the same as A3?! Remember that part of the video where the AI was moving inside a building, then stopped to peek around the corner? That's what's been removed. You can already do that with the vanilla AI. Just tell them to watch a direction.
  6. The cover feature is there, so is the "situational awareness" feature (looking at blind spots). What I meant was the "stopping and peeking around corners" feature. My AI can find cover inside the building if needed (under fire), so that feature was just redundant. Hi. No, I'll check it out. But how is VBS related to Arma?! That turning bug isn't part of the animation. It's part of their "targeting". It typically happens when the AI is in cover and is looking out for enemies. Or if its guess on the "approximate target position" is way off. (it gets extrapolated a bit too much if the target was moving) Naturally it doesn't happen with my AI. They almost always stay on target (unless they can't engage, e.g. out of ammo) I haven't disabled their animations. I've just recreated the whole animation system for the super AI (which is why it's not compatible with vanilla anims) That enabled me to add some cool stuff that were not possible before, as well as fix some other issues.
  7. Missions/mods that interfere with the basic features of the AI (e.g. playing anims, using disable/enableAI commands, etc.) won't be compatible. The main source of incompatibility is animations. Some mods/missions that play animations on the AI might not work themselves, and also cause Super AI to misbehave. As a rule of thumb, most missions that put you in charge (being leader) of the AI will be compatible. Also, almost all dynamic missions will be compatible. Ironically, my AIO command menu is not (yet) compatible! 😉 Due to these incompatibilities, I won't add auto-initialization to the mod. It has to be activated by the player (using an interface, of course, not scripting). Those features were abandoned due to lack of reliability (only working in very specific cases) and performance issues. I don't think anyone would want that. For example, one feature was "corner cheking" that I showed in the video. It required very lengthy mesh post processing to detect the corners, and it would sometimes produce a lot of false positives (you would catch an AI leaning from behind nothing, or looking in the wrong direction, etc.). I might bring it back if I come up with a better way to implement it.
  8. No, my mod only affects Land vehicles. Air vehicles do not seem to be affected by the PhysX bug. As for efficiency, since the two mods do completely different things, it's not fair to compare them that way. Even though I said "it does it per frame", the code was very fast so you won't see any negative side effects. If you want, you can grab that one too. Seems to be working well!
  9. I just took a brief look at the scripts. It actually does something very similar, but not related to PhysX. This is what it does: 1. It triggers when an air vehicle is killed. 2. Prevents upward velocity (similar to my mod, although my mod just damps it) 3. Slows down the falling plane while it's 5 meters above the next surface and its horizontal velocity is less than ~1.5 m/s. (again similar to my mod, when it detects large horizontal acceleration) The biggest difference is that my mod does the process only once, while this mod does it per frame (as long as its moving faster than ~1.5 m/s). Anyway, thanks for letting me know!
  10. If you mean in the current AIO command menu, no, because vanilla AI aren't reliable enough for such stuff. Maybe when Super AI comes out, but no promises.
  11. Hopefully. At least I plan to. I've been trying to speed things up lately. So I've scratched some of the unnecessary parts of the mod (they just "weighed it down" performance wise), and I'm trying to finish up some of the leftover parts that I've been putting off due to lower priority. So things are going a bit faster than the past couple of months. I was fixating on some issues that are probably never going to be fixed, but I had to try nonetheless.
  12. It is still in development. I just don't feel like posting updates, at least not until I'm done with the things I have planned.
  13. My bad! That was the link to the item stats! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1893300731
  14. Done. Update: https://github.com/leopard20/All-In-One-Command-Menu/releases/tag/v1.3.0-Beta https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1893300731