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  1. What is STRG?! By default, you should use Ctrl+Space to go to high command mode. Check your controls (under Command) to find out what your current keybind is. When in high command, the unit bar (at the bottom) changes to group bar. If you open the menu now, you go to HC Menu. Monitoring means you can switch the camera to any of your squad members. You can't control them though.
  2. Thanks for the feedback. I don't get any errors myself so I was wondering why this happened. Progress is steady but slower than before. Mostly because I'm busier but also because I'm faced with more problems making the AI. This is an uncharted territory and I'm dealing with undocumented stuff so obviously I have to discover them by myself! So far I've rewritten my path generation functions, both for open terrain and buildings. The one for open terrain would loop inside areas enclosed with walls and the one for buildings had several problems (couldn't make stairs properly, etc). The new one is much better and also enabled me to add new stuff for buildings. But more on that later!
  3. BTW, someone reported that they would receive some error at startup when they used my mod, apparently because it is unsigned. Does it happen for anyone else?
  4. Hey guys. Since the updates have become less frequent and very irregular, I've decided to upload the mod to Steam Workshop for your convenience. You can subscribe here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1893300731 Please note that this is only the All-in-one Command Menu. The full mod (All-in-one SP Project), which will include addons 2 and 3, will be uploaded separately.
  5. Update: https://github.com/leopard20/All-In-One-Command-Menu/releases/tag/v1.1.4-Beta # Added: * Replaced the menu item "Make units playable" with a new sub menu which lists all commanding menus (move, target, etc.). You can also change whether you want the vanilla or customized menus in CBA settings. Note: "Make units playable" has been moved into the cheats submenu. * Medical: A new setting called "Healing speed multiplier" has been added which allows you to adjust the healing speed for medics. I recommend you use a value above 0.5 otherwise it will be too slow. # Fixed: * HC Menu: High command couldn't be accessed if another unit was the hcLeader. * Medical: Fixed other cases where the medic icon wouldn't disappear. * Medical: Fixed using too many FAKs during self-heal. * Medical: Workaround for a game bug which didn't update getDammage along with hit point damages, which resulted in healing taking too long, * Super pilot: "Landing" on water was broken. * Super pilot: Added soft landing to prevent damage to the helicopter.
  6. If for some reason you become incapacitated (lifeState you == "INCAPACITATED"), the medics can revive you ("you setUnconscious false"). My mod doesn't add anything to make you "revivable" by default (unless you use the cheat, which adds a handleDamgae EH to prevent your damage from reaching 1). If your mission doesn't use revive, there's nothing to worry about. Just note that my mod isn't MP compatible yet.
  7. Thanks! The revive stuff are activated using a cheat. Also, I know I said healing takes time but if you use the default multiplier (added in the next release), it will be no different than vanilla in terms of healing speed (it won't be instant, but the final result will be identical). Note that this method of healing only works if you tell your AI to heal you using the menu. You can always use the vanilla one by, for example, pointing at a unit and selecting "Heal that soldier".
  8. I know. But this is still a video game and no matter how you look at this, 2 minutes is too long. There should always be a balance between gameplay and realism. Just imagine getting hit multiple times during a mission and having to spend 2 minutes each time to heal. It will get boring eventually. Not to mention being in a combat situation and the medic (or the patient) getting killed because of being slow. The fact that you don't get healed up instantly is real enough for me. Plus the healing process will still be longer than vanilla. @badanov @AirShark If you guys want "realism", I can add a slider as a "healing speed multiplier".
  9. I know, but 2 minutes?! Come on man, you gotta admit that's TOO long! 😉
  10. Yes. It's automatically enabled for nearby units, including the enemy. I guess I shouldn't add the ability to manually enable super AI for enemy groups though. Might take away the "immersion".
  11. @badanov I realized what the issue was. The AI was healing you, but you were probably hit in too many areas (hit points to be exact). The medic heals every hit point one by one. But I don't use setDamage because that might actually result in more damage to the hit points. The interesting thing is, even if all hit points are fully healed, getDammage still returns the previous damage! (but it should return the average hit point damage) It's a game bug. I'll try to find a solution by the next release.
  12. Thanks. Just one tiny problem: The link for Addons & Mods doesn't seem to be working anymore. Did you accidentally remove the comment?! Edit: Seems to working! My bad.