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  1. Does it happen even when you don't refresh Zeus or don't create a curator module option at all? If you deactivate Zeus from the mod settings this won't (or at least shouldn't) happen anymore. To do this, go to: Settings>Game>Addon Options>(drop-down list) All-in-one Command Menu and uncheck "Create Zeus Module". Also, don't refresh Zeus from the menu. This should do for the time being. In the next update I'll try to make the refresh function compatible with existing curator modules.
  2. Why not just use the already existing Dismiss Units option in High Command menu? (switch to high command -Ctrl+Space- then press the menu key, Y.) This will kick them out of your squad. It's better than deleting the unit entirely! Said poor stinky guy could actually function as a skunk and keep off the enemies! ;)
  3. Your first request is OK (I actually had some plans for it too) but I don't think the rest are doable: There's already a mod for rappelling from helicopters. Have you tried that? I think it's called Advanced Rappelling or something (made by duda) I don't know what you mean by QRF (I know what it is though). If you mean like a cheat code to spawn a group of support units, you should be able to do it via Zeus. I don't think it's possible to make them "fast" though because that's just the way the AI is. If you meant something else please let me know. AI helicopters adjust their positions depending on how big their bounding boxes are. I'm not sure if it's possible to get them to fly too close together but I'll check to make sure.
  4. Hello everyone. Does anyone know a way to turn on the UAV nightvision via a script?
  5. Nope! This feature used to exist in an earlier version of WW AI Menu but WindWalking had disabled it in the latest version. Didn't realize why. I'll try to check the code later and, if possible, re-add the feature.
  6. I sure know it's not impossible! But there's no guarantee that the AI will use it. Currently, @mad_cheese (creator of C2) has worked around that by firing the launcher and moving the rocket manually. All is done by script and the AI doesn't do any of that. Long story short, adding an option for switching to Launcher alone doesn't do anything by itself. Also, sometimes the AI switch back to their main weapon automatically. So there's that too.
  7. @pokemon77 The next mod will be another AI Commanding mod. I will leave the rest as a surprise! ;) As for the mission, don't worry, it's not a zombie mission! It's more of an AAS mission than CTI, but yeah, kind of around that line. Both are at a very early stage, so I'm afraid they're not going to be ready any time soon. But I will try my best to get them out ASAP. Once they're out, I will post their links in this thread too, so you won't miss it! ;)
  8. Yeah I was. I just rose from the dead! I'm a zombie now! ;) Didn't I mention this before? Oh shoot! Well here it goes officially: To everyone using this mod: WW AI Menu mod is not required anymore. It's because some of my friends told me they had trouble setting up WW AI Menu (mostly because of using FilePatching), so I decided not to make it necessary to have this mod. It's been like this since v1.0.0. I can't believe I forgot to mention it! I will put it in the feature request list but no promises at this point because first I need to finish the WIP features and second I'm working on a new mod plus a new dynamic mission now!
  9. New version available on GitHub: https://github.com/leopard20/All-In-One-Command-Menu/releases/tag/v1.2.1 Changelog: Added: During retreat, recenter the map on player's position and adjust the zoom level for better and quicker action!
  10. A couple of notes I forgot: 1. In order to switch from an intermediate stance to a standard stance, you need to reset the unit's stance first. Unfortunately I couldn't find a way to fix this. 2. When using Sprint Mode, the unit's animations will look weird and they sometimes run out of formation or not head directly towards the destination. I'll try to fix this in the next release.
  11. You're welcome! ;) The reason I set their combat mode to "aware" is to make sure they got out of the danger zone as soon as possible. They got killed more easily when their behaviour was "combat". Because they changed their stance to Prone a lot (sometimes unnecessarily) and thus they got left behind and killed. BTW, you'll get the best result if you forced them to crouch and then make them retreat. They will sprint and keep their heads low, the best combo possible! As for using the map, initially I wanted to go with what I do for commands such as Fortify Position, which normally use the cursor target as a destination but can also use the map if you open the map first. But then I figured if the player wants to use the retreat commands, it means they are in a dangerous situation and might forget this. Anyway, I'm always open to more suggestions and feedback. Let me know how this feature really works in a real situation! P.S: I just thought of something new to add to the next version for this feature: when opening the map, recenter it on player's position and adjust the zoom level for quicker action!