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  1. All-in-One Single-Player Project by Leopard20 Short description: All-in-one Single-Player project is (at this time, will be) a collection of 3 separate addons that work in tandem to create the ultimate single-player experience. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Long description: Hello guys. I'm sure everyone agrees that the current state of ARMA single-player is not really playable (unless you're alone!). The AI are always a burden and hard to manage. Well, in this project, my goal is to change that. Check out the latest development videos on Superior Intelligence (aka Super AI) in the next post! This project will consist of 3 addons: 1. All-in-one Command Menu (Deluxe ver.): The improved and enhanced version of my old , dusty mod, All-in-one Command Menu which itself was basically an improved version of WW AI Menu by Windwalking. 2. Superior Intelligence (WIP, ~30% Complete); ETA: Q1 2020 3. ADDON #3 (WIP, ~60% Complete); ETA: Q2 2020 The other two addons are not "command menus" but something entirely different and crucial to the single-player game, and interaction with them will primarily be through All-in-one Command Menu. I will update this thread about the latest development status. Stay tuned! All-in-One Command Menu (Deluxe Version) Current version: v1.1.9-Beta (Nov. 30, 2019) Some of you may have used, seen, or at least heard of my All-in-one Command Menu mod, which added many new capabilities to the vanilla AI. When I started working on that mod, I was completely inexperienced in scripting, and the mod, despite its great feature roster, became a poorly optimized and buggy mess over time. So I decided to rewrite the mod from the scratch; updated the visuals, rewrote most features and added many new stuff. Without further ado, let's jump into the feature list! Release Trailer: Additional Screenshots: Feature Overview: What's new since All-in-one Command Menu classic: This is a complete rewrite of the classic mod, so obviously there's so many changes. Here is some of the most important ones: Notes (MUST READ): Some of this stuff might be a little hard to grasp at first (but once you learn them you realize how easy and intuitive they were!). I'm very busy right now so I'll add a video tutorial later. For now, try to make do with these! Download: Steam Workshop GitHub Dropbox Google Drive Armaholic Installation: Note: The name of the mod folder has changed! Please delete the old "@AIO_AIMENU" folder if you have the classic version. F.A.Q: Donation and Support: If you like my mod and would like to support it, or you just want to buy me a drink, etc., you can donate on PayPal, or even better, become a Patron! Requirements: Community Base Addons (CBA)
  2. Hi, I don't know. I have 3 milestones to reach before a test release: 1. Implementing the basics, such as movement, aiming, etc. This is what I showed you in the first video. 2. Improving the basics + performance optimizations + implementing my own path generation systems + adding "individual brain" functions + a few new additions (e.g. UI). This step is currently in progress (nearly complete). 3. Implementing the squad leader concept + adding the "teamwork brain" functions + some other group related additions This step basically makes sure that non-player groups work too (which they currently don't) Of course, the development won't stop there. There are some other "bonus" additions but I guess it would be best to add them after making sure the basics work fine. To everyone: I'm sorry that the development is taking too long. I know you guys are excited about this mod. Trust me, I'm even more excited! But since I'm a MSc student, I have a ton of work to do already. I try my best to set aside some free time to work on this but most of my time is already taken by working on my thesis. Another thing that you should note is that this mod, unlike 99% of other mods, is mostly based on undocumented stuff. By undocumented stuff, I mean that either there's no information on them in the Wiki, or they simply don't exist at all, which means I have to create them myself. Because of this, I have to spend most of my time just testing and verifying my work under different circumstances (of course, creating them is a whole different story!) Plus, sometimes I might come up with better ideas to do something, which means I have to redo what I did from the scratch. In fact, you'd be surprised to know that some parts of my mod have already had 3-4 rewrites! Anyway, rest assured the development is ongoing. It's just gotten a bit slower than before because there's more work to do. That's all.
  3. I'm aware of that. I still haven't had time to look into it. I'm not 100% sure if it's fixable especially because they've complicated things by kind of "mixing" the Basic and Advanced medical functions together. If not, ACE medical compatibility will be removed.
  4. Hi, I was taking a break during the holidays. So it will be delayed even further. I'm gonna finish what I was working on before and show you what's done so far. Hopefully (if I find enough time) by the next week. Anyway, (a late) happy new year guys!
  5. I meant the AIO Command Menu. That's what I'm working on in my Super AI mod.
  6. Hey everyone. As you know, due to certain limits in Arma, when you want to create a large object (such as carriers, e.g. USS Freedom) you'll have to break it into several small objects. Is there any vanilla command to get the sub-objects once you have spawned the parent object? (as in returning all of them in an array, and I don't mean the "near(est)Object(s)" command) I already know one way to find the objects connected to each other using lineIntersectsSurfaces but the thing is I'm not sure if this sub-object actually belongs to the parent object. P.S: Note that the USS Freedom is just an example. I need a general solution.
  7. Thanks. It's too early to judge. We have yet to see if it's better or not! 😉 I plan to add MP support as well.
  8. I believe it will be. I'll test it myself when it's completed.
  9. Hi. No. I'm a bit busy so I might push back the release date by a few weeks. In the next couple of weeks, I'll try to find some free time to complete the feature set for the 2nd milestone (what I mentioned in a few comments back) and publish a video to show you what's done so far.
  10. Update: https://github.com/leopard20/All-In-One-Command-Menu/releases/tag/v1.1.9-Beta https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1893300731 * Changed the name of some menu items for clarity * Minor code optimizations (probably will help the issue with "lag" that someone reported on the Workshop)
  11. Those errors are from vanilla functions. Not mine (BIS_....). But I probably don't do something right that these errors pop up. Probably because the unit isn't ready. I'll see if I can fix it.
  12. Thank you. Hmm. I'm not sure what's going on. I had encountered and fixed the same issue with support not appearing before. I'll have to take another look at it. As for the artillery not firing rounds, there was this time where I'd created an artillery support group (M4 Scorcher) and ordered them to fire, but because the vehicle was engaging some units, it didn't fire any rounds until the targets were annihilated. This could be the same case but again I'm not sure. Perhaps setting the group's behavior to Careless will help?
  13. Due to incompatibility between some event handlers of the same type, one might need to remove the other event handlers. But there are times where you might need to reuse the old EHs. For example, let's say I want to create a "HandleDamage" EH which reduces the unit's damage, but I also have ACE running which interferes with this. So I'll have to remove the ACE's EH. However, if I were to use ACE again, it wouldn't work because its EH has been removed. Is it possible to somehow remove an event handler temporarily? As in removing the EH but saving its code for later use?
  14. I guess I should add the event handler some time after the unit was created. Great idea! Thank you! There's also the hassle of keeping my code updated with the source! Thanks for the replies guys!
  15. I know. I'm talking about event handlers added by other modders (for compatibility between my EH and theirs) Not really. That's the one I'm dealing with right now. I want to add an event handler temporarily that disables the damage from friendly fire for a very short time. Obviously I can't use enableDamage false. I simply use this: _unit addEventHandler ["HandleDamage", { _unit = _this#0; _damage = _this#2; _shooter = _this#6; if (time <= _unit getVariable ["T_noDamageTime", 0] && [side _unit, side _shooter] call BIS_fnc_sideIsFriendly) then {_damage = 0}; _damage }]; However, if ACE is present, it'll interfere with the above code.
  16. For buildings, it's a combination of partitioning (where the "rooms" are) + visibility raycasts. For open terrain (taking cover behind objs) I just use the visibility raycasts. It was neither 100% fake nor 100% real. I had to define the cover position for the AI (at that time the building meshing wasn't complete, so cover positions couldn't be found) so that part was pre-planned but the path finding, movement and peaking around the corner was done by the AI without any tampering on my end! That's how Super AI functions right now, i.e it doesn't activate for all units. It uses dynamic activation. Plus what good would it do to use it for distant units?! It's a CQB AI which is meant to give the AI near player (particularly your own squad) behave more human-like for immersion. Obviously they're gonna be much smarter. I'm trying to minimize the performance cost.
  17. I don't think I have enough time to moderate one. There have been many new features. I have rewritten the path generation functions from the scratch, both the one for open terrain and the one for buildings, to fix some of their fundamental problems. I've made some tweaks to the shooting function to make the bullet dispersion look more realistic (the old one was too random, as you see in the video) There have been many improvements to the movement, especially when moving around corners. The suppression and cover system have been improved as well. At the moment I'm doing some code optimizations to increase the current limit of super AI (~30 for above 60 FPS, which isn't good). I'm also investigating something I discovered recently. I'm also gonna add a control panel which gives you full control over (almost) all aspects of the AI (accuracy, path generation parameters, etc.) Once I've completed the above, I'll probably release another video to show you the new features. After this, I'll work on the teamwork aspect of the AI to make sure they can work together as a team. I've already added a few of these features. After this the mod will be ready for a preview release, if I decide to have one. Otherwise you'll have to wait for the full release (after proper testing is done and I've added MP compatibility)
  18. @Bvandiver I have. But their path is completely different. It's just an enhanced vanilla AI. Mine is a completely new AI. ____________________________________________________________________________ @mmm My Super AI is based on and motivated by TSF (it's my last year's work). At the moment I don't recommend using that one though, because of some annoying bugs. But as you said I plan to rewrite it to make it compatible with Super AI to give you better control over them. Not at the moment, but maybe I'll implement that feature after the rewrite. The current TSF is more like an RTS mode. That's the whole point of making a new AI. I didn't want to deal with the vanilla AI's restrictions anymore! Those features are already implemented (to some extent).
  19. They've just been eating my brain! 😉 Yes they can adjust their stance (including "intermediate stances", e.g. couching high/low/left/right) according to the type of cover and how much they're being suppressed. Yes. That means they can move on top of any surface/object/building, etc. I've improved it further to support multiple story buildings and also detect window positions. The accuracy of the mesh heavily depends on how well-defined the LODs are (I use GEOM and FIRE LODs). Some buildings have terrible lods, especially some CUP buildings and very few vanilla ones. You can even shoot through some of them! I created some sort of "aimbot" so that I could control the shots myself. At first I simply randomized the shots within the aim area (as in that video) according to the error factors (fatigue, suppression, weapon type, rate of fire, etc.). I've changed the randomness pattern now to make it look more realistic. Sadly I don't think it's possible (at least not the way the players can do it). Weapon resting animations requires manual manipulation according to the watch angle of the player, plus it needs "seamless" transition between the animations (go to ANIMATION VIEWER in Editor, then Misc animations and look for bipod_... anims to see what I mean). The other problem is that deploying bipods doesn't work via scripts. I have an idea to make it work (minus the bipod) so I might give it another shot later but don't get your hopes up. All of this stuff are naturally part of the new AI. Why would I call it a "human-like" AI if it couldn't do that stuff?! As a rule of thumb, as long as mods/missions use move commands (doMove, commandMove, etc.) to order the AI to move, there won't be any compatibility issues. I think it does apply to GetTactical. To put it more simply, if you see the unit's current command as "MOVE" (in the group bar), it will work. Meanwhile, mods that use moveTo don't work (requires doStop first, as in my AIO Command Menu, so you see "STOP" in group bar). I also have some "surprises" regarding the new AI; something I didn't think would be possible but managed to find a way regardless! But that'll have to wait till the next video!
  20. Update: https://github.com/leopard20/All-In-One-Command-Menu/releases/tag/v1.1.8-Beta https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1893300731 v1.1.8 # Added: * CBA Controls for Super Pilot mode. Note that you can only add 1 keybind. Also, key combos (e.g. Ctrl+A) are not supported. Even if you add a modifier key (Ctrl, Shift, Alt), the priority will be as follows: Shift > Ctrl > Alt > Key. So the key will always be ignored. * CBA settings for disabling the cheats menu. # Improved: * Lots of code optimization for some engine event handlers, making them way faster (credits: @Dedmen, see here https://feedback.bistudio.com/T123355) # Fixed: * Broken animation handler (e.g. units couldn't mount vehicles, drag units, etc.) * Super pilot: Don't take off while units are disembarking! * Super Pilot: accTime (time acceleration) was being applied to the velocity, which would result in explosion during landing if time acceleration was 4x! * Pilot mode: Engine would be turned on if player disembarked.
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    Arma 3 Notepad++ Syntax Highlighting

    @Janez Hi. This useful CBA function seems to be missing: CBA_fnc_addSetting
  22. I know. Fix is underway. Not sure. It's only compatible with Super AI, which is a new AI I'm making. The vanilla AI keep switching back to rifle.