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  1. ColonelKernel

    Patching another mod

    Thank you for you answer @crazy538. I've been studying other addons configs to see how they've done it. For example, this is taken from CBA: class CfgFunctions { class CBA { class Config { class getConfigEntry { file = "\x\cba\addons\common\fnc_getConfigEntry.sqf"; recompile = 0; }; class getObjectConfig { file = "\x\cba\addons\common\fnc_getObjectConfig.sqf"; recompile = 0; }; . . . There are a few things I don't understand: 1. Let's say I add a function (in my patch mod) like this: class CfgFunctions { class My_patch { class mysqfPatch { file = "\my_patch\mysqf.sqf"; recompile = 0; }; where mysqf.sqf is the same file as the one used in the original mod that I want to patch now. What I don't understand is what should I do with this now?! If it's a function, it needs to be called right? If so, how do I do it? 2. Should I add any cfgFunctions to my original mod? 3. Should all classes have different names? For example, in the above code should I add another class with a different name for another script (e.g adding a class named "mysqf1Patch" for a file named "mysqf1.sqf") or can I stick with mysqfPatch? 4. In the example code from CBA, how does that folder structure work exactly? (/x/cba/addons/...) 5. Should I add "recompile = 0" or not? Should the assigned value be 0 or can it be something else? Sorry for all these questions. I'm new to modding.
  2. Hi. How can I patch a mod? To be more specific, here's what I want to do: Let's say I have a mod identified by: class CfgPatches { class My_mod { units[] = { }; weapons[] = { }; requiredAddons[] = {"CBA_Extended_EventHandlers"}; version = "0.993"; versionStr = "0.993"; versionDesc= "My mod"; versionAr[] = {1,0,0}; author[] = {"Me"}; }; }; All scripts are in the main mod folder (for example, \My_mod\...) Now I want to patch this mod by altering some scripts and adding a few more scripts to the mod folder. Is it possible to use the same class for this patch as well (i.e My_mod)? Should I change the name of the patch folder? ( \My_mod\ ) Should the script I want to "patch" (i.e fix) have the same name as the script in the original mod? I'd appreciate any help with this.
  3. Hi. How can I add requiredAddons to a mod? I know it should be added to the config.bin (or .cpp) and I know the structure should be something like this: class CfgPatches { class My_Mod { units[] = { }; weapons[] = { }; requiredAddons[] = {"CBA_Extended_EventHandlers"}; version = "0.993"; versionStr = "0.993"; versionDesc= "My Mod"; versionAr[] = {1,0,0}; author[] = {"Me"}; }; }; But I don't know where you get the name of the required mod from. For example, in the above code I don't know where the name "CBA_Extended_EventHandlers" comes from. (I know what it is though!) Can someone please explain it to me?
  4. ColonelKernel

    Soldier Tracker ( Map and GPS Icons )

    Ok. No problem. What about that other question I asked you about in PM?
  5. ColonelKernel

    ASR AI 3

    @Robalo I think you've reduced AI accuracy way too much. They can't even kill a target at 50 meters! (just place a player and an enemy autorifleman in the editor facing away from you, then simply fire near his positions and watch him as he just wastes his ammo on the ground!). And I don't even use the config! (skill 0.9, accuracy 0.4) Their accuracy setting was perfect in the last version IMO. Also, they run away a lot, don't make proper use of cover (not sure if these two are caused by the update) and their aiming speed seems to be super low sometimes. Also they don't fire as much as before (again not sure if caused by update). Edit: I just applied your fix for XEH preinit to the older version (1.1.3) and it's gotten friggin' awesome! (except for the fact that I can't use it in MP anymore!)
  6. ColonelKernel

    ASR AI 3

    This is exactly what I do, but like I said as soon as I shoot the order resets to open fire. Thanks. BTW, nice job with that fix. The issue is gone now!
  7. ColonelKernel

    ASR AI 3

    By the way @Robalo, have you fixed the EH issue when you use fire on my lead? The EH doesn't get removed so when you command the AI to hold fire (using the game commands, not your mod), as soon as you shoot the command changes to open fire!
  8. ColonelKernel

    ASR AI 3

    Strange, I've been using this mod for a couple of months now and I've seen them use grenades only two times (one of those times was quite great though, I was taking cover in a building and as I was trying to sneak out I saw a grenade landing next to me!)
  9. ColonelKernel

    ASR AI 3

    Thanks. Can't wait for the new version!
  10. ColonelKernel

    ASR AI 3

    Hi. I've encountered some problems with AI distinguishing friendlies from enemies. For example, I tried a mission "Information Embargo" on Steam Workshop. At some point in the mission there's an informant among CSAT forces who is on their side but suddenly the CSAT start shooting at him! Or in the campain mission "Drawdown 2035" the AAF soldiers at the checkpoint start firing at the truck you drive! I also encountered a similar issue in a mission in "Resist" campaign. Can you please fix this issue?
  11. ColonelKernel

    Medical truck sound bug

    Hi. Is anyone else getting the sound bug when you heal yourself at a medical truck? (the patching sound keeps playing repeatedly)
  12. Maybe the orders you issue in the game are of higher level of command.
  13. The only solution I know for units not moving is to use moveTo. Though I'm sure I used that trick I said earlier (making units joinSilent a temp group and then rejoin them) and it used to work for doMove (in an earlier version of ARMA). I don't know, maybe they changed something about the engine, or maybe I'm just imagining things!
  14. Thanks, but I've tried that too. Also, since I want this for a mod I'm making, and it requires units to move a lot, I don't want the player to talk too much.