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  1. Hello. I'm trying to assemble the TV Tower in the editor which is in 3 parts. My problem is the movement when placing the pieces is too fast and jerky. I can't get it fine tuned so it looks good. Is there a way to slow down movement while placing the Tower pieces? Thank you.
  2. Not sure what I did wrong but I got it working now. Thanks for the update.
  3. Yes I uploaded mod folder and added key to server. I also made new mod folder in my root arma 3 folder and selected it in launcher. When I try to join my server it says I don't have proper key. I'll try it again today and see if I may have forgotten something.
  4. Is this update working for you guys? I installed it but the key is not accepted when I try to join server. Thanks.
  5. pazuzu

    you need supercomputer to play this game

    Check out AI Facts & Myths Compilation List "AI cannot see you in dense fog - TRUE Fog will pretty much reduce / affect A.I. unit(s) enemy knowledge and visibility." They also can't see you in bushes, but if they spot you heading behind a bush they will fire into it. They can also shoot through walls of houses. Setting graphics on low settings doesn't help. Some settings work better on high and put the work on GPU instead of CPU. Best to find a guide on youtube or somewhere online to get your settings right.
  6. This is a DCON problem and a few of us have let him know on his steam page. He's looking into it. He's already said there will be updates.
  7. pazuzu

    Smarter tanks script

    Does this script still work?
  8. Can this be run Globally so it works for all players on a server?
  9. pazuzu

    [MP] co40 Domination!

    Thank you, xeno.
  10. pazuzu

    COOP 30 Carrier Ops Day 3

    No prob. I'm still hoping to play this mission 😉 Thanks for the support.
  11. pazuzu

    COOP 30 Carrier Ops Day 3

    Yes I resubscribed and also tried installing manually for single player and multi. I also ran it on my server. It starts ok but after a few minutes starts getting choppy then freezes and ends up crashing. Are a lot of AI being spawned? Thanks for the reply.
  12. Well, I must be doing something wrong so I'll just keep working on it. Thanks for the help.
  13. Ok, I tested again with this command line: 0 = [[veh1,veh2],["startpos","startpos"],10,true,false] spawn MGI_fnc_VehicleRespawn; I tested in editor and on my server. When I blow stationary Sentinel it respawns with same skin and loadout but the dynamic loadout script does not work. I get option in action menu but loadout menu does not work (shows no selection). Also, when I scroll through action menu the highlighted part disappears as though it's selecting an invisible option...if that makes sense...) If I fly the Sentinal and crash it, it respawns in original position but is traveling fast and just crashes at other side of carrier and keeps doing that. I'm going to try to find out what dynamic loadout script xeno uses (it may be his own), I know it's not GOM but maybe that will help to figure that part out.
  14. So for every vehicle added I have to add "startpos" to the string line to get every vehicle to respawn at start position? I'll test it again and let you know how it goes. Thanks.