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  1. Well, I must be doing something wrong so I'll just keep working on it. Thanks for the help.
  2. Ok, I tested again with this command line: 0 = [[veh1,veh2],["startpos","startpos"],10,true,false] spawn MGI_fnc_VehicleRespawn; I tested in editor and on my server. When I blow stationary Sentinel it respawns with same skin and loadout but the dynamic loadout script does not work. I get option in action menu but loadout menu does not work (shows no selection). Also, when I scroll through action menu the highlighted part disappears as though it's selecting an invisible option...if that makes sense...) If I fly the Sentinal and crash it, it respawns in original position but is traveling fast and just crashes at other side of carrier and keeps doing that. I'm going to try to find out what dynamic loadout script xeno uses (it may be his own), I know it's not GOM but maybe that will help to figure that part out.
  3. So for every vehicle added I have to add "startpos" to the string line to get every vehicle to respawn at start position? I'll test it again and let you know how it goes. Thanks.
  4. Thank you, pierremgi. I tested it on a Sentinel I have on carrier. The Sentinel respawned on deck but did not have same loadout, skin or option to use dynamic loadout addaction. I used the 2nd script with this command line: 0 = [[veh1,veh2],["startpos"],10,true,false] spawn MGI_fnc_VehicleRespawn; veh1 is a tank I have for defense at base and respawns perfectly with crew and same skin. veh2 is the Sentinel. startpos is the start position string I changed from "start" in 2 lines of the script: if (_position == 'startpos' or (_x getVariable ['emptyVeh',false])) exitWith {_pos = getPosASL _veh}; if (_position != "startpos" && !(_x getVariable ["emptyVeh",false])) then { Not sure how this command line is supposed to work: 0 = [vehicles,vehicles apply {"start"},10,true,false] spawn MGI_fnc_VehicleRespawn // here start position applies on each vehicle. I appreciate your hard work.
  5. Ahh, there's an issue with spawn height? I've gotten my UAV to spawn in original position on carrier deck but not at right height. I tested spawning on land and everything else seems to work fine like having same skin and loadout...
  6. Just realized I did what you suggested wrong. I changed the script line to: if (_position == 'startVeh' or (_x getVariable ['emptyVeh',false])) exitWith {_pos = getPos _veh}; "change my script (command line included) to read "startVeh" as string anytime you read "start". I'm a little confused about what you say here. Am I to change command line too? My command line now is like this: 0 = [[veh1],["veh1Start"],10,true,false] spawn MGI_fnc_VehicleRespawn; veh1Start is marker name placed at UAV position. Or should I be using startVeh? Thanks.
  7. Ok, I changed the script line to: if (_position == 'veh1Start' or (_x getVariable ['emptyVeh',false])) exitWith {_pos = getPos _veh}; And: 0 = [[veh1],["veh1Start"],10,true,false] spawn MGI_fnc_VehicleRespawn; I created a marker where the UAV is located on the carrier and it did respawn there but on the water. I tried changing the z value of the marker in the mission.sqm but it did not work. I googled the problem and found that I needed to define the marker in my init.sqf I tried these 2 examples: _veh1Start = getMarkerPos "respawn_"; "respawn_" setMarkerPosLocal [_veh1Start select 0, _veh1Start select 1, 160.01]; "veh1Start" setMarkerPosLocal [markerPos "veh1Start" select 0, markerPos "veh1Start" select 1, 160.01]; But the UAV is still spawning on the water. How do I get it to spawn at the proper height? Thank you.
  8. Thank you. This looks nice. I'll be testing it this weekend.
  9. Ok, I've been reading through the entire thread and I'm starting to figure it out. Been testing on a Greyhawk I have on the USS Freedom carrier. The Greyhawk respawns but at a Marker named "Start" which was placed by xeno. Last line of script: 0 = [[veh1],["start"],10,true,false] spawn MGI_fnc_VehicleRespawn; I don't think I can remove that Start marker so I'm wondering how to get it to spawn back on carrier... Thanks for the reply.
  10. Does this mod run as servermod? Will running this mod server side force players to run it client side in order to join my server? Also what is required to just use the script version? Thank you.
  11. I wanted to try the 2nd script but I have no clue how to run it. Do I have to create an sqf file for my mission folder? Or can I run it in the expression field in respawn module? Thank you.
  12. Will this script work for UAV such as the Greyhawk? I'm running a Domination server and am using the vehicle respawn module to respawn all UAV but when they respawn they no longer have dynamic loadout option. Thanks.
  13. Thank you, Wyqer. I found your script doing a search and it's perfect. I run and play a Domination server and fly the Blackwasp a lot and thought it would be nice if the fuel went down a little faster and your script with the default settings are perfect. (Gives me a reason to practice my carrier landings more.) Great job.