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  1. This looks really nice. As someone who also enjoys playing Rimworld, I sincerely hope the safari hat is made out of human leather.
  2. Lots of good stuff in DayZ Medic's video regarding the behaviour settings, what I also use for convoys is "forcefollowroad" and "setConvoySeparation". Used to work really well and I got "clean" convoys. Anyone just placing 4 vehicles, grouping them and sending them off is setting them up to fail. They still need lots of fine tuning.
  3. I can concur, worked only after removing insignia prior to setting it (for respawn), thanks for the information @Bormann2 [_unit,""] call BIS_fnc_setUnitInsignia; [_unit, _badge] call BIS_fnc_setUnitInsignia;
  4. Did you try increasing the bleedout timer? To say something like 15 minutes? 900s is pretty long and should be sufficient to gather any wounded team members. No, this is part of the vanilla system. If you want such a feature you would have to add it yourself to the script (or maybe this will be a feature in a future version?). Adding an additional revivetime and stabilizetime for units with the medic trait should be possible. If you really want to give medics special perks, set it to only units with a medpack can revive. Everyone else still can stabilize though (stopping bleedout). It's either that or let everyone revive no matter if he has a FAK or medkit. As long as the player is unconscious he should not take any further damage. If a downed unit decides to crawl while wounded, he may get fatally shot.
  5. You already have the three task SQFs in your array, instead of using the task modules from the editor, write the tasks creation / handling in the scripts. Check out https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_taskCreate and https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Tasks_Overhaul for more information on how to script tasks instead of using the modules. Mixing scripts and placed modules does not work very well in my experience.
  6. It's a "smart" mine detector or magical. Pick one :-)
  7. Issue was resolved by adding baseWeapon = "Nato_LMG_Mk200_F"; to the inherited class's config. Scope 2 was not even necessary because that should be inherited from base class.
  8. So what I've done so far in this small mod is define ammo, define magazine and define an extension weapon. - works as intended, I can pick it up form an ammobox via Arsenal or inventory, I can add it to a soldier via init / script - but it will NOT show in the list of weapons in 3DEN. What do I need to do to make it show in the 3den loadout editor? I thought scope/scopeCurator would take care of that but apparently I was wrong. class CfgWeapons { class LMG_Mk200_F; class NATO_LMG_Mk200_F : LMG_Mk200_F { displayName = "Mk200 LMG (NATO)"; descriptionShort = "Light Machine Gun<br />Caliber: 6.5x39mm"; magazines[] = {"200Rnd_65x39_cased_Box","200Rnd_65x39_cased_Box_Tracer","200Rnd_65x39_cased_Box_Tracer_Red"}; modes[] = {"manual","close","short","medium","far_optic1","far_optic2"}; faction="BLU_F"; scope=2; scopeCurator=2; scopeArsenal=2; }; }; I'm just learning the ropes of making mods and trying to figure out where I went wrong - any help is appreciated!
  9. I'd guess that you need to disable any ACE medical / wounding systems.
  10. Congrats to the release! Jut jemacht ;-)
  11. What happens if you use the "transport unload" waypoint? That should kick out every player that is being transported, no matter his status.
  12. Too bad, I've had some positive feedback about it helping others as well before I made this post so I thought it was an all-out solution. Then again with PCs and custom USB drivers being at play I guess there is no on sized fits all solution. :-/ Really weird that Razer's own software did not help. At least you could resolve the issue.
  13. The missions will not kick you and you can enter the vehicle in any cargo/passenger seat, just like with the Helicopter DLC. You still get a small reminder on the side of the screen that you are sitting in an Apex expansion vehicle (the LShift + P Reminder). Addendum: If you spawn into an Apex vehicle you can also drive it (with the expansion reminder popping in), similar to how DLC vehicles from carts and helicopters DLC work.
  14. I'd recheck the triggerStatement and add a systemChat message or alternatively diag log, to make sure it's the trigger that does not fire and nothing related to the script.
  15. So I've had this issue with my old headphones (G430) and also my new ones (HyperX Cloud 2). Both are USB headsets that have "virtual surround sound" 5.1/7.1. For all triggered audio fanatics, yes I'm aware it is not "true" 7.1 - regardless - in almost all games or media the surround experience with these headsets is great - except in Arma 3 (I believe the issue appeared shortly after the Marksman DLC). Still is fine with Arma 2 btw. Symptoms: Some of the symptoms are that the frontal audio is almost inaudible and often instead of right-front/left-front audio you only have clicks or stuttering. Especially incoming fire is extremely difficult to detect and barely noticeable, so bad that I really thought that the weapon sounds in A3 were awful and the whole "soundscape" thing was just a laughable gimmick. Pressing the big red 7.1 button on the HyperX did not change anything, neither did any fiddling around with Windows settings etc. Solution: So there have been numerous threads, tickets and discussions on this issue - up till now I haven't found any viable solution. While searching the vast plains and valleys of the WWW, I stumbled over this old article from PC Gamer about some "Razer Surround" software. After reading up and also seeing other positive reviews I decided to install it. Razer Surround Personalized 7.1 Gaming Audio Software Positive: My USB 7.1 surround sound issues with Arma 3 are solved, the sound is incredible and clear as it never was. Positional audio is correctly reflected in game and when testing with positional audio (Say3D), as well as vehicle and live rounds. The difference was astounding. This is probably how Arma 3 is supposed to sound in the first place. There is a USD 20 "pro" version that let's you fine tune your settings, but the default settings already are fine for me. Negative: You need to register an email and password to use the software. A horrible horrible thing that has zero benefits, but any 24h disposable mail address will suffice to get it activated (just like with NVidia drivers - which is just as annoying). You need to be logged in and online to receive updates. Program must run in the background (does not have noticeable impact on performance). Disclaimer: This is all under Windows 7, perhaps 8 as well, with Windows 10 the latest creators update might solve this issue, as I do not have it I can't tell. If this solution has already been posted somewhere, I guess I haven't stumbled over this information, although I've spent about a week trying to resolve this issue. In that case, mea culpa. I am not affiliated with Razer in any way.