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  1. Out of curiosity - it's been a while - have you achieved the integrations you intended?
  2. lukio

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    Ok thank you for the detailed answer - I suspected it's intended - it's not a huge issue, just need to evaluate how much work it is to change. 🕵️‍♂️
  3. lukio

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    Hey you've helped me quite a bit and I'm constantly learning more and adding small things to the mission. Recently I've been trying to add the virtual supply module and it works dropping the BTC arsenal by first initialising ACE arsenal and then calling "[_this, btc_p_arsenal_Type, btc_p_arsenal_Restrict, btc_custom_arsenal] call btc_arsenal_fnc_data;" One thing I've noticed thoughw hen testing on dedicated is that the virtually spawned vehicle will somehow not get deleted after dropping the crate. Instead it will land to the nearest base / airport and from then on be treated like any other vehicle that is in the btc_vehicles array. Is there any way to exclude the vehicle being put into this array- or have it deleted when players are x meters away? I was looking at the fnc/veh/add.sqf but I'm not sure setting the variable "btc_dont_delete" to false will work, as the vehicle is not dead when it lands.
  4. Wasn't aware it adds new content. Cheers. We have plenty of client side mods that don't cause any issues (like different crosshair or lighting) so I was just surprised this one adds a dependency.
  5. lukio

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    Yes this corrected it for the issue mentioned, now both params btc_p_civ & btc_p_civ_veh are set to 0. yet we still sometimes have a "suicide bomber" rabbit shouting "Alluha-Akbar" and blowing everyone up from time to time. It's good for laughs, I must admit 🤣
  6. lukio

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    Hey there we've recently updated to 1.23.1 and everything is good so far. One thing we've noticed is that from time to time running on dedicated there seems to be a problem with the local vermin. Very occasionally - about 1% of the time, some side missions appear with a rabbit as "Person". This was observed with the nautical rescue/medical emergency mission and the free hostage objective. IDK what is going on here, I can only tell you that non of these side missions were changed on our behalf. We only modified vehicle spawning and the safety perimeter. Example of what is going on. It seems to be restricted to side missions where a civilian is involved. https://imgur.com/a/xeI9bIU It's not a huge issue, we can easily load up a new side mission but perhaps it's something to look into. 😉 Edit: Killing off the rabbit will make the mission fail as if it failed normally. A new side objective is generated afterwards.
  7. Hey Gunter thanks, yes I'm aware of that issue been making misisons since A2- to my best knowledge this mod does not add any content.-- unless I've missed something? It's a client side mod and that's how we use it in our mod set. We only run the key on the server.
  8. Hey I'm just curious - why this mod adds a mission dependency? I always thought this was a client only mod as there are no objects or modules etc. Whenever I have the mod loaded it adds an L_ES_ES dependency. It's not a big issue to deal with the new way that the editor allows loading up missions with missing mods but I'm wondering how/why it does that in the first place. Example: https://imgur.com/38sR4zL
  9. lukio

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    Yes, the vehicles are in the btc_vehicles layer and also the newly respawned vehicles from a wreck appear in the btc_vehicles array, which is all working as intended. I'm just wondering at which point the game gives the vehicle the new varname so I can use it to call the script to add the eventHandlers. I'll probably have to filter by type or classname I guess.
  10. lukio

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    From what I see and understand vehicles placed and given var names do not persist if they were wrecked and then respawned i.le they get a generic "BIS_xy_12345" varname. I have two types of vehicles where I'd like to set an eventHandler, where would be the best place to "inject" this? I'm guessing I'd have to call it from somewhere?
  11. Ok maybe it was a mod or something but I can regularly disengage with a full fireteam, pull or peel back then move about 50m while the AI will continue engaging our prior position and then attack from a newer position or flank them. They also don't immediately spot us when we've done that, peeling left / right and then re-engaging is something we do regularly and with success. I don't get the "The grass is not short, it completely blocks the line of sight" statement - it doesn't block line of sight? Like there is tall grass (we call it elephant grass - on Altis) that blocks line of sight and provides concealment, the short grass does not. Probably why most units turn off grass all together, because it's just decorative. Your videos (and mod/script work) definitely are interesting for those that want to use the grass as concealment - like in that old CoD mission where you crawl around.
  12. Just stumbled over this and it's pretty dope. I usually made mostly missions for 20-40 players but atm numbers are down and some of the stuff that it spewed out was pretty good as inspiration. Thank you!
  13. I may be a bit daft but what does exactly mean? I tried running a mission after deforming the terrain and saving and when I loaded the mission, the deformations were not visible. Any more. Deformer does not seem to create a dependency which is great, but it also does not seem to save the changes in the mission? Or maybe I am misunderstanding what it means.
  14. lukio

    [Poll] ArmA Reforger / Arm4

    I've bought Reforger purely out of curiosity. Fully knowing it's not representative of Arma 4 yet I still was disappointed how limited and console focused it was.
  15. Well grass is a very bad cover 😄 and not so good concealment once you've been spotted. In your first test video, the "knowsAbout" value always is around 2.2. I'm fairly certain if you'd have peeled / rolled away to your rear or left for 20-30m and just wait for a few minutes the value would have gone down. I understand what you desire, but tbh if a player spots an enemy standing up and then going prone he'll start shooting at that position as well. Difference being that the AI always will shoot at the exact same spot it has last seen an enemy, while players may suppress or have some kind of dispersion. Not sure how realistic it is that the AI immediately disengages just because you dropped down behind some short grass, but the solutions may be desirable for some mission makers.