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  1. Okay, I can understand that. Do you think it would be possible to come up with a way to "stack" commands so that multiple commands could be issued at one time and then executed in order? I believe that Rydygier touched on that above as well. That would come in handy when multiple fire teams or squad members need to perform several tasks simultaneously. A "go" order once all commands are issued would be necessary as well as a way to cancel the stacked commands once started in case of unforeseen circumstances such an ambush or unexpected enemy contact. A "recon" command would be great as well. That way a squad member or group could be ordered to try to get eyes on the enemy without engaging or being observed and then reporting. Another useful command would be "probe enemy positions". The AI would try to pinpoint enemy positions by drawing fire and then breaking contact and withdrawing.
  2. Personally I'd like to see a way to force the AI to make better use of cover and/or concealment. If I point to the base of a tree and tell a squad member to go there, it would be nice if he actually used the tree as cover rather than just taking a position beside it or 5 feet away out in the open. Most structures in the game have predefined defensive positions but natural cover such as trees and rocks and other cover such as vehicles and debris are often ignored by the AI. Also the "find cover" command often results in squad members that still wind up laying prone in the open rather than moving to nearby cover. If no cover is available then simply hiding behind bushes or in tall grass would go a long way when trying to remain undetected. I don't know if what you have in mind could improve on that behavior or if it would be better left to an AI mod but that's one suggestion that I can think of at the moment that perhaps isn't completely outside the scope of what you're considering.
  3. It's not particularly easy to find the different scenario ports of HWS v1.10 to different maps because the SWS search function quite simply sucks due to the lack of proper advanced options. So I did a bit of searching on the workshop using my own "search magic" and created a collection of what I believe is currently all the 1.10 updated versions of the scenario available at the moment. If anyone knows of any that I've missed, please let me know and I'll add them to the collection. I'll also try to add any new updated scenario ports to the list as they become available. That would be much easier if someone messages me here or on the SWS, so please consider that if you update an existing scenario or port a new one. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1968792803 ***EDIT*** In my haste to submit this thread I forgot to say that thanks go to Rydygier for creating HWS and I forgot to mention that all of the updated ports in the collection so far except for two were done by alky_lee. Thanks guys for your hard work. 🙂
  4. scimitar

    LEN - Cold War Aircraft

    If you scroll further down it just lists RHS mods as requirements. Those others appear to just be typos as they actually seem to pertain to this mod: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=34965
  5. I was wondering why civilian vehicles quit spawning!
  6. scimitar

    [SP] HETMAN: War Stories

    It's beyond my ability to implement but I wonder if there is a way to pre-plant explosives in the mission setup to destroy ground structures and walls/fences that would go off shorty after the mission starts or by some sort of trigger when either side approaches the border. That way there would be ways for both sides to cross the border. Such explosive did exist IRL during the Cold War but they were primarily positioned (at least on the Western side) to bring down bridges and other structures as well as natural barriers to hinder enemy troop movements in the event of a border crossing. At least that's what I was told when I toured the border in 1984 as a young soldier.
  7. scimitar

    [SP] HETMAN: War Stories

    I haven't had much luck with Weferlingen either due to Blufor being unable to cross the border. It's a shame really as it's a good map otherwise.
  8. scimitar

    [SP] HETMAN: War Stories

    I plan to port the mission to some more terrains as well but I think I'll try to do it with some terrains that haven't been done for HWS before. I don't care for arid, semi-arid or tropical terrains though, so I just need to look around and see which ones would be good candidates for my needs. I also need to try porting some pre-A3 terrains as well as I haven't done that yet and I think there are some good ones that could benefit from HWS.
  9. scimitar

    [SP] HETMAN: War Stories

    Thanks for the 1.10 release. I ported the scenario to Livonia and posted it to the workshop should anyone want it. Ignore all the change note entries. I kept getting some message about the Steam overlay not being enabled (although it is!) and didn't realize that the upload was going through successfully until after the 3rd or 4th try. I also found that publishing something to the SWS is a bit of a pain in the ass due to the small type and the fact that I can barely see the cursor, so it took me a number of tries to get rid of all the typos. I'm OCD about things like that so I didn't quit until it looked just right to me. Also, try as I might, I could not get rid of the multiplayer tag. Every time I removed it, it showed right back up after saving the tag entries. That explains why so many HWS ports on the SWS say that HWS is multiplayer. Anyway, I'm new to the porting thing but everything seems to work properly. Just let me know if there are any problems with the port. You can find it here under the Steam name (Fox Mulder) that my son uses: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1938318772
  10. scimitar

    [SP] HETMAN: War Stories

    Thanks for the info. And oddly enough, the cursed post now shows up on page 21 and again on this page for me. Weird.
  11. scimitar

    [SP] HETMAN: War Stories

    Everything seems to be working fine for me as well and tweaking the new variables seems to be extending play time. With each wip update I've been porting the mission to Livonia again. Is it possible to just drop the updated files (minus mission.sqm) into the ported mission folder and have it work okay without the need to port the mission each time? Thanks.
  12. scimitar

    [SP] HETMAN: War Stories

    Thank you!
  13. scimitar

    [SP] HETMAN: War Stories

    This is the only post I see on page 22 at the moment and I don't see a post with wip8 on page 21. Oddly enough when I went back to page 21 to look for it, I got the forum notice that there is a new post. I clicked the link that says "go to new post" but it just dropped me back on page 22 with just this single post on it. Any chance that you could repost that comment in it's entirety, especially with the link for wip8? Thanks. Edit: I even tried loading the thread in a different browser (thus not logged in and nothing cached) and I still can't see that post.
  14. scimitar

    [SP] HETMAN: War Stories

    Thanks for the response. That clears it up for me. 🙂
  15. scimitar

    [SP] HETMAN: War Stories

    I have a simple question. When you say "pre-Arma 3 maps" is that a reference to just A1 and A2 maps that haven't been ported (such as FDF Podagorsk) to A3 or is it in reference to all maps that were originally created before A3 was released but have since been ported (such as those from CUP or IFA3)?