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  1. scimitar

    WW AIMenu (complimentary commands)

    I don't know if that feature still works but the old mod seems to be available from here: https://www.moddb.com/games/arma-3/downloads/ww-aimenu And how to install it should be covered here: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/141590-beginners-guidehow-do-i-install-modsaddons/
  2. scimitar

    WW AIMenu (complimentary commands)

    It's been superseded by the "All-In-One Single-Player Project" mod. It has all the same features but they now work as some of them are broken in the old mod. It also has many additional features but the mod still looks and works pretty much the same way the old one did.
  3. scimitar

    Cold War Rearmed III

    I agree that other faction mods from CWR2 would be welcome but it's my understanding that the lack of certain good quality 3D models makes them unlikely any time soon (if ever). Models can be ported from Arma 2 but they often don't look good in A3 without a lot of work being done to them. I've seen more than a few requests for a French CW faction mod but one of the main problems seems to be the lack of a good quality model of the AMX-30 MBT that would be needed for a properly equipped faction.
  4. scimitar

    Trip Wire Grenade

    This is a very cool idea and something that I've enjoyed using in the CSLA CDLC. However it does seem a bit limited if only sappers/combat engineers are able to perform this action. Any chance of having an option to allow any type of unit to perform this action? Setting traps like this isn't something that would take a great deal of knowledge and is the type of thing that individual soldiers or guerilla fighters would learn if the circumstances required it.
  5. scimitar

    Western Sahara CDLC Unofficial Discussion

    Since I'm not a fan of arid maps or the 2035 timeline, this is an easy pass for me. However, I'm not a hater just because something isn't to my liking, so I wish the creators the best of luck and hope that those with an interest in this CDLC will get something that they will truly enjoy. 🙂
  6. scimitar

    Cold War Rearmed III

    I was wondering why guerilla themed campaigns no longer used persistent captured weapon acquisition. It's a shame that BI broke and then didn't bother to fix this feature because I fondly remember treating enemy weapon acquisition as a secondary goal while on missions. I'm an SP only guy and one of the reasons that I prefer to play dynamic campaigns is that I can add captured enemy weapons to an ammo box and then use them as I please. Unfortunately, I rarely manage to play dynamic campaigns to their conclusion because so many of them get bogged down over time and result in sluggish frame rates or crashes that wipe out or corrupt save games.
  7. I've posted pretty much this exact same suggestion on the workshop (as Steam user "Fox Mulder") but I figured that I would post it here as well for good measure. Please create an official TPW Steam Collection (linked from the workshop page) with all of the mods that are supported or suggested to be used with the mod. I understand that anyone could create such a collection but if said collection was actually created by TPW and linked from the Steam page, it would be seen by more TPW subscribers and make it easier for users of the mod to make use of the supported mods to get the full benefits that TPW allows. BTW, thanks for all of the hard work on TPW Mods over the years.
  8. scimitar

    LEN - Cold War Aircraft

    Another update. After a look in the editor, it appears that there was a misunderstanding in my communications with Lennard on Discord as the CWA aircraft do not show up under the CSLA faction. They show up under the Czechoslovakia faction which is inherited from GM. If someone is also using the CSLA mod by Stagler (link below), then the CWA aircraft will be present along with the units from that mod for a more fleshed out Czechoslovakian faction. While I'm a fan of Stagler's mod, I would much prefer to use the CWA aircraft with the CDLC. Hopefully, Lennard will consider a separate CSLA CDLC version of the CWA mod at some point in the future as the CDLC is a bit short on rotary assets and there are no fixed wing assets at all. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2077107235
  9. scimitar

    LEN - Cold War Aircraft

    Update. I found out from Lennard on Discord that v1.04 does support the CSLA CDLC. Awesome.
  10. Sorry but that wouldn't do it either. I get that some of the weapons and vehicles are realistic (though many are prototypes that were never fielded) but that doesn't change A3 canon, which would certainly be an integral part of any missions or campaigns included with such a hypothetical DLC. Personally, I've always found CSAT to be just a bit ridiculous but not solely due to some of their gear or the CSAT suits and bug helmets. As an Islamic theocracy, I doubt that Iran will ever be secular enough (at least not by 2035) to be so centric in such an alliance. Whether CSAT is (or could be) realistic in the near future was discussed quite a bit when A3 was first released, so I won't rehash that any further but I do fall squarely on the side that believe that such an alliance is not realistic or feasible in the time period between when A3 was released and 2035. I didn't mention it earlier but I'm also a solely SP gamer, so story often means a lot to me. I'm not solely story motivated though, as I enjoy dynamic scenarios such as Hetman War Stories and others but considering that I now have high quality CDLCs and mods to provide the factions, vehicles, gear and gameplay that I prefer (mostly Cold War), I find no reason to ever use the vanilla factions and gear ever again. Sorry but considering my preferences, it's unlikely that any new DLC will appeal to me unless it's historical or contemporary in nature or contains new high quality maps.
  11. scimitar

    LEN - Cold War Aircraft

    The recently released version (v1.04) of this mod is quite nice. Now that the "CSLA Iron Curtain" CDLC is released, I hope that we will see a compatibility mod or a light weight version of this mod that adds the CSLA aircraft from the mod to the CSLA faction in the CDLC.
  12. My answer to that fairly is simple. I just don't like the quasi realistic 2035 setting and never have. I've been playing since OFP though and I know what the mod community can do, so I didn't let 2035 stop me from buying A3. I knew that mods would eventually provide the gameplay that I was looking for and that has come to pass. Also, I did give 2035 a chance. I played the main campaign as well as many user made campaigns and missions that use the 2035 setting. I just don't enjoy that content as much as I do historical or contemporary settings. As for DLCs, I've only bought the ones that provided something that I felt was worthwhile to me, like Apex and Contact because of the Tanoa and Livonia maps but it was an easy decision to skip the ones that mostly only contained 2035 assets and gameplay. Unless an amphibious assault DLC provided interesting new maps or something else that could be used for the types of gameplay I enjoy, I just wouldn't buy it.
  13. I would absolutely NOT buy such a DLC if it was 2035 based. If it was set sometime between the 1940s and now, I would probably go for it.
  14. Not to detract from your points but there are at least two mods that provide a Cold War CSLA faction. Neither are as comprehensive or as accurate as the CDLC will be but from what I can tell, both were primarily created and released as temporary CSLA mods until the CDLC or a more comprehensive Czechoslovakian CW mod is released. I'm aware of these mods because I spend a lot of time on the workshop and on the Arma Cold War Discord server following CW mods, as it's my primary area of interest. I haven't tried the "Cold War Overhaul" mod as I consider the dependencies to be a bit much but the "Cold War: ČSLA" mod is fairly good as a stand in until the CDLC is released. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2077107235 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2381556368
  15. As a fan of dynamic game modes, I'm looking forward to trying this if it's SP friendly. I just have one simple question. Is there a save mode available for SP? Thanks.