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  1. It sounds like you need to disembark from the vehicle and continue on foot towards the objective. If that's not the issue then it could be a bug. I encountered a few similar problems during the campaign but I used a mod that allowed me to take control of fellow squad members to continue to advance in situations like that. In this case I would have taken control of the driver or if that's wasn't possible, then I would switch positions with the squad leader and then have the squad disembark and continue on foot. There are also instances where triggers wouldn't activate because an enemy was still hiding somewhere in the AO. In that case I would take over as the squad leader and then have the squad fan out and search the area until the enemy was eliminated. The mod I used is the All-in-One AI Command Menu. It has a lot of great features such as the ability to unstick units caught on terrain features and the ability to command squad members to clear or garrison buildings. I highly recommend it. It has been a permanent part of my SP mod set for quite some time now. There are also some YouTube videos that might help. Just do a search for "Global Mobilization First Impressions Matter" and you'll find them
  2. When the AI balks at crossing certain terrain features I use the "All-in-One AI Command Menu" mod that allows me to make all of the AI slots in my squad playable. When they start acting dumber than normal I give a stop command and then jump into the AI driver position of each tank and cross whatever terrain feature has them confused. I then jump back into the normal player position and continue from there. Once you activate the ability to switch between AI positions in the menu, the easiest way to jump between positions is to go to the map and then click on the team button. As you click on each team member there is an option to switch to that position. The mod has lots of very useful features but is invaluable for the player switching feature and the player unsticking feature.
  3. I enjoyed the campaign but I wouldn't get the CDLC just for that. I looked at purchasing GM the same way I did Arma 3 and all the DLC content so far. The A3 2035 concept doesn't interest me at all and I thought the vanilla campaign was lackluster at best but I was admittedly biased against it from the get go. Still, I purchased A3 for the potential of what the mod community and SP mission and campaign creators would bring to it as far as contemporary and historical military content is concerned. The community has delivered in spades through mods such as those from RHS and CUP and numerous others as well as some excellent SP missions and campaigns that have been created that I've enjoyed or will when I find the time to get to them. I consider my A3 investment to be money well spent and I think my investment in GM will likely pay off as well. As a Cold War military veteran that served in West Germany back in the day , the content included with GM was a big draw for me as well as the SP campaign. The developers have said that they will continue to polish and add content to the CDLC and I'm hoping that the mod and mission making community will add to it as well. I skipped all of the official A3 DLC except for APEX because as I said, the 2035 concept doesn't do anything for me. However, I did purchase APEX for the terrain because of the contemporary military content that I knew that mission and campaign makers would create that would require it. I don't know if things will work out the same way with GM but I suspect that we will see future Cold War gone hot scenarios created that will require it. The CDLC is still new but so far we've seen some tentative steps by the mod community to add some assets and hopefully as time goes by that new content will increase by leaps and bounds. So anyway, my recommendation is to not just look at the content available with the initial release but to also consider the potential for new content that will be created for it.
  4. I agree. Pretty much any weapon with peep sights is a problem in A3. I really like the G3 as a weapon but the peep sights are a big problem for me. It might not be realistic but in GM, the first thing I do after initial contact with enemy ground forces is to acquire an AK. Perhaps a modder will consider looking at this issue for GM and some of the popular mods out there that use similar weapons. Other than that and some issues with AI vehicle driving (a common headache with A3), I'm really enjoying this DLC and the SP campaign. I hope that some talented SP mission and campaign makers will consider creating some new playable content for GM. It would be awesome to see a longer and more comprehensive campaign with other Warsaw Pact and NATO forces involved as well as air assets.
  5. scimitar

    Arma 3 - Creator DLC Discussion

    I don't have a problem with the Creator DLC format. GM had me with "Cold War" and "SP Campaign". I'm not all that interested in MP and with nothing really on the horizon as far as Cold War SP games are concerned, it was an easy decision for me to make the purchase. I hated the futuristic focus of A3 from the beginning and only purchased it because I knew that the mod scene would come up with good contemporary and historic mods and missions/campaigns for it. Likewise, I only purchased APEX for the missions and campaigns that I would find interesting that would require the terrain or additional assets. Other than APEX, this is the only other A3 DLC that I've purchased. I actually purchased all of the DLC for A2 but will only purchase any future DLC's for A3 if they are similarly focused on contemporary warfare or historic warfare (real or hypothetical). If you think about it, BIS could have avoided the arguments concerning these paid Creator DLCs by licensing out the A3 engine for completely separate games like they did with Iron Front on the A2 engine and then anyone that wanted to play would have had to pay the $40+ that a separate game would cost. I'm actually glad to be able to add this to A3 without the hassle of installing and configuring a completely separate game (and at half the cost) and if some of the talented mod makers out there get paid in the process, then that's perfectly fine as well. This actually gives some incentive to some of those mod teams to keep up the hard work because they have the potential to actually get paid for that hard work in the future. We all know that numerous interesting looking mods eventually die due to lack of motivation, loss of interest or lack of time to invest. I also don't understand the complaints about the cost. I believe that APEX was and still is rather expensive considering the content (or lack of IMO) that is included but at roughly $23 regular price (currently 10% off on Steam), I think that GM is a good deal. I just hope that the community continues to step up and create additional content for it, especially SP content. BTW, I'm curious to know if there is any information out there concerning additional Creator DLCs that are in the works? I can think of a few long running projects (*cough* "CSLA" *cough*) that are in the works that might benefit the teams creating them and even those interested (I'm thinking more polished and extensive content) in them if they actually switched to a commercial format.
  6. I have a system requirements related question. Approximately how much HD or SSD space is this DLC going to require? The A3 system specs call for 32GB and that's pretty much where my install (minus mods) is at. The store page says that GM requires 57GB free space but I'm assuming that includes the A3 footprint. Will GM by itself have a footprint of 25GB (57-32=25) or will it be less (significantly?) than that once installed? HD space isn't really an issue but SSD space is to a degree and we all know that A3 performs best with an SSD. I can always move some programs and some of my mods (about 42GB) temporarily to another drive but I'm curious to know how much space I'm going to initially need for GM. And yes, a larger SSD is planned for a not too distant upgrade. I'm actually quite excited about this DLC. OFP was one of my favorite games simply because it was set during the time that I served in the army and other than a few historical anomalies (M16A2 rather than the A1!) it just felt "right" to me and brought back a lot of memories. With GM being focused on a conflict between the FRG and the DDR, I'm much more excited as I spent half of my enlistment in W Germany in the mid 80s and it's a time and place that I remember fondly. I was stationed in Boeblingen near Stuttgart but I still vividly recall the tour I took of the border and the tension and hostility that was so readily apparent.
  7. scimitar

    Project OPFOR

    Argentina would be a poor choice as an OPFOR because with the end of the dictatorship in 1983, they have continuously improved their relations with the US, the UK and most other nations. They are also very active in peace keeping operations and were the only Latin American country to participate in the first Gulf War. In 1998 the US even designated them as a major non-NATO ally. As far as hostile governments are concerned (toward the US anyway), that really only leaves Cuba and Venezuela. I too would like to see some Latin American OPFOR units and those could come from either of the two above mentioned nations or one of the many terrorist groups active in the region. For pre-2017 operations, Columbia's FARC would be a good choice as well as the NLA for current operations. Peru's Shining Path would also be a good choice. There are even Middle Eastern terrorist groups (yes, jihadists!) active in Brazil and other countries in the region. Even a fictional group of terrorists, perhaps with Cuban and/or Venezuelan advisors could work well. Then there are the narco-terrorists of the drug cartels to consider. They seem to be growing ever larger and more violent by the day. I wouldn't mind hunting some of those bastards.
  8. Here are a number of links to sites with images of gun trucks and improvised fighting vehicles being used in Angola, the Balkans and Ukraine. And "monstrosity" is a pretty accurate term for some of them but those aren't really the kinds of vehicles that I was thinking of. Ordinary looking trucks with bolted and welded on armor and weapons systems would seem to be more appropriate for A3. http://armorama.co.uk/modules.php?op=modload&name=SquawkBox&file=index&req=viewtopic&topic_id=214066 http://www.massimocorner.com/afv/Surviving_Croatian_Improvised_AFV.pdf http://www.balkanwarhistory.com/2018/02/improvised-war-technique-made-in-war.html https://imgur.com/a/ECa7g https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/kiev-ukraine-september-08-2015-improvised-355514936
  9. The first one in particular is a good example though it doesn't appear to have much in the way of armor and I suppose the second image qualifies too but it looks a bit too professional. These trucks come in many different types with armor ranging from cut steel plate to sandbags or other materials held in place through various different means. They are also armed with many different types of armament, from MG's and grenade launchers, to AT launchers and guns and even AA guns or even turrets on them. A Google image search for "improvised armored vehicle" or "gun truck" or a search including those terms along with terms such as "Vietnam", "Militia" or "irregular" will turn up images of a variety of vehicles. Like I said, it was just a thought. There are a number of Wikipedia articles on the subject: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gun_truck https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Improvised_fighting_vehicle https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Improvised_vehicle_armour
  10. I've been away for a while with a dead graphics card but now that I have a new one on the way, I'm looking through some posts that I've missed and I really like the look of these rebels. They are a big improvement over the irregulars that we've often seen in the past in the Arma series with the over use of urban camouflage uniform pieces paired with woodland pattern pieces. There are many real world images of troops wearing mismatched uniforms that actually still provide a decent amount of concealment in combat so it's not unusual. It just doesn't really make sense to wear a part of a camouflage uniform that actually makes you stand out more in the combat environment that you're operating in. Of course it happens but not to the degree that we've seen in the past with this series. And while I'm aware that this mod is mostly meant to reproduce what was seen in OFP, it would be interesting to see some civilian trucks such as the V3S (which was originally a Czech military vehicle) converted to armored and armed gun trucks to give the rebels a bit more fire power. I know that we've seen civilian pickups or "technicals" with weapons mounted on them but I don't recall seeing any larger vehicles given a similar treatment. Even conventional armies often used modified vehicles to improve their survivability, such as the use of gun trucks by the US military as convoy escorts in Vietnam. That's not really a request but just more of a thought.
  11. Hi Gemini. I hadn't played OPEX in a while but I started playing again a few days ago and I must say that the mission seems to work flawlessly in SP now. You've really done a good job with the new features and with eliminating any bugs. Anyway, I just wanted to ask if you have any plans to port the mission to any additional maps? Personally, I would love to see it ported to Malden.
  12. scimitar

    Pilgrimage - Ported

    I absolutely agree on the need for such a mod. I was recently playing the Taunus port and thinking about how useful such a mod would be. A vehicle inventory transfer mod would be extremely useful for dynamic missions or campaigns that have persistent gear from mission to mission. Doing so manually can be very time consuming and a bit dangerous in areas that aren't quite secure.
  13. Very nice. As a fan of Cold War scenarios, I hope that this will come to fruition and eventually include not just weapons and units but also vehicles and other equipment as well. There are some great looking CW mods in the works that will hopefully provide some awesome gameplay at some point in the hopefully not too distant future. However, there are two very important participants of the CW whose assets are conspicuously missing from the era, when those mods are considered as a whole. Those missing assets are the British and French armies. Hopefully, your mod can fill one of those gaps as it's hard to imagine simulating CW scenarios without the British Army of the Rhine. BTW, there was a discussion of the A3 Cold War mods that have been released or are in the works, in the thread linked below but be aware that the German Armed Forces mod is now known as Global Mobilization.
  14. So I've finally gotten around to giving this mission a try in SP on Malden but running in an MP environment as suggested and it seems interesting but I'm running into a serious issue. My stance adjustment keys don't work as long as I have Overthrow loaded. I tried running it with just the required mods loaded and they still won't work. I also tried changing the controls to a variety of different keys to see if it was due to a key binding conflict but no matter what I change them to, they still won't work. There are workarounds but they are cumbersome and won't allow me to make incremental stance adjustments as I'm accustomed to. Has anyone else encountered this issue or have a fix?