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    Cold War Rearmed III

    I was wondering why guerilla themed campaigns no longer used persistent captured weapon acquisition. It's a shame that BI broke and then didn't bother to fix this feature because I fondly remember treating enemy weapon acquisition as a secondary goal while on missions. I'm an SP only guy and one of the reasons that I prefer to play dynamic campaigns is that I can add captured enemy weapons to an ammo box and then use them as I please. Unfortunately, I rarely manage to play dynamic campaigns to their conclusion because so many of them get bogged down over time and result in sluggish frame rates or crashes that wipe out or corrupt save games.
  2. I've posted pretty much this exact same suggestion on the workshop (as Steam user "Fox Mulder") but I figured that I would post it here as well for good measure. Please create an official TPW Steam Collection (linked from the workshop page) with all of the mods that are supported or suggested to be used with the mod. I understand that anyone could create such a collection but if said collection was actually created by TPW and linked from the Steam page, it would be seen by more TPW subscribers and make it easier for users of the mod to make use of the supported mods to get the full benefits that TPW allows. BTW, thanks for all of the hard work on TPW Mods over the years.
  3. scimitar

    LEN - Cold War Aircraft

    Another update. After a look in the editor, it appears that there was a misunderstanding in my communications with Lennard on Discord as the CWA aircraft do not show up under the CSLA faction. They show up under the Czechoslovakia faction which is inherited from GM. If someone is also using the CSLA mod by Stagler (link below), then the CWA aircraft will be present along with the units from that mod for a more fleshed out Czechoslovakian faction. While I'm a fan of Stagler's mod, I would much prefer to use the CWA aircraft with the CDLC. Hopefully, Lennard will consider a separate CSLA CDLC version of the CWA mod at some point in the future as the CDLC is a bit short on rotary assets and there are no fixed wing assets at all. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2077107235
  4. scimitar

    LEN - Cold War Aircraft

    Update. I found out from Lennard on Discord that v1.04 does support the CSLA CDLC. Awesome.
  5. Sorry but that wouldn't do it either. I get that some of the weapons and vehicles are realistic (though many are prototypes that were never fielded) but that doesn't change A3 canon, which would certainly be an integral part of any missions or campaigns included with such a hypothetical DLC. Personally, I've always found CSAT to be just a bit ridiculous but not solely due to some of their gear or the CSAT suits and bug helmets. As an Islamic theocracy, I doubt that Iran will ever be secular enough (at least not by 2035) to be so centric in such an alliance. Whether CSAT is (or could be) realistic in the near future was discussed quite a bit when A3 was first released, so I won't rehash that any further but I do fall squarely on the side that believe that such an alliance is not realistic or feasible in the time period between when A3 was released and 2035. I didn't mention it earlier but I'm also a solely SP gamer, so story often means a lot to me. I'm not solely story motivated though, as I enjoy dynamic scenarios such as Hetman War Stories and others but considering that I now have high quality CDLCs and mods to provide the factions, vehicles, gear and gameplay that I prefer (mostly Cold War), I find no reason to ever use the vanilla factions and gear ever again. Sorry but considering my preferences, it's unlikely that any new DLC will appeal to me unless it's historical or contemporary in nature or contains new high quality maps.
  6. scimitar

    LEN - Cold War Aircraft

    The recently released version (v1.04) of this mod is quite nice. Now that the "CSLA Iron Curtain" CDLC is released, I hope that we will see a compatibility mod or a light weight version of this mod that adds the CSLA aircraft from the mod to the CSLA faction in the CDLC.
  7. My answer to that fairly is simple. I just don't like the quasi realistic 2035 setting and never have. I've been playing since OFP though and I know what the mod community can do, so I didn't let 2035 stop me from buying A3. I knew that mods would eventually provide the gameplay that I was looking for and that has come to pass. Also, I did give 2035 a chance. I played the main campaign as well as many user made campaigns and missions that use the 2035 setting. I just don't enjoy that content as much as I do historical or contemporary settings. As for DLCs, I've only bought the ones that provided something that I felt was worthwhile to me, like Apex and Contact because of the Tanoa and Livonia maps but it was an easy decision to skip the ones that mostly only contained 2035 assets and gameplay. Unless an amphibious assault DLC provided interesting new maps or something else that could be used for the types of gameplay I enjoy, I just wouldn't buy it.
  8. I would absolutely NOT buy such a DLC if it was 2035 based. If it was set sometime between the 1940s and now, I would probably go for it.
  9. Not to detract from your points but there are at least two mods that provide a Cold War CSLA faction. Neither are as comprehensive or as accurate as the CDLC will be but from what I can tell, both were primarily created and released as temporary CSLA mods until the CDLC or a more comprehensive Czechoslovakian CW mod is released. I'm aware of these mods because I spend a lot of time on the workshop and on the Arma Cold War Discord server following CW mods, as it's my primary area of interest. I haven't tried the "Cold War Overhaul" mod as I consider the dependencies to be a bit much but the "Cold War: ฤŒSLA" mod is fairly good as a stand in until the CDLC is released. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2077107235 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2381556368
  10. As a fan of dynamic game modes, I'm looking forward to trying this if it's SP friendly. I just have one simple question. Is there a save mode available for SP? Thanks.
  11. I'm an SP only guy, so I'm very interested in this. I was going to ask if the factions are configurable but I took a look at it on Steam and read in the comments there that they aren't yet. It does looks very good but I'm going to wait a bit until we can use different factions (I'm not a fan of the vanilla stuff) and until there are more maps (Livonia hopefully) available, as I'm rather tired of Altis. It would be awesome to see a Cold War version available with proper historical assets and resources but I can understand if that's not on the list. I'll be keeping an eye on this as it progresses.
  12. As usual, someone put an unauthorized copy on the SWS anyway.
  13. I would love to see the NR6 edit of Hetman War Stories get updated to the 1.10 version of HWS. There's a lot of potential there for SP players if it happens. I commented as much on the Nr6 HWS workshop page over a month ago but never got a response.
  14. scimitar

    Cold War Rearmed III

    Awesome news! Congrats on the Beta release. Off to download now.
  15. I understand your point about the grass clutter on roads, sidewalks and parking lots but it's not completely unrealistic. Certainly in a populated city/town with a properly functioning government, things such as that would be maintained, with the weeds removed, grass regularly cut and the cracks in pavement and concrete (that allow such growth), properly filled and repaired. However, in a poor country or poorly run city with limited resources, it's not uncommon to see grass and weeds growing where they don't belong. I see that sort of thing all the time here in my own state of GA in the US and ours is certainly not a poor country or state at all. I'm not disagreeing but just pointing out that such things can also be quite normal, especially in a poor or war torn country. I actually believe that such conditions may be what the team is trying to depict here. Alternately, for some maps that depict countries with such conditions, I would like to see many more signs of poor maintenance and neglect due to poverty or other circumstances.
  16. Nice update. I did spot a unit wearing NVGs. I was playing HWS on the Chernarus 2020 map and my squad leader was wearing NVGs on his helmet. I don't know if it has anything to do with classes but he was armed with a FIM-92 Stinger launcher rather than the Blowpipe. I had other mods running so the Stinger might have come from one of those. When I checked my own inventory, I had gaiters on and another pair in my inventory but no NVGs. I did a bit of team switching in my squad and all that I checked had extra gaiters in their inventories.
  17. All fair points and I'm fine with you reporting non-compliant mods on the SWS. And thanks for pointing out the list in the scripting sub forum. As a SP only player, I rarely visit that section of the forums. I'll be sure to look at it closer for mod versions of some of those scripts. Thanks again.
  18. Very nice list and I appreciate all the hard work that went into compiling it. I'll be sure to take a close look and see what I want to add to my personal mod set. Obviously a SWS presence is a requirement for mods to make the list since it's in the thread title. Having said that, is there any chance that you would consider adding a sub category with the most useful non-Steam mods such as "TPW MODS" and "Tactical Combat Link - Type X" ? Both of those are on the SWS but weren't uploaded by the mod authors, so I understand not including them for that reason but should you decide to add them, you could simply link to the forum threads for those once you get to that part. Thanks.
  19. scimitar

    Cold War Rearmed III

    I have a question regarding the Cold War factions in this mod. Will there be an early 80s faction for the US side? As most CW enthusiasts probably know, the US Army (and other branches) was going through a series of upgrades to equipment and vehicles through the 80s. Most CW mods are really only accurate (I know that isn't necessarily the focus here) for conflicts from the late 80s to the early 90s. I'm curious to know if we'll see a US Army faction without the Abrams, Bradley, Humvee, M249, M16A2, PASGT and such, with the vehicles and equipment that they replaced being included instead? Such things have been discussed concerning other mods over the years (with me being one of the participants) but I'm curious to know exactly what types of era appropriate factions will be included with the mod. I've been a bit hesitant to ask the question here before now because I don't want it to come across as a request or badgering of any kind. I'm perfectly fine if the answer is "yay" or "nay". I know that such a faction mod could be created from existing mods and probably much more easily so when CWR3 is released but I'm curious to know what we will see when the mod is released. While I'm at it, I would also like to offer any research assistance that I might be able to provide. As a US Army veteran of the period, I might also be able to offer some insights on certain things that I might be able to recall. I only served a 3 year enlistment (84-87 as an artillery repairer) with half of that being in Germany and the other half stateside, so I'm no expert by any means but many of the upgrades of the period were taking place while I was serving. I also have a huge interest in most of the era (primarily the 70s & 80s) and have quite a few references that I've collected online over the years that I would be happy to share. I also have a bit of a knack for finding hard to find information that I don't have. I'm not looking for any kind of recognition. I just want to help in any small way that I can if such help is needed. If you have any relevant questions, I can be DM'd here or on the Arma Cold Warriors discord server (under the same user name).
  20. The "All-in-One Single-Player Project" mod by Leopard20 has an option to enable team switching and it generally works fairly well or at least it has in most of the missions that I've used the option in. However, it sometimes breaks the AI for the character that you switch from. Sometimes after switching, the character that you switched from will stop in place and not follow waypoints or mission objectives. I haven't tried it in the official campaigns or missions but it's worth a try and it has many other very useful features. It's one of the mods that is a part of my base mod set for SP that I never play without. Try it out and see if it fits your needs. https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/224834-all-in-one-single-player-project/
  21. I'm seeing the bigger picture just fine. I just don't care about it and couldn't care less what the larger community that's invested solely in multiplayer thinks about the CDLC concept. As I mentioned previously, I'm solely an SP player and while I have nothing against mp players, it should be remembered that they don't make up the entirety of the community. According to the numbers, GM did fairly well and I suspect that many of the same people ( us "old farts") that bought that will also buy CSLA. I would suggest that anyone that's not interested just move on and let us Grandpas play the game the way we want. Also, I've read so many of those comments on GM and now the speculation that CSLA will be more of the same that the ignorance level is just mind blowing. A lot of those idiots say that RHS or CUP do the same things only better and that they're free to boot. They might be free but the rest is bullshit. No mod out there gives us the same level of complete and good quality Cold War era armies, equipment and terrains in a single package as well as a SP campaign as GM has and CSLA almost certainly will as well. After GM was released and all the stupid negative comments came out, I'm certain that the CSLA team along with BIS anticipated the same nonsense negative reactions to CSLA becoming a CDLC. Fortunately they didn't give enough of a shit about it to be deterred from carrying on with the project. I wish the CSLA team the best of luck with their project and will certainly buy it when it becomes available.
  22. Personally, I'm glad that CSLA is the next CDLC. I hear people complain all the time about the problems with the CDLC concept and multiplayer but some of us just don't care about multiplayer. I only play SP and enjoy official and user made campaigns and dynamic missions such as those created with Hetman War Stories (over 70 ports on the SWS) and Dynamic Civil War. There are actually a fair number of players that do the same and a lot of us will be purchasing CSLA just as we did GM (over 80 mods for it on the SWS). Also, as an older gamer that's a Cold War era military veteran, I'm looking forward to it immensely. I've always felt that A3's jump to 2035 was an immense mistake and I'm glad that there are CDLC and mod makers bringing the game back to it's roots. As for those complaining, I suggest that they don't buy it but shut the hell up about it not being free or an integral part of the game. They're just whining because they don't want to spend the money for it. When you consider the price of getting into PC gaming and the upgrade costs along the way as well as the price for new games and gaming accessories, $20-30 for a new CDLC is negligible. There are also those that only complain about GM or the compatibility files being a 30GB download that they don't want taking up space on their drives and cite that as the reasons that they don't buy it or download the compatibility files. I wish they would shut the hell up too because their complaints are irrelevant and contribute nothing. If they don't want to play on servers that also run GM, then they should find other servers to play on. I would also suggest that everyone lighten up on the CDLC negativity. No one is forcing anyone to buy or install anything that they don't want to and complaining about it is useless and tiresome.
  23. scimitar

    Soviet Armed Forces

    Thanks for the update, Basher. This looks really good. Is it possible to use them as a faction without the Panama hats showing up? Most everything else looks okay to use them for other regions (Eastern Europe, Chechnya, etc.) but the Panama hats seem to have rarely been seen outside of Afghanistan. I would moistly like to use them for Cold War scenarios using Hetman War Stories on maps like Livonia, Weferlingen and Leskovets.
  24. Thanks for the notification! Your mod certainly fits the criteria for the collection and has now been added. For those that might be interested, I update the collection regularly and it is now up to 59 entries. Keep up the awesome work GM modders. It is certainly appreciated.
  25. scimitar


    Nice work on these newest versions of OPEX. I've especially been enjoying playing on Livonia with the British Armed Forces from the 3CB mods. With v2.04 everything seemed to work fine except for a few crashes but I believe I fixed those problem by trimming my mod set a bit. However, with v2.05 I'm experiencing troops dressed for desert combat on the Livonia terrain. Furia mentioned the same error above but with the FFAA mod (though he said he encountered the bug with v2.04). I don't know if he experienced it with v2.04 (I didn't) or if that was a typo but the bug definitely exists in v2.05 of the Livonia port. I also tried it with the RHS Russian faction and they were dressed for desert warfare as well. I suspect it's just a typo in a config file and hopefully an easy fix. Thanks again for such an awesome mission experience.