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Found 5 results

  1. Background The 20th Armoured Infantry Brigade was founded in November of 2015 by friends without sufficient time or hardware enough to fully commit to a proper MilSim unit- but still want to play professionally as a part of a team. Mission Our current aim is to provide a professional unit that realistically recreates the role of British Armoured Infantry. In this role, the FV510 WARRIOR sees use within the section for the infantry to fight with and out of. We are also well versed in dismounted infantry tactics for varied operations, and for operations with other units where the use of Warrior wouldn't be necessary. Our overall goal is to provide a unit which uses realistic British SOP's as best as possible, whilst also having fun and banter. Who We're Looking For We are looking for people who are motivated to create a unique MilSim experience. Since we aim to recreate a realistic representation of the British Army, we'd love to find personnel with previous military experience, with experience using WARRIOR and Armoured Infantry, and those with leadership and management experience. As it is, we currently have a fair amount of members who are current or former service members of the British, US, Danish, and Croatian Armed Forces, including members who have served within the actual 20th AIB itself. If you would like to advise or help out, please give us a shout, and we will do our best to accomodate you! We're also looking for modders to help with the creation of realistic in-game variants of the FV510, FV103, FV107, and AS90. We are indeed willing to donate to those willing to help. If you'd like to join a MilSim unit, but do not have the time for regular attendance, consider checking us out. We offer a reserves programme which accommodates your availability once you've completed your training. Things to Note Regular trainings are on Wednesdays and Operations are on Saturdays, both at 1900 UK time, unless we are doing special events or joint operations. We are looking for people aged 16 and up, especially those with prior military or cadets experience Please do not ask us to merge with your unit. We will not accept any offers. We are open to joint operations provided you use ACRE2 and allow joint training to be conducted beforehand. We do not have Sodexo Catering or friday afternoon weapons cleaning, and when you finish your CIC we give you a virtual daysack (which also works at night). We are a Military Simulation unit. We do our best to implement tactics and SOP's that are in use within the British Army. As such, we have a strenuous training programme and qualifications to be earned, and we expect a certain level of maturity and discipline from our members. We do not, however, require members to address each other by rank or act a certain way outside of the game. This is, after all, a video game and lines have been drawn that we do our best not to cross. Summary and Contact Info We're a tight-knit MilSim unit focussed on British Armoured Infantry. Looking for those with military, cadets, or leadership experience. Training/Operations wednesdays/saturdays, 1930 UK. Realistic training and performance, without the real army bullshit. Custom in-house mods and a strong forces-based membership Our communications assets can be found here: WEBSITE: 20th Armoured Infantry Brigade TWITTER: @20XMilSim TEAMSPEAK: ts.20thaib.org.uk STEAM PAGE: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/20thaibmilsim DISCORD LINK: https://discord.gg/uNzFHz9 Thanks for your time and consideration, Charlie1210 and the 20th AIB Team
  2. July 2019 update - customisation, modularisation Going forward I want to make it easier for players to customise how they use Spearpoint - a lot of the weapons, equipment and uniforms were used by a range of militaries and different scenarios. Downloading the whole mod just doesn't fit some people's play styles. So, with that in mind future updates are going to be delivered in the form of separate mod packs - the first of these being the moustaches as separate items and the new Lee Enfields. This mod will effectively serve as the 'all in one' pack - subscribing to Spearpoint will give you all other packs as dependencies. Where appropriate I'll also update this mod to use new weaponry and packs as they become available. Spearpoint: No More Heroes During the cold war the armed forces of the United Kingdom took position as one of the key militaries upholding the defence of the free world. At the tip of the spear was a volunteer army made up of 160,000 personnel across the globe. Spearpoint tells their story. Get it now on Steam Workshop Join the discord Dependency Requires CBA Features A new, original content UK armed forces mod spanning the era of mid 1960's to mid 1980's, representing all major theatres of combat: The Cold War in Europe, Arctic deployments as per The Falklands conflict, Desert as per the Aden Emergency and Tropical gear befitting Malaya. This initial release focuses on the uniforms, equipment and weaponry of the infantry. A small note This period of British military history involves multiple conflicts which to modern eyes and sensibilities have ethically questionable elements. For the sake of the wider community and perception of this work I would suggest a tactful approach to creating and distributing missions involving these conflicts - Northern Ireland and Aden in particular, but all warfare has ugly moments. The scars of these conflicts are still felt by some, and I do not intend to court that kind of controversy. If you take issue with this statement or any content put out by the community using this mod, feel free to contact here or via Discord. Screenshots Content Credits Over a year ago I began the process of learning to mod Arma 3 and put together Spearpoint. This would not have been possible without the mentoring and support of Mondkalb and the rest of the Arma Cold Warriors Discord channel. They are too numerous to name here, but the happy responses, healthy critique and empathy in frustration are what stopped me from giving up on this months ago. The Arma 3 community as a whole has contributed to a huge knowledge base that I leaned heavily upon to get this mod in to the world. The Volunteer Commando Battalion is a group that kept me interested in playing Arma for years past its original run (back to the earliest days of OFP), and I would wholeheartedly recommend checking them out if you want to play with this mod in tactical realism scenarios. Thanks to red_spring for the photography shown in this post. Thanks to toadie2k for weapon animation tutorials and development content. License
  3. 2 PARA is a British Realism unit. We started off in ARMA 2 in 2014, but have now returned in ARMA 3, with many of our old members joining back to re-create the fun we had back then. Our aim is to provide a realistic, but fun experience to all of our members through our high quality missions every Saturday at 8pm GMT (Or BST during summer). We use a variety of mods, such as ACE, ACRE, and a collection of British Unit and vehicle mods to allow us to emulate the parachute regiment. Why join us? We play Arma in a tactical, realistic way, using teamwork to achieve our objectives. We have a simple phase one training, therefore this group is perfect for those that want a mature, tactical community, but maybe don’t have the time or the interest in hyper-realistic milsim groups as we don't try to match the real world procedures. The term we use to describe this is 'casual milsim'. If you cannot attend every mission due to other commitments or uncertainty, you can also join the reserves; this allows you to join in when you’re able, although you won’t be able to have any specialist roles. Requirements We have some basic requirements we ask from people joining, but the most important is for people to be mature when we are playing: Mature Working Microphone Own Arma 3 (No DLC required) Speak English fluently Can attend trainings/missions at times above (unless reserves) Not in another group already (that clashes with our times) Extra Info We use highly modified and simplified British tactics to fit the game. Our main aim is to have fun. We aim to achieve this by using teamwork in an efficient and professional manner. The ranks we have are 'functional’. They only exist to fit their own function. For example, as we are only up to one section currently, there is only a need for a Cpl to lead them. We are based on the Parachute Regiment, therefore our main role in conventional warfare will be para-drops and air assaults. Whereas, in counter insurgency campaigns, we will be replicating what most modern forces do in conflicts like Afghanistan and Iraq. You do not need a specific interest in the Parachute Regiment or the British Army to join, although you will get most out of the unit if you do. If this post has managed to persuade you to sign up or at least ask a few more questions of what we can do for you, then either sign up on the website - https://2-para.co.uk/ - or, add me on Steam - razer313 Thanks for reading, hope to see you soon!
  4. 47 Commando Royal Marines Milsim/Realism Unit Who are we? The 47 Commando is a Royal Marine Milsim/Realism unit for ArmA 3, which is based on Royal Marine commando’s as seen today (The 47 commando in real life was a Royal Marine commando disbanded after World War 2, but we decided to bring it as a Arma 3 unit, based on the principles of training like 6 section battle drills and FIBUA and combat as seen in the modern 40, 42 commando’s etc). The 47 Commando strive for a realistic/milsim environment, without all the unnecessary realism that many find a burden e.g. “Yes sir†“No sirâ€. The 47 Commando has a Phase 1 and Phase 2 training, our training is based directly on the Royal Marines, only to be vastly scaled down and our training instructors have filtered it to be necessary to ArmA 3. We also have a PNCO cadre, for those willing to become NCO's in our unit, which is required to become a IC and a 2nd IC in a section. We have ownership of a forums, and a Teamspeak server and an ArmA 3 dedicated server, as well as being firmly organised. We are currently on a recruitment drive and are looking for members to expand the 47 commando and aiming to open another section as well as a FSG (Fire support group). We use many mods to improve our realism, this spans from 3rd Commando BAF (Royal Marines vehicles, clothing and weapons etc) as well as the ACE mod, which overal improves the realism of ArmA 3. What do we do? All our recruits who join our unit, are welcomed to our Phase 1 and Phase 2 training taught by our CTC instructors, and this training spans from FIBUA to 6 Section battle drills, to train our recruits to be ready for our operations as well as exercises in home rotations. We also have a PNCO cadre, for those willing to become NCO's in our unit, which is required to become a IC and a 2nd IC in a section. In term of dates, our training's and operations occur on a weekly basis through the week during the evenings, and these dates are never on deployment operation or home rotation exercise dates ,our deployment operations or if on home rotation, exercises, are on a Friday and Saturday evenings at 7:30 GMT to 10:30 GMT, we believe having two dates for these increases the chance of availability for our members .In terms of operations and home rotations, once recruits have finished Phase 1 and Phase 2 training's, they can earn their ‘Marine’ rank, and can attend our deployment operations which are set on different maps, and have a solid backstory for role-play, and when deployments are not occurring, we have our home rotations, where we have exercises and manoeuvres for the whole troop. We currently have a Zeus operator too, to create a high quality realism of our missions in our operations. Why join us? Our unit has potential to grow rapidly and high potential for success as well as to create a friendly and diverse community. We believe if you enjoy a realistic milsim environment, without the unnecessary bits (“Yes sirâ€) and have an organised rank structure and command, as well as a thorough training and a PNCO cadre course for potential NCO’s and enjoy a British, modern Royal Marines themed unit, we believe this is the unit for you. Dates of Training's and Operations/ Home Rotations -Operations and home rotations occur from 7:30 to 10:30 GMT on a Friday and Saturday -Trainings vary from Sunday to Friday once a week, in the evenings. Requirements -You must be at least 16 years of age to join due to mature reasons however we have a probational period for members under this age. - A functioning microphone (If you are in the process of obtaining one, we are happy to accept members) - Speak the English language to at least a basic level Enlist today: www.47commando.co.uk Our Teamspeak and Website: Our Teamspeak: 47commando.teamspeak3.com:9091 Our Website: www.47commando.co.uk Our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtBUtlDMSwhBbCHsDSoRW3A The Joining Process Firstly, once submitting your application under “Enlist now†on our forums website, your application will be analysed, and when it is accepted, you will be invited to a short spoken interview on our teamspeak, and once we have successfully completed the spoken interview, you will be accepted to our unit, and will be entitled to our Phase 1 and Phase 2 training’s. Still not convinced? You are perfectly entitled to join our teamspeak for any queries/questions, or you can add one of our staff on steam at: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197971854537
  5. About Us The 2 SG (GU) is an upcoming/in the making Arma 3 MilSim unit. We represent the 2nd Battalion Scots Guards, providing an Armoured Infantry role. Using realistic tactics used by the British Army and NATO, we aspire to create a professional and well oiled gaming unit for those who are looking for a unique Arma 3 experience. Who we are looking for We've made some considerable progess filling up our first platoon, and are now open for recruitment. We have current and former members of both the US and British Armed Forces, but we are open to anyone regardless of experience or background. Roles we are offering •Rifleman •LMG Gunner •Sharpshooter •Team Medic •Warrior Crewman We are hoping to find capable mission and mod makers, and those who seek discipline and professionalism whilst having fun and enjoying the experience Joining Regulars and Reserves The main division of the unit. What We Require: •Age of 16 or Older •Own Arma 3 •Own a Microphone •Speak and understand English •Own TeamSpeak •Can attend official operations/trainings •Commitment to the Unit •Desire to work as a team Reserves have the same initial requirements, sans attendance policy. Facilities If any part of this ad has interested you, or you would just like to help out/advise/etc., please have a look at our website and forums: Website Forums TeamSpeak: Or contact: Lt Keown Sgt Edge LSgt Wilkinson TGdsm Hanford