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  1. We've nearly completed a Home Rotation where we've gone back to a conventional mindset - in preparation for a deployment to Krasnorus! Join the Virtual Iron Fist today!
  2. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    wait WHAT? I must have missed something, definitely never knew about this. Must have been a nightmare to figure out
  3. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    pretty sure hunter/killer is impossible in arma
  4. 3CB BAF Weapons

    Roger, cheers for the answer!
  5. 3CB BAF Weapons

    Are there any plans to update/improve the SF GPMG? Love the work you guys have done!
  6. Short clip from a recent warrior gunner's training exercise Join the Virtual Iron Fist today!
  7. OP CHURCHILL III We had a very successful night during OP CHURCHILL III - hosted by the virtuelle Panzerbrigade 21. 4 other German units were also in attendance.... it was a tough but well fought night. OP ASKARI I Continued... After a successful end to OP CHURCHILL III, the 5 RIFLES BG continue Counterinsurgency (COIN) operations in Zargabad. General updates We are continuing preparations to open our CR2 MBT detachment - being led by a member of the actual QRH. (We promise that attendance to our NCO ball is NOT mandatory) Also, a random video from training, where 2Lt Keown is surprised by an enemy BMP. https://clips.twitch.tv/SingleHyperRabbitBuddhaBar That's it for now! Join the virtual Iron Fist today!
  8. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    pink hello kitty
  9. New Twitter page To keep a continuous presence within the Social Media world, we have started a new Twitter page! This page will be updated twice a week with general updates within the unit. OP ASKARI I The 20th AIB have deployed to Zargabad on OP ASKARI I - working with UN and IDAP forces in a counter-insurgency campaign focussed on driving out local insurgents and restoring peace within the region. Deploying to PB OSIRIS by vehicle convoy Inserting into a village on a clearance patrol JHC dropping in reinserts to the patrol EX SEA LION We have been preparing for an upcoming Joint Operation hosted by the virtuelle Panzerbrigade 21, along with 6 other units, starting on 1 SEPTEMBER. Light role advance to contact Members of 1 Platoon enjoying FISH & CHIPS General Updates The QRH detachment is nearing final preparation before their detachment is opened, enjoying the use of our custom edit of Burnes's Challenger 2 mod. We're always busy with training, exercises, and operations within our unit, and alongside others. Join the virtual Iron Fist today!
  10. Armed Forces:UK Virtus Body Armour

    Or perhaps a XML proxy on the right arm blanking patch since 5 RIFLES isn't the only regiment in the 20th AIB. with the XML's at least units that use them can use their own patches and that will save Mike alot of work!
  11. 2 Sections! We have opened our 2nd Section under 1 Platoon, and are making accomodations for a third. This addition to the unit is allowing us to open... Queen's Royal Hussars/Royal Wessex Yeomanru Now that we have 2 infantry sections, preparations are being made to open up C Squadron, Queen's Royal Hussars, along with the RWxY as their reserves counterpart. This Troop will be operating the FV4034 Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank alongside 1 Platoon, as well as operating FV510 Warriors in the reconnaissance role. Training on the CR2 is underway, using our own in-house modification of Burnes' CR2 TES, and is being spearheaded by actual serving members of the QRH. Members looking to join the QRH will need to first serve 6 weeks minimum in the RIFLES platoon, as all available roles are currently taken! Home Rotation After 6 weeks of OP MARATHON I, the 20th AIB have returned to the Hebontes Military Training Facility in order to conduct Counter Insurgency training, before we deploy on operations to Zargabad. Joint Operations In the background, preparations are being made to conduct joint ops with the vPzBrig 21, our German Army counterparts, the 51st Infantry Brigade, and later the 1 RRF MilSim Unit.
  12. 70's Campaign We are currently preparing for an operational rotation... 70's style. DPM, SLR, GPMG and berets... what's not to like? In the next few weeks we will begin a campaign on Tanoa! Joint Operations We have recently conducted low level joint operations with the 51st Infantry Brigade and the 12th Armoured Infantry Brigade, and a possible joint campaign with the First Fusiliers is on the horizon. Our main effort is to provide armour support using the FV510 Warrior and FV432/3 Bulldog. Recent Media 70's Style training Recent CIC Armoured Infantry/Crew Training OBEX Training Summary We have had a busy quarter between various joint operations and home rotations, and will soon deploy to Tanoa on a 70's style campaign. If you're interested in British tactics, armoured vehicles, and teamwork, give us a shout!
  13. 3CB BAF Vehicles

    I had read a detailed report on the bulldog which ironically enough i can't locate at the moment. Figures Regarding the stabilisation, the GPMG turret is hand cranked and shouldn't be stabilised (much like the jackal/coyote). The variant with the Enforcer is stabilised so no feedback necessary there, I can't argue with the experts! It has been a while since I've looked into it and i admit i could have it the wrong way around, thanks for setting it straight.