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  1. Thanks @Grumpy Old Man I think I probably should get my terms correct. To me, a Subject is the root menu list at top-left when entering the map screen. A diary Record is a sub-list under Subjects. Does that sound right? i.e. Subjects Diary Records ... Players Briefing --------> Situation ... Mission ... Execution ... So instead of wanting a Diary Subject to be default selected, I would like a Diary Record to be default selected, in this case "Situation" (which doesn't always occur). Now that I've broken it down it appears I want something like selectDiaryRecord if it exists. However a Google search shows no such command.
  2. Hi We keep a number of topics in the SQF diary format otherwise known to ARMA as the briefing.sqf. Keeping the order want is easy enough as long as we know the first item in the list needs to be at the bottom of the script and then we work our way to the top. However when we get in game, we notice that the first item of maybe 5 or 6 diary records is never open or in focus. It might be the third, fifth or first. It's a bit random when all we ever wanted was the first diary record to be the one that's always shown first. Has anybody else experienced this and if they know of a workaround where the situation in a mission briefing always displays first?
  3. Thanks for the reply and I'm keen if you are! I was just asking questions as somebody who is generally inexperienced from a scripting POV, that I wouldn't mind some instructions that cater to a "simpler" audience. But I do see that you have to fix a few things so I will wait for a stable version again.
  4. Zeus after JIP

    Credit to 'Dirty' at Tactical Gaming for another possible solution: 1. Eden>Modules>Logic Entities>Virtual Entities 2. Place down Zeus Virtual Curator and give variable name 3. Place down Gamemaster module and make owner name of previous Logic 4. Tick Forced Interface
  5. Zeus after JIP

    Sorry, sure. Credit to @lifetap
  6. Zeus after JIP

    Thanks again for your advice. I tried a gamemaster module with #adminLogged and we couldn't get it to work after JIP. However I revived another community made script which is working again (not @Mr H. version although I will keep it close in case we need it!)
  7. Zeus after JIP

    Wouldn't these just be standard options for a Zeus at game start? Can they also help an admin who's game has crashed and rejoins and wants Zeus powers again? From what I know this is the reason for my question.
  8. Hi mate, I've checked out mission and I can see there are respawn points around the map, but how do I initialise a respawn to test? Also I can't seem to find any documentation on how to configure?
  9. Zeus after JIP

    Thanks BadHabitz. Yeah this has been discussed, but we were looking for an automatic fail safe, like a script or other workaround in the event that Zeus forgets to grant powers to a 2nd at mission start.
  10. Have been out of the scene for a while I was just wondering if anybody has found a good way to enable Zeus to regain his powers after a JIP?
  11. Hi @HazJ Your help in Jebus recently drew me to your website via your signature and this thread soon after. I was wondering since the keyword that has me interested in your work here is Respawn, whether I could ask if this script or an edited version may suit my clan's needs? Currently we have a slightly messy version of a Respawn where the following happens: 1. Player joins game and plays until death, 2. Player enters Ace Spectator, 3. If player chooses or is asked to JIP, he has to abort and rejoins his original slot via the MP lobby. Does your script offer a cleaner way to perform a respawn straight to base at any time during during Spectating?
  12. I did and spent some time looking through yours and mine trying to find the difference. Anyway, you've been very helpful and I will persevere :) edit: brain fart. I had Jebus commented out in description.ext which is its default state in our script pack. So should be good now
  13. Hey @HazJ I confirm your version definitely working, but when I try to make the necessary changes I'm still getting something wrong. When you say for example scripts\jebus has 2 edit counts, is that after editing description.ext as well as jebus\cfgFunctions.hpp? If description.ext is not included in your list of edits, I can only find 1 count.
  14. While script errors did appear when I attempted to move the folders before I asked Dread his advice, strangely not anymore. Even DEBUG doesn't work because it appears that Jebus just doesn't initialise. Regardless because Dread's instructions were so succinct I just wanted to check whether he knew straight away where I've gone wrong. To answer part of your question as well I did go through files including the hpp files to change paths with no success.