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  1. Hi I'm wondering if anybody knows of a command or script that smoothly moves objects similar to this: Thanks
  2. Can I ask how to integrate removeallitems this removeallmagazines this into "INIT="?
  3. Worked it out. The modded weapon in question will borrow(?) magazines from the same box if they exist. If they doesn't exist it will throw script errors but still seems to work.
  4. Hi This is more just a post to gain an understanding of how certain objects function. Say I put a weapon in a storage box for player access. Does the amount of magazines any particular weapon puts into the player's inventory 'hard wired' into the config of the weapon? The reason I ask is that a weapon from a certain mod not only gives you the weapon, it also gives 3 x magazines which I am trying to turn off. Thanks.
  5. Just for my learning, do you mind showing how you would achieve this? I presume "INIT=", "_proxyThis [] CBA_fnc_moduleDefend,
  6. Thanks guys, thread closed. @Grumpy Old Man pointed me in the right direction, but thanks @davidoss for following through
  7. Thanks Grumpy Just having issues knowing where in the Addaction syntax your suggestion would reside: object addAction [title, script, arguments, priority, showWindow, hideOnUse, shortcut, condition, radius, unconscious, selection, memoryPoint] maybe an argument?
  8. Hi Just wondering if anything can be configured in an Addaction statement to prevent it from being used more then once? Thanks!
  9. Think I found a workaround. Because I'm using high canal walls, I've placed some boat wrecks on the other side which the player doesn't see. The AI seem to want to avoid it so objective achieved.
  10. Hello Asking the impossible again. :P As most may know AI will have a hard time path finding around editor placed objects, therefore through the object is the most likely (and unwanted) route. However have you ever noticed that if you put a truck down they will forcibly find a way around it? So how, if it's even possible can I make an editor placed wall act as if it is a vehicle and have the sort of power over an AI to avoid it and make a new path?
  11. anfo

    GRAD Trenches

    Have submitted possible issue to Github
  12. anfo

    PLP Containers

    Hi @poolpunk Bit too long ago to recall exacts, but I think I whittled it down to some wooden crates I had placed down. It could have also been an incompatibility with the Dariyah terrain, but can't be sure anymore
  13. Thanks @Grumpy Old Man I think I probably should get my terms correct. To me, a Subject is the root menu list at top-left when entering the map screen. A diary Record is a sub-list under Subjects. Does that sound right? i.e. Subjects Diary Records ... Players Briefing --------> Situation ... Mission ... Execution ... So instead of wanting a Diary Subject to be default selected, I would like a Diary Record to be default selected, in this case "Situation" (which doesn't always occur). Now that I've broken it down it appears I want something like selectDiaryRecord if it exists. However a Google search shows no such command.
  14. Hi We keep a number of topics in the SQF diary format otherwise known to ARMA as the briefing.sqf. Keeping the order want is easy enough as long as we know the first item in the list needs to be at the bottom of the script and then we work our way to the top. However when we get in game, we notice that the first item of maybe 5 or 6 diary records is never open or in focus. It might be the third, fifth or first. It's a bit random when all we ever wanted was the first diary record to be the one that's always shown first. Has anybody else experienced this and if they know of a workaround where the situation in a mission briefing always displays first?
  15. Thanks for the reply and I'm keen if you are! I was just asking questions as somebody who is generally inexperienced from a scripting POV, that I wouldn't mind some instructions that cater to a "simpler" audience. But I do see that you have to fix a few things so I will wait for a stable version again.