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  1. @pierremgi Bit on the late side, but I tried this today and I like it very much. Would it be too difficult to add the possibility of ignoring a side, e.g. blufor?
  2. Thanks for considering adding the new family. Will look forward to an update, as Land_TransferSwitch_01_F seems to fit the idea of a switch quite well.
  3. Hi Pierre Couple of questions regarding the Switch Ambient lights module please? 1. Can I add any editable item as a generator, or does it have to be in the existing object classes as listed by default in the module? I'm trying to add this object as a generator (contact DLC object): Land_TransferSwitch_01_F 2. Looking at your video, it looks like the module has to be synchronised to the generator for it to work? 3. Can I have multiple modules (like separate map zones) attached to 1 generator object? Last note: Not sure if a bug, but if a default settings module is placed it identifies two generator objects baked into a map I'm working on. However, if I write in the above custom classname to the list, those generators disappear. Is this normal?
  4. I forgot I downloaded your modules, will load them up and have another look!
  5. If I wanted to add multiple markers, would it be something along the lines of? [(getMarkerPos ["marker_name1", "marker_name2"]),
  6. Hi Plucked and am using example code straight out of the wiki: // Switches all lamps off in a radius of 200m private _lampsIn200m = nearestObjects [player, ["Lamps_base_F", "PowerLines_base_F", "PowerLines_Small_base_F"], 200]; { [_x, false] call BIS_fnc_switchLamp; } forEach _lampsIn200m; Can somebody please help me verify a couple of things? Noticed nearestObjects only seem to be valid for a player or object, but not a marker. Can it be a marker? Either way, I'd like to illuminate (true from initially false) multiple independent zones across a map, instead of just one. Can anybody please show how to introduce an array into the code?
  7. Not sure if something has been corrected, but, with or without TrackIR, DWYL in mod form works for me now. Will give it a run in a proper mission soon to make sure.
  8. @ampersand38 Noticed somebody else's comment in Steam regarding problems with TrackIR and DWYL. I too own TrackIR and will perform a test without it. If it works without it, we might assume it could be the cause of reversed outcomes for a few people.
  9. I'm no expert in these matters, but it seems you need to find a code that checks if pilot X is not in vehicle Y, then set pilot X damage 1. Means as soon as he ejects he dies, then a new spawn occurs?
  10. Hi, was just wondering would this include car parks?
  11. anfo

    #adminLogged Zeus

    @Robustcolor I have yet to test these, but if you would like to try either one, it would help me to know if they're worth keeping: initPlayerServer.sqf or... initServer.sqf or... init.sqf [] execVM "zeus_fix.sqf";
  12. anfo

    ArmedForces:UK Vehicles

    There is one in RHS USAF, called the M119A2
  13. anfo

    Dark Zone Terrain WIP

    There are modules in Eden that can hide objects you don't want (until the author perhaps fixes the issues). Have you tried this?
  14. anfo

    3CB BAF Weapons

    No problem, we like the realistic angle as well
  15. anfo

    3CB BAF Weapons

    I get it, and it is likely the way I explained it (or didn't). With an artillery computer a GSMG beaten zone could be similar to where arty rounds would be placed, which would therefore calculate the gun's elevation and azimuth. However, based on the probability of any indirect fire features making it into the next cut I won't flog a dead horse. 🙂