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  1. anfo

    Brush Clearing

    @ampersand38 Any recommendations against trying this a script? I've tried compiling it, but it's not working. The mod works well though.🙂
  2. Debug console usage is a little beyond my level of understanding, but I tried what you suggested. When I attempted it threw an error - so can I check I used the code correctly? I placed the fn_dismount.sqf file into the root of the mission, and when looking at an exit point point, I opened the debug console and locally executed: `execVM "fn_dismount.sqf"` I can't recall the error, but it didn't work 🙁 Are all my steps correct? Irregardless, I ran the script version again with the updated code from github and I was still being ejected in reverse of my intended direction.
  3. I'll try the script version again with the code from github Armaholic here.
  4. @ampersand38 https://gaming.youtube.com/watch?v=oeqQ2l5_bQ0&feature=share Something I'm not doing perhaps?
  5. I noticed you said you've had hours in game using it. Did you see any issues? During my testing, whether with the script or mod versions, I was not being dismounted where I looked. I'll make a video soon to demonstrate.
  6. If it helps others, this is how I achieved a script version. Credit to @ampersand38 for his code, thanks @Tankbuster for getting me thinking about it, and @bumgie for the motivation to continue working it out when others didn't. 1. Unpbo tft_dismount.pbo in the mod's addons folder, 2. Place tft_dismount folder in mission root, 3. Call fn_addDismountAction.sqf from init.sqf to give clients the addaction they require: [] execVM "tft_dismount\functions\fn_addDismountAction.sqf"; 4. Create cfgfunctions.hpp file, place in tft_dismount\function folder, 5. Populate cfgfunctions.hpp file: class tft { class DWYL { class dismount {file = "tft_dismount\functions\fn_dismount.sqf";}; }; }; 6. Compile fn_dismount.sqf function from description.ext: class CfgFunctions { #include "tft_dismount\functions\cfgfunctions.hpp" }; Likely not the most optimal, but it works at least (unless I've left an error above). Cheers again amersand38 for an interesting and useful mod. Anfo
  7. Because I don't understand code, I'm not sure if you're helping or being sarcastic. I'll work it out, thanks.
  8. Hi @Tankbuster, I've created under CfgFunctions in description.ext: #include "scripts\tft_dismount\cfgfunctions.hpp" (have placed files under a scripts folder as you can see). I've created the cfgfunctions.hpp with the following: class GOWYL { class tft_fnc_dismount { tag = "tft_fnc_dismount"; class getout { file = "scripts\tft_dismount\functions\fn_dismount.sqf"; }; }; }; Action called from init.sqf [] execVM "scripts\fn_addDismountAction.sqf"; However I still get an error when I use the new Addaction: [] call |#|tft_fnc_dismount Error undefined variable in expression: tft_fnc_dismount Any advice to resolve please?
  9. anfo


    Would you mind providing a link?
  10. anfo

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    Fair enough. If it's not yet been delivered to our armies, then there's little motivation to create it yet. All good.
  11. Maybe this could help. In a vanilla mission, from the map is the Briefing Diary entry. I was wondering how many sub-headings Arma 3 allows. For example: Briefing | |________Subheading | |_________Sub Subheading As much as I've been able to produce is a Subheading and not a Sub Subheading. I was merely wondering whether this was possible and if so, how.
  12. Agreed. I've used Jebus with TCL and had success, but again not two AI behaviour scripts in tandem.
  13. anfo

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    Hi devs Thank you for filling the equipment gap in our little Australian colonial outfit. 😊 Has the Boxer AFV ever been discussed for development at 3CB? Anfo
  14. Hi Been using diary records (scripts in SQF) for a while and am happy to continue. However at this point I've never thought I'd need to make more sub-subheadings until now. So basically it is: player creatediarysubject ["diary","heading"]; then player createDiaryRecord ["diary", ["sub-heading", " Is anybody familiar with whether Arma 3 allows a sub-sub-heading level, and what the code might be?
  15. I'd have thought it would be too much work juggling the settings of two AI behaviour mods, apart from where they would conflict and cause problems.