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  1. slatosniper

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    Running into a bit of an issue. As soon as I boot and run a Headless Client on my dedicated server, it seems that the spawners have infinite waves... If I close down the HC mid-mission then the spawns stop. Tried without any HC and it works perfectly. Anyone got any ideas?
  2. slatosniper

    CBA - Community Base Addons - ARMA 3

    @mcnools I found that when I had copied and pasted code from our community's forums it was changing the ". Our forum was using U+201C : LEFT DOUBLE QUOTATION MARK {double turned comma quotation mark} and U+201D : RIGHT DOUBLE QUOTATION MARK {double comma quotation mark} when it should be U+0022 : QUOTATION MARK Might pay to check your quotation marks.
  3. @dreadpirate Hey mate. Decided to update the version of Jebus I was using in my missions. I've downloaded the latest one from your github but when I launch into the mission I get the error: '...) then {systemChat "Exiting script."}r; |#|parameters>] spawn jebus_fnc_main; if ...' Error Missing ; File jebus\fnc_main.sqf [jebus_fnc_main]..., line 477 This is the entire line for 477: if (_debug) then {systemChat "Exiting script."};r parameters>] spawn jebus_fnc_main; Any ideas mate? Hopefully its an error I can just ignore.
  4. slatosniper

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    Greetings, I come seeking some help. Tried searching the forums and Google as well as the Wiki but I'm stumped. Asked my community if anyone knows the answer but sadly, no. We script our channels and frequencies for each player and I've encountered something odd. The SW Radio is set to the correct channel but the freq is random. This is an example of the script we have... Playing as OPFOR. LR Radios work perfectly. Script used to set channel: https://pastebin.com/LNrDHxRB TFAR.sqf (TFAR Settings): https://pastebin.com/sA9E16qZ Any help would really be appreciated.
  5. Hi Everyone, Been scratching my brain a fair bit and can't seem to figure this one out so thanks in advance anyone who has a suggestion as to the cause. The Issue: After a few mates join the server, let's say two. From that point on everyone else who tries to connect either can't see the server or get the dreaded Connection Failed message. We are running @RHSUSAF but version mismatch has been eliminated as I hosted the sources files which everyone downloaded ie. they are using the same copy. Some report that in the server browser it has a red dot next to @RHUSAF. The server is running on its own machine on my network with Windows Server 2012 R2. What I've tried. Checking Port Forwarding (OK). (WAN -> Modem -> The Dedicated Server) Restarting the server and the physical box. Restarting the router. Checked the Firewall Rules (OK). Going through the Dedicated Server Tutorial twice to see if I missed anything (Not that I can see). I've used an online UDP scanner and these are the results to my Public IP: PORT STATE SERVICE 2302/udp open|filtered binderysupport 2303/udp open|filtered unknown 2304/udp open|filtered unknown 2305/udp open|filtered unknown 2306/udp open|filtered unknown Once again. Thanks for any assist. Its incredibly frustrating building an awesome mission, advertising it to your mates only to have "Issues" on the big night.
  6. slatosniper

    Zeus NPC Cap?

    Hi All, I've been playing some Zeus missions with some friends and I've found that after a while I am unable to place units for a particular side. For Example I place down 50 units. Delete 25 and Can't put any more down. Its as though there is some kind of a cap on the total number of spawned. Of note I see a small square on the right side of the right hand menu with the NATO flag and a number in it. Not sure what this is. Anyone got an explanation as to why or if there is a unit cap and if there is a way to increase it. I place my units and then they get deleted but once I've placed a certain number it prevents me from placing more for that side. Weird.... Regards, SlatoSniper
  7. Hi all, I've managed to use the following: _light = "Land_LampHalogen_F" createVehicle (position this); to spawn in a light pole. It does this successfully and illuminates the area I want but it always faces 270 degrees. I've tried setDirection to change it to what I want but am having no luck. Thoughts?
  8. I've also tried using a dedicated server and it works, for me only. Try hosting your server again and getting a friend to join and see if they have the same problem.
  9. I gave it a go with your .paa file but it still doesn't work. I am really puzzled.
  10. Sure thing. http://www.filedropper.com/ducasse20airbaseutes_1 I've also tried the reverse and had my mate host it. I can't see the flag. At least I know what everyone else sees :p Its 5AM here is Australia so don't be surprised if I've missed something simple. I've been working on this problem all night.
  11. Just gave it a go with a friend. It did indeed sleep for 3 but the error still came up. I am using the object Flag (US Army) if that helps at all.
  12. Hi all! I've been starting to create a little map for myself and a few friends but have encountered a very strange problem. I have several flag poles around the map and have assigned a custom flag image to them using "this setFlagTexture "flags\myflag.jpg". It works for me when I preview it in the Editor but when I save it and try and run it for my friends they ALL get "Cannot load texture ...flags\myflag.jpg". When I am in the multiplayer map with them I get no such error and can see it fine. I have tried using 256x256 and 256x128 and both have no luck, it still gives my mates the error. Before anyone asks, yes I have googled the question and tried some solutions people have found but I believe they all relate to the map maker not being able to see his flag in the first instance, not the end user. I have had one of my friends extract the .pbo file for the mission and he can confirm that the flag texture is there. I am using other custom textures for some signs around the area and they work for both myself and my friends. Let me reiterate it again. I can see the flag fine in the Editor and the Multiplayer session fine. The problem is my mates getting the error and no flag showing up. Any help would really be appreciated fellas, this is the last thing I have to do before it looks like a map fit for a king and its been rattling my brain all week.