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  1. Just to be clear terc DOES work on some targets, for instance- TargetP_Inf_F Will pop up/down on command but not- Land_target_Oval_Wall_Bottom_F Which is just a small, white metal target on a hinge. Would anybody know of a terc alternative that may work on this object?
  2. I've looked for any new answers from time to time on this topic, but apart from GroupID it doesn't seem to be solved. The group names in a MP lobby, ie Alpha 1-1, Bravo 2-3 etc - have BI made them changeable yet?
  3. Hi I'm having trouble understanding how to use setCurrentChannel. What I would like is to add the script to, say, initPlayerLocal.sqf and then all players who join a dedicated server are automatically moved to the group (3) channel, for example: _isGroupSelected = setCurrentChannel 3; Can this script be used in this fashion?
  4. Debug, at least in the script version is all off by default. Did you turn it on briefly to troubleshoot?
  5. I'm at the limit of my expertise I'm afraid. One thing I should say I suppose is that I seldom make missions, so your bug report could be valid. You're not going to get any real answers unless you decide to use the author's new AI project: GLX
  6. Sure, happy to ☺️ Still messing with this myself, but I am attempting to make templates for radio messages as a marker on the map screen. There are a few mods around with dialogues for 9-liners etc, but at least if I make them custom, I can make them exactly how my group needs them. So credit to this reddit post for getting me started: 1. Create "modFoldername" 2. Add to it paa files. The following example uses files called north.jpg and south.jpg (although I used paa) 3. Add a config.cpp file based on following code guide: class CfgPatches { class Markers { units[] = {}; weapons[] = {}; requiredVersion=1.00; }; }; class CfgMarkers { class CivilWarNorth { name="CivilWarNorth"; icon="\modFolderName\north.jpg"; color[]={1,1,1,1}; size=32; //so far I've been able to load 512^2 paa markers successfully shadow = 0; scope = 2; markerClass = "Flags"; }; class CivilWarSouth { name="CivilWarSouth"; icon="\modFolderName\south.jpg"; color[]={1,1,1,1}; size=32; shadow = 0; scope = 2; markerClass = "Flags"; }; }; PBO "modFoldername" and place that inside an Addon folder, which would tghen be placed into an @ folder. That is: @mymarkermod ---addons --------modFolderName.pbo Hopefully that is helpful.
  7. Hello Would like to try making custom markers. I notice some references I've found speak of 32 (pixels?), however, does anybody know whether bigger sizes are allowed by the engine? Say 256 or 512?
  8. Hi Grumpy I guess getting off my arse and finding out for myself was the best way. 512 x 512 works, and I'm sure others do too.
  9. My group uses TCL weekly and aren't (yet) experiencing any of the issues that you appear to be. It could be the way we've adopted it, which is type 1(g) from this link.
  10. No active support for this mod anymore mate.
  11. In the individual pilot's init: this setVariable ["TCL_Disabled", True]; This will make that unit not be controlled by TCL. If it is a group you want excluded from TCL, you can either: 1. Create a trigger in eden editor, in the text field of the created trigger write: TCL_Disabled. Synchronize 1 A.I. unit of A.I. group(s) with this trigger to disable the synchronized A.I. group(s), 2. In AI group composition init line write: this setVariable ["TCL_Disabled", True];
  12. anfo

    Boxer M.I.V

    Keep up the great work mate. Hopefully you might see it in your heart to include an Australian cam, but regardless getting the vehicle will still be a good day 😄
  13. anfo

    Brush Clearing

    @ampersand38 Is this ok to run on a client only in a network environment? edit: have performed a quick dedi test to confirm it does. Is there a chance to request spawning a bigger grass cutter?
  14. So you want AI only in your group to be controlled by TCL, but otherwise not? If so, are these AI editor placed, or Zeus?
  15. @Astireloth Just a couple of questions. Sorry if I have you sucking eggs. Is your userconfig folder outside of any mod folder, including TCL? As I personally haven't used this mode, I can't confirm if they're are issues with it. What I do know is, my group uses Server install type 1(g). This would need to include the init.sqf entries to enable/disable variables. This mode works, as flares is one of the variables I played with and was able to turn them on and off etc.
  16. @Astireloth As per this link, can I confirm you are using Server install type 1(b)?
  17. I think the author has made it pretty clear it is: Or is blurting something you can't yet control?
  18. anfo

    PLP Containers

    Hey @poolpunk Great to know you're still on the scene. Love your work.
  19. anfo

    Laptop screen texture

    Do you have a jpeg in the root of your mission file called Map.jpg? Is its dimensions in the power of 2? e.g. 256 x 256 or 512 x 256 et al.?
  20. If you've added it just as you've written it above, then "Texture name" is the image name or path it is looking for but it's in the wrong format. You would replace "Texture name" with an image in jpg or paa format. For example: this setObjectTextureGlobal [0, "\img\myImage.paa"]; So in the root of your mission folder you may have a folder called img and the myImage.paa within.
  21. If it helps, a photoshop template I made. The black boxes fit exactly into the frames of the two screens:
  22. I see what you might be saying. I was possibly briefly looking at a corpse when I attempted to open my own inventory?
  23. This occupy script with JBoy's up/down is a nice breathe of fresh air (granted I'm a little late the party 🙂). looking forward to implementing to add a new dynamic to gameplay. Thanks gents. If it interests anybody here, this works with Jebus: I'm not sure if it has been discussed or solved, but does anybody know whether balcony occupancy can be disabled? Was hoping for interior only. Also, do the AI in a group seem a little too synchronised with the up/down to anybody? Perhaps they need to be a bit more random.