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  1. Hello Scorchuk 

    tell me are you still working on the boxer ? if not i wanted to ask if i can get your data to continue working. would be glad to read from you. 


  2. Hi Scorchuk! I understand life has got in the way of your Boxer Project, do you know where and what help you need?

  3. Scorchuk

    Boxer M.I.V

    UPDATE #2 Hi All, Sorry for the long absence, I know a lot of people want to hear how the project is coming along. I was hoping to do more regular updates but COVID happened and my job took up most of my time. I'm not ready to show you anything new at the moment. But I can tell you the project is not dropped and is still being worked on. Also not long after the first update BWMOD got in contact with me offering to help with implantation and texturing. They have been a great help with references on the Boxer and helping me improve the model. The exterior is nearly complete. When I started I didn't realise how many differences there are between the A0, 1 and 2 variants of the Boxer. I have settled on making the A2 version of the Boxer as it is most likely the version that the British Army will get. This is why the exterior has taken so long. Doing research and trying to find decent reference photos of the A2. As long as COVID doesn't cause another lock down in the UK updates will happen more regularly.
  4. Scorchuk

    Boxer M.I.V

    I’ll see what I can do. I am planning on doing other nations versions.
  5. Scorchuk

    Boxer M.I.V

    UPDATE #1 Hi everyone, After getting Christmas & New Years out the way, I have started working on the Boxer again. This update though will be about what I had done up till Christmas. Before Christmas I was remaking the exterior model of the boxer it is mostly complete apart from the top of the mission module and a few other details. The part I most happy with is the back of the boxer. I was the one part of the Boxer that I hated making on the old boxer that I couldn't get it to look right. On the old Boxer mod I only made the model for the exterior and other members of the mod team made the interior and textured the model, with this one I doing all of it myself. Before Christmas I had started teaching myself substance painter and began texturing parts of the boxer I had finished and was happy with as a test. Such as the wheels and the side of the mission module When I showed a Friend what I had done he asked me could I texture the side so it looked the the British at birth boxer.
  6. Hello everyone, The BOXER project started out as a mod for a previous mil-sim unit I was in. It unfortunately was never finished. I have decided to try and finish it and release it. I think it is one of the best looking APC's used today and with the UK having rejoined the Boxer project in 2018 for use as their new mechanised infantry vehicle for Army 2020. I believe the Boxer will fill a gap missing in British Army vehicles for Arma. Plus other nations use this vehicle. Planned Features - - Multiple variants of the BOXER (APC, IFV, Ambulance, Command etc.) - Full 3D interior with turn out positions - Different textures for other nations that use the Boxer Below are pictures of the old High poly model I made about a year ago. I am currently remaking vehicle from the beginning as there are parts I made really badly and my 3D modelling skills have improved since I first made this. Then I will look at making the Low poly and texturing. I will try and post regular updates, but it might be a bit intermittent at first as real life comes first and my job is quite busy atm.
  7. This is the most up to date version of the AH-64D by Nodunit and Franze updated by Sacha and Jamo. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1351428303&searchtext=
  8. Firewill hasn't released it yet. He is currently working on his F-14.
  9. I think he means a bit later. I've seen pictures of the US Army like in your picture but I have also seen pictures of the US Army with US woodland BDU's and a woodland covers on their M1 helmets. With some wearing the PASGT vest and some wearing the M69