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  1. I'm trying to implement a "No Fire Zone" script into a mission I'm working on and it doesn't seem to work. I found it on BI forums and it looked simple enough to use, name the marker, set the size of the zone, boom. Looked easy enough, but for some reason it isn't working. /* GrenadeStop v0.8 for ArmA 3 Alpha by Bake (tweaked slightly by Rarek) DESCRIPTION: Stops players from throwing grenades in safety zones. INSTALLATION: Move grenadeStop.sqf to your mission's folder. Then add the following line to your init.sqf file (create one if necessary): execVM "grenadeStop.sqf"; CONFIGURATION: Edit the #defines below. */ #define SAFETY_ZONES [["respawn_west", 75]] // Syntax: [["marker1", radius1], ["marker2", radius2], ...] #define MESSAGE "Placing / Throwing items and firing at base is STRICTLY PROHIBITED!" #define MORTAR_MESSAGE "No point you putting that up, we're fresh out of ammo for those things." #define AA_MESSAGE "All AA missiles are disabled!" if (isServer) exitWith {}; waitUntil {!isNull player}; player addEventHandler ["Fired", { if ({(_this select 0) distance getMarkerPos (_x select 0) < _x select 1} count SAFETY_ZONES > 0) then { deleteVehicle (_this select 6); titleText [MESSAGE, "PLAIN", 3]; }; if (_this select 5 == "RPG32_AA_F") then { deleteVehicle (_this select 6); titleText [AA_MESSAGE, "PLAIN", 3]; }; }]; player addEventHandler ["WeaponAssembled", { deleteVehicle _this select 1; titleText [MORTAR_MESSAGE, "PLAIN", 3]; }]; That's what I'm using. If I missed something or there are better ways I'm all ears.
  2. Hello all I have my mind set on re-texturing some vanilla assets to create a mod to compliment the group I'm in and it's play style. I've never touched this before so It's going to be a completely new learning curve. My questions are 1. Where do I start. 2. What programs are recommended. 3. Do I need any knowledge in code, I have none 4. Anything else I should know. Thanks for reading this,I'm looking forward to making a start so any help is greatly appreciated.