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  1. boss00521

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    Good day, nkenny. Is it possible to download dev version not from steam? Thank you
  2. boss00521

    Pook ARTY Pack

    Good day hcpookie! I tried as you explained in this example: And i noticed that in engage mode the arty works ok but when this code is not applied on unit there no marker shows on the map and no audio report coming. I need my 1B75 to only report me the targets location and provide audio report like in engage mode. Is there any way how to do it? Thank you
  3. boss00521

    Pook ARTY Pack

    The mod is just fantastic, adds so much variety to the game. I have two question. Should the radar be in the player group to get messages about enemy artillery in the area? And will it spot artillery fire if it's triggered by other mods like Hetman fire for effect mod? Thank you
  4. boss00521

    Community Factions Project

    This is just amazing!!! Special thanks for Wagner PMC.
  5. Good day Alive devs. Your mod is just the best and now with new pre release version its just perfect. Thank you very much! I have a question. With Orbat i try to modify RHS AFRF faction, but when i do export faction instead of all russian names in config text i get uknown simbols, so after all names are unreadable. Tested with latest stable alive and only RHS. Any advice please?
  6. Just checked new update and all i can say is just cup team are my heroes!!! What you have made to represent modern Russian army is incredible!!! Thank you sooo much!🤗
  7. Is this thread also apply for radio protocols?
  8. Can't download from Mediafire, can somebody please put some other mirror. Please please pleaaase
  9. boss00521

    Jets DLC Official Feedback

    Added: Carrier Ops Anyone knows what is that?
  10. Hi! Thanks for new release. Where can i find info how to use FARA ? I tried with my AI subordinates but no luck.
  11. Thanks so much for your work! Curious - what is Static Line support?
  12. boss00521

    USA strike Syria

    "Crimea=Russians invaded period! (they damm sure were not invited) Syria used chemical weapons on civs=Period! Sanctions are hurting Russia period! Russia cant afford another enemy or any new long term conflicts with anybody. This you CAN believe!". As i said - USA can do anything to anyone, no need international laws, no need any proofs it just - we are stronger and can do anything= period! "What about Turkey? Existence of bloody SDF is a threat to Turkey. They and pkk are the same groups and US agrees that. They've done more than isis did to europe for 20-30 years now and you say that we have no right to be in Syria when US and Russia arm our enemies? There are even bombardments on Turkey which are coming from other side of the border. Don't even let me start talking about fucking isis" . Without permission from Syrian side entering troops is called invasion. So why don't you declare war to Syria? And again, it's all cool)) "I don't believe this is a place to debate this, but I can tell you America has not invaded a county in nearly a century with the intent to annex it". I agree, this is absolutly true. Tell this to citizens of Iraq ( how many Iraq people died? I'm just not sure, because my government completely brainwashed me)), and tell this to Afganistan people and Pakistan and Serbia and Yugoslavia and many many others. USA always care only about democracy and freedom of other countries)) By the way in so called invasion of Crimea there were no fighting. And i understand that there no innocent countries which always follow the right way i just hate double standarts when for one side things called "crime" and for other it's called "bringing freedom and democracy". Peace and love to all of you. Like this
  13. boss00521

    USA strike Syria

    "Furthermore, I find it hard to believe Russia when it comes to anything when they've said they didn't know who the green little army men in Crimea were. And seeing how Syria, along with Iran and Iraq have a colorful history of using chemical WMDs on innocent civilians at this point I have no reason not to believe Assad or his administration used chemical weapons on civilians. Also, keep in mind, that the US administration more than likely had concrete intelligence on this attack, which they'll probably release. You simply just can't fake an air delivery of chemical weapons." About "green little army men in Crimea" ( like some proof that Russia always lies) , i'm afraid you didn't know about Russian-Ukrainian agreement about Russian Black sea fleet base in Sevastopol ( Crimea ), according to which Russia could keep up to 25000 troops on the territory of Crimea together with fleet. And during 2014 the number of Russian troops in peninsula didn't exceedid that number. From my side, i do not believe USA's "concrete intelligence on this attack, which they'll probably release" after bombing another country. and without some kind of investigation or proofs. Russian is the only legitimate country that have permission to keep military troops in Syria ( according to UN agreement) and all other countries are not! But still USA and some coalition are still there and even make some bombing. What a FUCK? And UN keep quiet on this. USA does what ever it wants everywhere in the world without any consequence even after Iraq, where no evidence of WMD was found. Why somebody should believe to what USA say? I don't))
  14. boss00521

    USA strike Syria

    "The explanation given by Damascus and Moscow (although with few chance to be the right one) is not impossible either." Can you bring those to this thread please? And the source if you don't mind.
  15. boss00521

    USA strike Syria

    Letting Asad to use chemical weapon after liberation of Aleppo, Palmira and with army winning, and when half of the world's reconnaissance watching at you waiting for wrong moves to be taken, is same as shooting yourself in the leg. Despite many people's opinion i think Assad is not that stupid.