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  1. Welcome to Glasgow

    Looking great. Good work!
  2. Why do you have the arm geometry inside the sleeve? What's stopping you from deleting the vertices that won't be shown because they should be inside the sleeve?
  3. Spearpoint: UK Armed Forces 1965-85

    Update: 6 Aug @ 9:29pm Added: Initial version of Blowpipe AA Added: Blowpipe missile carrier Added: Air defence team Added: Tracer magazine for Sterling Changed: Khaki outfit is now better matched to desert scenery Fixed: Items now should have proper mass values Fixed: Weapons should now have correct zeroing Automatic update via Steam Workshop
  4. Spearpoint: UK Armed Forces 1965-85

    Pistols: Unlikely Bush hat: Not soon, might spec to use the existing BI bush hat in the meanwhile Vehicles: Yes but not soon - that's a totally new kettle of fish Right now: Fixing some important omissions and bugs around equipment mass and weapon zeroing.
  5. My understanding of maxLeadSpeed is that AI will not engage units higher than that speed - what id like to see is ai try to engage but miss
  6. I'm currently in the process of implementing a launcher with SACLOS guidance - missile files towards wherever you point it, point at enemy, fire, bingo I've been able to use a few different mechanics to make it harder for the player to hit their target - manualControlOffset, trackOversteer - but the AI has a laser focus, and can easily overcome these settings to make the missile fly straight and true in to whatever they want to hit. Is there any means to decrease AI accuracy with manually guided weapons? I tried adjusting aiDispersionCoefs but they appeared to have no effect. Any help greatly appreciated!
  7. Spearpoint: UK Armed Forces 1965-85

    More infantry content on the way
  8. Spearpoint: UK Armed Forces 1965-85

    First update pushed! Thanks to all for the kind words. Hope you enjoy playing! If you have any videos/screenshots or missions you've created please pass them along. I'm looking to add a scenario pack to the workshop post if anyone is interested in working on some missions. Automatic update via Steam Workshop Added Carl Gustav round carrier Variants of Large Pack and Rucksack GS with Carl Gustav round carrier slung over Assistant AT gunner role Anti Tank Team (Carl Gustav) group BI Key for servers Fixed All units now accessible in Zeus
  9. Spearpoint: No More Heroes During the cold war the armed forces of the United Kingdom took position as one of the key militaries upholding the defence of the free world. At the tip of the spear was a volunteer army made up of 160,000 personnel across the globe. Spearpoint tells their story. Get it now on Steam Workshop Join the discord Dependency Requires CBA Features A new, original content UK armed forces mod spanning the era of mid 1960's to mid 1980's, representing all major theatres of combat: The Cold War in Europe, Arctic deployments as per The Falklands conflict, Desert as per the Aden Emergency and Tropical gear befitting Malaya. This initial release focuses on the uniforms, equipment and weaponry of the infantry. A small note This period of British military history involves multiple conflicts which to modern eyes and sensibilities have ethically questionable elements. For the sake of the wider community and perception of this work I would suggest a tactful approach to creating and distributing missions involving these conflicts - Northern Ireland and Aden in particular, but all warfare has ugly moments. The scars of these conflicts are still felt by some, and I do not intend to court that kind of controversy. If you take issue with this statement or any content put out by the community using this mod, feel free to contact here or via Discord. Screenshots Content Credits Over a year ago I began the process of learning to mod Arma 3 and put together Spearpoint. This would not have been possible without the mentoring and support of Mondkalb and the rest of the Arma Cold Warriors Discord channel. They are too numerous to name here, but the happy responses, healthy critique and empathy in frustration are what stopped me from giving up on this months ago. The Arma 3 community as a whole has contributed to a huge knowledge base that I leaned heavily upon to get this mod in to the world. The Volunteer Commando Battalion is a group that kept me interested in playing Arma for years past its original run (back to the earliest days of OFP), and I would wholeheartedly recommend checking them out if you want to play with this mod in tactical realism scenarios. Thanks to red_spring for the photography shown in this post. Thanks to toadie2k for weapon animation tutorials and development content. License
  10. Great map! Looks like it'll be fantastic for Tank battles
  11. Looking for an animator for weapon reload animations for ~4 British small arms. Paid opportunity. Completion will enable swift release of modification. PM if interested.
  12. Post snipped - no longer necessary.
  13. Progress on weaponry is plodding along, L1A1 SLR is well on its way
  14. M76 yes, OD uniform yes but not the main focus, so lower fidelity DPM Yes, khaki/desert unlikely