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Found 10 results

  1. [Tutorial] How to edit a Steam Workshop mission (Scenario) by Gunter Severloh This is a written tutorial on how to open and install a steam workshop mission into the Eden editor. This tutorial is meant for beginners and to those who are interested in adding, changing, or seeing how a scenario was created to learn from it. In this tutorial I'm going to show you how to do the following: Subscribe to, and install a singleplayer & multiplayer mission. Locate the Steam Workshop folders and open the workshop mission. Locate the Eden editor folders to move the mission too. Review aspects of why a mission wont load once in the editor. Review mission naming before or after pbo extraction. ================================================= Video Demonstration Video Timestamps of the steps: Step 1 - Subscribe to a steam workshop mission 0:38 Step 2 - Play the mission to install it 2:00 Step 3 - Locate the Steam workshop folders & open the workshop scenarios 5:55 Step 4 - Locate the Eden editor folders and install the workshop missions 13:38 Step 5 - Open the workshop scenario in the editor 15:07 ================================================== Step 1- Subscribe to a Steam Workshop mission (Steam reference guide - how to 101) Step 2 - Play the mission to install it Step 3 - Locate the Steam Workshop folders and open the SP/MP scenarios you subscribed too Step 4 - Locate the Eden editor folders and install the workshop missions Step 5 - Open the workshop scenario in the editor Reasons why your workshop scenario may not load into the editor: How to open and extract pbo files i did not cover this in step three as i have a video tutorial that already covers this, if you dont know how to extract a pbo please review my video tutorial below on how to do it. ==================================== This concludes the tutorial, any questions or issues please ask. The tutorial may be adjusted, tweaked, and updated in some areas as i see fit, so if you see some changes then thats whats happening. Any suggestions, corrections, and or anything else i may not have covered please let me know, the tutorial was a long time project i been sitting on for a couple of years, i hope that this tutorial will provide enough detailed information to enable players to edit a steam workshop mission of their choice. Cheers!
  2. Last Update - July 2nd, 2023 Total number of mods - 945 The mods listed below all deal with gameplay features and functions, there will not be any mods that add any assets like new units, gear, vehicles, or weapons. There are some mods on the workshop that were not added to the list because of the lack of info, screens on them, there may be some mods i have missed, but this is a collection of all the gameplay mods from my: Steam Workshop mod collection https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2294113213 As new gameplay mods are released i will add them accordingly, as well as any mods i come across. Video Overview Steam Workshop Gameplay Mods All Arma 3 Steam Workshop AI Mods Compilation List https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/237139-all-arma-3-steam-workshop-ai-mods-compilation-list/ Aircrafts, Flying, Halo, Heli features, & Parachutes Ammo, Ballistics, Grenades, Magazines, Tools, & Weapons Ammobox, Arsenal, & Inventory Animations, Cut scenes, Intros, & Poses Artillery, Bombs, Mortar & Missiles Attachments, Scopes & functions Backpacks, Explosives, & Launchers Blood, Bodies, & Ragdoll Boats & Ships Cams, Camera, Zoom, & 1st/3rd person view Climbing, Jumping, Movement, Mounting, & Vaulting Compass, Ctab, GPS, NVG, Thermal, & Radio Death & Medical Dragging, Fastrope, Rappelling, Sling loading, & Towing Drawing, Maps, Markers, & Notes Driving/Flying Planes, Tanks, & Vehicles Editor Extensions, Functions, Modules, & Tools Effects, Explosions, Flares, Smoke, & Tracers Faces, heads, & Skins Fatigue, Recoil, Stamina, & Sway Grass, Maps, Terrain, & Water Hud, Interaction, Menu, User Interface, Video Settings Infantry Gameplay interaction features & functions Multiplayer, Server, Tools, & Code Music, Sounds, Screams, & Voices Sky, View Distance, & Weather Survival Zeus ============ Credits Credits to those authors of the mods listed above, for all your work and dedication to the game adding amazing assets to the game for the community, i hope that my list here will bring more light and awareness to these fantastic mods!
  3. Hello there. Arma 3 Preset Generator is an open source web app that allows you to create, share, customize and download launcher presets based on a list of steam workshop IDs provided via URL. You can find the source on github (github.com/a-sync/arma3pregen) and continuously deployed instances at arma3pregen.cloudno.de and arma3pregen.devs.space. (check below for usage examples) Features preset sharing made effortless ­čĺÜ optional mods can be customized on a simple UI on the fly outputs standard Arma 3 Launcher preset files remembers previously selected optional mods URL format All the preset information (preset name, mods/collections, DLCs, optional flags) is stored in the app URL's query string component. Additional information is loaded through various steam APIs but the steam workshop is considered the single source of truth. Preset Name Custom preset name / file name can be appended to the URL after `?`. Only alphanumeric characters + `_` is allowed. If the preset name is set, the ID list must be separated with `=`. ID list Comma `,` separated list of IDs evaluated from left to right in order. Appended to the URL after `?` or `=`. Mods inherit the optional flag from collections but the last state in order affecting a mod takes precendece when rendering the UI. (see example C4G RHS KotH) This means that you can override the optional flags of certain items in collections to extend or restrict them. In other words it allows you to mix and combine existing collections and mods to customize the required and optional mods in any way you like. The selected optional mods are remembered client side in relation to the preset name. You should also take advantage of the workshop collection feature and create permanent links with workshop IDs pointing to the currently used required and optional collections. (see examples FNF and FNF WW2) Optional mods Append or prepend a `*` to flag an ID optional. Workshop IDs (collection, mod) Only numbers and the optional `*` prefix/suffix is allowed. DLC IDs Items starting with `!` are added to the preset as DLC/CDLC AppIDs. Only numbers and the optional `*` prefix/suffix is allowed. Local mod IDs Items starting with `@` are added to the preset as local mods. Only alphanumeric characters + `_` and the optional `*` prefix/suffix is allowed. Examples FNF: https://arma3pregen.devs.space/?FNF=1551644814,1551648858* FNF WW2: arma3pregen.devs.space/?FNF_WW2=1769913157,2120184260* 77th JSOC: arma3pregen.devs.space/?77th_JSOC=2829455808* C4G RHS KotH: arma3pregen.devs.space/?C4G_RHS_KotH=1290398866,*861133494,*945476727,*1180534892,*1180533757 Custom: arma3pregen.devs.space/?My_Custom_Vietnam_Modlist_2022q2=!1227700,450814997,463939057,@my_local_mod,*333310405,*@optional_local_mod,*!288520 glhf
  4. Workshop Crawler Yes, we scan. What is the ArmA 3 Workshop Crawler? Workshop Crawler regularly creates an index of all available workshop items and the files contained within them. This allows content creators that decide to upload their content to the workshop to easily check for unauthorized reuploads of their files. How does it work? Each file available on the workshop has a unique identifier (hash). When you click on "Find Reuploads" on our website, the hashes of your files are compared against thousands of others in the database. Due to how hashes work, these matches almost 100% guarantee, that the files found elsewhere are exactly the same as yours - but in a different workshop item. Do I have to pay? No. So, how can I start looking for reuploads? Head to workshopcrawler.com, paste the link to your workshop item into the search box and click the magic button. It's that easy.
  5. Hello everyone! I recently uploaded a mission I have worked on for a long while and wanted my friends to play so I uploaded it as a Steam Workshop item. Unfortunately, none of us see it under the "Scenarios" tab for Arma 3. We are able to host it on a server but some have wanted to play it SP. I can not find any useful information to help figure out the issue so I thought I would post here! The mission is called "Task Force Hammer" by Tornado1001
  6. I am a noob at publishing Arma 3 missions, so it is possible that there is something that I am unaware of that someone can correct me on? The issue I am having is that I have just uploaded my new singleplayer mission from the Eden Editor in Arma 3 using the 'Upload to Steam Workshop' option and found a number of issues, some of which I have resolved, others which I have not. Here is a list of some my issues, which I would be grateful for some feedback on (especially by someone from BIS): 1) There does not appear to be any clear published information about exactly how to configure an Arma 3 mission properly to publish it on Steam Workshop. The only thing that I found was this page: Arma 3 Workshop 101 which is only an overview, with no detail on formatting, etc. 2) I thought that I had done the right stuff in my mission's description.ext for the picture and description to automatically appear when a mission pbo was created in the process. I assumed that the Steam Workshop description was only used for the Workshop itself and that when someone downloads the mission, it would use the description from description.ext in Arma 3. That seems to be not the case, which left me with a choice between two evils for a proper description: a) Do a decent description in Steam Workshop using Steam formatting tags Steam Formatting which then is a complete mess when viewing the mission in Arma 3. b) Do a description that works in Arma 3, but has all the <br/>, etc. formatting appearing under the Steam Workshop listing. I have currently chosen the later method, but it looks crap in the workshop. 3) The mission listing graphic? I have a 1024 x 512 px graphic for the mission, in both jpg and paa format. When posting to the Steam Workshop, the Workshop image frame is square, so unlike a lot of others that I saw published my listing had wide black bands at the top and bottom of the image I tried doing an update to a revised image that was 1024 x 1024 px, which again looked fine in the Workshop, but bad in Arma 3, so switch back to my original. Should not the Steam Workshop either use the same aspect ratio as Arma 3, or should the workshop image be completely separate from the actual image used in the mission? 4) Why is it that if you use Export -> Export to Singleplayer in the Eden editor that the PBO created in the Mission folder does not show either the image and description defined in the mission's description.ext and is listed as missionname.island 'by Unknown Community Author' which must be broken, surely! 5) Regardless of all of that, I would have liked to be able to add a mission so that instead of it just being listed under 'SINGLEPLAYER -> SCENARIOS' under Arma 3, it would actually list under 'SINGLEPLAYER -> CHALLENGES -> Firing Drills' if that were possible? I have the impression that there may be a techie way to do that from the Arma 3 Mission Overview page 'Sample overviewScript.sqf' file, but I have no idea how to set up that file to produce the custom description which 'Is displayed only when overviewScript parameter is defined in mission's class in CfgMissions' as described on that page. The information is as clear as mud to me, but maybe perfectly understandable to an Arma developer? I found a bug report relating to some of this: https://feedback.bistudio.com/T147399 All feedback welcome... [Edit] I meant to give a link to my mission, so you can see what I am refering to, so here it is: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2013966321
  7. Hi, I'm not sure how much control BIS has over this but it thought it would be nice if we could download workshop mods without owning arma3. I'm currently trying to automate a dedicated server on a shared box, so no one wants to put their own steam credentials in the scripts. A new steam account lets me download the server, but I can't get the mods because this new account doesn't own the game. Can this issue be solved on Bohemia's end somehow? Do I have other alternatives to keep my mods up to date with steam workshop? Thanks! BobChaos on behalf of the A3-Antistasi Official Community
  8. IFA3 Lite Steamworkshop SP/MP/Missions/Mod Collections Whats up IFA3 and WW2 fans! As some of you know about my support for the Iron front game and IFA3 in the past and present, and my work in the community as a compiler i wanted to further spread the word about my work on steam workshop for IFA3. idk why i didn't post this here on Bis forums sooner but better late then never. For those of you whom are looking for Singleplayer, Multiplayer/coop/TvT/PvP missions, and mods for IFA3 lite, i have created a collections for sp/mp missions, and mods for IFA3 Lite back in May. I update these lists a few times a week, and aside my website seen here http://www.missionrepository.com/ which compiles Iron front, IFA2, and IFA3 missions and files, most of my focus for Iron front these days have moved to steamworkshop and these 3 lists, aside my own addons, and missions. I hope that these collections will help you guys out, less searching, and more browsing. Cheers! IFA3 Lite Singleplayer Missions http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=934502154 IFA3 lite Multiplayer Missions http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=934504856 IFA3 Lite Mods http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=934510504
  9. We want to have a mod and a preset for arma 3 in the steam workshop that can be updated by several people from several pc's. Can't figure out how to do it. I don't think this is even possible. Could this possible be a feature in the future?
  10. Alex150201

    Steam Workshop Addons

    Hello everyone I hope you are having a nice day unlike me. I have subscribed to a couple of mods on steam workshop for arma 3 and after they download they don't seem to show up. In the past when this would happen I would keep the launcher open for a couple hours and the addons would show up but that doesn't seem to work anymore. I subscribed to a couple mods last week and decided to leave my pc on with the launcher open throughout the weekend and nothing showed up. Any help is highly appreciated. PS: Mods that have already showed up do get updated if that helps at all :P PS No2: I have also tried resubscribing to the mods but no luck...