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  1. Antistasi Community

    Getting workshop mods with steamcmd

    It would be nice if we could download the mods with the server, or otherwise make the server only available if you own the game for consistency. You guys know of any third party tools I could look into even if the source isn't steam? Otherwise looks like we're going to be buying a copy, it's self-hosted :/ Thanks for your help guys.
  2. Antistasi Community

    Getting workshop mods with steamcmd

    I have the server, you can download it separately from the game without owning the game itself. It's just the server is no use to me without the mods :( We're looking for workarounds but all of them so far either involve sharing our personal account credentials or setting up some external notification system :/
  3. Hi, I'm not sure how much control BIS has over this but it thought it would be nice if we could download workshop mods without owning arma3. I'm currently trying to automate a dedicated server on a shared box, so no one wants to put their own steam credentials in the scripts. A new steam account lets me download the server, but I can't get the mods because this new account doesn't own the game. Can this issue be solved on Bohemia's end somehow? Do I have other alternatives to keep my mods up to date with steam workshop? Thanks! BobChaos on behalf of the A3-Antistasi Official Community