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  1. Just run a temporary dedicated server on the strongest machine in your "clan." There is no need to waste money just to fly jets between friends.
  2. Hello, recently I have noticed whenever I get into a helicopter, once the engine is fired up, that the aircraft goes forward and I crash. I can compensate for it by pulling back but it makes it nearly impossible to fly around. I have restarted the game, tried different servers, aircraft, and different profiles. This happens both on vanilla Arma 3 and with mods. I do not have the advanced flight mode on. I even made sure I didn't have the mouse going forward or that my "W" key wasn't stuck. I have not found anything online to help me with my issue so any help or ideas would help.
  3. So I was watching an Arma 3 Video and saw a building I would like to use (the yellow outlined tower in the top-left) and was wondering if anyone knows what mod it is in?
  4. So I am making a mission on Takistan and I went to modules and placed down an OPFOR Site under the "Sites" tab and I made it cover the Northern Airfield. I have a few mods on and one has the faction "Sahrani Liberation Army" and I want to replace the CSAT with the "Sahrani Liberation Army" to occupy the area. Any help would be appreciated!
  5. How would I go around doing that? (New to scripting lol)
  6. So I am making a mission on Malden where some NATO guys are pinned while rebels surround them. I want mortars to drop randomly but don't do damage (like in Hollywood where mortars go off right next to people and they just get dirt flinged on them that kinda thing). I googled and saw this script on Reddit here: https://www.reddit.com/r/armadev/comments/2qwzgq/fake_artillerymortar_fire_around_player/ I get the error " |#|[t1, numberOfShells] execVM "artySim.sqf"; Error Type Script, expected Bool" t1 being the trigger name. I made the SQF file and pasted the script below in it. I am still new around scripting but from what I can tell there's nothing wrong but I'm probably wrong. Any help would be appreciated on this. //Arty Incoming // 2014/04/26 //Trigger, Count, Distance, Type if (!isServer) exitWith {}; _theTrigger = [_this, 0, objNull, [objNull]] call BIS_fnc_param; _theTriggerPos = getPos _theTrigger; _theTriggerRadius = (triggerArea _theTrigger) select 0; _shellCount = [_this, 1, 1, [0]] call BIS_fnc_param; _safeDistance = [_this, 2, 62, [0]] call BIS_fnc_param; _shellType = [_this, 3, "Sh_82mm_AMOS", [""]] call BIS_fnc_param; for "_index" from 1 to _shellCount do { _posToFireAt = []; while {(count _posToFireAt) == 0} do { _posToFireAt = [_theTriggerPos, (random _theTriggerRadius), (random 360)] call BIS_fnc_relPos; { if ((_x distance _posToFireAt) < _safeDistance) exitWith {_posToFireAt = [];}; } forEach allUnits; }; systemChat format ["Shell Incomming [%1]", (player distance _posToFireAt)]; _posToFireAt set [2, 800]; _shell = _shellType createVehicle _posToFireAt; _shell setPos _posToFireAt; _shell setVelocity [0,0,-200]; if ((_index % 4) == 3) then { sleep (3 + (random 1) / 4); } else { sleep random 0.1; }; }; Mission Type: Nato forces are pinned down in the ruined military base on Malden and are being surrounded by rebel fighters (couple dozen with lowest skill and barely any optics are weapons) and the area around the ruined dome is heavily mined and the dome has many sandbag emplacements. I would like the effect of being shelled by the enemy but it kills everyone in the mission (Kinda like a Benghazi mission where few elite guys hold small area in close quarter combat from all directions). I'd like for the mortars to drop but cause no damage at all. I don't want to make anyone invincible since it ruins the immersion/purpose of the mission (to survive). Any help would be appreciated!
  7. Tornado1001

    Dead on mission start

    Worked perfectly! Thank you I appreciate it!
  8. On the move waypoint to the Helicopter landing area, if you double-click on the waypoint and scroll down you can set time values for how long they sit there.
  9. Tornado1001

    Arma 3 Scenario

    Could also use the Splendid Camera, I usually do that a lot for in-game cinematic.
  10. Well in Eden just hit right-mouse on the unit and hit the "Edit Loadout" on the bottom of the pop-up menu.
  11. Tornado1001

    Arma 3 Scenario

    You could use the Zeus interface and hit "Backspace" so the Zeus HUD disappears and there are scripts for removing the Zeus logo in the bottom right.
  12. As of now no, but some mods like Ryan Zombies do have their own modules like that. Just check again to make sure RHS doesn't have that.
  13. For changing the GPS location go into the Interface options in the settings and you can move it wherever you want it. For seeing teammates in the GPS, it depends on the gamemode. Otherwise I would script in active markers on all teammates so you can see them in GPS mode.
  14. Tornado1001

    Tempest Device

    I sometimes use it as the objective of a mission to destroy the device since it is a WMD prototype. I usually make it where it is imperative to destroy it quickly so there are less quakes.