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  1. RichUK

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    I am sad to see what appears to be the current situation with Arma 3 Units. I see this has been an ongoing issue since 2015, so seven years ago now. It would be very nice if someone from BISTUDIO could post something regarding their intentions regarding this, either as a new post, or an edit to the first post on the topic? I do not, or have ever had, a unit for my Arma (any version). At various times, I have tried to access the Units database and join an existing unit, but it has always failed. At least previously, the existing units did display and I could filter them in different ways. I have been trying to use the advice from @RogoRogo to attempt to join an existing unit at offpeak times, but it has never worked for me. The situation now appears to be even worse, in that: 1) On launching Arma 3 from steam, the Arma 3 launcher comes up with (what I understand as the default setting) of Launch using the same unit as last time, but now there is a big red message over that part of the launcher with the wording: Arma 3 Units data acquisition failed Information about your unit(s) will not be available Also, I seem unable to change the launcher default to Launch without a unit selected as the section, as the 2 checkboxes part (which should really be 2 radio buttons as they are mutually exclusive) is "grayed out" and not selectable. 2) When opening up the units page in a web browser (Firefox) at https://units.arma3.com/# , no units are shown, and clicking BROWSE UNITS does nothing. When I click MY UNITS, then the following text is displayed: ERROR_ We encountered an error. If the problem persists, please contact us as via email at support@bistudio.com. (with the ERROR_ text in a very large font, right formatted). To my simple mind, BISTUDIO needs to either finally fix the Beta Unit stuff or remove it completely; is that reasonable? Again, does anyone from BISTUDIO actually still read this topic?
  2. Thanks @K-Town 🙂 I really appreciate your hard work and realize what it can be like trying to develop stuff in your spare time. I have just finished and posted an Arma 3 mission, but I only created a single hand-crafted dialog box in it, although I make extensive use of BIS GUI Message Boxes, which are handy off-the-shelf versions... hehe.
  3. RichUK

    ArmA 3 Mission Creation

    Hi @Doctor_Holliday 🙂 I have just posted something myself here and saw your post, so I thought I would give you a quick reply. I am a veteran of scripting since OFP, although until the last month had not done any scripting for many years and am certainly not an expert. I will start by saying that it is great that you have an interest in scripting and mission creating and will say that although it can be frustrating at times, it is also very satisfying when you create something that works how you want it to. In answer to some of your questions: - What scripting program is good? I strongly recommend using Notepad++ for doing your scripting. I use it with an SQF plugin to make it visually easy to type and edit code used for scripting. You need to download the Notepad++ SQF Syntax Highlighting and Auto Completion plugin. Old stuff used to be done using SQS format, but it is best to forget about that as all Arma stuff can use SQF. - What programs would I need? Well apart from Notepad++, as you are talking about custom voices etc., then you need a good freeware audio processing program. I have not done that sort of stuff for a long time, but I used to use Audacity which I found did a lot of the work for me. There may well be other tools that you will need later. Some are available to you as part of the ArmA 3 Tools you can get for free via Steam. For example, you will need to use things like 'ImageToPAA' to convert graphics into compressed texture form that Arma understands for some thing. - Where can I find a way to insert my own custom made files into the game? Well, it depends what you mean here, but you create a mssion by a combination of stuff you do in the editor that creates a mission.sqf in the mission folder for your missionname.island, everything else you put in there you create yourself (or copy from others... hehe). I recommend searching for some good scripting tutorial, and start off just doing some simple stuff at first, till you learn the techniques to do more. There are a lot of older ones for earlier versions of ArmA and OFP, but not so many for ArmA 3. I have found the Killazonekid Tutorials quite useful, so that might be a start. If you would like to look at the mission I have just posted, it is here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2013966321 If you try it and would like to know how I did what in it, I would be happy to help. I actually have one sub-folder and 50 (mostly script) files in the mission directory for that mission. I will also mention OFPEC: The Editing Center - Missions Depot and especially the forums there. Although a lot of the information on the site is very outdated and there is not so much for Arma 3, the site has been going since the early days of OFP and there is a wealth of knowledge there. Although not so used these days, it is still worth joining and posting any scripting questions you have in the forums.
  4. I am a noob at publishing Arma 3 missions, so it is possible that there is something that I am unaware of that someone can correct me on? The issue I am having is that I have just uploaded my new singleplayer mission from the Eden Editor in Arma 3 using the 'Upload to Steam Workshop' option and found a number of issues, some of which I have resolved, others which I have not. Here is a list of some my issues, which I would be grateful for some feedback on (especially by someone from BIS): 1) There does not appear to be any clear published information about exactly how to configure an Arma 3 mission properly to publish it on Steam Workshop. The only thing that I found was this page: Arma 3 Workshop 101 which is only an overview, with no detail on formatting, etc. 2) I thought that I had done the right stuff in my mission's description.ext for the picture and description to automatically appear when a mission pbo was created in the process. I assumed that the Steam Workshop description was only used for the Workshop itself and that when someone downloads the mission, it would use the description from description.ext in Arma 3. That seems to be not the case, which left me with a choice between two evils for a proper description: a) Do a decent description in Steam Workshop using Steam formatting tags Steam Formatting which then is a complete mess when viewing the mission in Arma 3. b) Do a description that works in Arma 3, but has all the <br/>, etc. formatting appearing under the Steam Workshop listing. I have currently chosen the later method, but it looks crap in the workshop. 3) The mission listing graphic? I have a 1024 x 512 px graphic for the mission, in both jpg and paa format. When posting to the Steam Workshop, the Workshop image frame is square, so unlike a lot of others that I saw published my listing had wide black bands at the top and bottom of the image I tried doing an update to a revised image that was 1024 x 1024 px, which again looked fine in the Workshop, but bad in Arma 3, so switch back to my original. Should not the Steam Workshop either use the same aspect ratio as Arma 3, or should the workshop image be completely separate from the actual image used in the mission? 4) Why is it that if you use Export -> Export to Singleplayer in the Eden editor that the PBO created in the Mission folder does not show either the image and description defined in the mission's description.ext and is listed as missionname.island 'by Unknown Community Author' which must be broken, surely! 5) Regardless of all of that, I would have liked to be able to add a mission so that instead of it just being listed under 'SINGLEPLAYER -> SCENARIOS' under Arma 3, it would actually list under 'SINGLEPLAYER -> CHALLENGES -> Firing Drills' if that were possible? I have the impression that there may be a techie way to do that from the Arma 3 Mission Overview page 'Sample overviewScript.sqf' file, but I have no idea how to set up that file to produce the custom description which 'Is displayed only when overviewScript parameter is defined in mission's class in CfgMissions' as described on that page. The information is as clear as mud to me, but maybe perfectly understandable to an Arma developer? I found a bug report relating to some of this: https://feedback.bistudio.com/T147399 All feedback welcome... [Edit] I meant to give a link to my mission, so you can see what I am refering to, so here it is: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2013966321
  5. @K-Town, I thought I would just post my thanks to you for all of your efforts to produce this tool. After many years, I am back developing mission stuff and back in OFP: Resistance days I did a lot of stuff with dialogs, although none of it was actually published, I never actually finished the very over-ambitious mission I was developing at that time, that I think used 3 dialogs and 9 cutscenes in the Intro alone (lol). I am just finishing off my an ArmA 3 mission, that I was considering using dialogs with and installed your tool which I see is version 1.0.7, that I see you released in 2018. I have decided not to use dialogs in this mission after all, but I am also developing another one, so am going to experiment with your tool. I wonder if you are still working on a new major version, or did you have to shelve development?
  6. RichUK

    Downloading OFP latest patch?

    I am specifically trying to download "CWA_update.22112011-combinedALL.7z" (or equivalent) from somewhere. Unfortunately, although the link that JdB gave on 26 March still works, but the downloads linked on that page (via ftp) do not. I have CWA installed from the disc included in the ArmA X Anniversary Edition boxed set. I also have multiple copies of the original OFP stuff on CDs and disks, but that was only up to v1.96). On another forum page I found a BI developer link (2012) to: http://www.mirrorcreator.com/files/0CEXQB8G/CWA_Patch_1_99A_RC1.exe_links But only one of the downloads sites linked is online (usenet.nl) and that requires you to sign up with them to be able to download it (assuming that the file is really still on there server anyway!). Surely, BI themselves could provide a download hosting for the patch somewhere? (or have I just not found it?) It is not as if they are going to suffer bandwidth issues with a mass of people downloading it after all these years.
  7. RichUK

    Combat Ops

    The less patient amongst us should read this: http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin....0;top
  8. Added myself for helping with missions and beta testing. Â There are other things I could do, but do not want to over-commit myself and have other things to do.
  9. RichUK

    Community Racing Team

    Well as a long running Formula 1 motor racing fan, I am certainly very interested in this  ... the only problem I have right now if finding some free time.  My RL work has gone mad and I have too many other commitments right now... but I will thought I would just add my vote of encouragement.  I have several of the Grand Prix series games by MicroProse, including "Grand Prix 4", which are pretty good for F1 (as compared with anything else I have tried).  This looks like a really fun project though. Look forward to looking into it all later on. Rich.
  10. RichUK

    Armed Assault for MAC

    Well I work for a software company that produces "Integrated data protection for networked storage and open-system envioronments". Â Our software runs on all common UNIX and Linux "flavours" as well as Windoze and Mac OSX. Â Although I now have a different technical management role, I was a technical specialist for them for a number of years, and I can assure you that there is little chance of Mac OSX or boxes that can run it disappearing! In fact, Darwin (the core of OSX) is basically derived from FreeBSD (a form of Linux), with the nice user-friendly Mac front end on top. Â There are rack mount XServes and XRaid units which a lot of businesses are now using in a Storage Area Network (SAN) with XSan in conjunction with Network Attached Storage (NAS) ...and they are very good! The Mac has always been king in the graphic processing and publishing markets, for a lot of reasons, although most of the orginal Mac-based applications are now also available for Windoze. Â There are more high end solutions of course, from Silicon Graphics (SGI) running IRIX (a "flavour" of UNIX), and others. Apple are doing quite nicely, thank you, probably due to the iPOD and related products, but also due to the new life brought in via OSX and new Intel-based boxes. Well what about gaiming? Â Good question. Â Macs can be excellent with graphics and video, but I do not proffess to know just what the capabilities/benchmars would be of a new OSX box running: 1. Â A high-spec 3D game ported to native OSX. 2. Â A PC game running on a Mac under whatever Windoze emulation. (I do not work for a gaming company) I have a number of Macs that I use, both at home and for work, including a 17 inch PowerBook G4 laptop, which can run XP software under Virtual PC (unfortunately non of my Macs are the new Intel chip variety). I also have many other boxes, including a dual-core 4.2 GHz PC with dual XFX 7800 GTX cards in SLI, so I do have some idea of the standards needed to be achieved for a high spec game. ... Yes. Â I would dearly love for more modern games (especially Armed Assault! to be considered for porting to run on both Mac OSX and Linux, but I have no idea if it will happen (and I am not holding my breath). When I have time, I might try to get OFP running on one of my Macs, to see how well it performs, but ArmA would be a completely different story...