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  1. What period are you doing the maps for, I ask because the islands have changed hugely since 82, Stanley effectively doubled, a huge increase in roads across the whole island, Stanley airport changed lots too. It took many weeks for me to work out what was in 82 and what was newer. I spent over 5 years working on multiple terrains for OFP and 1982:Flashpoint in the Falklands. Just came across a load of CD's and DVD's with backed up files with of all the buildings etc we produced back then (most the of the buildings were my my work), including government house.. Even had streetname signs ! (pictures showed them in 82, so we did them!) Been going over your maps, lots of coastline work required but elevation wise its reminding me of the work I did manually (sat maps or elevation data was not easy to get back in OFP days).
  2. cbfasi

    502 Bad Gateway

    BIS Wiki also getting the same
  3. Yippe not dead (although I pretty much was!!!)
  4. cbfasi

    Game spy end - what will we do?

    Ok got it working, as far as copied all the mods etc over to the folders under my username, (no longer in the arma2 folders). Not worked out why I cannot connect to a friend or host a mission now...
  5. cbfasi

    Game spy end - what will we do?

    Is there an easy way to take an EXISTING install into steam then, cos all its doing is asking to install new, but I already have that from years ago! (along with lots of related development files that would have to change if I move the install)
  6. I must thank the repeated kinds word from this team regarding the work that was done for the OFP version that the team I lead in the end release to the general public. From what I have seen there is much skill here and the much poorer versions of equipment I built is being replaced with quality, although I can honestly say that before the OFP mod I had never done any 3d modelling and still look back and shudder at what I see as the poor quality of what I built (buildings/ships). That Seadart looks beautiful, and I wish I had the skill to of reached that back then. What happened back in 82 cannot be forgotten, but most of all I hope it shows that war is not a solution, the islands are as they was before the war with both sides now politically more aggressive, I hope the peoples can see what is needed and not go back to fighting. Although this team is being directed from the south I have no objection in its aim, and if anything this will allow a better representation of the Argentine side that the 1982:Flashpoint in the Falklands team could not manage, we tried, but I think we tried too much overall and never really got to what we wanted.
  7. cbfasi

    ArmA 3 Falklands

    Interesting to see if this gets anywhere, some will understand my interest due to past time spend involvement in the subject.
  8. A most useful tool for developers, when testing my ships, I can just call in another vehicle to test with, I no longer have to put all the bits in the mission to start with! Even air dropped onto one of my ships ! (although watching the M1A2 miss and land in the water was funny).
  9. We did have a reasonable team back in the OFP days, and it was proved that it could not be a 1 man effort (although some parts were) I have however provided to this team a reasonable portion of the FLK mlods so I hope they can do justice to what was done for OFP and bring them up to ArmA2 standards and allow for an even better visual of the Falklands than we managed back for OFP.
  10. I thought I recognized some buildings, boy some of them look really old now.. (in IT terms they are ancient !!!) I will see what I can do about some bits and pieces to help. but I forget things very easily.
  11. A + B cancel, they gone back to the ramp..
  12. cbfasi


    Try the real world... its rather similar in many places.
  13. cbfasi

    Max structure size

    Actually your map icon may look less weird than you think, back in OFP days I had a building that was in 8 parts, and because of this you could actually see its odd shape on the map, do not forget bis building icons are rectangles, so sometimes its actually better to break buildings into parts. For V3 placement I just place them, knowing the dimensions and just using acurate placements.
  14. This is one of the reasons so few of my ships are making appearances, and I have already advised just how much work its going to take. (Like building below the water line as this was not needed for OFP.)
  15. cbfasi

    Max structure size

    I had the same problem with a ship I bulit, and ended up cutting the model down into smaller sections, it was not a problem. I also had to do the same with older buildings, some cut into sections as small as 20m. This is less of a problem for buildings as its just a matter of accurate placement, and if done via the mission editor, then it can be made as a single placement using script to join the bits.