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  1. AI tries to avoid it and surrounds it, I would think it is the most logical. I clarify that it is not clutter, they are objects placed with SFlora
  2. Same, I had worked before with that configuration without problems, but I was 99% sure it was a rvmats problem, surely some TB update, I found the solution in discord, but I think it would be nice to have a record in the forum
  3. also ported and upload the objects of the Flashpoint in the Falklands mod, courtesy of @cbfasi many of them look really good to be OFP addons
  4. updated obscured the satellite texture add clutter surface and roads and some rock areas
  5. I was able to solve the bug regenerating surface mask layers in 2048px, the process generated approximately 5000 rvmat files less, so I only replaced the rvmat, and preserved the textures of the 1024px mask (1gb vs 3gb) and it works fine
  6. LoRo

    Binarize rvmat files?

    Can I binarize all the rvmat with the mikero tools?
  7. I started to make my map zero, using the same height map, and I found this error at the bottom of the map, in the lower right corner. Mapframe: probe erasing grid.000.v4w and reloading the height map, and generating layers again, but the problem persists, never before had it happened to me. The map of heights seems to be fine, it looks good in the 2D view of the editor without satellite texture, and I can walk on ... But on the other hand there is also no missing texture error (the white ground would have to be anyway) also try making a smaller mapframe in that sector and it looks good from the buldozer Could it be a rvmat problem? I want to emphasize that the pbo is packaged with the mikeros tools and I got no error * only disable the option: rebuild requiered addons add screenshots:
  8. LoRo

    Binarize rvmat files?

    try to install it and use it multiple times, however an error always occurs, mikeros should consider offering their entire program suite with a single installer, I think
  9. Is there a method to binarize the rvmat files? I'm trying to add more detail to my map (80kmx80km) using a smaller cell size and I currently have 32812 rvmat in my layers folder, so when I open it in the mission editor it takes almost 1 minute to load the textures correctly, and I wanted to test if load faster binarizing the files. addon builder directly excludes them
  10. I think you do not understand the point, do not confuse resolution with definition, you can work with the resolution you want (satellite and normal), but if you have an imported mask of higher resolution you can work double alone with it mine is just an example not a recommendation, if you work with 1m / px and 512x512, you could generate your mask at 0.5m / px and 1024x1024, the amount of tiles would be the same, and the area of each tile would also match with its satellite and normal (and the number of colors), but its resolution would be double, and its definition more precise. the result within the game is very noticeable, you get a separation of materials softer, and not so square download the 2 images, zoom and compare
  11. This method is the one I use, I do not know if someone else uses it, that's why I share it, I see that many people do this task manually with a brush, in my project I have a really big satellite texture, separated into 16 tiles of 27526x27526px, so I needed an agile way to automate the process, and to match each of the tiles The solution was to use the indexed color mode of PS, summarize the satellite to 5 or 6 basic colors to which it comes closest, and I can use the Magic Wand and Paint Bucket tools to create new layers with the colors of the layers.cfg (Tolerance = 0 / without Contiguous) Satellite Image > Mode > Indexed Color (You can use some extra colors if you want to differentiate something) Indexed Overlapping colors Zoom Another improvement I got is to work with 2 different resolutions for satellite and mask, initially because of the size of the map I worked with m / px = 2 with 1024px tiles but I was not satisfied with the ingame result of the mask, so I changed am / px = 1 and doubled to 2048px (we must keep the same amount of "Tiles in Row"), but only regenerated the mask (and with it new .rvmat files) In this way I improved the resolution of the mask and kept the files of the satellite and normalmap (and I kept the size) You can download the following 2 images to compare the difference of definition and therefore of hd texture assignments Mask 1024px Mask 2048px
  12. Ok, but I'm not ignoring the mistakes, it's not sure that there are ... the reality is that I have to separate the land in several addons, I can not re upload 2gb of textures every time I make a change in the field, I have 13,000 rvmat files, maybe the tools of mikeros need more than 5 hours to analyze them all , I do not know. What I do know is that in the log file, it says that mikeros uses the BIS tool to binarize the WRP, and in a previous test without the rvmat I can binarize the wrp (I copy it from the Temp folder and it works), but crasheo al final because there were missing files ... I have to update my satellite texture (to make it darker), so I'll probably go back to doing the whole process from scratch, and maybe try with mikeros once more. At the moment I have no more questions so I do not bore you anymore, again thanks for the help