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  1. Marine CookCae

    Blud's Terrain thread.

    I've managed to land and take off with a C-130 on that dirt strip but was close lol
  2. Marine CookCae

    LM_OPFOR, A Generic OPFOR faction pack

    Ohhh those look nice!!
  3. Marine CookCae

    Blud's Terrain thread.

    Lythium is made by the FFAA mod team not IFA terrains!
  4. Have you guys got any plans to release a winter version of Lithium by any chance guys?
  5. Marine CookCae

    ArmedForces:UK Vehicles

    Awesome work mate, a warrior IFV would be great and a challenger
  6. had these errors while running a RPT error check while making a mission for the group im with
  7. Posted a large RPT error log in the bug report section on Steam workshop and a question about the animations and bone errors?
  8. Marine CookCae

    The Unsung Vietnam Mod 3.0 WIP THREAD

    Nice one
  9. Marine CookCae

    [WIP] Lebanon War Maps

    Looks, sounds nice and interesting, cant wait to see some screenshots of the terrain.
  10. Marine CookCae

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    I don't know if this can be done with the limitations of the Arms engine, but would be great to see commercial drones for civilian use and for opfor terrorist factions instead of using the military and Idap one's?
  11. Marine CookCae


    I think it would be great to see you make as Iraq Map as your maps awesome.
  12. Cannot wait to see the new update :)
  13. Marine CookCae

    The Unsung Vietnam Mod 3.0 WIP THREAD

    Will this be anymore units added to the mod eventually such as the 7th Cavalry regiment or Air Cav or the 101st Airborne division?