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  1. I cannot recall how long ago that I last posted, and although the ground seems familiar, things have changed a lot since those heady days of Operation Flashpoint and our struggles to mod that game... But here I am again treading the hallowed halls of Bohemia Interactive Simulations. Anyway... while things seem familiar there have been some great changes and it's good to see that the community is alive and active... However that doesn't help my present predicament, and that is how the heck does one apply AO and normal maps to a model? Over the past 18-20 years I've been modeling and texturing and while most 3D applications have no trouble with those maps (AO and normal) I cannot get this fuzzy old brain to work it out. The model has 4 texture maps which work well but would like to add the other maps.
  2. colonel_klink

    WW1 Mod - ArmA 2 CO

    Thanks, Tankgun. Hopefully have some more to share soon.
  3. Forgive my ignorance, but where is the download for this? The one on the first page gives me a page not found error. Never mind found it here
  4. colonel_klink

    WW1 Mod - ArmA 2 CO

    Hi guys. Been ages since I dropped in, and was very much delighted to see this mod underway. I haven't played around with Arma for a while but will dig my copy out of the archives when this is available. Keep up the good work and looking forward to seeing the finished result. For those who are interested in WW1 here is a short snippet from my 3D animated indie film I'm busy creating in Iclone: SE5As through the clouds Cheers Bob
  5. colonel_klink

    Mando Missile ArmA for ArmA 2

    @[APS]Gnat Thanks matey. Still alive and kicking :)
  6. colonel_klink

    Mando Missile ArmA for ArmA 2

    Thanks, I was having similar problems. Klink
  7. Hi, while I haven't been around for awhile I do linger here from time to time. It is good to see that the community is just a strong as it was in the OFP days. Nice to see the Falklands mod has entered the ARMA2 arena too. While I don't mind people PMing me about using the Skyhawk, in their mods, which I have in the past, I would like to point out that the ones I have given permission to use the A4 have never contacted me, or shown me the model they have converted to ARMA, which is part of my permission to use agreement with them. So by all means PM me if you wish to use it. Cheers Colonel_Klink
  8. colonel_klink

    Mig-15 Converted to ArmA 2

    Hey Guys. Re my A4 Skyhawk. Please contact me by PM regarding permissions for this. Thanks Klink
  9. colonel_klink

    Fog Problem

    LOL where I live the edges of the road look like that nearly every winter. However I think it is an issue that should be addressed as it degrades the look and feel of the game particularly if you want to take full advantage of the fog.
  10. colonel_klink

    Fog Problem

    I searched for this but came up empty. With fog full on the edges of road and parts of buildings show as white artifacts. This is apparent on two Nividia graphics cards Geforce 9800 GTX+ and Geforce 7800 GT
  11. colonel_klink

    How old are Arma2 Players?

    Fffffifty sssssseven!. I feel like a 22 year old, but I'm not allowed one :). May be when I go into a retirement home I'll have one :)
  12. If you have a model that has both solid geometry and a texture with an alpha transparency such as a fence with solid posts and netting, you can get both to show in ArmA 2 (and 1) by using this simple method. 1. Create your fence in O2 with netting as usual ensuring the netting has an alpha channel. (Photoshop; save as 32 bit tga) 2. Create a shadowvolume lod for the post. 3. In the ShadowVolume Lod create a property called Shadow and give it's value as Hybrid. AFAIK Hybrid combines both shadowvolume and normal object shadows which incorporates the alpha textures as well. Then what do I know, I'm just a colonel... :) Voila! It's as simple as that. Now you can create objects that have complex alpha textures and have the shadows as well
  13. colonel_klink

    Proxy Problem

    Hi George. This is really weird. I've just added a proxy of a fence to a building as an experiment and it worked. Are the ferns animated? If so try adding animated=true to the CfgNonAI.. bit. Else try another non animated object as a proxy and try that. Ok. I'm not sure if this is relevant or not, I've just added a proxy to a model without any CfgNonAIVehicles entry at all and the proxy showed in ArmA np. Here's a long shot I'm guessing now that even though the proxies show for you in O2, the models in the proxies folder might not be compiled when the addon is. I'd do a depbo and check that the folder is being included in the compile. Although that should give a "cannot find model" error. If you like, I can have a look at the addon for you.
  14. colonel_klink

    Proxy Problem

    Ok here's a thought. in your CfgNonAIVehicles section of your config change the Proxyfern01 to Proxy_fern01. I have a vehicle with a dozen or so jerrycans plus ammoboxes attached to it using proxies and the proxy model names are jerrycan.p3d etc, but the CfgNonAIVehicles entries are proxy_jerrycan etc. this might help. or Heres a thought, just try class fern01 without the proxy bit CK
  15. Haven't read through all the posts, but a couple of things I have observed: 1. Reinforcements brought in by Huey invariably end up being DOA (dead on arrival) with no enemy about. 2. Dead body suspended above wrecked aircraft sometimes in SecOp T.R.A.P.S. missions 3. This one really amuses me. 1 (player) reports enemy sighted yet for the life of me I haven't seen a blessed soul. 4. Crew members in LAV25 report enemy to the left (or right) when the enemy is on the opposite flank. 5. Flying donuts. Actually rubber tyres sent skywards in explosion, seemingly unaware of gravity. (SecOps mission attack base - which one I have no idea as the bases are built randomly). The funny thing is the two tyres I observd flew in perfect formation, even rotating in unison. 6. This is annoying. Having to get out of a vehicle just to confirm that a base is defended or destroyed/prisoner rescued/cache found, SecOp mission has been completed. This doesn't happen all the time, but if you have CAS and artillery attacked a position and then mopped up the remaining enemy with your 25mm on the LAV25, then why should you have to get out of the vehicle just for HQ confirmation. As I said it doesn't happen all the time. 7. When player is gunner or commander of a vehicle and is required to click on the map for CAS/artillery/transport positions the driver of the vehicle automatically responds by driving to that coordinate, even though he's been ordered to stop. :) Apart from that I'm having fun.