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  1. *SILENT WAR project
  2. RozekPoland

    OFP.info 2.0

    HOW-TO: 1. As an example, let's take a look at one of @*zeewolf* posts related to "Invasion 44 standalone grass pack". 2. In that specific post there are two links which point at old OFP.INFO domain 3. Go to ofp-faguss.com and select Addon Search from top bar menu. 4. In the input field paste one of the aforementioned links and click Search button (or press ENTER). 5. Depending on the link you pasted into the input field, you will be automatically redirected to the news on OFP.INFO 2.0 or you will start downloading the addon file.
  3. RozekPoland

    Community Platforms

    Up-to-date list of main OFP/ACWA community groups and chats on a number of different social platforms: Facebook VKontakte Discord OFP / CWA ARMA / End-Of-Life Steam OFPCWA - chat The Forums GOG For a complete database of OFP/ACWA community-related websites visit @faguss' OFP Websites List.
  4. 1.96 vs 1.99 Gamma & Brightness (G&B) settings Default 1.96 G&B settings: gamma=1.600000; brightness=1.200000; Default 1.99 G&B settings: gamma=1.200000; brightness=1.600000;
  5. The tallest OFP/ACWA model (from the original vanilla content) is nabrezi_najezd.p3d. It is 55,5m tall in its LOD1. There's also nabrezi.p3d which is 55,4m tall in its LOD0.75. The reason behind such great height of the models is their "foundation" which covers majority of the model.
  6. (Geometry of fallen tree - FIXED)
  7. (zamerny - Memory Point) According to BIKI -> ArmA Selection Translations Zamerny is a selection of a Memory Point section of a model. It is a point that an AI unit is required to see to be able to spot a unit. Zamerny is highly dependant on ViewGeometry components of models which are able to cover it from line of sight of an AI units. If the point is hidden/covered by a ViewGeometry component then AI cannot see/spot you. Zamerny memory point is also a point where AI aims and shots at. For a man model (from OFP/ACWA Sample Models) the point is located at its chest. Due to the fact that Zamerny is just a memory point, and it can be covered by a plain ViewGeo component, it can lead to awkward situations. Situations like the one in the screenshot above, where an AI unit is not able to see & spot an enemy unit (knowsAbout = 0), due to a ViewGeo component(s) of a gravestone model. For a better overview, it is recommended to watch the video below. Zamerny memory point can also be found in other models, such as a jeep. As @suma states:
  8. (Automatic Body Removal) OFP/ACWA game engine features in-built mechanism for automatic body removal. The feature is multiplayer-exclusive. The automatic body removal feature was introduced with Operation Flashpoint: Resistance expansion. The mechanism received fixes in 1.85 and 1.91 patches. 1.85 - Fixed: Algorithm for removing bodies in MP game improved 1.87 - Fixed: Too many dead bodies were kept on server in 1.85.
  9. There is a lone road sign in plain field next to Morton.
  10. (SQUAD.XML - Problem & Solution) One of the modern OS-related issues of OFP/ACWA is SQUAD.XML. Operating systems starting from Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 have a common problem with functioning of SQUAD.XML. A solution for the issue was introduced in Operation Flashpoint: Resistance 1.91 Patch. SOLUTION: Proxy has to contain address of main domain where SQUAD.XML is hosted. Pointing proxy entry to exact address of SQUAD.XML file is NOT RECOMMENDED. An example: A direct link to a squad.xml file is: http://www.nameofthewebsite.com/xml/squad.xml Proper proxy entry should be as follows: proxy="http://www.nameofthewebsite.com";
  11. (Fast Addon Testing) There is a trick that addon-makers may find useful. The trick makes it possible to test an addon in-game without packing its content-folder to PBO each time anything gets changed. It allows to save time and avoid unnecessary effort.
  12. (Difference in the way LOCK command works in 1.96 and 1.99 version of the game) The latest discovery occurred while testing a multiplayer mission "Find the Serialkiller" by City Cobra. The plot of the mission can be summarized as: You can read more about the mission HERE. One of the features of the mission is ability of locking/unlocking the police vehicles (the vehicles are locked by default on startup) by the policemen so that the serial killer is not able to get into the police jeeps. I played the mission back in the days of 1.96 and remembered that the feature was useful and worked fine. However, trying the mission on a dedicated server based on 1.99 version of the game revealed an issue with the Unlock action (the issue does not occur locally). The action unlocks a vehicle barely for a second and then the Get In action disappears. Player has not enough time to scroll through the Action Menu to reach the Get In action on time. Subsequently, I tried the mission on 1.96 version of the game what proved the Unlock action to be burdened with similar time-related issue as on the newer version of the game. The action unlocks a vehicle for about 2-3 seconds, notwithstanding it is enough for player to reach the Get In action. From a technical perspective, the command is executed by player via action entry on non-local object which is clearly against the way the command works. As BIKI stands in LOCK command entry: In this case, a vehicle, which is one of the arguments of the command, is not local to the client who executes the command. The vehicle is local to the server. Nevertheless, the command gets broadcasted over the network despite of not meeting its own requirements. Amount of time it takes for a server to reject the request made by LOCK command depends on the version of the game: 1.96 ≤ 3s 1.99 ≤ 1s
  13. (Usage of black texture for ignoring FireGeometry components) A practical usage of it can be noticed in stodola.p3d, an original O.pbo model. The components that correspond to all of the four sides of the building (excluding pillars), the doors and the hay located inside, are textured with black.pac. A view of FireGeometry of stodola.p3d with selected components that are textured black. As an effect these components are not obstacles and they let bullets through (are penetrable).
  14. *SILENT WAR project addOns: OFPL, VILAS