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    DestrBuild 1.2 update has been released.
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    TreeFix 1.11 update has been released.
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    DestrBuild 1.1 update has been released.
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    OFP.info 2.0

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    TreeFix 1.1 update has been released.
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    Download: Known issues: Permissions:
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    OFP videography

    A complete gameplay walkthrough of all the original CSLA single-player missions and campaigns for OFP/ACWA. The video is a recorded cinematic mission "CSLA Mod Trailer".
  9. Change OFP/ACWA in-game fonts globally via CfgFonts In the config of OFP (1.96) and ACWA (1.99) there is class CfgFonts. For ACWA it is as follows: class CfgFonts { class Korean { TahomaB24 = "hfont16"; TahomaB36 = "hfont16"; TahomaB48 = "hfont16"; CourierNewB64 = "hfont16"; Garamond64 = "hfont16"; SteelfishB64 = "hfont32"; SteelfishB128 = "hfont32_16"; AudreysHandB48 = "hfont16"; AudreysHandI48 = "hfont16"; }; class Czech { TahomaB24 = "CZ_TahomaB24"; TahomaB36 = "CZ_TahomaB36"; TahomaB48 = "CZ_TahomaB48"; CourierNewB64 = "CZ_CourierNewB64"; AudreysHandB48 = "CZ_AudreysHandB48"; AudreysHandI48 = "CZ_AudreysHandI48"; Garamond64 = "CZ_Garamond64"; SteelfishB128 = "CZ_SteelfishB128"; SteelfishB64 = "CZ_SteelfishB64"; SteelfishB64CE = "CZ_SteelfishB64CE"; }; }; This part of the config can be utilized to change fonts globally without editing the resource file. ACWA uses English language as default. In order to change the fonts for this language one can add the following code to CfgFonts. class English { TahomaB24="TahomaB24"; TahomaB36="TahomaB36"; TahomaB48="TahomaB48"; CourierNewB64="CourierNewB64"; AudreysHandB48="AudreysHandB48"; AudreysHandI48="AudreysHandI48"; Garamond64="Garamond64"; SteelfishB128="SteelfishB128"; SteelfishB64="SteelfishB64"; SteelfishB64CE="SteelfishB64CE"; }; It is a starting point for further changes. As an example let's change SteelfishB64 font entry with SteelfishB128. // SteelfishB64="SteelfishB64"; SteelfishB64="SteelfishB128"; The result of such a change is: Readability of the text in-game has been improved. By default the game engine uses font files included in DTA\Fonts.pbo (and respectively in modfolder(s)). Their names in CfgFonts have to correspond to font filenames. It possible to load a font from an addon file. SteelfishB64="\fontaddon\SteelfishB64"; CfgFonts can also be used for introducing new fonts in-game, for example, for a language the game doesn't feature. My native tongue is Polish. In order to introduce Polish fonts to the game I have to add an appropriate class to CfgFonts. As an interesting side note, the fonts for Czech language (ACWA originally features) also feature Polish diacritics. In this case all I have to do is to add this code to CfgFonts. class Polish:Czech{}; Next, I have to open ColdWarAssault.cfg and edit the line by changing English to Polish. Language="English"; This way I can keep the game globally compatible and introduce new fonts or even new languages. If you would like to convert new fonts to the game you should take a look at @faguss' CONVERT_FXY tool.