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  1. Fully modelled ViewGeo for one of forest models. AI is not able to spot you through trees or bushes. You can expect all of the forests ViewGeo fixed in .
  2. Nice idea :) It works for me. I'm wondering if it would be possible to slow down infantry units as well. Script-free solutions are golden ;)
  3. This is quite arguable. The huge triangle is also there to keep AIs from spotting air units while in forest which is a vanilla feature. If you want to keep backward-compatibility with the game you shall keep it.
  4. How to build a proper Forest ViewGeometry What ViewGeo is according to BIKI: If you have ever wondered what problem is behind the All-Seeing AI in forests - here's something that may shed some light on this issue. In OFP/CWA forest has a separate class (forest - obviously) which features a different way of ViewGeometry calculation comparing to other classes (like house). A typical ViewGeo of a typical model of a typical house: The ViewGeo above consists of components which aim is to block visibility in places you wouldn't normally be able to see through. Physically players can only see LODs which means that ViewGeo is mostly important for AI. A typical ViewGeo of a typical model of a typical forest: If the ViewGeo of the forest was built the way the house ViewGeo was there should be a number of components representing trees however there are none. Instead, you can see a huge triangle which size approximately covers the whole forest. There's no official documentation explaining how it works. What we do know is that it's unreliable. However, there's something we can do about it. 1. Copy Geometry components to ViewGeo 1.1. Make sure you keep componentXX selections in order and avoid mixing already existing component01 selection with the one from Geometry 2. Customise height of the lower vertices of the huge triangle so they're located at the branches of the trees and not anywhere close to the ground 3. Good job, well done! Now you've properly working ViewGeo in that forest. AI won't spot you through the trees anymore! IN UPCOMING EPISODE(s): 1. What customisation do the forest models require to get on well with the new ViewGeo? 2. Why it's not a good idea to change forest class to house? 3. What's wrong with the Nogovan forests!?
  5. If you are looking for well-organized user-friendly OFP/CWA comm (commands) list I do recommend the one made by @faguss - http://ofp-faguss.com/commlist.php?column=area.
  6. It's probably a mistake. There's no findIf command in OFP/CWA. I've already fixed it in BIKI.
  7. CWA and publicVariable

    https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/publicVariable OFP/CWA can't handle publicVariable array(s). I'm not aware of fwatch providing such a function. You should familiarise yourself with COC NS (CoC Network Services):
  8. Quite interesting discovery related to locality detection in multiplayer. It may have already been 'discovered'/mentioned but I would like to share it with you anyway. A basic multiplayer mission started on a dedicated server. Playing as a soldier. Next to me there is an empty tank. Entering a tank as a gunner or a commander doesn't make the tank local to you even if it's empty. Just to remind some of you who are not aware of that - a vehicle is always local to its driver. That's why if a driver is desynchronised or has bandwidth problems you can experience warping (especially annoying if you're inside that vehicle). In my opinion, if there's no driver in the vehicle, it should be local to other functional crew members of the vehicle like a gunner or a commander. Instead, it's local to the server unless some player enters it as driver. What's more interesting is that if you were a tank driver and left it, the tank still would be local to you even though they may be some other players inside the tank like a gunner or a commander unless (again) somebody else enters/(or switch to) driver position.
  9. Can you tell us more about it? :)
  10. I've discovered it by accident. It seems the main gate of Mirov's hill complex was rescaled via island-editor. Below you can see the same object repaired with setdammage 0 reversed to its original size (of the model).
  11. I suppose you mean SHIFT+S (as CTRL is default fire key). Yes, that's one of new possibilities thanks to 1.99 EH AnimChanged. I prefer non-scripted solutions for vaulting/climbing-over-fences as players are aware of obstacles on their way and they can choose themselves what animation should play to get over it. Climbing on buildings is quite different kind of thing. It's not real-warfare-like situation you would see on the battlefield. It reminds me of Ninja Addon though. Can be very useful in some specific missions. TKOH means Take On Helicopters - a separate RealVirtuality engine-based game by BI. Majority of the parameters mentioned in that entry is not available in OFP/CWA. It's not just about hiding new actions but rather showing them up when needed in appropriate moment, in a proper manner. It sounds quite vague but I'm going to elaborate about it more in upcoming @customfix thread ;) Just send me an invite.
  12. The 2nd one, definately. I suppose the list may be lacking more than just these two classes. In this case I prefer to work with the CfgMoves config list. Have you noticed there are no GetOutCar classes for any of animation variants while there are GetInCar classes? GetOutCar entries (in ***Actions sections) are usually filled with regular stances like Combat, HandgunStand, Civil: getInCar = "CombatGetInCar"; getOutCar = "Combat"; I'm just giving you a hint to experiment more with this game and build a prototype one day ;) This is quite an interesting idea. Good utilisation of @faguss' DummyBullet in practice. The problem with such a feature is unfortunately very common in each case you build some new actions/possibilities in this game. Adding new actions to the already overloaded action menu causes an issue for players. They tend to accidentaly start this action while their intention was to do something else. Action prioritisation in this game is a myth. Due to this you have to figure out a workaround for this problem (as long as you want to release it and expect it to be used by other players in their missions/mods). That's why I've decided to link new animations for vaulting/jumping-over-the-fence animations to diagonal movement entries that are in a regular use of any leaning animations mods. They don't need any extra scripts, eventhandlers and so on so it's way more performance-friendly. There's also one other sneaky trick for displaying/hiding new action(s) I've discovered but I will keep it secret until @customfix announcement thread ;)
  13. I have added the HandGunGetIn/Out Car/Tank missing classes. Thank you for pointing that out :)
  14. I don't plan any of it. It has already been done by a number of addonmakers whose skills at modelling and texturing are way better than mine ;) I have been focused on building new features and breaking some limitations for vanilla (core) gameplay. There are dozens of units, islands and replacement mods but none of them move the game forward in terms of gameplay. We have been playing the game by the same rules for over 16 years. The idea behind @customfix is to provide tweaks/improvements that lead to the overhaul of the game.