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  1. RozekPoland

    OFP videography

  2. RozekPoland

    OFP.info 2.0

    Fixes, changes & additions to the website: Changed: no search limit results (previously search results were limited to 5 entries) Fixed: weird news titles in search results Fixed: wrong links Fixed: left margin in each entry section Added: top logo Added: old/classic favicon Added: Credits Added: footer banners Added: search bar at the top of each section Changed: old/classic background color Changed: breadcrumbs disabled Changed: Display 10 entries per page Changed: Author/Size/Island/Language icons replaced with text (in Addons & Missions categories) Changed: Background colour of download cell for entry table (in Addons & Missions categories) Fixed: Charset encoding Added: Mods section Fixed: Main banner hidden from mobile devices for proper display of the website Changed: Mods section for better display on mobile devices Thanks to enormous efforts we have been able to fix most of the wrong or missing links all over the website. Obviously, there still may be some non-working links, especially in the oldest news entries. All the addons/mods-related files that were originally hosted on the ftp server of the website were moved to the armedassault.info ftp server. We have also encountered leftovers of the original ofp.info database charset which was converted to modern standard. Some undiscovered weird signs may still be seen here and there. Eventually, we have revamped the design to have some common known elements with design of the original ofp.info. We have added a top banner, changed the background colour to the classic green one, done some small tweaks to the displayed template and provided the website with the classic favicon Search bar was attached to the top of each section of the website. You can also use search with filenames (ww4mod25rel.rar - for example) to find the file you need. Unfortunately, we have to confirm that all 383 video-related links as ftp://ftp.armedassault.info/ofpd/videos/ lead nowhere. The armedassault.info ftp server has none of the files that once were hosted there. The same applies to majority of /_hosted/ files that were hosted on the same server as the website. If you come across a non-working link, a picture, a weird charset coding or any other issue that looks improper to you, simply contact me via this thread, private message or any other means of communication that are available. Please keep in mind there are over 7000 news entries + over 2000 addons/missions/misc-related entries so as a result it may take weeks, months or even years to check them all to make sure they are fine. We do it in our spare time as a hobby. We do not receive any financial support and we do not make any money on it. Actually, we invest our own money to keep it working. Just for the record. In June, this year, OFP/CWA will turn 18. That is why we consider OFP.info 2.0 as a legacy and a reminder of origins of the Arma series for past, current and future generations of players.
  3. RozekPoland

    Rts-3 1.4 released

    Try F15 from HERE. Keep in mind that RTS3 was in developed from 2002 till 2004. Any addons released afterwards shouldn't be taken into account.
  4. RozekPoland

    Rts-3 1.4 released

    These are my types: SWI_M109 mi2no No luck with finding dragonfly though. The only info I have found about it is that it was created by Sebastian Muller aka Joe Lemonade. There are some news about his work on ofp.info but none of them related to any dragonfly. Dragonfly Light Pack dragonfly_small.zip Date released: 27.10.2002 Version: 1 Size: ~3,5mb Content: 3 units Required: - Back in November, 2015, dr death jm was apparently trying to convert the addon (dragonfly) to ARMA3. You might want to try to ask him about it. I have found a list of all required addons for RTS3 (not sure for which version of the mission). Might be a useful guidance for further searches
  5. RozekPoland

    Rts-3 1.4 released

    All the files related to RTS3 that have ever been hosted on the OFP.INFO ftp server are: RTS3_141.zip RTS3_142.zip RTS3Core.zip RTS3ResZig.zip zRTS3_1.4.zip zRTS3_141.zip For some odd reason most of these files were never mentioned in any part of the ofp.info website.
  6. RozekPoland

    Steam Awards Nominations

    From 21st to 27th of November (2018) - you can participate in The Steam Awards Nominations. You can nominate a game and a developer in a number of specific categories. You can vote HERE. I have already made my choice as below
  7. *SILENT WAR project Addons: OFPL, CSLA (BMP1 model - retextured by krzychuzokecia)
  8. RozekPoland

    [EC] Elite Corps - 14th anniversary!

    On 8th of November, [EC] Elite Corps, the oldest polish OFP/ARMA clan, turned 14.
  9. The fix is official and available to everyone in the latest Encore Update 1.84
  10. RozekPoland

    OFP.info 2.0

    @zulu1 Thank you for the heads-up. Will be fixed in future. @-Snafu- They have been written just for a test. @JdB https://www.virustotal.com/en/url/73db0d3f9e4aaa689353d3ad57af98a0387f6b14cd3b5b8619c0af3e40338d80/analysis/ Just for the info, due to bandwidth limitation on the website server, the search engine is limited to provide max. 5 records/results.
  11. RozekPoland

    OFP.info 2.0

    BETA version is LIVE: http://ofpr.info.paradoxstudio.uk
  12. RozekPoland

    OFP.info 2.0

    You mean actual news releases? At this stage our priority it to build and launch the website that consists of over 10000 news entries that are part of the OFP/CWA history. Once it is done we will reconsider some ideas like gathering a team of newsmakers
  13. RozekPoland

    OFP.info 2.0

    Today, on 22nd of June, 2018, we celebrate the 17th anniversary of OFP/CWA release. On behalf of [PFC] Polish Flashpoint Community, I would like to announce the revival project of the legendary OFP/CWA community website - OFP.info (that was closed down on 2nd of June, 2018) - on a modern website engine. This project is patronised and accepted by the OFP.info creator - @cervomix. The website is still work-in-progress so I will keep you posted. OFP.info 2.0 consists of: all the original news all the original community-made content catalogued in separate subpages all the original pictures all the original files that were hosted: on a website server on a separate ftp search function http://ofpr.info.paradoxstudio.uk
  14. RozekPoland

    OFPr.info / ofp.gamepark.cz

    On 2nd of June, 2018, ofp.gamepark.cz (ofpr.info / ofp.info / ofp.gamezone.cz / ofp.gamezone.eu) domain was moved to the main hosting site (gamepark.cz). The website is gone. The roots of the website could be found in operationflashpoint.d2.cz (operationflashpoint.cz / operation-flashpoint.cz) that was created on 21st of June, 2001 by @m@ster. The website, in its known shape, was founded in December of 2001, by @Bojler, @MRmontiOF and @Maggo. Eventually, around 2003, control over the website was passed to @cervomix. Significant support for the website was provided by @jerryhopper who shared his ftp server for the whole content (addons, mods, missions etc.). One of the long-standing staff members of OFP.info were @rellikki and @JdB. OFP.info served for 16 years for the OFP/ARMA community as the main source of news for a huge number of fans around the world. It also contained the greatest amount of community-made content for OFP/CWA. Even though the OFP/CWA times are long gone the website was still enormously useful as an archive of creativity of the OFP/CWA community. In many cases it was the only available source for some information or content. It is difficult to precisely determine the scale of importance and influence of OFP.info website for the OFP/CWA scene.