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  1. RozekPoland

    OFP videography

    7 hours long livestream from a single-player mission "Dynamic Afghanistan: DELTA FORCE". From the very beginning till the final victory!
  2. (Models replacement via Mission folder) Following my recent discovery related to -benchmark startup parameter I have followed the trail of exploring files that are read by the game to find out more. Such an approach has paved the way to yet another discovery that may be even more surprising and useful than the previous one. Copy the new models that are named as the original ones and paste them in your mission folder (for example - Users\YourUserName\Missions\YourMissionName.Intro). The game will automatically use them instead of the original ones. This way you can customize your mission without requirement of additional addons. Attention for models that use new textures! These textures will have to be stored in a separate pbo file to be able to be loaded (alternatively, the textures, as well as the models, can be stored in the main dtaExt folder - keep in mind to fix the paths to the new textures in the replacement models).
  3. (-benchmark) Recently I was able to successfully traceroute -benchmark parameter which is actually one of the two unknown OFP/ACWA startup parameters. This discovery may be proved to be useful for mission-makers or anyone who wants to instantly test something ingame Official OFP/ACWA startup parameters entry says: -benchmark parameter can be triggered manually but it does not function the way it was meant. In fact it just loads a hardcoded mission file in Mission Editor on Malden. Due to the fact that the loaded mission file is hardcoded I was able to traceroute it via OFP File Mon program in the first place. Launching OFP/ACWA with -benchmark parameter left an event in OFP File Mon. As I do not have test user folder in OFP/ACWA it occurred to me that the game is trying to access a very specific content that simply does not exist. As a side note: Any saved missions in Mission Editor will be stored in OFP\Users\test\missions OFP/ACWA launched with -benchmark parameter uses settings from the original profile Once you close Mission Editor the game will switch to your original profile. Official OFP/ACWA Startup Parameters entry has been updated with details provided in a separate -benchmark entry. -benchmark also appears in Arma3 Startup Parameters where it may act likewise.
  4. RozekPoland

    OFP videography

    It it the first episode which is available in 1080p 60fps. It also showcases the latest HUD enhancements powered by CustomFix mod and Fwatch 1.16. The most intense episode that starts with extremely hot insertion and dramatic ending.
  5. (How to build proper Forest ViewGeometry) 1. Open forest model in o2 As an example let us choose a model from the previous tutorial: les ctverec pruchozi_T2.p3d 2. Explore Geometry (and FireGeometry - if exists) components of the model. Decide which components (Geo or FireGeo) are worth using for ViewGeometry due to their accuracy of reflecting the forest model in general. In our exemplary forest model Geometry and FireGeometry share the same components of regular trees but FireGeo has a few additional components that reflect tree trunks. Use of already modeled components will save us time therefore it is decided that we will use FireGeo components for ViewGeo. 3. Find out what is the height (Y axis) of the lowest vertices of the tree components that you want to use for ViewGeo. It is worth using Select Vertices Tool for this task. Once vertices are selected press Shift+E or select Points/Properties... option to display Vertex Properties menu. In our exemplary forest model the height of the lowest vertices of the tree components in FireGeo is: 10.211 4. Modify height (Y axis) of the lowest vertices of component01 in ViewGeometry to the value that was determined in step 3. In our exemplary forest model the height of the lowest vertices of component01 in ViewGeo is: -0.222. We have to change it to: 10.211. 5. Rename component01 in ViewGeo to componentXX 6. Copy the components that were chosen in step 2 and paste them in ViewGeo 7. Identify objects in LOD2.000 that have no component counterpart in ViewGeo. All minor objects in original OFP/ACWA forests are available as separate models in data3d.pbo. (For this purpose you can use ODOL Explorer in combination with WRPTool which features 3D Objects Photo-Gallery) Such a model contains proper (if available:) Geometry, FireGeometry and ViewGeometry components. Instead of building required components all by yourself, it is highly recommended to use the already existing ones from separate models. Keep in mind the separate models may be used not only for fixing Forest ViewGeometry but also broken or missing components in Geometry and FireGeometry. In our exemplary forest model there is a bush that can be seen in LOD2.000. It has no ViewGeo component. The bush's separate model is identified as ker listnac.p3d. The specific model contains proper ViewGeo component that can be used in our forest model. When the ViewGeo component is pasted in our forest model, we have to manually place it in the right spot. To make it easier it is recommended to work with the component in LOD2.000 where the visual counterpart of the bush can be seen. It may be required to rotate, move up/down or (in some specific situations) re-scale the pasted component to fit the visual counterpart. Once it is done, the adjusted component has to be copied to ViewGeometry of our forest model. Before copying the component make sure that the component number is not used by some already existing component in ViewGeo components list. Avoid having components with the same number at all cost! If such a situation occurs, none of them will work! Once it is completed, remove the copied component from LOD2.000. 8. Once work on ViewGeometry components is done, replace XX in componentXX with the latest number that is available so the ViewGeo components list is numerically correct In our exemplary model the latest available number for a ViewGeo component is 45 so we rename componentXX to component45
  6. (How to make Forest use ViewGeometry components) 1. List all textures of forest model As an example, let us list all the textures of one of forest models: les ctverec pruchozi_T2.p3d data\blck_sum.pac non-transparent data\kmen_borovice.pac non-transparent data\kmen1_les.pac non-transparent data\kmen2_les.pac non-transparent merged\00001&krovi4.paa transparent merged\00002.paa transparent Basic knowledge of texture formats let us know that .pac texture is non-transparent while .paa is transparent. However, it is always worth checking them all out by yourself. 1.1. Modify transparency of transparent texture to make it be read by OFP/ACWA Forest ViewGeometry system as non-transparent The easiest way to do it without any harm to texture is by using Hexed.it. 1.2. Open texture in hexed.it 1.3. Change the highlighted position to F4. It always is 2nd position in 2nd row in all cases. As an example, let us open 00001&krovi4.paa. In this case 85 has to be changed to F4. If the highlighted position stands for FF or any value ranged from F0 to F9 then it means that the texture is non-transparent so it does not require any modification. 1.4. Export modified texture 1.5. Change path of modified texture in forest model If model is binarized (ODOL) you have to use Hexed.it or any other hex editor If model is non-binarized (MLOD) you can do it via o2 or TxtPathSwap 1.6. It is done. Forest model with modified texture(s) will switch to its ViewGeometry components in-game.
  7. How I discovered the way Forest ViewGeometry works You are about to read one of the most interesting (and never published) discoveries related to Forests in OFP/ACWA. To be specific - the way Forest ViewGeometry works. I would like to tell you the story of my struggle with finding it all out by myself. As the topic itself is terra incognita for most (if not all) addonmakers so for all of you it will be a nice read and some of the discoveries below may shed light on still-to-be-found features of OFP/ACWA. Forest in OFP/ACWA has a separate class in config (class Forest) but more importantly it has its own simulation (simulation="forest"). One of the features of that simulation is that the forest class is aligned to ground which is extremely useful for slopy terrain. Otherwise, forests would levitate on a sloppy terrain like shown below, and as has already been pointed out in one of my previous posts. Other important feature of simulation="forest" is an alternative way of calculating ViewGeometry. Every OFP/ACWA player must have already noted that AI behaviour in forest is different because it displays its superiority in terms of seeing other units. To name just a few issues of forest models: bushes provide no concealment, tree tops provide no concealment, small trees provide no cover & no concealment, tree trunks provide no cover & no concealment, imprecise geometries (geo, firegeo) of trees Players tend to blame bugged AI for it or the game engine in general. However, my study related to the topic proves that there is nothing buggy about behaviour of AI in forests. It simply works differently than in most cases. Though, it does not make it any better. If you compare ViewGeometry of a forest (left) and a house (right) you can spot a fundamental difference. The house ViewGeo consists of a number of components that cover specific areas of its model so AI cannot see through walls etc.. On the opposite side you can see the forest ViewGeo that is represented by a single triangle that is so huge it covers the size of the forest model. If house requires a dozen of components to properly cover specific areas of a model then how can the forest ViewGeo work with just a single triangle? No official documentation explains any of it. What is more weird is that all the forest models in OFP/ACWA have proper Geometry and FireGeometry. Copying components from Geo or FireGeo to ViewGeo does not make it work ingame. At this point you might go down the way with one of my previous posts related to building a proper Forest ViewGeo, but it DOES NOT provide FULLY-FLEDGED SOLUTION and it also introduces some new issues that have been listed. I did not give up on it and kept searching for new ways to achieve the goal. After weeks of fiddling with forest models, configs, scripts and archives of BIForums I did something by accident that paved the way to the final discovery of fixing Forest ViewGeo. What I did was removing all the textures from LOD2 of one of the forest models. It caused AI to be unable to SPOT. The maximum value of knowsAbout for an AI unit was 1.4. In a situation like the one in the picture above knowsAbout value should reach 4. At first I thought that messing with the model for weeks caused it to be damaged. I reverted the model to its original state and redid the trick. It worked again. I did the trick for the rest of the forest models with positive results. If an AI unit is not able to spot me it means that there must be something in its way that is blocking the view. I removed the huge triangle component from ViewGeo and AI started to work again. It is obvious now that the AI unit was unable to spot me because it was located in the middle of that huge triangle which is a ViewGeo component. To summarize: removing all LOD2 textures of a forest model caused AI to stop spotting removing the triangle ViewGeo component enables AI to spot again My next step was to copy forest components from Geo to ViewGeo. I did not spot any difference in AI behaviour ingame. It is worth mentioning that the copied components were for trees only. Bushes, tree trunks, tree tops etc. did not have their components so to get the overall experience and make the test 100% legit it would be required to build them but that would be time-consuming. Instead, I created a simple box in the middle of the forest model. I made it a ViewGeo component and I copied it to LOD2 so I can see it ingame. To make the box distinguishable I textured it black (data\blck_sum.pac). It worked. An AI unit was unable to see me. The black box was providing concealment while having properly working AI. It was a massive step because it was the first time I got a ViewGeo component working in a forest model. I was able to introduce a working ViewGeo component in a forest model but I was unable to determine what was behind the trick with removing all the LOD2 textures of a forest model. Playing the game with untextured forests does not sound enjoying. Disabling/Enabling original LOD2 textures of a forest model back & forth did not move anything forward. Changing the LOD2 textures to black, white or untextured did not give any hint. Then, one day, I did something by accident that moved the whole story forward. I was lucky. Again. I changed all the LOD2 textures of a forest model to data\clear_empty.paa. I literally made the whole forest invisible. Do not be fooled though. The logic of that forest model was still in place, including geometries. I left the black box in the middle of the forest model to have any point of reference. An AI unit was able to see me through the black box (as it can be seen in the picture above). It meant that the forest model switched back to its original way of handling ViewGeometry. A conclusion of that test was getting more and more clear to me as time was passing by. However, it was still difficult to image it in practice. It would mean something absolutely out of context in terms of anything related to OFP/ACWA addonmaking. As much as unimaginable it sounds, it is as stated above in the spoiler.
  8. How to fix a broken triangle-shaped forest model Firing through one of the trees that are part of the broken model. A tracer round that went through the tree can be seen in the picture. One of the models, which is a part of forests on Everon, Kolgujev and a huge number of community-made islands, is broken. Due to a FireGeometry-related bug in les trojuhelnik pruchozi.p3d, bullets (or any other kind of projectile) pass through the trees. The broken model is triangle-shaped and it is used on the corners of the forests. The bug has already been fixed in . A presentation can be seen below:
  9. RozekPoland

    OFP videography

  10. HUD Evolution (total overhaul of OFP/ACWA Heads-up display) Thanks to the latest version of Fwatch 1.16 by @faguss we are provided with an astonishing never-available-before feature that makes it possible to move & scale elements of HUD (Heads-up display). Due to the fact that some elements of OFP/ACWA HUD are hardcoded in the game engine, it was impossible to modify them in any way, until now. is the first modification that makes use of the brand new Fwatch feature so you can see what can be achieved with it. Keep in mind this is just an example and it does not reveal the whole potential of the feature. (Some elements visible on the screenshots below are not Fwatch-related and are strictly @customfix features) HUD elements moved to the corners of the screen for better overall visibility All elements aligned with each other for better visual experience Commanding bar extended to the entire width of the screen Log of Radio Chat extended to 13 rows (originally there is just 6) Radio Menu cropped to avoid obscuring part of the screen (Fwatch-unrelated) All tweaks are compatible with OFP Aspect Ratio Action Menu extended to 46 rows (originally there is just 6) GroupDir (also known as the group leader compass) moved to center-top for better situation awareness Tank compass & Radar moved to the top and aligned (Fwatch-unrelated) Background for Tank compass for better visibility of driver & commander indicators (Fwatch-unrelated)
  11. RozekPoland

    OFP videography

  12. RozekPoland

    OFP videography

  13. RozekPoland

    OFP.info 2.0

    Fixes, changes & additions to the website: Changed: no search limit results (previously search results were limited to 5 entries) Fixed: weird news titles in search results Fixed: wrong links Fixed: left margin in each entry section Added: top logo Added: old/classic favicon Added: Credits Added: footer banners Added: search bar at the top of each section Changed: old/classic background color Changed: breadcrumbs disabled Changed: Display 10 entries per page Changed: Author/Size/Island/Language icons replaced with text (in Addons & Missions categories) Changed: Background colour of download cell for entry table (in Addons & Missions categories) Fixed: Charset encoding Added: Mods section Fixed: Main banner hidden from mobile devices for proper display of the website Changed: Mods section for better display on mobile devices Thanks to enormous efforts we have been able to fix most of the wrong or missing links all over the website. Obviously, there still may be some non-working links, especially in the oldest news entries. All the addons/mods-related files that were originally hosted on the ftp server of the website were moved to the armedassault.info ftp server. We have also encountered leftovers of the original ofp.info database charset which was converted to modern standard. Some undiscovered weird signs may still be seen here and there. Eventually, we have revamped the design to have some common known elements with design of the original ofp.info. We have added a top banner, changed the background colour to the classic green one, done some small tweaks to the displayed template and provided the website with the classic favicon Search bar was attached to the top of each section of the website. You can also use search with filenames (ww4mod25rel.rar - for example) to find the file you need. Unfortunately, we have to confirm that all 383 video-related links as ftp://ftp.armedassault.info/ofpd/videos/ lead nowhere. The armedassault.info ftp server has none of the files that once were hosted there. The same applies to majority of /_hosted/ files that were hosted on the same server as the website. If you come across a non-working link, a picture, a weird charset coding or any other issue that looks improper to you, simply contact me via this thread, private message or any other means of communication that are available. Please keep in mind there are over 7000 news entries + over 2000 addons/missions/misc-related entries so as a result it may take weeks, months or even years to check them all to make sure they are fine. We do it in our spare time as a hobby. We do not receive any financial support and we do not make any money on it. Actually, we invest our own money to keep it working. Just for the record. In June, this year, OFP/CWA will turn 18. That is why we consider OFP.info 2.0 as a legacy and a reminder of origins of the Arma series for past, current and future generations of players.
  14. RozekPoland

    Rts-3 1.4 released

    Try F15 from HERE. Keep in mind that RTS3 was in developed from 2002 till 2004. Any addons released afterwards shouldn't be taken into account.
  15. RozekPoland

    Rts-3 1.4 released

    These are my types: SWI_M109 mi2no No luck with finding dragonfly though. The only info I have found about it is that it was created by Sebastian Muller aka Joe Lemonade. There are some news about his work on ofp.info but none of them related to any dragonfly. Dragonfly Light Pack dragonfly_small.zip Date released: 27.10.2002 Version: 1 Size: ~3,5mb Content: 3 units Required: - Back in November, 2015, dr death jm was apparently trying to convert the addon (dragonfly) to ARMA3. You might want to try to ask him about it. I have found a list of all required addons for RTS3 (not sure for which version of the mission). Might be a useful guidance for further searches