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  1. A 2n update on HUD Evolution that is part of (total overhaul of OFP/ACWA Heads-up display) Black background for HUD elements (UnitInfo-related displays, GroupDir, Radio Chat, Commanding Bar, Action Menu, Radio Menu) Vertical position of Action Menu dependant on display of Commanding Bar Introduction of Action Menu symbols The symbols are ASCII Characters which OFP/ACWA engine displays as text. Available actions were grouped and appointed a unique symbol. The purpose of the symbols is to make recognition of available actions easier & faster for player. The feature has beneficial effects for regular gameplay and proves priceless for in-game life-death situations where time is crucial. Introduction of Dark Mode for Map Screen which reduces eye-strain OFP/ACWA map theme and its components are solid white what causes eye-strain during longer gameplay (or while playing at night). To mitigate the issue the map background, the instruments (Notepad, GPS, Radio Menu) and some of the icons were re-textured & re-configured for dark theme. Introduction of Safe-Zone Indicator for Map Screen The black square contour close to the edges of the Map is to indicate the area which is safe from auto-scrolling of the Map.
  2. Animate (rotation) bug For a thorough (and easier) understanding of the issue I have recorded a video which reproduces the bug in-game. In the video you can see that once the object gets animated, a part of its geometries becomes non-functional. As a result the AI unit can see the player through the non-functional part of the wall, as well as, the player can walk through that part of the wall. Additionally, the same bug-reproduction launched with disabled V-sync resulted in the AI unit being able to fire through the non-functional part of the animated object. Once the object gets de-animated to its original state, it becomes fully functional. Factors which affect deformation of object's geometries: angle of rotation - angle1 deformation increases with object being rotated farther away from its original position rotation of 180 degrees (π) triggers the maximal deformation of object's geometries size, shape and complexity of object's geometries the greater the object, the risk of deformation increases incorrect length-breadth-height ratio of object might be correlated memory point(s) - axis the farther the memory point(s) are from the model components, the risk of deformation increases memory point(s) located beyond bounds of object's geometries might be the critical reason of deformation deformation might be accelerated by axis which consists of only one memory point Deformation might not apply to all of object's geometries as it is highly model-specific. *if V-sync (Vertical synchronization) is disabled
  3. d3d8to9 I have done some testing to find out if there is any performance boost using D3D8TO9. For this purpose I used OFPMark 2 by @toadlife (DIRECT LINK) which is the most reliable benchmark in terms of performance. The tests were repeated a number of times to make sure the results are reliable. To maximize the outcome of the test, the benchmark was launched with V-sync (vertical synchronization) disabled. Tested on ACWA (1.99) with no add-ons or mods and with no change in any of the game settings. VANILLA | D3D8TO9 V-sync: OFF (5152.36) : (7641.14) The performance boost is noticeable. Performance was boosted at approximately 48%! Worth noting the difference in Test Four and Test Five which are the most demanding. Keep in mind the results may differ depending on machine and its settings. I would like to ask you to do the tests on your machines and share your results here in this thread to find out if d3d8to9 is the ultimate performance booster.
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    DestrBuild 1.23 update has been released.
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    DestrBuild 1.22 update has been released.
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    DestrBuild 1.21 update has been released.
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    DestrBuild 1.2 update has been released.
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    TreeFix 1.11 update has been released.
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    DestrBuild 1.1 update has been released.
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    OFP.info 2.0

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    TreeFix 1.1 update has been released.
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