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  1. sudayev

    European Politics Thread.

    I wonder what narration will come out of the "liberal" newspapers in France, Germany (+Poland naturally since most of mainstream Polish newspapers and portals are in German hands) after National Front in France winning the French regional elections. I'm imagining that printing machines printing huge ass titles like - a sad day for Europe with perfidious fascists marching in triumph. Some will probably mention holocaust as well.
  2. sudayev

    France General

  3. sudayev

    France General

    First turn of Regional Elections in France won by National Front! South and Bretagne votes for Socialists. French voters say NO to previous politics. Second turn in December. http://www.francetvinfo.fr/elections/regionales/carte-elections-regionales-quel-parti-est-arrive-en-tete-dans-votre-commune_1209395.html(detailed map) exit polls 1) National Front 30,6% 2) Rebublicans (Sarkozy) 27% 3) Socialists (Hollande) 22,7%
  4. sudayev

    European Politics Thread.

    Hey Vilas have you seen that? Lis is crying in German ARD. http://wpolityce.pl/media/274215-na-skarge-do-berlina-lis-placze-w-rekaw-niemieckiej-telewizji-ard-i-zali-sie-na-iv-rp-zycza-mi-bym-zdechl-na-raka-albo-pisza-ze-wysla-moje-cialo-do-kaliningradu Post communist media have a huge pain in the ass because of the new government have canceled all subscriptions and public announcements in media belonging to Michnik and Lis. Taxpayers money will no longer fuel propaganda tubes and narration coming from Berlin.
  5. sudayev

    Fallout 4

    Cutting this short - disappointed. Can't complain on the graphic, it's really nice, maybe the colors a too washed out. But the gameplay... I was expecting more RPG oriented action like in New Vegas. More complicated quests, talking with the people, handling delicate situations by using SPEECH skill (where is it in F4?). In F4 I feel like playing a hybrid of COD and imaginary "lowlife sim" where player picks every piece of junk only to create... anything (at poorly designed workbench interface). After a while quests have become really generic and simple, reminding radiant quests from Skyrim. Do this, do that,, bring that, kill this one etc. Boring. Dialogues have been butchered and reduced to one liners and player can only guess what his character would say. Skill requirements on objects. They are gone. Enjoy new perk system, seriously... I thought TES and F3+ used to have differences, but no Beth decided to flatted and unify things down. Why. I'm a hardcore F1&F2 fan and I don't negate anything what Bethesda creates. In around year 2000 during my first contact with Fallout 2 I was dreaming about seeing this game with my own eyes - not in real life :P but via FPP on a screen :) Really liked many. but not all things about F3. Later on Obsidian pushed F3 into a new level by delivering New Vegas. I was really impressed and this was just like I imagined! Really loved how Obsidian handled new Vegas - despite broken difficulty where player was able to become an avatar who kills deathclaws with a toothpick. I don't know why Bethesda decided to turn new Fallout into more shooting oriented game with simplified RPG elements and watered down plot section. Do they really think that all gamers are some stupid kids who cant read or calculate things? Turned down with F4. Removed the game from my disk. Installed New Vegas with some graphics enhancements and survival/difficulty mods such as J Sawyer mod https://goo.gl/hkFfOn and some others. It's the highest time to finish this game :) Last time I was too busy with exploring and realized after reaching 40lvl my cowboy could castrate a deathclaw with a razor blade (unmodded). Playing NV with postnuclear cowboy-avatar was not fun anymore. With Sawyers mod it is different and really hard, exp gain is halved and there is a level cap. It's easy to die there, carry has been lowered and there are constant basic needs for hydration and nutrition. It's really fun and reminds me of F2 now. This is how it looks like after removing that dirty-orange filter (Realistic Wasteland Lighting)
  6. sudayev

    Steamgame giveaways on Steamgifts.com

    What is the chance of winning something good?
  7. sudayev

    Russia General

    Has the situation of electricity shortages have been at least partially resolved in Crimea? For how long people of Crimean Peninsula have access to auxillary electrical energy during the day? How the lack of power affects local economy ?
  8. sudayev

    Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh) Discussion

    http://energetyka.defence24.pl/275938,usa-nie-bombarduja-zloz-ropy-isis-z-troski-o-srodowisko Explaining lack of air strikes aimed at ISIS oil industry ex-CIA chief Michael Morell - "We don't want to cause too much environmental damage". :don3: Yeah...
  9. sudayev

    Russia General

    Not to mention Soros fueling migration movements from Middle East. His foundations are behind the "immigration advocacy" and information campaigns for migrants including websites in arabic, leaflets, mobile apps etc. Soros has his share in making Germany "top destination" for migrants. No wonder the migrants know where head to, keeping their noses in their iphones all the time http://wolnemedia.net/polityka/george-soros-rozdaje-imigrantom-poradniki/
  10. sudayev

    Diplomatic incident between Russia and Turkey

    https://www.superstation95.com/index.php/world/587 Some rumors about Turkey blocking Dardanelles strait. Not sure how true it that since movement through this region is regulated by international regulations
  11. sudayev

    Russia General

    Prosecutors ban Soros Foundation as ‘threat to Russian national security’ https://www.rt.com/politics/323919-soros-foundation-recognized-as-undesirable/ Good call.
  12. sudayev

    Elite: Dangerous

    Bought it for 12 euro. http://store.steampowered.com/app/359320/ Great offer, sale ends 1st Dec
  13. sudayev

    Syria - What should we do if anything?

    ISIS fuel convoy hit by Russian airstrike
  14. sudayev

    France General

    Driving through Calais cargo area. Hordes of thugs along the road with shanty seen from the window. Hungarian driver gets pissed off in ~05.00 minute