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    Born in the town of Plzen in the Czech Republic, lived in Toronto, Canada and now live in London, UK
  1. Martin Please Contact Me

  2. have a look at skype when you get a chance mate.

  3. Happy Holidays!

    Happy new year guys!!!
  4. Thank you for the trees Raunhofer! You saved me a good few months of work. I and the community thank you! :cheers:

    - Martin

  5. Ahoy Martin! Your pm quote is full so I can't respond to your message directly.

    But yes, you have my permission with trees. Hope it's not too late.

  6. Hey Robster, what’s going on, where did you disappear to? :sad: We have work to do

  7. Of course its ok, you don't have to ask me for permission to make missions on the island I made it for you to make missions on
  8. Hi Iceman77, let me quickly narrow things down for you.. As Max Powers said, perhaps you could read the thread you hope to contribute to or debate. Regarding Worldzbmbie: If you read the thread carefully, you will find out three facts: 1) My island is the only island on the server. 2) Dayz Mod with a new UI is the only mod on the server. 3) People have to pay to get access to the server the server. Answer: Absolutely basic money making scheme/people are paying specifically to play on my island and DayZ mod. Regarding Vilaers: If you visit the site http://www.vilayer.com/ you will find out three facts: 1) It is a server hosting company, not a clan. 2) A server can be purchased with Taviana bundled in to the package. 3) People purchase servers/or server slots there. Answer: By bundling Taviana in to the package they are using it as a fee tool to gain more customers, by having it pre-installed. Because of what [FRL]Myke said, and also because I’ve had a donate button on my website for 3 years and basically didn’t get jack …. :smile: You don’t need to see anything at all about editing someone else’s work; the fact is that addon makers are producing free content for you and they decide how their content will be used, not you or anyone else regardless of your opinion. If you want someone to edit addons make addons yourself and you will be able to decide what you do with them. I don’t allow this, reason being - I don’t what 50 different versions of my island out there, modified to a point where it doesn’t even have the basic feel that I intended it to have. Yep, and my proof against their legitimacy would be that they didn’t reply to my PM. By starting a thread and them deleting it after 5 minutes without leaving a reply or PM for me I have proved their unwillingness cooperate. And I am not upset by the way, the reason why I started this thread is to make this issue known and sorted out, because I am not the only one that is having problems with this, and because I’m trying to help the community and BIS. Remember that when most addon makers leave us, this forum will be empty as well as the servers, and you will most likely be gone too with your opinion about editing other peoples work. By having to pay for a server on which this addon is present (modified version to be precise), you are paying for access to the addon, and the addon is being used a marketing tool too. Thank you for your attention, Best regards
  9. Thanks. I guess I should let the authors of those islands know too. Since this company is based in the UK, they are in reach and we can sue them. I will tell this to BIS too.
  10. It has just been brought to my attention that another commpany, this time based in the UK is selling Taviana and also a version of DayZ which uses code from my friends work without asking him for permission. The site: http://www.vilayer.com/ Their announcement: http://dayzmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/110136-no-vehicles-on-our-taviana-server/ Now I regret all the time I put in to this
  11. Excellent, I got some of the videos removed by Youtube :) Flagging seems to be better then sending an email. I will flag some more later on.
  12. Nope, my dad is Vladimir Putin Yes, or they are just busy dealing with other issues. We will see - hopefully the videos will get taken down ;)
  13. Nope, I'm still waiting But I'm glad that the hosting company and VK team have replied to me. Maybe I should e-mail YouTube again?
  14. I don't see any reason to threaten Mr. Mukhin or even bring his family in to this as I read in some previous post; I think it can only make matters worse. Two wrongs don’t make a right, and threatening him is basically doing exactly what he did to me which was rather amusing and made a lot of people including myself doubt his age and intelligence. Kids do this kind of stuff in 5th grade. However I appreciate if people take the time to politely contact him and tell him to take the stuff down, big thank you to you all. If we achieve justice, I will make a statue in the centre of Sabina on Taviana with the name of everyone who left a reply in this thread Thank you, I know, the Russian community in ArmA is very good - even since the OFP days, they produce very cool content and I’ve been working with them quite closely during Taviana to get it out in to the Russia community more mainly because I was contacted by the owner of this site www.arma.at.ua who likes the island so much that he permanently put it in to the headlines of the website just to say thanks.
  15. Hmm I don't know, perhaps a config tweak could solve that. I want to avoid placing too many lamps because the map is a big performance drain as it is :biggrin: