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  1. Link's are broken. Whatever link I click, it don't response. As for now, ofc.
  2. Hey y'all, it's nice to see you all again since 10-08-2011 :P Anyway, just a little question. Does anyone knows, how could I do same think like in the very beggining of this campaign? I mean this first person camera effect, that you can only turn around, where you are in ruins with 3 or 4 czech guys (I think that they are czech, depending on their speak :P)? Or is it only an animation, and keyboard is "freezed"? Sorry, if this question is stupid, I am just starting with A2 OA.. Actually, I've this game since 3 days xD Thank you, Greetz.
  3. LeafMaster510

    A.I can really impress..

    Hello folks, I need some help over here.. So, I am trying to identify player with the AI.. I mean, that I want to make player able to to things like AI does.. Right now, I know how to: reply the 'engage' order, make player say 'group, go to ...', stand like the AI (I mean, to hold weapon aimed on the ground, but stay up straight.), and execute animations while in vehicle / tank / chopper / jet. But. I can not figure out, how does AI saying the following orders: "(number), Engage (target)", "Clear/Contact", "(number) SUPPORT (target) (direction)", "(number) Position (position X/Y converted into numbers (Aa - Jj | 00 -99)". I think, that in the OFP (A:CWC) directory there must be somewhere file, where are defined the above mentioned commands. But where? I was trying to do something with RESOURCE.BIN file, but the only possibility there was to add ('Engaging') response avaiable for player. There are definitions, like: "#define cmd_engage 21". In this case, it defines the expression "cmd_engage" to number "21". But this "21" must mean something, and somewhere it must be also defined (cuz if i change 21 to e.g. 666 (ave ^^) it won't work). So, if anybody knows, where's the general AI script for OFP:Res / A:CWC, please let me know. I'll be thankful :) With regards, LeafMaster. BTW. If this post's in wrong section, please move this to right place.
  4. LeafMaster510

    Does anybody still play Operation Flashpoint?

    Im still playing it.. This game will never f*cking die!
  5. LeafMaster510

    Do you still play OFP?

    Hey... I making this thread, because I just want to know.. Do you still play our classic game OFP? There was relased a lot new games, like arma, arma 2, ofp 2.. but do u still playin this? If yes, answer :) //PS. Im still a fan of OFP
  6. LeafMaster510

    Operation Hellfire

    Good job :) The mission is cool
  7. LeafMaster510

    OFP Mission - Need help guys ;)

    Hello everyone. I creating my own OFP mission. I have already some scripts, mission plan and etc. But I am looking for some voice actors too. I have already 3 actors including me. If someone wants, please reply here :):) What's going on with my mission? Mission will be about russian SpecNatz units, what have to find stolen documents. Of cours it not will be simple mission. American forces will be much stronger than player's team. You even can loose mission by killing preson, what can be useful in future... So its not will be easy mission like: Go to their base, stole documents, back and happy. I'll try to make this mission... Unbridgeable to win. Of cours, if You make all good, you will win hehe. And back to my question.. If someone want to share with voice, please contact me on PM / post here. Thanks, Leaf
  8. LeafMaster510

    Making camera script

    D@mn i know DDD I can make tutorial.. Be online on icq gg or skype, then we talk about this okay?
  9. LeafMaster510

    Making camera script

    Its like tutorial :D It works !! :D But you must remove @commited camera or something like this, because then you must wait longer, eg _camera camCommit 4 ~2 ... And if there under _camera camCommit 4 is @commited camera you must wait 4 seconds + 2 = thats 6 seconds, but if you want to change your camera after 2 seconds, remove that (@commited camera)
  10. LeafMaster510

    Making camera script

    -Martin- I know everything, I just wanned to know, how to get that coordinates, not another scripts.. Anyway, thanks :D
  11. Hello. I have question. How to made a camera script in advanced mode, e.g.: _camera setCamPos [54367,5432,43] _camera camSetTarget [7765,3523.1,4] _camera camSetFOV 0.700 _camera camCommit 0 I taking a coordinates from WrpTool (I loading map, e.g, everon, and write out coordinations from a box at the bottom of the screen). Someone know easier way to get that coordinates? Any program or something like this? Help guys :eek:
  12. LeafMaster510

    New Taviana Screen Shots!

    Great work! Relase it shortly plz :D
  13. LeafMaster510


    Soorry alot man :) My bad
  14. LeafMaster510


    Hello. I am looking for some speakers for my mission. I Will write more about that mission shortly. Whats I need: Some speakers -> If someone wants, write here, i will reply on pm. -Speakers must be after mutation of voice. Best If speaker will be 16 or 15+. And will be good, if someone can speak in russian language (Can read cyrylics). If someone wants, please reply here. Thanks alot. :yay:
  15. LeafMaster510


    Yes i know. I made that, whats i want. Topic can be closed. Thanks ;D