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  1. Hello, I'm trying to build a runway floating on an artificial ground. problem, default Arma ones are ground decal, but I saw in Tanoa Screenshots that the runway is floating on piles. can someone get me the taxiways and runways classnames ? Thank you for reading this
  2. dlang

    Boeing 737 - 100

    I just can't wait for it ;)
  3. Seems to appear with more than 17 mods in the list. Very annoying !
  4. dlang

    Preset Menu Missing

    Same problem with 17 mods in the list...
  5. Same problem on the last dev udpate. Wasn't on the RC
  6. dlang

    Boeing 737 - 100

    If you use proxys for the seats you can consider making a Cargo/QC version :) Great job, as always. Nice to see some Oxygen work https://www.google.fr/search?q=737-100&client=safari&hl=fr-fr&biw=667&bih=331&prmd=imvn&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiciJj508zMAhXFF5oKHeFbCJkQ_AUIBigB#hl=fr-fr&tbm=isch&q=737-100+europe+airpost
  7. Hello, don't know where to post this... A2 crane seems to do some strange effects :D
  8. dlang

    Dassault Falcon 50

    It was an old addon for A2 from Gnat if I think
  9. dlang

    Dassault Falcon 50

    Navy patrol
  10. dlang

    Dassault Falcon 50

    a real gas plant ;) :rolleyes: Thanks for the French navy :wub:
  11. dlang

    Dornier Do 228

    If someone has too much time :)
  12. dlang

    Dornier Do 228

    Getting better and better...if only I was able to help you with the cockpit.
  13. dlang

    Light on/off

    Anybody ? :unsure: I use the same script, can't remember the author. Effect seems indeed to be only local
  14. dlang

    Dornier Do 228

    This aircraft has a very nice cockpit. It has its place in the game , near the stunning cockpit of your DR400
  15. dlang

    Piper Pa 18 Super Cub

    As always, great work Sabre :wub: :wub: :wub: Gave me some inspiration : Taking off Gibraltar Airport :D However, my glass is opaque ? :rolleyes: