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  1. Sure, in the Chinook's init field, put the following "this animate["Ani_Ramp",1];", if its not that one then its "this animate["Ani_Ramp",0];". Give them both a try, pretty sure it's the first one ^_^ Should just be under the 'Wrecks' section. Where you'd find all the other wreck models that come standard with ArmA3.
  2. Unfortunately not, just one of those things no one seems to understand how to set it up correctly. Can't see it happening in the near future I'm afraid.
  3. Sure, I take it that it's an author credit add on for the para jumps? I've not seen it. If you provide a link I'll look into getting it compatible.
  4. I understand your point, but however not forgetting this game is set in the near future, so realistically the engines and airframe would of been upgraded so therefor it's able to lift heavier items... Also for game purposes :D
  5. Aha yup, I need to sit down and uninstall all the old modelling tools aha! :p
  6. v1.5 released, contains improvements & fixes. Also I've taken some steps to try and fix the 'Rotor Break Bug'. These changes are on the 'Hardcore' variant only! Let me know your feedback :) Check my facebook page for the download link. https://www.facebook.com/konyo.webs Version 1.5 Changelog Fixed: Firing from vehicles field of view. Fixed: Raised the slingload mass, can now lift Hunter or Boats. Added: Items to Chinook's inventory. Changed: RAF CH-47E HC.3 model improvments. Changed: Lowered 'Armour' value. *Progress: - Rotor break bug, (Hardcore Variant Only) - feedback needed - thank you.
  7. Thanks, that's done it. Along with a restart seems to be working fine for now
  8. Having a problem with my binpbo tool. I've recently installed Windows 10. So figured this could be the problem? Anyway i'm trying to binarize my Chinook and I'm getting this error? No idea why, tried with different models and I'm still getting the same result. I've also had to reset all my binpbo options too as there were all default upon installing Windows 10. Anyone able to help me out, thanks :)
  9. Having a problem with the Slingloading Feature, my Helicopter can't slingload a Hunter even though it's SlingloadMaxMass is set to 99999; It attaches just it doesn't have enough power to lift it, instead it ends up pulling the helicopter down. What have I missed that's not allowing it to work? Thanks, konyo
  10. Thanks for informing me of the still active 'Rotor Break' bug. Will try and work up a permanent fix and hopefully fix it once and for all! :bounce3:
  11. v1.4 released, contains a few improvements & fixes the 'Rotor Break Bug'. Check my facebook page for the download link. https://www.facebook.com/konyo.webs Version 1.4 Changelog Fixed: Rotor Break Bug. Improved: Player GetOut Positions. Changed: Chinook now starts with 'Raised Ramp'.
  12. Already in progress :rolleyes: On another note, is anyone here available to talk about the issue with the Chinook & it's rotor breaking issue? Do you have friends you play online with that you found this issue for yourself & can you easily recreate this issue with them? The reasons I'm asking is because I think I've fixed the issue but cant test for myself. So if anyone knows about this issue and how to recreate it for yourself then i'll send you a (hopefully) fixed version that you can try with your team and give me feedback with it please? Thanks :)
  13. Can you please confirm what variant of Chinook it bugs on? Is it the 'Hardcore' version only or all of them?
  14. v1.3 Released! Check the first post for more info & download link. Feature's the RAF CH-47E HC.3.