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  1. JDog


    Surprised I missed this earlier... Maybe I misunderstand but I'm fairly certain I explained in the readme (which I spent a good deal of time on as well) how to set planes on the deck. Even so, if you're making a mission with this, using something like setPos or setPosASL is one of the most basic things in scripting for this game. I even made the editor icon specifically to show the elevations at which to set objects. You shouldn't have to look up videos to copy/paste from for something as simple as this.
  2. JDog


    Probably doable. Unfortunately, at the time I made this, I was pretty inexperienced with modeling and so the uv mapping really isn't the best, and leaves some to be desired. Not sure just how much you'll be able to fix by swapping out texture files. ^This is correct. I didn't want to name anyone I'd been in contact with and subject them to PMs from random forum members haha, or have anyone feel guilted into working with someone else now. Obviously it would be great if some people contacted TeTeT and got together to work on this, but we'll see what happens. TeTeT seems to have a firm grasp so far of the scripts I wrote and scripting in general, so the Nimitz is in good hands. I don't 100% remember but I'm pretty sure it already does this for everything derived from the Plane class within a certain range at mission init (honestly not sure how far that range is). As far as I know, no one ever got AI landing working 100%, and AI take-offs were also just work-arounds. As for it being an actual recognized airstrip for auto-landing, see what Gnat said.
  3. JDog


    Just to throw it out there, the Nimitz is indeed modeled at 1,092 feet in deck length, or 333 meters. You could probably write some small script to check distance between an object at the fore and aft ends of the deck, should be about that.
  4. JDog

    USS Nimitz

    Hi guys, I just made a post regarding updates of the Nimitz in this thread, if you care to see. And so there's no doubt, I'm not currently working on the Nimitz or any other addon for arma myself. I still have interest, just not enough at the moment. I'll try and stalk around these threads at least again.
  5. JDog


    Hello guys, Foxhound was kind enough to send me an email alerting and directing me to this thread. First off, I apologize for being away from these forums for so long. Been quite busy with other games and life things. I'm happy and honored to see the community is still enjoying the Nimitz, to the point some people like TeTeT have taken the time to properly port it over to A3. When making it I really didn't think it would carry on so long. I'm sorry if there's been any confusion in the mix of my posts on the matter along with the notices in the readme, but I'm perfectly fine with and glad for others to take the reigns on the Nimitz and keep it alive and useful for the community. I've honestly had PMs from quite a few different people both offering to work on the Nimitz, as well as some more recent ones in the last month or two from those like TeTeT who have already done so and were asking for permission to distribute it. So that it's clear, TeTeT has permission to work on porting and improving the Nimitz for the community, and its perfectly fine to distribute those fixes and even overwrite the version already on Armaholic, if that makes it easier/less confusing for the community. I'd also like you guys to know that I've previously transferred the source files to two other people on the forums as well to work on, both for their respective "squads"/groups, with the understanding they would have forwarded back to me any fixes so that it could be shared with the community. Though I've not heard any news yet, so this shouldn't be a problem. I just would hate if there were multiple versions of the same addon going around and confusing people. So for now, though anyone is free to modify it for their own personal/group use, perhaps only TeTeT should be distributing his updates for it. Maybe at some point those who have worked on it can get together and discuss merging fixes to provide the best addon for the community. I hope this clears up my feelings on use of the Nimitz, I'll try to get back to checking these forums more often as well. PS. Thanks for the support of the mod, really makes it feel like a lot of time well spent.
  6. Hmm, interesting stuff, might have to check it out... though I haven't really touched modding the game in a couple years. I did hop on A3 today though to try something that popped into my head regarding this, that never occured to me before. It worked better than expected, but unfortunately still not good enough. Anyway what I tried with my carrier was having a loop and inside of it, figuring out the offset of the carrier since the last time the code ran, then applying that offset to the player. It works, but is quite jittery - at least on my carrier. I also tried it on the "bridge" Training Object, and it was very smooth looking. It also makes going up/down stairs more or less a random (and low) chance of success. This was mostly just for experimenting and I knew it wouldn't be a "clean" solution, but if anyone is interested here's the small script. Just need a "ship" and "man" object. shiporig = getposasl ship select 1; ship0 = getposasl ship select 0; ship1 = getposasl ship select 1; ship2 = getposasl ship select 2; int = 0; oneachframe{ ship0D = (getposasl ship select 0) - ship0; ship1D = (getposasl ship select 1) - ship1; ship2D = (getposasl ship select 2) - ship2; hintSilent format["Total: %1\nFrame: %2\nCount: %3", ship1 - shiporig, ship1D * 100, int]; man setPosasl[(getposasl man select 0) + ship0D, (getposasl man select 1) + ship1D, getposasl man select 2]; ship0 = getposasl ship select 0; ship1 = getposasl ship select 1; ship2 = getposasl ship select 2; int = int + 1; //sleep 0.02; } Also for you guys experimenting with this stuff, would it be helpful if I made a portion of the nimitz source files available to you to test with? That way you had something large and meant for it, in case you don't already. Just throwing the offer out.
  7. JDog


    This looks awesome! Can't wait to try it out.
  8. JDog

    USS Nimitz

    Not likely from me, unless the game gets changed to have actual gravity where an object moves along with whatever object it's on top of. I haven't touched it in years and not really worth my effort to re-figure out what I made to port it if I can't also improve on it the way I want.
  9. JDog

    USS Nimitz

    If I recall correctly, the way it spawns is that when you place it in the editor, all that does is place a marker. When the level initializes, it sets that marker to sea level then assembles all the parts of the carrier off of it. So no I don't think there's any way to get it to be in the air, sorry. It isn't modeled below sea level anyway so would look weird up there.
  10. AttachTo is one of the many things I tried for the carrier in Arma 2. Unfortunately, with that, once it's attached, it's locked in position relative to the position of what it's attach to, so you can't drive or move it around from where it is. Also I think I tried the idea of setting a vehicle to it's own position in Arma 2 as well but ended up going with just applying a small force to it to "kick it awake". Unfortunately though, even if that did work now for keeping vehicles on a moving carrier's deck, it still wouldn't solve it for infantry since I think their physics behave a bit differently and they'd still slide off a moving carrier. The only thing I can think of that would make it fool-proof is somehow allowing or scripting the vehicle/infantry aboard a moving object to be like a "child of" that object, so it's parent's movements (a carrier for example) would directly apply to it as well, while also allowing it's own movement in that parent's object-space. That would make it simple and also look smooth and not like a hack where stuff is sort-of sliding or popping around. That or somehow hard-coding it so that this automatically happens to objects for whatever they are grounded on top of. Obviously, this has limited uses, like for an aircraft carrier or standing inside a C-130, but with the new ocean mechanics and physx in arma 3, I'm sure the community will want to be making more in the way of ships and boats, and the requirement of needing to be seated when one is moving and not able to stand out on a deck or walk about the ship while in transit is not really fun, and having this functionality would greatly improve those experiences. So, here's crossing my fingers for it!
  11. Hi pettka, thanks for this. If you'd be so kind, I'd like to know... is there currently (or are there plans for) any way via scripting or config to prevent the rigidbodies/PhysX from sleeping when at rest? For example, to use when placing vehicles on a large flatbed trailer, a train cart, or an aircraft carrier - so that they do not slide and fall off when the vehicle/object under them moves. The same question would go for infantry units as well. Thanks.
  12. JDog

    USS Nimitz

    Hi everyone, Just logged in today for the first time in many months and have finished responding to a bunch of PMs from people, all about the Nimitz. Though some of them were from months ago, some forum members have offered to "fix up" or "upgrade" the Nimitz and get it working right again, and possibly add to it. So, assuming people still actively use this old ship and do have an interest/ability to help with it, I'd like to open up a brief discussion about that. Who knows, might not get any replies to this from someone who can and wants to. If anyone DOES actually want to try and work on improving this addon, and you think you have both the time and knowledge to do so, please post here. Obviously I don't want to just hand it out to anyone so please mention what you'd plan on doing with it and if you do actually have any experience with modding ARMA. If we do find someone, I'll give them the source model files and permission to update it for the community. Here's hoping someone out there is up to it! @GNAT: Hey buddy, if you're still there... your inbox is full! Clear some out and send me a PM when you get the chance please :)
  13. JDog

    USS Nimitz

    Yes you can retexture the projector screen by following these steps: 1) Read the readme/guide that came with the addon. As for your other questions, don't know what an "auto object mover" is, or R3F, so can't help with those.
  14. JDog

    USS Nimitz

    hutton, adding more boats to the requisition you could probably also do through scripting and wouldn't require a change to the addon. just open up the addon and look at the scripts i made, and see how i added the action/spawn for the zodiac (dont remember off the top of my head what the memory point is called). then you can write a script to add more actions for more boats... but you might have to set for yourself where they spawn because I doubt anything else will fit in there.
  15. JDog

    USS Nimitz

    Braker, I think to get him to hold that position I used enableSimulation = false (I think that's the function, don't really remember, haven't scripted for ArmA in a while). That'll basically freeze his animation state, and then you'll have to re-enable it. jbug, unfortunately I don't work on this anymore. Though I'm sure someone halfway decent with scripting could make a script that would spawn some phalanx turrets at the various positions on the carrier. Someone else in the community had made some good phalanxes a while back. bra1n, you're very welcome, always appreciate hearing that the time spent on this was well worth it :)