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  1. All, 2400 meters is extreme long range shooting, even for a .50 BMG round. A 647 grain match grade bullet will be traveling at 650fps at that range. The ballistics of the impact are not what you might think...that's only 639 ft.-lb. of energy. That's reduced from the 13,144 ft.lb. of energy it starts with!! This would be close to a 55 grain 5.56mm round at 250 meters or a 200 grain .44 magnum round at 100 yards. Quality body armor would certainly be able to stop it. Hope that helps!
  2. Raddik

    1 Mile+ M107 Kill

    Looks like I need to fire up ACE my friend!
  3. Raddik

    1 Mile+ M107 Kill

    @ArmAriffic That claimed range in the video (3000m) is bogus-it's only 1250 meters, I measured it myself in the editor. Pics below: The video looked wrong as anything beyond 1500 meters gets really difficult for one shot kills.
  4. Raddik

    1 Mile+ M107 Kill

    Had to share this brief story with you all: I was playing a custom combined operations mission in Zargabad with 3 friends last night and made my longest kill shot yet with the M107 platform. They were busying themselves with an MH6 insertion to the North and I was on the hill to far west of the Airfield. I spotted some OPFOR riflemen in the west sector of the city-they were Kronsky's UPS controlled units, walking along a wall. One of them paused, and I aimed for the extreme range and let loose the round. A little over 2 seconds later it hit him square in the back and he was incapacitated instantly. His buddies fled around the wall and I kept scanning for targets. Range was 1854 meters or 6051 feet (1.15 miles). Glad to be back playing ARMA:2 again! Out.
  5. Raddik

    CO14 - Operation Sky Sweeper

    @Ebden, thanks for all the input. I'm already addressing the proximity of the first T90's in the next release. @All, my GTX 295 graphics card bit the dust yesterday, so I'll be unable to do anything with the mission for a week or so. :( EVGA should ship my new one close to this next week's end. Please continue giving feedback as you have it. Cheers, Raddik
  6. Raddik

    CO14 - Operation Sky Sweeper

    Just posted a version update, see first post for details!
  7. @Murklor Thanks for the input. I'll tinker with this tonight and report back. Cheers, Raddik
  8. Raddik

    CO14 - Operation Sky Sweeper

    @vengeance1 You need to edit the direction in the stop.sqf script as well. The particular line of code is: BL1 setDir 90; This sets the direction of the invisible wall (what holds you in place). One would think that since we're simply flipping things 180 it would still work, but it won't. Make sure you change it for both the A10 and the F35B. @All Going to release a mission update tomorrow morning with some new features and improvements.
  9. Gentlemen, I am trying to write a script that will tell all players on a dedicated server when an enemy vehicle (created with BIS_fnc_spawnVehicle, not placed in the editor) is destroyed. i.e. if I destroy a T-72 tank, I'd like a silent hint to pop saying 'T-72 destroyed by Raddik'. I've experimented with this and I'm having a hard time making any progress...especially in the context of a dedicated server. Ideally this would be easy to edit to display that message for any or all vehicle types. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. Cheers, Raddik
  10. Raddik

    CO14 - Operation Sky Sweeper

    Still working on Mando Missile integration, but I'm making some serious headway. Going to spend a significant amount of time on this tonight to try and finish it.
  11. Raddik

    CO14 - Operation Sky Sweeper

    Kremator, We're currently working on a script to do just that. It would allow the AI to use the deck launch system! We'll update everyone on the progress when we make some. All, below is our server if you would like to play this mission w/o having to download and run it locally.
  12. Raddik

    CO14 - Operation Sky Sweeper

    Turk, I can do the map additon for potential AA...thanks for the idea. Kremator, I tried this with Mando Missiles and since the OpFor (ai) aircraft are created with a script o couldn't figure out how to limit their range/radar to that of human players. Maybe I'll send Mandoble a pm later asking for help. Cheers, Raddik
  13. Raddik

    CO14 - Operation Sky Sweeper

    Can someone comment on the performance of this mission on their local machine or dedicated server?
  14. This mission has been replaced by Operation Sky Sweeper. Please see this new thread for more details: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=92542 Cheers, Raddik
  15. Operation Sky Sweeper is a dynamic and air combat focused mission that can by played solo or with others. It includes many unique features including a custom aircraft spawning script and steam catapult system, both of which I'd originally written for this mission. If you love air combat, this is the mission for you! Click the spoiler button below to view the mission briefing/details: Features: BluFor only Co-op gameplay for up to 14 players Support for Mando Missiles 3 BluFor AI controlled respawning F35B aircraft 1 BluFor AI controlled respawning A10 aircraft Fully functional & custom made steam catapult system for deck launching Scripting that creates 50+ enemy aircraft placed randomly around the map, with only 12 alive at any given moment. Dual Primary Objectives include destroying all OpFor aircraft & protecting a vital BluFor asset Full featured LHD base with respawning resources including: 12 custom outfitted F35-B aircraft with 8 Sidewinder missiles, 2 Maverick AG missiles, and 600 rounds of GAU12 cannon ammo 4 custom outfitted A-10 'Warthog' aircraft with 2 Sidewinder missiles, 6 Maverick AG missiles, and 1200 rounds of cannon ammo 2 custom outfitted AH1-Z 'Cobra' helicopters with 6 Sidewinder missiles, 8 Hellfire missiles, 38 Hydra missiles, and 1500 rounds of M197 cannon ammo 2 custom outfitted AH64D 'Apache' helicopters with 16 Hellfire missiles, 38 Hydra missiles, and 1350 rounds of cannon ammo Fuel, Ammo, and Repair trucks on BluFor friendly grass airstrip in Boalta AI guerrilla warfare team set to protect BluFor missile asset Full 3D clouds w/4.5K meter draw distance (supports up to 7k) Dynamic menu system for player controlled view distance and grass All scripting is dedicated server friendly Full briefing. Change Log: V 1.0 - 12/26/09 Initial Release V 1.01 - 12/30/09 Added – New version with support and tweaks for Mando Missiles v2.4. Added - 3 BluFor AI controlled respawning F35B aircraft to support players. Added - 1 BluFor AI controlled respawning A10 aircraft to support players. Added – (2) AH-64 Longbow helicopters. Added - Player-controlled view distance/grass settings. Removed – (1) AH1Z Cobra helicopter. Fixed - Spawn height issues with aircraft. Changed – Updated catapult system to lock player in vehicle until launch is complete. Changed – Reduced OpFor aircraft total count to 50. Changed – Moved BluFor MLRS asset away from building, on occasion it would self-annihilate. Changed – Loadouts on all vehicles to balance gameplay and encourage team work. Changed - Starting view distance to 4500 meters. Changed - Major overhaul of underlying scripting for BluFor aircraft loadouts, respawning, and positioning. Changed - Complete retooling of AI aircraft spawning scripts…they have been reduced to a single function. This adds a 5-15 fps increase over v1.0. Operation Sky Sweeper | v1.01 - Armaholic.com Thanks in advance for trying this out. Enjoy! Cheers, Raddik