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  1. Hi Goose, your wish has been granted. Updated version on Development branch. Spartan out.
  2. Great work Lads. Looks like ARMAVERSE F/A-18's are getting Block IV upgrade...
  3. Thanks TeTeT for keeping the fleet of F/A-18's in service.
  4. John Spartan

    Jets DLC Official Feedback

    Check this out...
  5. John Spartan

    Jets DLC Official Feedback

    @WurschtBanane - yes it's possible. See the Sensor's feature documentation here - https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Sensors
  6. John Spartan

    F/a-18x black wasp

    ...looks like the weather is changing.
  7. @all - any discussion about ACE errors belongs to this tread - https://github.com/acemod/ACE3/issues. Ace developers have to understand the basics of programing and inheritance, you don't mess up a base class for every one, but create a derivative for your mod so it can coexist with other community work. Please allow this team to work on their ideas and make this content better, rather than asking to fix someone's else's work. Thanks Spartan out.
  8. It's been a while since I had a time to work on these beasts, so here is some light to shed on what's happening next with these awesome jets. Please read the first post by Saul for full details. Please welcome TeTeT - he will be looking after the future updates for F/A-18 E/F & Su35 mods. As promised this mod pack will stay free and available to all community to enjoy. "This is not goodbye or us stepping down - this is us move on to new secret projects and regrouping before next battle... John & Saul" Spartan out.
  9. Chairborne get's the cookie - yes AirplaneX is the reason. Switch simulation type to older Airplane version, it's more forgiving if you plan some carrier stuff...
  10. @kbbw123 - 1.9 [current version is signed and has a server key included], steam has changed the installation approach for mods, so look for your local files in steam directory. Or just download from http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=22594 @2ndparachutereg - will need more detail on the issue to be able to assist you.
  11. John Spartan

    Fixed Wing Flight Model (dev branch)

    - so we all agree that REVISED auto rudder would be small solution towards more enjoyable FM - throttle for keyboard needs to function similar as analogue and also display the % of thrust applied in UI relatively small fixes but that would be more suitable for ARMA...
  12. John Spartan

    Fixed Wing Flight Model (dev branch)

    @K20017 - in most of modern jets/planes the FlyByWire system will automatically autocorrect for pilots input mistakes or adjust to reduce workload for pilot. You will see various representations of this feature across all game platforms. Main purpose in this case is to keep planes nose in level/aimed at target automatically - just like in RL F-15 for example. Trouble there is - it's a bit to "over cooked" apart from that if revised/rebuilt it's what you lads were asking to be brought back - to resolve fly with KB/Mouse fun/simplicity. Nothing wrong with it as long as it's optional and configurable to allow flexibility for people creating aircrafts.
  13. John Spartan

    Fixed Wing Flight Model (dev branch)

    @K20017 take another test flight in A2, keep an eye on rudder anims and mouse of plane during turns, you cant miss that... It's there, but the problem it feels a bit overdone, even thou it seamlessly trays to compliment the FM in that version of Arma.
  14. John Spartan

    Fixed Wing Flight Model (dev branch)

    if I may add to this.... so from what I understand as an issue described with keyboard/mouse controls about being sluggish and incorrect. Till certain extent its correct but let's not forget that on same forums people previously asked for this change.... "please disable auto rudder", what triggered current behaviour [compare vs A2] so lets look at the FM in overall: - first of all this is not DCS/WT/FSX/SF2 or BF2 (thank good), so we don't want it to be too realistic but we want fun, engaging and authentic - auto throttle and auto rudder systems that so many complained about was actually good part of this FM as long as properly configured and also as mentioned correctly is authentic - look up FlyByWire system behaviour - lack of detail and attention to certain FM configurations in vanilla & mods is other problem that causes misinterpretation. A164 initial was "ugly" FM wise but now tweaked it's actually fun to fly - at least for me [KB/Mouse], I have made few FM's myself and only one is actually decent others need more work, it's not that easy and takes time but company can improve on that agree. More emphasis on sub-systems like targeting and weapons would be more appropriate point of focus than FM but at same time there are few things that can easily fix what you lads are complaining about: - auto rudder must be brought back in but with revision and it has to be optional on config level, so based on plane model you can configure the required behaviour. - auto throttle needs to be a bit clearer interpretation of actual trust applied, more visual output in UI to allow pilot to have better control over the situation/aircraft - wheels and suspension needs some attention - and most important is documentation that explains the FM so community can utilize it to the best of it's current state just my thought here...
  15. John Spartan

    Visual upgrade suggestion: European lighting

    ...this is probably the best answer here on this topic.