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  1. If you stand up while you are partially inside the h barrier it will put you on top of it. Which helps since bi doesn't give us jumping or small climbing abilities. Also unless it's been fixed, AI walk through rocks and once they go all the way inside they can't get out.
  2. victim913

    Base-fobs-towns WIP

    You said you wanted feedback. Well, I wouldn't look to that "Enhanced Stratis" for additional information as someone suggested. Just cause you put buildings and barriers doesn't make something enhanced. It has to make sense. You have so much going on that it might take away some fps, and so far, around building and cities, the fps already drop. You just have way too much going on. Taking it as a whole it's overboard. like the person saying that stacking H barriers 3 high was a little claustrophobic. Pretty much the entire base is doesn't need anything. There is no need for all the h barriers and especially the bunkers. There's no need for everything inside because everyone inside would be friendly. Putting all that stuff on the outskirts of the base might make sense but not inside. You also put Huge Radar where it doesn't make any sense. Now that I've said that, one thing i'm ignoring is you saying that you "put them all together on one map". If you put it in a mission instead of a template people can cut away things. Like me for example, I would delete the entire base but maybe leave some other things on other parts of the island. I can't do that with a template. Also, if you promote it as some kind of special game, or special obstacle course or killing field rather than telling everyone it's a base or FOB or anything real. On the real scale it makes little sense but if you tell me its a good place for multiplayer tournaments then what you did is awesome. You have made an island that is a perfect place to hide and defend etc. Similar to a movie like "Running man" or something like that. Then what you did is very interesting and good. But reality wise, look at documentaries and things like that where you can see real bases and real FOBs. THey usually have space. not everything has a high wall built up next to everything. Especially helicopter landing pads. I don't know about yours but most FOB templates have only enough room for a helicopter to land when in real life walls would never be that close. Addons like "enhanced Stratis" just put stuff where they want things rather than what makes sense. Everyone who wants to make serious addons like this where they place buildings and other things like that need to keep one thing in mind; Add to Stratis, "enhance" Stratis. Look at what bi did and build on to that. The people who made Stratis took a lot of things in mind. They didn't just put buidlings in clearings just because it was flat enough to have one. One of the worst people do is make FOB's. They put them everywhere. even near bases. Stratis is a small island. The island is a base. There would be no FOB's. Camps are just areas to make sure every section is somewhat covered. FOB's and camps are very different. Add to what bi did and make it bi quality. And keep in mind, AI won't like the buidlings you place. What you made is good for playing on but not for making sense. If I played multiplayer I would play this. In OA this is all I did was placing things with the RTE. I never released them but now, there is not really a good 3d editor so I look more to things like this. One thing that you need is "this setVectorUp [0,0,1];" I see some of your walls leaning towards the direction of the ground. If you use that code for (mostly) everything, it will keep them straight. But good work don't let my response take you in any direction you want to go. And I don't know a whole lot about what I'm talking about, but don't look at other addons that arent' very good either. Do what you want. This was just feedback from some random jerk. I hope some of it helps, and ignore the rest.
  3. I don't know if this is new, but I just discovered new effects in modules. "Shells" from mortars, artillery, and mlrs. which just smoke. "tracer" which I can't tell if it does anything. Also, "set callsign" in group modifiers "headquarters" in Intel
  4. But the "B_Parachute_02_F" is always on fire.
  5. That parachute thing isn't as big of a deal. There are workarounds. They will get out of parachutes when they land as long as you are not the leader. There was an issue with something in OA where some units got stuck in certain positions and you, as the leader couldn't get them out, yet switching AI to the leader would get them unstuck, even with the exact same orders. So if they don't get out of parachutes, team switch for a brief second and switch back. In fact Ai as lead will tell them to disembark while still in the air. It's weird that when I don't skydive (stay on ground) no one dies in air. Seperating them far apart prevents death too. Not being in the group at all usually keeps them alive. You can also use a "allowdamage false" on AI until chutes open,then trigger it back to true. And if you are worried about losing backpacks from some of your units because of parachutes, you can trigger them to add backpack once the chute has opened. The backpack will appear once on ground. But don't trigger it before chute opens or they lose the parachute. And on subject of vehicles flying. After all this time why hasn't bi figured out how to damage vehciles? rather than an intact wreck model bounching around. And why dayz can animate a jump and arma can only step over things.
  6. Where did you get the information about cooling system in opfor uniforms? I've been trying to figure out why they look the way they do when they have pretty much been regular infantry.
  7. victim913

    Arma 3 High Command?

    I keep seeing people starting topics that I started weeks ago. People really don't search at all. But if you want high command now, the arma 2/oa works. If you use AllInArma you can use it. Or any of the other ways people have been moving stuff over.
  8. victim913

    massive paradrop

    There is a way around this. Put this in units init: this addbackpack "b_parachute";this setpos [getpos this select 0, getpos this select 1, 200]; They all land safely and open chutes on time. There is one issue with that though. If you are the leader, they won't get out of their parachutes after landing. BUT if you team switch to anyone, they all get out, then you can switch back. If you are not the leader everyone gets out. AI tell me to disembark but when I give disembark command they don't listen. But if you are not in their group, they all land safe and get out of chutes. Also, you can "allowdamage false" if they still die at higher alt. then once hit ground allow damage again. But no matter what, they will not get out with you as leader. Is there a classname for an unsteerable parachute. Most paradrops aren't steerable. And with AI, steering makes regrouping a nightmare. They end up all over the place.
  9. You aren't very clear. Is the trigger a specific area? It sounds like you want to walk around and then when you enter an area a trigger will make enemy try to find you. If so: In the editor, place a trigger on the area you want. Make the trigger type "switch". Click "ok" and exit the trigger screen. Now click "group" and connect/group the trigger to your unit. Open the trigger screen again. Set the activation to "any group member", "Present" then close the trigger screen. Now create your opfor. Give them a "hold" waypoint. Now synchronize the trigger to the "hold" waypoint. Once that is done give your opfor a second waypoint. Put that second waypoint somewhere near or in the trigger area. Make that waypoint a "seek and destroy" waypoint. In simple terms: You create a unit, then create a trigger and grouping it to the unit. When the unit activates the trigger by entering the area, it will switch a group of Opfor from "hold" and make them move to your area looking to kill you. By the way, when using the domove command it should look like this: _soldier1 doMove (position officer). Where officer would be you. But there is a problem with domove. If the opfor doesn't know where you are, they won't know where to move. But you can put a marker (I'll name it "A") in the area and you can use this: _soldier1 domove (getMarkerPos "A"); Hope it helped. I prefer the first method not the domove.
  10. victim913

    Unit Action question

    Ok, it's making sense. I got the cargo stuff I think. This, Grp2 = Group this; {_x moveincargo C_1} ForEach units group this; in the init of leader will be faster than telling each unit to moveincargo. But if I put it in a trigger I would use this, {_x moveincargo C_1} ForEach units Grp2 Using your mission (kylania) as an example: After I get all the above working, I can this in a trigger {nul = [_x] execVM ""groupEject.sqf"";} foreach [Grp1, Grp2, Grp3, Grp4, Grp5, Grp6]; SetAccTime 0.7;"; and put your "groupeject.sqf" in my mission folder. But so I understand, your code is: _grp = _this select 0; This gives whichever group the 0 value in the next code (which makes it the first which is the _x before action?) (_x) action ["EJECT", vehicle _x]; and vehicle _x is whichever vehicle they are cargo in. Then last it tells them to do the same with everyone in that group foreach units _grp; If that was alright then hopefully it will sink in. Then i'll look up "sleep" cause I see it in everything. And all the different symbols like the different brackets. ***After all this bother, I just found out that there is a problem with the aircraft I was going to use. It was going to be the AN-72 Coaler. I was able to get it into the game but after trying it I found that I can't get inside it. None of the movein codes work. Also can't get in when it's on the ground. So I have no aircraft to get them to parachute from. Is there a way to simulate a drop without an aircraft? I'm trying not to use the AllInArma mod but I'll have to find another aircraft that I can get into arma3. thanks very much everyone
  11. victim913

    Unit Action question

    Thanks to both of you. In fact, Kylania, it is your script that I was looking at to begin with. I saw the small link under your name. Explaining it like you guys did should help a lot. I keep seeing "unassign". I learned to use assign a lot but these are individual units or groups that aren't assigned to any vechicle (uh1) to begin with. So why would I unassign? One other possible dumb question; The underline before things. " _ " such as this: _numWeapon. Now that I know is How many of that weapon. I know that I have to replace _numWeapon with a number. I usually know what it means. But I keep seeing codes that have this _x. But _x doesn't need to change all the time. I can put that in a units init and it works, but if I leave _numWeapon in the init then it shows an error. So how do I understand all the _x in your example? In your mission you have this: Grp2 = Group this; {_x moveincargo C_1} ForEach units group this; You name the group; then {_x you moveincargo} each unit in the group. So what is the _x represent?
  12. I was wondering how to assign an action to more than 1 unit. Here's my example: Spongebob action ["eject", uh1]; I want spongebob, Patrick, and squidward to eject. I've tried a few different things like[] (). Also created them with group name and put name in unit's place. But no luck. ***I know there are scripts. In fact that's where I got it from. But i'm trying to understand scripting, not just copying. So what could I do to that code (in the editor, no sqf or execvm stuff) to make that group and/or 3 people eject? Thanks
  13. You don't want an addon for it? You can download a 1 mb file that puts all the buildings in the editor and you can place them all. You don't download any substance. It's just a notepad page that tells your editor to let you place buildings. Just in case you were worried about downloading times etc
  14. victim913

    builing pos copy to clipboard?

    A great tool you can use is the "visual house position". Or virtual. It's made for arma2 or OA but it works in arma 3. If you use AllInArma then it works perfectly. Every available position in the building you are in will have a green bouncing ball. Walk over to it and it tells you what position it is. You have 3 different option to copy to clipboard. This is the results of the three different options: City/Town=Camp Maxwell, Distance=238.27, PosASL=[3310.28,2942.48,227.459], HouseID=72024, Model=cargo_house_v2_f.p3d TotalPos=1, BuildingPos=14 this setPos ((position this nearestObject 72024) buildingPos 14); ["City/Town=Camp Maxwell, Distance=238.27, PosASL=[3310.28,2942.48,227.459], HouseID=72024, Model=cargo_house_v2_f.p3d TotalPos=1, BuildingPos=14","this setPos ((position this nearestObject 72024) buildingPos 14);"] Without AllinArma it works only to an extent. But still very useful. It won't have any bouncing ball, In fact it won't show you building positions, BUT it gives you all that information only it won't tell you building positions. It comes in handy in Arma3 because of the crap 3d editor. The more addons (especially units) you have the more frustrating it is. But I just created a mission using the vhp. I walked around and copied every position I wanted to place my units. Then went in game and put all the units there. It helps a lot when it comes to guessing where to put things in the 2d editor. Saves time. There is one flaw. Arma has house positions starting at #1 but the vhp will show that as position #0. so it's off by 1
  15. victim913

    Stance position codes

    The codes I am looking for work with "setunitpos". I'm not aware of any codes that make AI lean left or right. _unit setunitpos "up"; ? -new _unit setunitpos "middle"; ? -new ? -new _unit setunitpos "down"; ? -new So there are 4 new stances that I am looking for.