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  1. What is illegal about what I'm working on? Is updating and porting a mod from Arma 2 to Arma 3 with the original creator illegal? "Looks less laggy", yes my way of doing it is almost 8 years old now from when I set it up for my A10C based off an Arma 2 interactive system witch I worked with the original creator of that to set up mine. With many updates to Arma 3 you can do a lot more now, so now I have been reworking it. "everyone is "not" using" this is because I and Yura have RL things come up and every two to three months we are fighting to take down illegal uploads of the Arma 2 UH60s we are working on. Anyway I like how this mod is looking, I like to see more people trying to put more realistic and immersive things in Arma. I look froward to seeing what you guys can do with this, and this inspires me to work a bit harder on getting my mod done sooner. Thank you
  2. Update: YuraPetrov and I are working on new models and I'm almost done with configs and features, I will be starting closed testing soon. Also I find another Arma 2 port on Steam. Please don't subscriber or use this mods, no one his permission to port any of YuraPetrov mods. The more people that use these mods the more people will think it is OK to port and upload them. This only takes time away from YuraPetrov to report and follow up to take the mods down, time he could use working on the mod. Thank You
  3. END USER LICENCE AGREEMENT:DISCLAIMERYou are permitted to install and use this software for personal entertainment purposes only.You may not use this add-on (nor any of its parts) in any other add-on or mod (not even partially) nor redistribute ormirror it without SGT Fuller's prior permission and agreement.This add-on is released underCreative Commons LicenseAttribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs FYI, Please read end user licence agreements. not just this mod but all before you redistribute or mirror it on Steam or anywhere else. Mod makers like Fuller and I don't want our mods on Steam.
  4. No, it is not. Fuller or I don't want this mod on Steam.
  5. Thank you joanthan123, I'm hoping to have an update for you all soon.
  6. Update: we are still work on the hawks. Yuri is working on updating the models. We both have run into other things slowing us down like our work. FYI there is a mod on Steam with some of Yuri's Arma 2 hawks, this person (noobcrafting) did not get permission from Yuri and the mod has been reported to Steam but is still up. Please do not download or use this mod.
  7. No, it's not. It has been reported to Steam
  8. OK, It has been taken care of. (So everyone knows no one has permission to port any of Yura's mods). Thank you I will post an update as soon as I have one on this mod.
  9. I have seen this and following up on it and to see why this was done. thank you for posting this.
  10. Update We are working on the UH-60's, other things have come up, and we are making changes to the mod. More to follow soon.
  11. peral

    A-10C for Arma 3

    I'm looking in to this and other fixes, I will put out more news and a time line soon.
  12. This is on hold for now, I will put out an update soon. We will most likely be putting out one UH60 (UH60M) and then more as they are done. I'm looking at starting testing soon and as soon as I have a time line I will put it.
  13. This is on hold for now, and It will be done when it's done.
  14. Thank you for the input and the photo, the UH-60 is the photo in the post is not a HH-60M medevac. it's a UH-60M, (also I know I have a M134 on it) we have started a HH-60M and have those seats and beds in it, I'm going off photos I get from friends that work on UH60's and the web, and what I remember from when I was in the Army. I was not a crew chief but I have flown in many of them in Iraq and in the US. "This is still a WIP"
  15. peral

    A-10C for Arma 3

    Bugs: 1- I have fix the map on this update. 2- I'll look into it. 3- The last version I put out is using the USAF mods Ammo box, so I'll look into it. I'm working on a new Ammo box for the A-10. Questions: 1-CCRP is not in yet, I'm going to drop it for now seeing that BI has a working CCIP and CCRP they are working on now and is in dev version of Arma. 2- Refueling works with the USAF mods aerial refueling. 3- The GPS targeting is the same as the F18's, but you only get it if you have JDAM weapons on the A-10. (does not work with the USAF Ammo box, sorry for this it will be fixed with this update.)