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  1. xidarkreaper

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I don't know if this has been brought up, but since the recent update the RHS units don't show up in Zeus. If this has already been brought up by someone I tried looking for it. So sorry in advance.
  2. xidarkreaper

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I don't know if this is a mass problem but in the newest ArmA 3 verison I cannot find the RHS units in Zeus.
  3. xidarkreaper

    Release Candidate Branch Discussion

    Game is currently crashing every like 3 minutes while in the 3D editor. here is the error: "The instruction at 0x0000000000EA5FB3 referred memory at 0x0000000000004F45. The memory could not be read." I'm also Windows 10 if that helps solve this at all.
  4. xidarkreaper

    US 75th Rangers

    DaveGary is a nice guy he'd probably let you use it with just credit given.
  5. xidarkreaper

    [WIP] F-22 Raptor A3

    Thanks for the work Fullerpj one of my old friends helped you out a lot (Peral) Keep up the work man. Tell Peral Kingrey said "Hi" for me sometime.
  6. I have to agree with Theron and ltfrankie. It isn't very hard to believe that the UNSC would have multiple amounts of gear across their branches. As we see this in the US and a lot of other military's across the world. This addition to the Marines looking like their respective counterparts in Halo 2 Anniversary would also heavily diversify them from the Army. Just suggestions.
  7. xidarkreaper

    Rainey Gear Modification (RGM)

    Just add in some pouches with smoke Grenades and Frag grenades in them, you can also add in radio pouches and GPS Pouches. Here's the official LBT Website with all their stuff. Since you brought up backpacks take a look at maybe making some of these backpacks their pretty nice. http://lbtinc.com
  8. xidarkreaper

    Rainey Gear Modification (RGM)

    I'd say just add in some different shapes of pouches and maybe add in a CamelBak of forms. http://shop.camelbak.com/store/ProductImages/details/1092_multicam_l.jpg
  9. xidarkreaper

    Valor (The True Successor To FFIS)

    The Excitement is over 9000.
  10. xidarkreaper

    F/a-18x black wasp

    VFA-154 Black Knights
  11. xidarkreaper

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I'm going to join in this conversation *Cough* Cougar MRAP *cough* http://www.peocscss.army.mil/Images/PM%20MRAP/Jerrv%2001.jpg
  12. xidarkreaper

    L85a2 v3

    Quick Question will the Elcan Scope be like the MRCO where it has a close range usage and also a long range usage. I can't really explain it but if you've ever used the MRCO you know what I'm talking about.
  13. xidarkreaper

    The CSAT Modification Project (Release)

    Stop when you feel happy.
  14. xidarkreaper

    L85a2 v3

    Quick question I remember you making this but are we going to see an updated verison of the L85A2 with the Rail System http://i.imgur.com/7UXHU.jpg
  15. xidarkreaper

    ATLAS: Sci-Fi Mod

    I think I might need a new pair of pants.