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  1. I can't search because I'm on a cellular phone :( but I'm gonna risk the heat, when I make a custom clacker based on the ace ones, my game crashes immediately on trying to detonate with it, am I missing a step in inheriting? (I can share my config when I return home)
  2. @theevancat send me a PM about any plans you want me to set up with the Sources I do have already
  3. Its parts of the broken HMMWV's model if I remember correctly.
  4. PolyG

    Helmet Addons

    Your P3d needs to be named the same as your BP_Cap, as its what is being defined in the Model.cfg, whereas your P3d is named "Officer.p3d" So the game doesn't know what your wanting to do with it.
  5. Alright, the title is what I'm goin' on about now. I've been burned out lately, I've had no friends to play with so I went to the Official Servers. My Experience So far.. Now this isn't just to complain or anything like that. I enjoyed the small time I spent on these servers.. I just wanted to know, has anyone else had similar experiences of abuse on the Official Servers? If so, how?
  6. PolyG

    RSO Buildings pack

    @spookygnu nope. It gives me a CTD Error and its running stable build, just RSO mod.
  7. PolyG

    RSO Buildings pack

    Not seeing anyone else post this - but is anyone else receiving this error? (Stable Build, just running the RSO mod)
  8. Could have steam messaged me brah. With the Zeus thing, make sure you have it set to access All addons, not just the ones in current scenario in the module settings.
  9. PolyG

    Knock People Unconscious

    I'm not sure if it's available to non apex owners, but there is a animation for knocking people out with a rifle in the Apex Protocol missions - might be worth checking out.
  10. You could do as the BIS Offroads do. Run it as a randomized Texture and allow customization via the Garage interface.
  11. Do you mean to place Empty Weapons through the Props Category? If So you can't do anything unless the mod creator, Or another community member, creates a config to do so. (For Instance. I just made one for OPTRE and am trying to donate it :D)
  12. The mod is still being worked on in my spare time - So the DCU and extra's aren't released yet (It sucks :( I know. But a full time job and a girlfriend keep me occupied. ((Plus a few late medical issues..) )) So I've been working very slowly as of late, but as we roll into winter I hope to be able to release a update. And the Helmet was Ported by myself since the CUP one lacked hiddenselections. The issue your refering to was already fixed, just not ready for my release since I'm still making further plans. (Possibly going to make this a compliation pack and add more than USMC..)
  13. @Lt. Mack I honestly don't know much of whats going on at the moment. I've been working full time and Evan's doing his education at Westpoint. So if I ever get a chance to sit down with him we can discuss further what we plan - But for now Its not Off the books, but not quite on. Its TheEvanCats mod after all :) I'm just the schmuck that he has working while he can't.
  14. ..I'm fairly sure when your in the launcher, the Play Without a unit checkbox would remove it. Its only on you because your in a Unit. Thats the point of joining a unit - Less people have to worry on XMLs and spend more time playing.