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  1. Okay folks, just a quick message from the wonderful land of the Tajiks to prove that I am not dead. I've come close a couple of times, but that's just because I'm 20 and I make questionable choices. I will still be home in December but unlikely to get the project rolling back until January. Right now the situation has me like, squatting on a cot in the storage room. No way I can hook up my machine until I get a permanent room in January. I have made mod progress, though (mostly through outsourcing.) PolyG is fixing some bugs that popped up here and there, while Night515 has generously given me the source for his ported MLRS system. Both of these men are the man. Go check out their mods. I am making some adjustments to it, because I discovered that I still have Blender here and can set up a model and write a config to speed up the process when I get home. I got you with a big, rough tease that's not at all dressed up (but I know you still like it that way.) Still a lot more work to be done on it, but the principle remains the same. It's a truck-based mobile MLRS. Also, I figure I'll tease you again with some previously unreleased pictures: What? You mean the thing named "Carrier" ("Hamel") in the Persian language wasn't actually a plate carrier? Yeah, I fixed that. I have a list I'm working through (I promise), but barring anything whacky I'll get this updated and back online. I know it's a little behind the curve, and I feel like an old dude trying to keep up relevancy with the cool new things (TM) that kids are playing with these days. But whatever. You haven't gotten rid of me yet.
  2. Alright, quick update from the field. I have been in Tajikistan for about a week and I won't be getting back until December. Development didn't continue when I was in America in late August since I wasn't able to get set up to transfer the data from my desktop (which is now locked in a locker 6500 miles away from me) to my laptop. As such, when I get back, I'm gonna have some catching up to do with two DLCs and probably a whole bunch of other junk. As for @jarrad96, feel free to shoot up an ALiVE PBO. Once I get back I can integrate it fully into the mod so it's all in one place and there doesn't have to be a wonky workaround that has to be separately downloaded. @Nichols, I've been out of the loop for a pretty long time and don't know about any of these newfangled replacement packs. I tried to keep the replacements limited to just the units, which are replaced with new uniforms. Therefore, if something else tries to replace the vanilla CSAT uniform, then there's two addons trying to replace the uniform and weird stuff happens. I don't touch any of the weapons in my mod, so that should be okay. Thanks for your guys' patience with me. I know this isn't really shiny and new and gets more outdated by the week, but I'm trying to get it all sorted once I have time.
  3. Alright, so I've been working on an update for a little bit but I'm away from my data (yay Army stuff) and will be until August. Of course, knowing me, I will then have a little bit of time with the data to fix stuff and try my very hardest to push something out. At the end of August, I will be taking another break to go live in the country of Tajikistan for a few months (I'm actually a CSAT spy I'm studying Persian there.) Once again, I will be unavailable until December. I'm trying to work out something to see if the mod can be at least maintained during that period, in case an update comes out and breaks stuff. As of right now, I'm not 100% content with the state of a lot of the assets and I just want to polish, polish, and polish some more... But if I did that, nothing would get done. Priorities for now are trying to get things up to speed with the newer updates, because I want to cling onto some hope for gameplay relevance. This means I have to fix some bugs that are bothering me, and probably try and update to Jets DLC standards. I hope you guys are understanding that, if you see a rough-looking transport plane flying around, I want to try and get to it eventually! As always, let me know if there are any bugs. I keep a list and I try to hulksmash them, I promise. Thanks for all your support, folks, and keep fighting the NATO aggressors doing your good things!
  4. Type 22 Manta UGV

    This is pretty cool and creative! Definitely gonna try it out when I get the opportunity.
  5. I'm more of an Air Assault guy myself, but I guess Airborne is pretty cool too. The An-212M Ruk (the Persian spelling of the legendary Roc bird) can carry 50 troops or up to two vehicles. Stand by for a deployment to an airfield near you. Thanks to [Dust]Sabre for the models and permissions! He has a ton of other awesome work for the game, it's all cool stuff.
  6. Jet DLC?

    That CSAT jet thooooooooo. This is awesome.
  7. A little status report after this weekend: Someone in NATO clicked on a phishing link or something, because CSAT might have stolen some schematics and started producing their own K22 Zanbur drone. This evens out the drone field for the Iranians. It is also with great sadness that I report the death of the SCUD truck port. I found it to be too small to realistically do anything I wanted (carry a vehicle system like the American HET, be an MLRS/SAM platform, etc.) and too much of a giant pain in the ass to implement. I will continue the search for good, quality vehicles to add to the CSAT motor pool and fill the blanks (cough, cough, MLRS) that exist in the force.
  8. I'll definitely take a look into this. A current status report from me: I've been getting slammed with work once again and I've been so out of the game that the PhysX on the Ghatar has been just a real inconvenience. As much as I'd like to have it working, it never does. So I've been hung up on that and progressing very slowly. All in all, the next big thing should be the Apex content, but I'm not sure if or when that'll come out for us to retexture and use. That way I can start crewing vehicles with CMP guys and hopefully have that NATO drone helicopter in Iranian colors. Otherwise, keep the bug reports flowing in so I can tackle them.
  9. PhysX Vehicle Flips

    Just got around to looking at it and it's got around 13000. It's the similar value as what I had on a Vodnik, just bumped up a bit. I've double checked all the properties and memory points and it's still bouncing up and down on its back right side in a circle.
  10. PhysX Vehicle Flips

    Everything seems to be in place. What the vehicle does now is jump up in the air and then flip over onto its side.
  11. PhysX Vehicle Flips

    So I've been working on importing a vehicle and it's been a while, so working through the PhysX has been a pain. So far what my vehicle is doing is balancing on its last wheel while spinning in a circle. Whenever I push down on the gas, it starts to literally fly away. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/180542744134931985/A25BBC5E00B4104D24BA6113181A9F08C112A927/ I've taken a look at my PhysX boundaries and definitions in the memory, landcontact, and geometryphys LODs but have no idea why it's acting this strange. I hypothesize it's because of a PhysX issue with the model but I'm not sure what that issue would be.
  12. A couple of good notes: This is the Ghatar Heavy Equipment Transporter at the earliest stages... Expect to see the Ghatar carrying a whole host of items like an MLRS unit, command posts, radar equipment, and other mission/flavor items. It also carries stuff. A lot of stuff. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/180542744130832849/9624F956F495841FCD02BA364719D928D21586A4/ Stay tuned for more.
  13. War Plan Blue (W.P.B)

    They're my designated trash pockets. Either that or they're for a spitter.
  14. So far, here's a little bit of the work in progress: CSAT leaders are being equipped with integrated GPS/tactical battlefield networked devices at the squad level and above. These are modeled after the current US Army "Nett Warrior" program to use something like a smartphone to combine together a few different tactical functions. As of right now, the device is a wrist-mounted smartphone and smart glasses combo that does nothing but look cool. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/183919649197759572/C00FD3381C85869AFFBD214A51578C372EB4C7F7/ In more mundane news, I'm going through and fixing some loadouts that got broken, like how missile specialists are way too over encumbered since the fatigue update and pilots have no bullets for their SMGs. The armor has also been fixed, thanks to Ghost!
  15. I have been looking into it and figured it was something to do with the CMP units inheriting from the regular CSAT folks. Thanks for the config, that certainly makes it easier for me to find stuff! It's definitely gonna be fixed in the next update.