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  1. Interesting... I thought that I had at least fixed a few of these, but it's good to know so I can go back and check my work. Thanks for bringing this up! Unfortunately, I don't really check the forums much anymore. A lot of bug reporting can get fixed way faster on the Discord: https://discord.gg/2RjQQvD
  2. In addition to the Discord, there is now a development Twitter for screenshots and updates that doesn't require a Discord. But you can still use that if you want to talk to me: Check out The CSAT Modification Project (@tec_csat): https://twitter.com/tec_csat?s=09
  3. Currently the replacement pack is kinda broke. The new config is like half written (on my end, Mediterranean CSAT are like 90% done with no issues) but technical difficulties with LM's CSAT mod (namely his computer set on fire) means first LM CSAT has to be fixed before anything can be released.
  4. CSAT Modification Project 1.7.0 is now live on Steam after months of work! Changelog: 1.7.0 (12/22/18) > Added Tanks DLC assets (Angara and Vorona launcher.) > Added Heavy AT soldiers. > Added Viper teams in arid and woodland. > Added Encore DLC SAM and radars. > Added new groups using new Tanks, Apex (Viper), and Encore assets. > Added targeting pod and crew protective hatches to Zamak (MLRS) model. > Added camouflaged versions of the Raad helmet. > Added Hassani identity. > Added CSAT Viper stealth uniforms in arid and woodland. > Added stealth (Viper) versions of the Raad helmet in arid and woodland. > Added hidden selections to the Azad and Hamel vests. > Added all CSAT Azad and Hamel vests and variants in a coyote brown color. > Added Type 42 gas masks (thanks to Mr. Skellington for releasing the source data.) > Added vehicle crewman coveralls in all five camos and issued them to vehicle and air crews. > Added explosive protected versions of the Azad OTV and issued them to relevant personnel. > Added Army and Navy versions of the aircrew vest. > Added dark eyepro shades and orange and dark shades to the shemagh/glasses combo. > Added dynamic loadout to the KA-97 Keftar. > Added tactical goggles in clear, dark, and orange to the eyewear randomization. > Added woodland UGVs. > Added woodland SOF (sweater) uniforms. > Added woodland support (HMG/GMG teams, etc.) units. > Added woodland recon and SOF units. > Added woodland groups (support infantry, special forces, Viper teams, etc.) > Added full ghillie suits in arid, semiarid, lush, and jungle. > Added datalink and recon capabilities to the Keftar. > Changed equipment loadouts of CSAT troops to wear brown (for arid, semiarid, and woodland troops) or black (urban and naval) vests. > Changed flags to a subdued tan or black color depending on uniform. > Changed Ifrit replacement to the Abda instead of the Shir (removes conflicts with other replacement that touch the Ifrit.) > Changed Shir trucks in motorized groupings to Abda trucks to allow every member of the teams to fit inside. > Changed replacement packs: there is now one replacement pack since DLC troops are available for everyone, not just their owners. This simplifies installation. > Changed strap color on CSAT Bergen backpacks. > Changed face 04's name to "Tehrani." > Changed faction organization from CSAT (Alternative) to CSAT (Iran, Mediterranean) and CSAT (Iran, Pacific) in order to simplify menus and aid spawning scripts. > Changed editor subcategories of most units to be vanilla ones. > Fixed mine specialist backpack error. > Fixed FCH Penah texture shine. > Fixed CSAT Heavy backpack texture shine. > Fixed Squad Leaders having grenade launchers (gave them to Team Leaders instead.) > Fixed Explosive Specialist not having a vest. > Fixed Raad chinstrap clipping/missing faces. > Fixed Raad helmet texture stretching and missing faces. > Fixed retextured weapons not showing up in Virtual Arsenal. > Fixed general issues with old, out of date replacement pack. > Fixed Penah battery box texture issues with distant LODs. > Fixed units not spawning with first aid kits. > Fixed duplicate faces showing up in arsenal lists: should only be for identity lists, not public. > Fixed Tehrani's face shine. > Fixed Navy UAV operator's icon (was officer, not regular icon.) > Fixed eyepro view pilot LOD (should no longer see glasses in first person view.) > Improved Abda turret models to more closely match the original model. > Improved Abda gunner command station, PIP, and animations. > Improved replacement pack gear lists and loadouts. > Improved details and textures on the Penah and Raad helmets. > Improved unique UI icons for vests and helmets. > Improved item descriptions for vests and helmets. > Improved medium backpack texture and model. > Improved textures on the Keftar helicopter. > Improved Penah (Scrim) model and issued it to marksmen/snipers. > Removed old alternative and variant replacement packs, as they are unnecessry now. > Removed old DLC patches: the mod is one singular entity since it is now too intermeshed with DLC content and people can utilize these assets regardless of if they own the packs or not.
  5. There are (I think, at least) Steam related difficulties with the Publisher tool pushing out the update. I've been trying for a week but I'll try again this evening. So far, I think I may have a solution.
  6. Hot: The LykosMactire Pacific CSAT Overhaul has been released on Steam in its first iteration. The mod has been developed with close collaboration with a good friend of mine as an overhaul for the Chinese and other Pacific CSAT partners. A lot of people have asked about doing China: this is the answer. While it's not folded entirely into CMP as a whole, LM_CSAT is the sister mod to this and the replacement config is going to have both TEC_CSAT (CMP) and LM_CSAT as requirements when it updates. This overhaul is designed to enable parallel work on both sides with set areas of expertise (me working Iran and most likely other Middle Eastern and Central Asian CSAT partners, with LM working Chinese and Pacific guys.) So try it out, and get hype for the official CMP 1.7 release that's coming sooner than ever. In the meantime, I suppose it's time for progress pics to prove I didn't actually die during Army-Navy weekend (although after three quarters of a bottle of vodka and a night at the clubs, I was pretty out there.) Administratively, the mod has seen a lot of under the hood action. CSAT (Alternative) has been split up into CSAT (Iran, Mediterranean) and CSAT (Iran, Pacific) forces. The diversity to woodland forces has been improved as well... There are now units like snipers, support guys, mortar/gun carriers, recon troops, and special forces wearing woodland camouflage. This should help with AI spawning mods like ALiVE and whatnot, since there were spawning issues before. Under the hood stuff like localization, UI icons, editor previews, and editor subcategories are still ongoing. These are arguably the biggest pains and less sexy than new assets. Scrim helmets have been touched up and added to marksmen/sharpshooter/sniper units. Vehicle crewmen coveralls are configured and in game. The Keftar has had some extensive work done to it. Textures were touched up, still gotta do the interior. The flight model and sensor package are improved, a data link was added, and dynamic weapons have replaced the default weapon scheme. This is more of a WIP picture (the compass position has since been adjusted right and fixed) but the Abda gunner station is just about done. Snipers have been overhauled and the full stealth ghillies are added in. These are the "first-generation" stealth suits, but Western intelligence is so far unaware of any sort of Viper team activity... yet. So they believe that these are the most advanced thermal camouflage systems in the CSAT arsenal. Thanks for staying tuned in! I'm hoping to push this out sometime soon. Let me know if you have any comments or concerns, and keep up on the Discord for real-time shenanigans. Khodahafez!
  7. Status update: I've been having some troubles getting my desktop on the network so I've been making progress offline (no updates for a bit.) Basically, a lot of behind the scenes work. While I'm sure you'd all like to hear about the pain in the ass that redoing the replacement config is (DLC, why are you so difficult?) or how I tried to get gunner station MFDs working only to find it was a typo messing it up all along, or how rigging vests is hard, so I think I'll settle for the sexy stuff. Assets are getting some new UI pictures and editor previews to bring the mod up to speed with some quality standards. The Eden editor presentation and inventory icons really make a big difference in my opinion, since I like to at least pretend my assets have quality! Infantry units are now CBRN protected in sticky situations. Explosive-related people now are equipped with... a bit more in the way of protection. An even heavier version of the Azad OTV is now equipped on units like grenadiers, engineers, or mine specialists. Protection configging has been overhauled and should now be a bit better and more realistic to how things are portrayed. Viper is finished and configured! The Zamak is getting some love with crew protection in the MLRS cab. Aaaand there's a special surprise coming to a convoy near you (heavily WIP.) Aside from that, that's just a quick peek into what's going on. More pictures are down below, but progress is slowly marching to an update. 1.7 is just around the corner! Keep up on the Discord for up-to-date shenanigans and updates (most of these pics are put there first) and watch coming content. Thanks!
  8. So I've come to some obstacles trying to put an MFD display on top of a PiP gunner station for a remote turret. Basically, I'm mirroring what you see in the 1st person view sitting in the gunner station of a Hunter or something. I used the exact same code from the Hunter config and placed down and named the memory points defined (the three corners of the display.) From what I understand according to the BIKI, it's just the config and memory points generating the MFD on top of the PiP screen. So I've attached some stuff to try and see what I'm doing wrong or missing here. Here's the MFD config located in the MainTurret class. class MFD { class MFD_1 { topLeft="MFD_1_TL"; topRight="MFD_1_TR"; bottomLeft="MFD_1_BL"; borderLeft=0; borderRight=0; borderTop=0; borderBottom=0; color[]={0.83999997,0.86000001,0.83999997}; alpha=1; enableParallax=0; font="RobotoCondensedLight"; class Bones { }; class Draw { color[]={1,0,0,1}; alpha=0.5; class Driver_Heading { type="text"; source="[x]turretworld"; sourceScale=1; sourceLength=3; scale=1; align="center"; refreshRate=0.079999998; pos[]= { {0.18000001,0.88999999}, 1 }; right[]= { {0.25,0.88999999}, 1 }; down[]= { {0.18000001,0.95999998}, 1 }; }; class Range_Text { type="text"; source="static"; text="RANGE:"; scale=1; sourceScale=1; align="right"; pos[]= { {0.51499999,0.69}, 1 }; right[]= { {0.55500001,0.69}, 1 }; down[]= { {0.51499999,0.73000002}, 1 }; }; class Range_Value { type="text"; source="laserDist"; sourceScale=1; sourceLength=3; scale=1; align="right"; refreshRate=0.079999998; pos[]= { {0.62,0.69}, 1 }; right[]= { {0.66000003,0.69}, 1 }; down[]= { {0.62,0.73000002}, 1 }; }; class Mode_Text { type="text"; source="static"; text="MODE:"; scale=1; sourceScale=1; align="right"; pos[]= { {0.51499999,0.73000002}, 1 }; right[]= { {0.55500001,0.73000002}, 1 }; down[]= { {0.51499999,0.76999998}, 1 }; }; class Mode_Value { type="text"; source="static"; text="TI WHOT"; sourceScale=1; sourceLength=3; scale=1; align="right"; refreshRate=0.079999998; pos[]= { {0.62,0.73000002}, 1 }; right[]= { {0.66000003,0.73000002}, 1 }; down[]= { {0.62,0.76999998}, 1 }; }; }; }; };
  9. Another quick update on the thang: I've been making slow but sure progress on the mod. A lot of stuff that's needed fixing is getting fixed, and I'm working on some new assets and improvements to existing ones. Things are a bit difficult now just with my schedule and stuff: hitting school hard, figuring out my job options (hopefully I should be slotted as an Army Engineer officer come November), fixing my Internet so I can even launch Steam (you'd be surprised how awful it is here), working out plans to go see old friends now that I have a car and a pay raise, but most importantly dealing with the upcoming eye surgery I have on Wednesday. I wanted to have the update out before my surgery but it's just not finished enough for me to want to throw it out there. So it's gonna have to get delayed for a while so my eyes can heal (I'm going screen-free for a little bit.) In the meantime, a little bit of the progress: Targeting pod has been added to the Zamak MLRS. These pictures are pretty crap because I didn't do like, a glammed-up photoshoot. But it's whatever. Viper has received a makeover for CMP. The next update will include Iranian members of the team, operating in sneaky beaky secret squirrel black operations right underneath your nose. This has been a pretty big undertaking, retexturing the vanilla uniforms for actual CSAT to give them a believable techy feel for a small group of operators. Also, if you turn on your thermal imaging... I wonder where they went... Notice the camo'd up Raad helmets (except for the last one, that's just a prototype) and the fixed helmet cover/backpack materials. The stealth materials for the Raad haven't been made yet, but they'll have the same little thermal camo deals as the uniforms (think the diamondish pattern on CTRG uniforms.) The Vorona got a paintjob and is issued to all members of CSAT who own the Tanks DLC. A bunch of other bugfixes are in there without sexy pictures, but there's been a pretty sizeable overhaul. A lot of it is behind the scenes, like the vests now having hidden selections and are retexturable. Or the hours spent redoing UV maps... The replacement pack should also receive a fix so it's not broken (especially for Pacific CSAT.) A lot of it is simple configging like adding the new Tanks DLCs to the CSAT side with CMP crews. Plans for the future are to keep cracking at that and making sure stuff looks good and is fixed. Asset ideas for the future have been floated around. We're gonna start seeing some new vehicle variants come to fruition. Before I close out, I have a bunch of random screenshots to share as well, not particularly related to any sort of feature that hasn't been discussed already. Screenshots are all the rage nowadays, so it's something I've been working on doing:
  10. I gave up trying to embed it. Links are there to Imgur. Don't know why it's all messy today.
  11. Edited the post to show pictures. Not sure why they broke. Sorry if you couldn't see them before.
  12. Development update time: So these have already been posted on the official Discord (it's a fun time there, I promise), but in and out of field training exercises and a fun stint learning about constitutional and military law, I've been working on the next steps for CMP. Right now I'm bogged down with quality control and bug fixes, aiming to make this look more professional. I'm learning and practicing a bit more to give myself the tools to improve the quality, and I'm focusing on small details that make this come alive. I started this project in 2014: this was actually my first big mod and continues to be my only long-term Arma project. I've done some side jobs but this continues to be my muse for the community. It's also, for the most part, a one man gig (however, I do have my helpers when I'm away and I thank them very much) and it's slow-moving because of that. But since it's my pet project, I'm trying to make it look as good as I can. Any criticism on the quality of it is appreciated, since that gives it stuff I can zero in on and work with. The biggest change is going to be aesthetically. After a number of years with CSAT wearing black gear, something a little more... tactical is coming. Basically this is, after some discussion and thinking, more in line with how CSAT looks in the base game. The black was definitely easy to do (partially why I kept it for so long), but looked a little weird when compared to how regular military forces dress. I haven't put it in yet, but I was gonna run some tests with a subdued flag. However, I kept the black accents because I personally think that's a unique visual look. Like I keep saying, I want to keep this unique from a generic bad guy mod and add some flavor to the side. A lot of it is actually patterned after South African military kit from the 1980s, which was a cool little thing to reference and something that's not in the public sphere as much. As for the future, I'm just nailing down bugfixes for the foreseeable future. I've already identified some and gotten cracking. I am also doing asset optimizations, which consist of improving the infantry kit and running some improvements to the vehicles in the form of improved gun stations for the Abda (Vodnik) and the Zamak MLRS. Other mundane stuff are editor preview pics (which for some reason I have a problem with converting the file types), and starting on localization. I only speak English, French, and Persian (the last one is not helpful for this task), so I'm gonna need some help from other folks if they're willing. DLC plans for right now: I'm just throwing in the Tanks DLC content and waiting for it to become de-EBO'd so I can work on it more. Encore comes out soon, and I have some plans for that in the form of a command center Zamak (should be relatively easy to do and offers a command and control module for the new assets.) Other than that, I have filler projects I'm working on that mostly just offer flavoring: a Zamak with a conex on it, and some vehicle identification marks like the little chevrons you see on military vehicles downrange (probably just a hexagon on the door.) Viper is getting looked at, because I definitely want to translate that to CMP in a way that makes sense. Something else I'd like to drum up is news of a Pacific CSAT project by J.Burgess (who goes by LykosMactire on the forums.) LM Mods is putting together a China and North Korea themed CSAT expansion designed to work alongside the modifications made by CMP. We're going to end this post with a big, bad hype photo. You can find more pictures on the official Discord linked up top, where both me and LM Mods are based. Once again, thanks for reading my long-winded posts. I'll see you out there. !خدا حافظ https://i.imgur.com/sVXbYGn.png
  13. So with everything happening I could really only get a mini update out before I left for the summer. I'm gonna be completely offline for the next three weeks and just away until August after that. So here's 1.6.2, currently just on Steam because I was having issues pushing it to Dropbox with this Internet and I had to pack out my stuff. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=441854566 1.6.2 > Added kneepad models to certain vests. > Added eyepro glasses. > Added Penah (Goggles) with variants. > Added unit patch insignias for various Iranian armored, infantry, airborne, and takavar (commando) units. > Added a new face to Persian face rotation. > Improved textures on Azad vest and pouches. > Improved Azad belt kit model. > Improved Penah battery box textures. > Fixed Penah chinstrap clipping/missing faces. > Fixed Azad texture path errors. > Removed facepaints for quality issues.
  14. Yeah, that's a bug associated with me pulling an updated model off of an external hard-drive (hence the "i\" part) when I worked on them at home on leave and switched them over to my actual computer. As far as I know, aside from the error message the only issue is the belt has a weird texture on the "top" part. I fixed it, should be released in the next update.
  15. So far I haven't made plans to create a PLA faction. I say this mainly because my regional knowledge swings more towards Iran and I'm able to get more in-depth with forces there. I've learned the language, lived in a culturally Persian country, and spoken with the people. Now I feel like when I'm looking over the faction, especially in terms of little things like making the Persian names sound correct or creating stuff like accurate faces (more on that later), I do a better job. This makes I feel like I wouldn't do China as much justice. It's definitely a lot less familiar to me. Now for the status update: So far I've made some updates on bringing more gear to the faction. Kneepads are in and (mostly) rigged, while Penah helmets have goggles: Up in the chute for the next few weeks is planned improvements to the customization: you've already seen the kneepads and the goggle helmets, but plans are in the works for new goggles to match and tactical glasses (like eyepro, because professional militaries have eyepro!) I'm also working on new loadouts for units like a grenadier vest, medic vest, and others if you have suggestions. Persian-language unit and morale patches are another idea I've thought about. I'm looking at texturing new faces for the Iranians to add some diversity in there. Any suggestions to this process are welcome, since I'm gonna try and broaden the appearance of CSAT troops to include more ethnic diversity (there are a lot of Azeris, Kurds, some Arabs, and other non-Persians like Armenians and Turks in the country.) Aside from faction content, I've learned some new tips and tricks so expect texture improvements to come about. I've also got to update some things in terms of editor preview images and inventory icons. I'm thinking about remodeling some lower-quality things like the helmet rails because they really aren't that great. The grind now is focusing on quality improvements. If you have issues, tell me: I won't be offended and I'll put it on my list. I like to keep people in the loop and incorporate their suggestions, so say what you wanna see. Once again, if you want a live look at development, find the Discord here: https://discord.gg/dyXnZ8u Bonus screenshots: