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  1. Hey guys, once again I chose a great title </sarcasm>. What I'd like is, that I can add information about a Marker in a little box next to it once someone hovers with his mouse over the marker. The inspiration for this was "EasyTrack" by DasCleverle. The general idea can be seen here: (Taken from this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kCTHJ0A1mN4&amp;t=364s) While I could certainly reverse engineer this part out of EasyTrack I don't feel comfortable enough to work with "dialogs" and such. So I'd really appreciate if someone could help me with this. Many greetings Moony
  2. Moon_chilD

    Battleye Corrupted Memory #0

    Have you tried to check your RAM (with a MemTest?) Never heard of that error but "Corrupted Memory" hints in that way!
  3. Moon_chilD

    [EU] STAF - Private Military Company

    Hey guys, It has been a long time since I updated this thread and I figured that it's about time. The biggest change done is our change from using Euroforce as our main army to a Private Military Company System. How this system works is explained in the first post. We also started to move away from predictable campaigns made with ALiVE and MCC to dynamic campaigns with an active Zeus controlling the chaos. Our PMC needs new contractor though, so if you are interested to join a friendly and engaged environment feel free to join our Discord Server or directly apply on our Forum. We are looking forward to new applicants. See you on the battlefield Many greetings Moony
  4. Thank you aswell @Larrow. In my case though a universal approach was actually a good idea since I also wanted script spawned units to be affected. (Though I never knew there was a eventhandler for Zeus Spawned units, so....the more you know xD)
  5. I thought of a while loop but I always forget that I can assign a Variable @.@ Thank you @GEORGE FLOROS GR
  6. Hey, I want to have a Module in my mission that when its placed adds an eventhandler to every unit in a specific faction. So far that shouldn't be to hard, however what I don't manage to think of right now is, how do I make sure that even units placed by Zeus get this Eventhandler? So the code should be something like this: if ((faction _unit) in _factionList) then { CODE TO ADD EVENTHANDLER }; Does anyone have an idea how I could make it so that even units placed by Zeus that are in a faction found in _factionList get this eventhandler. If it helps: CBA is an option. Thanks in advance Moony
  7. Moon_chilD

    Project injury reaction

    Should be something around this line: [_x, ["HitPart", {(_this select 0) spawn fnc_PiR}]] remoteExec ["addEventHandler",0 , true]; About the 0: Dunno if it needs to be executed on the server aswell About the true: Dunno if it needs to be JIP compatible
  8. Moon_chilD

    What was your Gateway Arma?

    I started noticing Arma 2 sometime early 2012. At that time DayZ was sky rocketing and everyone was playing it. Even I was interested. So I scratched together the little bucks I had and bought Arma X. I played DayZ for about an hour and realized that I really....don't like it. I started to wonder if the buy was worth it. Then I looked up gameplay of Arma 2 - mainly German Youtuber JermiahRose - and was hooked. Arma 2 looked awesome. I didn't understand why I never heard from it. I was always interested in military games and shooter. Some short time later I created my little Arma unit - that is still running. As soon as the Alpha for Arma 3 (and some essential Mods) came out we switched to the new game. Never have I been hooked on a game that long as with Arma!
  9. Moon_chilD

    Russian Helmets Project

    Very nice mod. After changing from RHS to CUP these helmets where one thing missing for our SCP faction. They look really great. Nice work!
  10. Moon_chilD

    Project injury reaction

    Do you mean then overall medical part of ACE? If so, I think many player are using ACE because of the medical, especially in COOP Multiplayer. In the addon options you can set it up that AI is not effected by the ACE Medical. However in my test I had the feeling that enemies die quicker (even with only a pistol). This can have multiple reasons: Its either its a placebo effect and I just imagine that this is different or it has something to do with the other variables like Ballistics....maybe ACE even changes overall damage dealt by weapons (unsure about that one atm).
  11. Moon_chilD

    Project injury reaction

    Gave the mod mod a little test and I like it so far. I was also rather curious how it would play out with ACE running. (I know you answered the question of ACE compatibility already) Since I use ACE only with players and not with the AI I wondered if it still works. Lo and behold, it seems to still work...however, it seems that with ACE the AI dies really quickly therefore the effect of this mod is seen only rarely. But yes, it seems to also work with ACE running. It was quite cool to see someone crawl and soon after die of blood loss. (In what a morbid world we are living xD)
  12. Moon_chilD

    Project injury reaction

    [_x, ["HitPart", {(_this select 0) spawn fnc_PiR}]] remoteExec ["addEventHandler", 0, true]; about the "0": I don'T know what the Target needs to be here about the "true": Dunno if JIP is needed. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/remoteExec
  13. Moon_chilD

    Project injury reaction

    When I think of "make global" my first instinct would be "remoteExec". Dunno how useful it would be in this instance!
  14. Hehe, nah I'm way to unskilled to contribute to ACE. I'm just very fond of the mod and wouldn't launch Arma without it!
  15. The clear option is only available on the "Uniform", "Vest" and "Backpack" slot. If you are on one of these Tabs you can find the clear button on the buttom right. This "Clear" Button does not clear EVERYTHING from your unit but only the content of the Gear. (sorry for semi-off-topic) To go back to the Topic: I'm not really up to this Task since I hate working with the GUI but for anyone who wants to give it a try, have a look here: https://github.com/acemod/ACE3/tree/master/addons/arsenal I think the Clear Button is defined in the defines.hpp. Needless to say: Don't steel only get inspired!