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  1. Has this been fixed already? I haven't come around having a look at it for a few days now (tested it about 4-5 Days ago) and I can't see anything in the changelog about it. If it has not been addressed yet, I'd like to notify about it once more since these tents for me are one of the best things in the DLC (as of yet ;D) (If it has been fixed already, do I need to replace already placed tents to make it work?)
  2. Moon_chilD

    Contact Starters

    I think there is no definite answer. I think the persons that are most capable of finding a way to communicate with extraterrestrial life are the best choice. Edit: So basically such that managed to decipher ancient languages and symboles. In movies they always show politicians (mainly US Presidents) but these individuals can't even correctly communicate with terrestrial life 😉
  3. Moon_chilD

    [WIP] Frith_Robots

    Nah, all fine. Was not requesting anything don't worry with that! 👌
  4. Moon_chilD

    [WIP] Frith_Robots

    So, if now we could make it so that with ACE enabled they bleed black or yellow (oil) instead of red (blood) that'd be awesome. Looks really cool so far. I can already see some IRobot (🤮) or Terminatoresque scenarios comming up! 👍
  5. Moon_chilD

    JSRS SOUNDMOD - Paused

    I was a little bit shocked some days ago when I randomly heard that you stopped the development on this mod. JSRS is still one of my favorite mods out here. I totally understood and still do understand your reasoning but I'm also sure that I was definitely not the only one being really sad about this news. Hear/Reading this explanation shows though that its not like you hate everything about this community which is good to hear. Everyone knows that there are sadly some bad apples in this community but I'm always happy to see how generally great it is overall. I hope you find someone who can give you a helping hand with this mod. Good luck with your contribution to the CDLC. Looking forward to !!!hear!!! something about it. Many Greetings Moony
  6. Moon_chilD

    up to date server.cfg?

    @Dedmen disconnectTimeout = 5; This appears twice.
  7. Moon_chilD

    AI Facts & Myths Compilation List

    That might all be true, but the video that is supposed to prove this does not prove it. (So basically R3vo doesn't say the statement is wrong, but he says the video doesn't prove the statement.)
  8. Moon_chilD


    Terrain assets and decorative items are a free content update! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1021790/Arma_3_Contact/
  9. Moon_chilD


    Think this measurement is specifically for the cry babys "I don't want aliens in my hyper realism game". We shall see how they handle it with the Alien stuff. I'd be annoying if it'd be locked behind a paywall though. They wouldn't really make the backlash of the cDLC better with this approach!
  10. Moon_chilD


  11. Moon_chilD


    Well, I mean some of the Vanilla buildings (mostly those with the big windows in the front) are meant to be stores. Altian people are not some basic pleb. They are very well established. They are not buying in super markets or even discount stores. No, only specialized stores like butcher's shops and small grocery stores. ;3
  12. Moon_chilD

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    Yeah, heard about Arma Futura just a few minutes ago. But...HOLY SH*T. Finally I know why this stupid _F is everywhere. (I mean, I never got curious enough to look it up...but still)
  13. Moon_chilD

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    Jopp, all points toward Aliens https://dev.arma3.com/post/sitrep-00231 And (as I've just been informed by) Arma 3 started as a futuristic sci-fi game and only late in the development was changed to military simulation!
  14. Moon_chilD


    By the way, dunno if these have been reported already. I'm currently playing your Singleplayer missions and this keeps poping up when trying to search an object (only occasionally and not everytime). Whenever the error pops up the inventory window opens for a fraction of a second and closes again: 21:33:33 Error in expression <m); _lootholder addBackpackCargoGlobal [_loot, 1]; _lootholder setdir (random 35> 21:33:33 Error position: <_loot, 1]; _lootholder setdir (random 35> 21:33:33 Error Undefined variable in expression: _loot 21:33:33 File ravage\code\rvgLoot\fn_checkLoot.sqf, line 32 And this one pops up every now and then while moving around: 21:42:20 ERROR: Switch uniform! Uniform is not supported by soldier 21:42:20 Uniform U_BasicBody is not allowed for soldier class Bandit_Renegade 21:42:20 Error in expression <Random rvg_backpacks; _unit addBackpack _backpack; clearAllItemsFromBackpack _un> 21:42:20 Error position: <_backpack; clearAllItemsFromBackpack _un> 21:42:20 Error Undefined variable in expression: _backpack 21:42:20 Error in expression <ectRandom rvg_goggles; _unit addGoggles _goggle; }; }; if (!((count rvg_nvgs) is> 21:42:20 Error position: <_goggle; }; }; if (!((count rvg_nvgs) is> 21:42:20 Error Undefined variable in expression: _goggle
  15. Hello, I want to have a module that when placed in a mission would add an Eventhandler to all player units even when the are JIP. I'm really not sure how'd be the best way to deal with this. While I'm sure I could come up with something for the adding of the Eventhandler part I'm most concerned about the JIP part (Only way I could think of is to a have a while loop or something along those lines but I don't know if there possibly is a more elegant way) Hope you guys can help me Many Greetings Moony