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  1. Hey everyone, as it is right now (if I see it correctly) you have to load the CBA Addon Server Settings whenever you start a new mission that has not been on the server before. I say that because that is what I experience. Whenever I launch a new mission on our server the CBA Addon Settings are on default or at least on whatever the mission creator set them to (I'm specifically talking about the Server Settings) Is there a way that I can force these Settings on a server regardless of the mission, so that even new mission will have these settings. Sorry if I'm confusing! xD Edit: Can I maybe accomplish this with a PreInit execution through a mod?
  2. Moon_chilD

    Server not loading

    In the first rows of the rpt-file (log file) you can see what is loaded usually. Thats why its best to post the whole error log. (Put it in a spoiler though)
  3. Moon_chilD

    Server not loading

    Full RPT please. The error says you are - or more importantly your server is - missing CUP, Projekt Opfor, the F/A-18 and ACE (at least). Make sure those are loaded. How are you loading them on the server?
  4. Moon_chilD

    COP Key-Card

    Try: _items = (vestItems player) + (uniformItems player) + (backpackItems player); might not be correct, was just a quick thought.
  5. Moon_chilD

    ARMAHOLIC website not working

    Not gone without a word and not hacked:
  6. Another way is: Add your Arma 3 Path in "Addon Options". Now you can see "vn" in the Addons Tab under "Available Addons" -> Arma 3.
  7. Nice collection of mods you got there. Would it be possible to provide a Key for use on Servers?
  8. Hey guys, I have a question regarding extended evenhandlers. I have a "Respawn" Eventhandler and it looks like this: class Extended_Respawn_EventHandlers { class CAManBase { class STAF_CAManBase_respawn_eh { Respawn = "_this call STAF_fnc_respawn_equipment;"; }; }; }; Now my question is, does this run on each unit of the class CAManBase (or those that inherit from it) that means even if the unit is created because the player JIPed or only once at mission start? Thats it already. Many Greetings Moony
  9. The remoteExecCall is only to register the Zeus Module through ZEN. Quite frankly I haven't gotten around to figure out how to create my own Zeus modules independently (and especially for those that use a UI) 😁 I think the locality is the huge issue here....for me. I have absolutely no idea when what is local to what. But this kinda gives me an idea. I think I'm going to try to remoteexec the code (disabelAI) only on the object (so basically where it is local)...at least this is what I get from your answer.
  10. @pierremgi I don't put it directly into the units init field because I'm talking about Zeus spawned units. And the issue only appears when the Zeus leaves the Server. @Leopard20 I will try your two options. I don't have a direct check if the AI is disabled or not but I have a variable that is set on the AI accordingly (though checkAIFeature is a bit more elegant) I'll report back if it works or not!
  11. Hey, this is my third and hopefully last issue related to Zeus. I love using disableAI "Path" or for a matter of fact "forcespeed 0" to keep AI where they are (e.g. in guard towers). I achieve that by placing a Zeus Module above a unit and apply disableAI "PATH" on them. Works just fine. The issue now is, the second I leave the server (be it a crash or any other reason) the unit starts walking again. I know why. I know the command is executed locally and need to be executed again if locallity changes. Thatis why I build in a Eventhandler into my code (Here). But it doesn't work. Do you guys have an idea how I an get it to work so the AI keeps disableAI "PATH" even if the Zeus disconnects? Maybe there is an Error or oversight in my code. Your help is much appreciated, thanks a lot in advance! If you have questions just ask. One more thing, I know my code might be ugly or not the most efficient or even 100% correct. I'm very open to criticism since I'm still in a learning process. Many Greetings Moony
  12. Hey guys, as explained here I'm currently trying to create a ACE Self-Interaction that grants you access to Zeus. So far it works just not entirely. 😂 In short: When you use the "Promotion" Self-Interaction I wrote you should be granted access to Zeus. The code that is running is this: https://github.com/IndeedPete/staf-mods/blob/master/Source/%40STAF_Misc/addons/staf_framework/fnc/zeusaction/fn_zeusactionpromotion_exec.sqf It is more than inspired by how ZEN handles Zeus promotions. (After weeks of trial and error with super long code this seemed way to nice to not use) As much as I understand after a quick ask on the ZEN Discord, this is basically how a Zeus is handled through the vanilla eden module. Whenever I test it alone (in the Editor or the Server) it works just fine but if I try to have another one also getting into Zeus it does not work for him. So basically, I get on the server and create the Zeus through my Self-Interaction (or even Debug Menu) then I have my friend do the same (doesn't matter if you was there since launch of the mission or if he jips) and he can't get into Zeus. He only Zeus pings when he uses the zeus key. I'm fairly sure the issue is, the second Zeus is not create simply because if I look at 0,0,0 I only see one Zeus Game Master Module. (Yes I tried adding in objects to Zeus). Now the issue: I have absolutely no idea why the second Zeus is not created. By the way: Even using the ZEN Zeus Module to promote someone to Zeus doesn't work. It would be awesome if you could shed some light on this! Thank you very much for helping. I know this text might be confusing so I'm open to answer you questions! One more thing, I know my code might be ugly or not the most efficient or even 100% correct. I'm very open to criticism since I'm still in a learning process. Many Greetings Moony
  13. Hey guys, for week am I trying to get my idea to work but I'm at a point were I don't know anymore. This might sound a bit complicated so I will take my time to explain it: What I want is an ACE Self-Interaction entry that grants me Zeus access whenever I want. This is bound to some conditions though. I want to declare in the mission (via Unit synced to a module) who gets access to this Self-Interaction entry. I also want to have a whitelist of people that will always have this Self-Interaction entry. When the Zeus access was granted I want to have the option to remove the access to Zeus again. (This though should not be an issue once I have the adding ready) Over all I get it to work, the issue is the initialization of the code. Currently the idea is that the self-interaction is given to all units via "Extended_Init_Eventhandlers" for "CAManBase". That so far works. The issue is now that my code to add the self interaction is bound to several conditions: Here is the function that gets execute by the Eventhandler: https://github.com/IndeedPete/staf-mods/blob/master/Source/%40STAF_Misc/addons/staf_framework/fnc/zeusaction/fn_zeusactioninit.sqf This adds the three ACE Self-Interaction Entries: The Subaction where the other actions are settled in and the two action to "Promote" and "Demote" (Giving and taking Access) These two Entries are the following: Promotion: https://github.com/IndeedPete/staf-mods/blob/master/Source/%40STAF_Misc/addons/staf_framework/fnc/zeusaction/fn_zeusactionpromotion.sqf Demotion: https://github.com/IndeedPete/staf-mods/blob/master/Source/%40STAF_Misc/addons/staf_framework/fnc/zeusaction/fn_zeusactiondemotion.sqf As you can see there are two variables that need to be set correctly in order for the unit/player to get the appropriate action: STAF_var_ZeusAction: If true then the demotion action is shown if false the promotion action is shown STAF_var_ZeusActionEligible: If true, the actions are show if false they are not shown. All my module that I sync to the unit does is Setting the Variable "STAF_var_ZeusActionEligible" to true. Now here is my biggest issue right now. This only works on mission start, but I want it to work with JIP people aswell. (e.g. the Players connect to the server already and the Zeus joins in later and therefore is not set to eligible). So basically the only thing I need is a way to set these variables automatically with the module even for jip people. I feel like there is a very easy solution to this. I just don't find it. I know you might think this is totally useless, just assign a Zeus during the mission creation and bam. There are reasons behind this like "Having access to Zeus in any mission when this mod is loaded". Thank you very much for helping. I know this text might be confusing so I'm open to answer you questions! One more thing, I know my code might be ugly or not the most efficient or even 100% correct. I'm very open to criticism since I'm still in a learning process. Many Greetings Moony
  14. Maybe that has been asked before but I'll do it again: Can you toggle "Vcm_Disable"? To explain what I mean: We have a Zeus module which basically just executes `setVariable ["Vcm_Disable", true, true];` on the group of a unit. That so far works. Using debug I can also see, that if its set to true the AI will not use VCOM to react to fire. NOw I build this module so it will act as a toggle. If it detects "true" it will set it to false and vice versa. But if I toggle it to false I can see that the AI is still (after it was set to true previously) not reacting with VCOM AI. Is this by design? Or is this a bug? Or is this even not possible? Another question I have: I see that VCOM AI has AI skills per side. Would it be possible to also add some way where you can assign different AI skills per faction class? The issue is that OPFOR and INDFOR have insurgent factions and both have bigger armies in some mods. So lowering the skill set of INDFOR can in the end mean that a bigger, well trained army, fights on the same level as some insurgent cell. You think this could somehow be possible? (If you want me to post this on Github, tell me)
  15. Moon_chilD

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Thanks a lot for the detailed explanation. We will see how important the Tank aspect is for us in a mission. 👍