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  1. Moon_chilD

    vehicles insignia

    And why should it not work? But to answer that question: Yes, Unit Insignias work and will be displayed on Vehicles a user with a Unit that has an Insignia set up is in.
  2. I rarely work with eventhandlers so I might be wrong but in "ton_fnc_onVehicleDamage" what is _this? Wouldn't you need something like "_this select 0" or such: As I said, I can be completely wrong with this and just not understand what is going on right now.
  3. Aside from that I'd not recommend Nitrado for Arma (we had massive performance issues two years ago) I'd say, give us the RPT. When you said you tried to add "mod=" in front of it did you test "-mod=". If I remember correctly (as said, two years ago) you have to have "-mod=" before your mod line on Nitrado. However, I guess an RPT Log can help a bit already.
  4. Moon_chilD

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Not necessarily. 6D also states this: I'd guess that this case also falls under this exception. The amount of "content" created by a user is not shown so I'd imagine that "Uploading the content" would count. (Obviously SGT Fuller (and anyone who also worked on the mod) would need to give the user specific permissions to upload that content and as @jeza said, SGT Fuller is not giving this permission anyway). So over all its redundant to ask. (I don't want to go to far into off topic territory but I find this topic rather interesting.) Obviously I can be completely wrong. Haven't read the whole thing anyway so...Don't shoot me.
  5. Should be doable with an Eventhandler: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Event_Handlers#Killed Depends on how the Civilians are spawned. If its through scripts or the editor that should be easy. If its through Zeus you might need a Loop in the background that checks for dead civilians. But I might be wrong with the latter.
  6. Okay, I have nothing interesting to add here just a confirmation that it happened for us once again. (I have no video that shows it...at least non that is not a meme video) In one mission we used some tanks (two different once, can't remember which) and we had two people crashing. I did not, however I and one of those that crashed had a trip down memory lane as well by listening to modem sounds. (Though I can imagine that the cause might not have been IFA but JSRS (Happened before the recent JSRS updates) Dunno if OP used JSRS aswell) So just saying that we had this issue aswell, about 2 or 3 month ago. Many Greetings Moony
  7. Seems to work just fine. (Tried it with Vidda) Thank you buddy!
  8. If I remember correctly, the animation just didn't play (either the keybinds didn't work or the scripts). Tested it about a month ago, dunno exactly what happened. Its all nice and I think most people - and I'm sure EO is one of them - understands that. Usually when you go by bread or fuel it is advertise correctly. You see what you get. 😉 With that said, I don't want to stretch this out too far. We shall see what comes from this and I'm looking forward to it.
  9. Jepp, I mean, I do understand the incentive and do understand that modding is not necessarily free but yeah...looks a bit sketchy when all you see is "Give me money". None the less, just recently my unit and I where talking about MOCAP but since the old one is not really working for me atm I'm looking forward to what is to come here!
  10. Moon_chilD

    RHS problem?

    Okay, in order to troubleshoot you really don't give us a lot to work with. What Server? What RHS are you downloading? It could be, that the server for some obscure reason uses an old version of RHS. Maybe this server is giving out an "own" version of RHS through a repository (like through Arma3Sync). Only speculation since there is nothing to work with!
  11. Moon_chilD

    RHS problem?

    RHS is not accepted by the server. Many Public Server only accept specific mods. (Cheat prevention and such)
  12. Hey @rekkless iirc I asked that question in the CUP Discord and the answer was that this is only possible through the config of the terrain. I'd guess the terrain would need to inherit the weather stuff from Chernarus Winter. How that would work I sadly don't know! Many Greetings Moony
  13. Moon_chilD


    The main reason we use it is the medical stuff though. (I appreciate the response though :3)
  14. Moon_chilD


    Hey, I have a question. We - my unit and I - are only rarely play horror missions. However, we want to use Ravage Zombies if we do so (since I like them more than other Arma 3 Zombies). Now we have one small issue: While AI dies within 4 hits of a Zombie (depending on the settings) a player unit takes ages to die...and this kinda takes away the urgency with zombies. I'm very sure this is due to ACE. I know that ace is listed as incompatible. But I'd like to know if anybody has found a way to make Ravage Zombies work better with ACE on player units. The funny thing is, it doesn't seem to be completely incompatible as the Zombie actually produces ACE wounds (Mostly on the Arm) but these wounds are by far not enough to become a danger quickly. (Though I don't want players to die after 4 hits but if there are 5 or more zombies around them I don't want it to feel like they throw cotton at them). Hope someone can help me! Many Greetings Moony