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    BMR Insurgency

    Hello, I wanted to remove from arsenal thermal optics: "NVGogglesB_blk_F", "NVGogglesB_grn_F", "NVGogglesB_gry_F", "H_HelmetO_ViperSP_hex_F", "H_HelmetO_ViperSP_ghex_F", is there any config or white / black list file to add this ?
  2. earlier version progress save will be compatible ?
  3. thanks, keep doing good job with RX ;D
  4. AIR DROP - i forgot to ask, where i can customize this? change prices or drop options ?
  5. hehe yes i know im noob 😄 i like red dots 😄 Beside that red dot i miss only helitaxi 😛 I am trying to implement Helicopter Taxi Script by Jigsor but it doesnt work on your version... maybe you could add paid (ammo) option to call npc controlled helicopter to pick up player and his squad and unload in targetted by player destination ? In script which i used to use, it was spawning randomly, going to player marked "pick location", and after player on board to moved to "drop location" and despawn.
  6. Hi pSIKO great work with Liberation RX! please tell, me how can i make extended map content working to see enemy on map? Currently when player or his squadmates detect something, there is nothing visible on map, difficulty option in eden doesnt work too
  7. Komaros

    Automated medic?

    Hello, i wanted to use this script for every medic in my mission on server - KP LIberation, when someone recruit medic to his squad i would like to make it that every medic works, so: So how can put this to every medic's init ? from what should be written in init.sqf ? dummy = [this, units (group player)] execVM "scripts\automedic.sqf";
  8. Komaros

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I havent read full covnersation here, just wanted to report: Tanks T14 T80 (and T72 ppl on my server were reporting), are like holograms, not possible to hit by any missile, or other tank. It was on Dedicated server - CTI KP LIberation
  9. Hello, a question about logistics script, are you able to make that, when you set convoy, there will will be phisical trucks driving on map (or possibility to make helicopter convoy). It could be fun where players are forced to escort them. Just for phase: "on the way" ?