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  1. static_vehicles = [ ["B_UGV_02_Demining_F",0,5,0,GRLIB_perm_inf], ["B_Static_Designator_01_F",0,5,0,GRLIB_perm_inf], ["B_HMG_01_F",0,10,0,GRLIB_perm_log], ["B_HMG_01_high_F",0,10,0,GRLIB_perm_tank], ["B_GMG_01_F",0,20,0,GRLIB_perm_log], ["B_GMG_01_high_F",0,20,0,GRLIB_perm_tank], ["B_static_AA_F",0,50,0,GRLIB_perm_air], ["B_static_AT_F",0,50,0,GRLIB_perm_air], ["B_Mortar_01_F",0,500,0,GRLIB_perm_max], ["B_AAA_System_01_F",10,500,0,GRLIB_perm_max], ["B_Ship_Gun_01_F",10,1500,0,GRLIB_perm_max] ]; Hi, everything in Static vehicles is unable from taking damage ? Also why UAVs must be declared? uavs = [ "B_UAV_01_F", "B_UAV_02_F", "B_T_UAV_03_F", "B_UAV_06_F", "B_UGV_01_F", "B_UGV_01_rcws_F", "B_UGV_02_Demining_F" ]; if ( isNil "uavs" ) then { uavs = [] };
  2. Hello pSiKO i have problem with mod CUP Vehicles. I have added units from this to classnames.sqf to be built in game, and when i built it this unit is not possible to damage, I was shooting to it, and tried to crash, doesnt matter if local host or dedicated (on this its not possible to recycle that unit). I have added units from RHSUSAF and it works all good, can recycle, and its possible to damage it. All other required mods were loaded I have checked CUP Vehicles on my other mission, and vehicles spawned from zeus are possible to damage, and also CUP Vehicles works on KP Liberation without problems. Do you have any idea what can cause this? i use your old build: GRLIB_build_date = "24/04/2020"; GRLIB_build_time = "17:48:43";
  3. Thanks I will look at it, but im not programmer, im just random noob. I have made Liberation RX easier for newbs, with more economy, you may not like it 😛 you can check that serwer: https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ can you tell me where?, i just need to make another ammo box, which doesnt give exp, only ammo, like AAF. I wanted make NATO box this way
  4. i dont have last version because i have made to many changes, and making it again with every your update takes to much time 😛 but when i finish i will send you missions.sqm with changed sectors locations and names, so if you want you can add to your builds. so i can create new sector marker and will work? where is defined how much exp you get for recycling ?
  5. Hi, pSiKO i wanted to port Liberation RX from Altis on Australia map: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1182728989 i assume, that if i copy entire markers compostion and scripts, it will work. Also is there possbility to increase number of sectors ? also i wanted make Vehicle Ammo box [NATO] with less value, default is 300, and i wanted to make it 100 with no exp for recycling, [CSAT] and [AAF] i want to stay for 300 ammo, is that possible ?
  6. indeed, i know that. I tried to add opfor playable units, but it spawns in Bluefor marker anyway. Isnt possible to make another Liberation for RedForce, and merge it? Maybe there wont be so much scripts changes ? Green Force at mission start could control entire island? If you need any asisst with tests, ballance, suggestions please let me know, i will be glad to help.
  7. thanks 😄 btw, were you thinking about PvP version of Liberation ?
  8. Hi pSiKO can you tell me how can i disable service vans? I would like to remove them from spawning at fuel stations at all And, where is placed: GRLIB_difficulty_modifier I wanted decrease bots skill, and will make bigger opfor groups. messing a little in set_skill.sqf 😉 I try to understand: With these 2 above, if value is bigger than lower bot skill, right ?
  9. Hey pSiKO we are running last version of Liberation RX on our server, our FOB is disappearing, does anyone has the same problem ? are npc's able to destroy FOB? Or maybe new cleaning code ? Also can i disable "repackage FOB" option from players scroll menu (maybe someone is trolling us)? xD
  10. nice 🙂 add points and unbann specific players - great! but i have request, can you add option to "Add Ammo" to specific player? (it will be very usefull as we make rewards after events)
  11. ok thanks also I have question ide about voice chat, there is alot of noise, when i disabled voice channels via this: 0 enableChannel [true, false]; 1 enableChannel [true, false]; 2 enableChannel [true, false]; than they cry that can speak only in group, and cant speak with people outside. So im trying to create custom channels, where if you are on this channel you dont hear people from other channels - radioChannelCreate i have no idea how to use that 😛 I have found this: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/149367-von-plus-gui-vpg-easy-adding-of-coustom-voice-channels/ and added to Liberation, but there is some errors, what do you think about adding something like that to Liberation RX? Maybe as optional script from parameters? I know thats there is Task Force Radio but we want resign premanently from TFAR, a lot "new players" have problem with instalation that...
  12. how about TKP script? it protects player to make damage to each other. Can you add to this possibility to protect bluefor vehicles with player on board against taking damage from "allies" ?
  13. Hi pSiKO there is one more annoying thing, when someone is his own Helicopter, other "jelaous" people are shooting to its engine / rotor and make damage, a lot of people on my server are complaining, because they must repair it to often. can you make in game logic penalty for shooting from assult rifle to allied vehicle or helicopter only? Lets say if damage to bluefor heli is taken, than gamelogic takes from that player -1 score and -10 ammo
  14. are you able to make that shot from artillery costs you ammo?, maybe Group leader or vehicle owner should pay? because they put npc's there xD