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  1. Love this DLC and excited for the future. If you reload the MG3 while prone with the weapon deployed, once the reload animation ends the weapon is left undeployed, requiring you to redeploy after each reload.
  2. SterlingC

    3den Enhanced

    That's what I was trying to do, but I hadn't noticed the condition uses _this not _caller like the other sections. Had to fix another issue as well, but it all woks now. Cheers.
  3. SterlingC

    3den Enhanced

    I cannot tell you how helpful this mod is so I'll simply say thank you. When adding a hold action to an object, is there a way to limit how far the action can be initiated from using the show condition?
  4. SterlingC

    3den Enhanced

    Check the name of the video—if I understand correctly, it'll draw the DLC Icon over the asset. Also, you can pause the video to see what is going on 😉
  5. So many awesome updates coming. I'm especially excited about hipfire and hope it'll make its way to other mods. Great work!
  6. SterlingC

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I also find it annoying not to be able to reskin these amazing looking uniforms, but (as I understand it) no re-skins was a condition from the model makers when they allowed their models to be used in the RHS mod. I would much rather have these uniforms available in game than not, so I appreciate the authors' willingness to make and share them, even in this limited way. This topic comes up pretty regularly, and as usual I think it's best to simply be grateful for all that we do have available to reskin ("incredibly high quality community made vehicles, weapons, helmets, vests, and etc") and leave it at that.
  7. SterlingC

    Dark Zone Terrain WIP

    This looks incredible, something really different with some amazing new assets. Keep it up!
  8. You can also hide the pass althogether — using setObjectTexture, the whole uniform (tie included) is 0, the pass is 1, and the frame for the pass is 2. Sending one and two after a blank texture will leave you with a nice shirt sans pocket, though you could probably make one by changing the pass texture.
  9. SterlingC

    White Phosphor NODs (NVGs)

    The article had the name and description of the PVS-14 adapter in it: "ColorTAC’s CVA-14 clips onto the goggle and, by spinning two color filters in unison, produces an image that remains grainy, but adds color." http://colortacnightvision.com/
  10. Someone please tell me how to duplicate this with my own ammo—is it the speed of the round or something else?
  11. Would love a little combat variant.
  12. Some of the rubble in the Radar Complex (HQ) goes black depending on the direction light hits it at night: https://imgur.com/a/90tCE9X
  13. Would really like this as well...
  14. I've had trouble hiding the bandage on the Guerrilla Garment, which from the last changelog sounds like it should possible—is this the same for everyone or am I doing something wrong? I've only tried the setObjectTexturesGlobal in the editor, but it works on the first two selections.
  15. Since helmets do not show up on ghillies and wetsuits I assume there is some type of value in the config to tell the game not to visualize this slot when the specific uniform is worn. Does anyone know what it is / how to change it? I would assume there is something similar which hides backpacks and goggles, or maybe these are all part of the same thing that hides helmets. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!