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    it's spacebar
  2. Frame Problems

    Setting the graphics to low is the worst thing you could do as it will ask your CPU to do more because it then thinks you have a subpar graphicscard wich you do not have.
  3. Problems with lan server over hamachi

    You are using Hamachi because you got a cracked copy of the game? If so then don't count on any support from any of us. If you have bought the game, why not host a server trough the ingame option
  4. Frequent freezing

    Does this happen even in SP? I must agree with Gunter that it might be the low ram speeds but i would not expect this to happen in SP. Please elaborate
  5. Several questions about helos from a newbie

    Legends, I have a hotas setup but use it only for the Xian as it gives me more thruster control. Also being able to use the flaps up/down in auto vectoring / regular flight is also a plus. For a heli i will have to test it out, even after 8k hours i have never actually tried it lol.
  6. Which CPU for Arma 3?

    Can confirm 7700K with 16 gb 3300mhz ram and GTX1070 is killing it in Arma Depending on the server i am getting around 120 / 90 FPS with everything maxed out. when turing supersampling to 150% i will get 60 FPS on any server with any mod. I will get drops when looking @ cities towards the 90 mark but never drop below it. I have not overclocked my CPU but i also see no need for it. If you have the cash, do it.
  7. Several questions about helos from a newbie

    1: Leave controls as they are 2: Mouse sens is a personal thing, adjust as needed 3: correct, anything below 25km per hour will change it from jaw to turn 4: Any mouse that will let you bind pitch up to a thumb button 5: If you want to be a pro pilot then go for advanced but this changes the way a heli is flown, i don't reccoment it because you can be a pro with standard 2. 6: None, you need the clear vision and no obstructions 7: There is no clear cut guide for using a heli in Arma, it comes down to training, i have 8k hours on Arma and most of it is spent in the pawnee. 8: In advanced flight model the heli's simulate a near authentic feel. 9: Online 10: don't know, you will have to record it for us to determine if this is an issue or not. Tips: 1 Learn how to decrease your speed in a matter of seconds this can be done by moving the mouse left or right and pressing pitch up, Q or E depending on the direction your nose is pointing @. 2 Learn to avoid objects when going high speed, in pawnees stay low to avoid detection, basicly in any helicopter unless you are engaging a heli that is flying higher then you are. In this case use the mouse to make many tiny movements to prevent the gunner from hitting you. ( never fly in a straight line ) 3 Learn the bulletdrop in the helicopters, set a marker 1500 meters away from you and try to land hits, adjust accordingly 4 In my opinion the most difficult aspect is learning how to rotate around an object in a circle, place down a tower and try to keep your nose pointing towards it at all time, once this is mastered you will be able to destroy any helipilot, i hardly ever lose a pvp in heli's due to this fact. 5 Invest in a simple trackir solution as this will take your flying to the next level: http://www.delanengineering.com/
  8. Make Tanoa Publicly Available!

    I think the real question here is, how can we populate KOTH/WASTELAND servers that run the tanoa map. CCG seems to be the only wasteland server that runs tanoa and does it fairly well. I have been banned from their servers (dont worry not for cheating) But i have respect for the way they maintain their servers, Armajunkies also has a tanoa wasteland server but they made it in a way admins always win. it's very hard to make some $ and you start with 0, a jet will set you back 110k and you can make about 200 selling an offroad, this is the wrong way to do it. If there are ppl intrested, im willing to fork up the money for a server but only if we can truly populate it. and this is where it gets hard, how are you going to intice ppl to start playing? It has always been my wish to have an awsome wasteland tanoa server
  9. We need AMD Ryzen Benchmarks! Share your toughts!

    i think i will give my i5 4460 to my mom and build myself a ryzen sextop.
  10. BIS Aircraft Carrier

    Nice, this pleases me
  11. BIS Aircraft Carrier

    So can mission makers incorporate this in to their missions? Or will this be added to a mission when the jets dlc comes out? ( im sure the latter will be implemented)
  12. Jets - HUD improvements

    Yea since last update flying the BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT is really enjoyable, continue the good work ppl. I know u guys are working on Jets DLC, with that you should also try "TRY" to create the helmet the F35 uses, have a look at this: https://www.wired.com/2016/06/course-f-35-comes-400000-augmented-reality-helmet/ I mean how cool would it be to have a hotas, rudder, trackir and this piece of gear... emersion level over 9k?
  13. Server monetization program

    Hi, I run my own Wasteland server, all credits to those who made the mod, the addons and scripts currently on my server. I do not monetize my server, i do not accept contributions, i do not advertise. Server per month costs me 25 euro Time spent dealing with admin stuff, about 3 hours a week. Do i feel like i deserve a share? Hell no! I made nothing, scripted almost nothing and the time i spend a week on a server is minuscule. Only people allowed to monetize are those that create the mods, lets be fair, if we did not have the modders arma would be dead. I can see why "admins" (kids with creditcards) would want to monetize, but it is our duty as grownups to tell them, no, you cant take money for that what is not yours, renting a server does not make you own the mod, the people playing come for the mod, not for you, not for your fancy welcome messages, not for the free website you got when renting the server.
  14. Server monetization program

    Hi, No i do not agree with kids charging other kids for money, i have seen so many servers that promote the option to become subscriber just so you can spawn with better gear. I salute those that say fuck off to that, the groups that do buy in are imo sad little kids trying to get an edge on others. We should all oppose this. It is also a reason why admins on servers always run around fully decked out with best snipers/launchers/uniform/headgear No server monitizing, no mod monitizing, you can earn eternal glory by bringing out a good mod or become a respectable server admin/community. People who aknowledge your work will perhaps donate to you, most wont, Nobody ever asked you to set up a server or script a mod, thats all on you so the arguement that it costs time and effort is meaningless to the user. All i see is a way for players to get an edge on others, and in gamemodes like wasteland and exile this is definate no no to me. Other side, us users can decide to skip servers that monotize or hide gear behind a paywall. i know i do.